Nikole Nash (2020)

by - April 22, 2020

Starring: Nikole Nash // Jax Slayher
Directed by: Steve (ExCoGi) // Jay 
Runtime: 1 hr. 4 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Things begin with Jay welcoming 19-year-old Nikole Nash, who says that she no longer is as nervous as she was on the ride there. Jay calls Nikole wild, as she says that she has done paying things before.  However, she has not done anything like this. She says that she has the desire to join porn because, she of course enjoys sex, as well as the money. Jay says that when they were in the car, that he just so happen to get a glimpse of what Nikole has under her dress, this leading to Nikole to pull down her dress, as she reveals her perky tits. With the next question, Nikole is asked if she is a very sexual person. This, as Jay adds that Nikole did say that she was into girls. Though, she has only at this point, been with only two of them. She says that honestly, she has not slept with too many people. When asked why, Nikole says that she would just rather focus upon herself. This, bringing about the topic of masturbation. She says that she does so quite often. At least six times a week. It is after this that, Jay goes on to have Nikole remove her dress completely, followed by her white and black flower-decorated panties. After doing so, it is obvious that Nikole is a bit shy. However, Jay tries to calm her nerves, as he then have she open her legs for the camera. This followed by a demonstration, as Nikole go on to masturbate. It's here, that she lightly massages her clit, followed by easing a finger in. Nikole still visibly shy at the fact of masturbating in front of the camera. This, as she cannot help but to continuously giggle. The masturbation session progresses, as Nikole go on to retrieve an Hitachi, located under a towel on the nightstand beside the bed. Nikole goes on to press the Hitachi down on her clit.  It isn't long before she reaches climax. A short time after this that Hitachi play continues as Jay goes on to hold the vibrator, training on her pussy. It is something that drives Nikole crazy. After this things are interrupted by a knock at the door. Nikole knows nothing of what is going on.  However, the arrival was part of the plan all along. Jay opens the door to greet one Jax Slayher, who has arrives for the shoot unbeknown to the featured starlet, Nikole. Nikole is surprised  to say the least. However, as Jax next proceeds to strip down, the porn newbie, is surprisingly receptive to the surprise development. As Jack strip out of his clothes, his big black cock, is more than apparent as it bulges through his boxer briefs. Instead of getting his cock out, it is then that Jay has Nikole take it out instead. Nikole is eager to do so as she quickly gets to it. She is obviously surprised by the size of Jax, however that does not stop her, she quickly gets work sucking the cock nice and slow. After a brief time in doing so, Jay has the two performers position themselves on the bed. Jax on his back, as Nikole is in between his legs to continue sucking him off.  It's following this that, the action finally begin in doggy, as Nikole is bent over the bed by Jax.  Here, he eases himself in easily initially, before picking up the pace over time.  This soon continues, as Jax straddles her back to pound in deeply. as Nikole lies flat. This is soon followed up by reverse cowgirl. It's here that we see Nicole bounce on the cock, as well as Jax give it back, as he fucks at a quick pace. During an extended stay in the position, the Hitachi also comes into play, as Nicole keep it upon her clit, as Jax remains inside of her. It's during this, that Nicole reaches orgasm before Jax instructs her to clean his cock. It's after this, that we then see a brief moment of side fucking, before it changes over to missionary, as Nikole lies on her back. Here, it is again extended as during, not only do we see Jax fuck steadily, for a time, he also allows Nikole to fuck him back, by rocking back on the dick. Things then go to cowgirl next, as Nicole once again climbs on top. It is here that Jax once more fucks deep and hard. This, while Nicole would go on to say that she wishes for Jax to cum inside of her. From there, Jax fucks steadily, working himself up to climax, as he soon go on to unload deeply into Nikole's pussy, just as she asked.

The Review //
Here, I review another scene from the website. BLACK AMBUSH.  The site which dares to set up unsuspecting young starlets, who show up for what they believe to be a routine porn scene.  However, they wind up getting much more cock than they bargained for, when their true scene partners soon appear.  A big black surprise in the form of some BBC! In the case of this scene in particular, it is special, as we have a first timer in Nikole Nash, who here, not only participates in her very first ever porn scene ever, she also gets her first big black dick!. Yes, the start of the scene sees Nikole, A young 19-year-old who has aspirations in joining the porn ranks, appearing for her very first scene, with whom she believes is going to be Director, Jay. However, little does did she know at the time, that both Jay and co-director, Steve have a really "big" surprise in store for her. It is a plan that plays out without a hitch. First, Jay goes on to converse a little with Nikole, as well as get her out of her clothes and masturbating. It is at that point that the jig is up once Jax Slayher comes knocking. It is a development that genuinely seems to surprise Nikole. However, much to our own surprise, Nikole takes it in stride. Although she did not expect it, she doesn't at all hesitate to go ahead and participate. In fact, she dives right in, so to speak, as she goes right for Jax's big hard cock. Honestly, I was really surprised with Nikole's level of enthusiasm. Though, it was not exactly what she signed up for in the beginning, she just went for it very enthusiastically.  I really did not expect that to happen. So, the sex begins with Nikole going on to suck Jax off. Though she is a bit taken aback by the sheer size of the cock, she is not intimidated.  This, as she crams as much of it into her throat as she can, and it's more than half I would say. Something that is quite humorous occurs during this. At one point Nikole goes on to take a break during the fellatio. It's a moment which her excitement got the best of her. As she jumped the gun a bit, wanting Jax to go ahead and fuck her then and there. Her enthusiasm overflows. However at the same time, Jay gives direction, as he goes on to explain to Nikole that they need more cock sucking footage for the sake of porno. In my five years of reviewing adult content, I myself have seen quite a few  scenes, but never have I seen someone so excited for big black cock. Nikole was ready, even before it was time! It is after the head administered by Nikole, that she finally get her wish. This being as Jax proceeds to bend her over the bed, and take her from behind in doggy. Prior to this, we hear Nikole ask Jax nicely to go easy on her. But, soon enough, once the doggy started, this notion was pretty much out the window. That's because here, Jax initially starts nice and slow, before eventually picking up his pace. This being much to the delight of Nikole, who still cannot believe how big Jax's cock is. However with that, she manages to take it well. It is during this position whenever Jax takes it to the dead dog modification, that we get our first instance of picture-in-picture, as we are treated to two angles at once, shown simultaneously on-screen. I just have to say that I felt that the use of both picture-in-picture and split screen in this scene was absolutely, most excellent. I have seen a few scenes from this network of sites, and all of them use these techniques. However, when it comes to this scene, I must admit that it is the best use of these effects that I have seen thus far. With each use, whether it be picture-in-picture or split screen, every view seen is an absolute tasty one.  It really got the viewer in the thick of the hot and heavy affair. And speaking of hot. Here, we had two performers performing in very warm conditions. In fact, Nikole happened to make several mentions of just how warm the room was at times. Here, we see Nikole pretty much fucked silly by Jax. She is sent to multiple orgasms during the encounter, at times being so dick drunk, that she appeared lost and delirious. At one point, after a long stint in reverse cowgirl, during which Jax gets into her balls deep, and hard, it is when Nikole dismounts, that she appears to be dizzy without her bearings.  Jax, even had to guide her in the direction of his cock, when he wanted she to taste herself on the dick, as she throat it. The good thing is that eventually, she does find her way, as the action is later followed up by the positions, side fuck, missionary, and cowgirl. The missionary, as well as the doggy(as Jax straddled) were in my opinion, the sexual encounter's very best positions. This being as the split screen/picture-in-picture, worked wonders in showing us each and every detail. And speaking of details, one detail that I spotted was from the experienced Jax. Not only does the action from missionary look amazing, as Jax rams the pussy as deep as he possibly can. I really liked the moment during, that we also see him reach around to cradle Nikole's ass as he trust it in. I don't know why, but I just found this detail to be extremely sexy. The sexiness would continue on that note though, as when in cowgirl, Jax keeps up his steady pace of fucking, as he soon finds himself awarded with permission from Nikole to cum inside of her.  It is just another thing to add to the list of things making Nikole Nash so impressive when it comes to this scene - her very first fucking one mind you! She is just downright impressive. There is no better word to describe it.

So here again, we have a very first scene, and a very first interracial encounter. However, do not let the two words "very" and "first" fool you, as this young redhead, does not come across as a first timer on-screen at all. This, as she performs with the excitement, and the energy of someone who is well-versed in the trade.  Nikole Nash here, truly excels in front of the camera, and this is an undeniable document of that. This scene is truly incredible. And when I say this, I do not hesitate in the least bit. Though this was indeed her very first time in front of the camera, it was instead her second scene that was first released via EXCOGI. And though that scene featured her very first time squirting on camera, it is a scene that is just pale in comparison to what it is that is offered here as part of Nikole's very first outing. Honestly, I cannot believe just how great this scene actually is. It kind of blew me away, to tell the truth. There were times here that I was wide-eyed in amazement, as I took in the action. First, I could not believe just how hard Nikole took the big dick, and secondly her enthusiasm to do so was just unmatched. There were a number of times here which she could be heard asking Jax for more!  It is unbelievable! With this said, and as I close, it is with no hesitation, whatsoever that I readily recommend this scene for your utmost viewing pleasure.  My only real complaint would be that some of Nikole's responses were difficult to understand(which explains my lack of detail in the scene breakdown.)  Beyond this, however, the scene is without a doubt, one of the very best scenes that I have seen so far this year, and will surely be making my top 10 list of best scenes at the end of said year. Again it is one that is undeniably impressive.

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