Hotel Humper (2019)

by - April 21, 2020

Starring: Dee Williams // Alex Jett
Directed by:
Runtime: 24 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Alex Jett and his family checking into their hotel rooms. Alex's very overly-protective mother, just cannot believe that this will be the very first time she is leaving her little boy alone for the night without her supervision. This, even though he is 18 years of age. The mother is rather clingy with her son.  Even going on to brief him about not hesitating to contact the front desk if he ever needs things, such as extra pillows or blankets.  A short time after, Alex takes to his assigned room, and it is then that, behind closed doors, that he goes on to indulge in a seemingly secret fetish of his.  This, as he proceed to take the pillows in the room, and pretend to vigorously fuck them.  After roughing up several pillows. Alex then takes to the phone, as he ring up room service for even more pillows.  This occurring multiple times consecutively, as Alex receives a growing number of pillows.  It's during a final time, that housekeeper, Dee Williams helps herself into Alex's room.  It's then that she catches him in the act.  Dee is quite surprised by what she finds, to say the least.  Especially, as she gets a look at Alex's hard cock.  Dee, obviously can sense just how horny Alex is, as she goes on to eventually offer him something more sustainable.  Herself, just as long as he of course, agree to stop it with the calls to the front desk.

It begins with Dee dropping to her knees to suck cock.  She sucks Alex deep, as she cradles his balls, and then later suck on them as well. It's following this however, that the two of them take to the bed. There, Alex is on his back, as Dee slowly craws on top of him. First, she has him suck on her tits, shortly before she mounts him, slowly riding him in cowgirl. This is followed by reverse cowgirl soon after, as we see Alex continue to plug away at Dee's pussy. This lasting for some time. before the action transitions over to spoon. It's from this position that, Alex proceeds to fuck at a quicker pace. This, as the two of them momentarily keep eye contact with one another. This continues on as Alex goes on to go even deeper. This seamlessly next going into missionary, as things continue on. However, the two of them would reposition from missionary soon after. It's here that Alex is consistent, soon causing Dee to come to hard orgasm. The next position of sex being doggy, as Dee is up on her hands and knees to further endure the fucking. Alex here, remains steady, until it comes time for him to cum. Things come to a close with Alex jerking his cock.  This, as he goes on to shower Dee's face with a nice load for the finish.

The Review //
When it comes to scripted porn, more times than not, erotica and a little bit of humor goes hand-in-hand.  Well, that would indeed be the case of this particular scene from the site LIL HUMPERS.  A site which features young male talent alongside older women.  In the case of this scene, Alex Jett is the "lil humper" in question, and he is indeed quite the horny one. In the scene, Alex finds himself traveling for summer vacation with his folks. He has quite the overly protective mother.  one that barely allows him to be out of her sight. So, when Alex gets a chance to board in his own hotel room, separate from his parents, you better believe that he relishes the opportunity to do so. And as we mentioned that he is quite the horny bugger, things would indeed take a rather strange turn once the door of his hotel room closes behind him. It would seem that Alex has quite the case of blue balls. And because of this, his pillows are what he uses to alleviate stress, as he goes on to hump every last one of them. Even going to the extreme to order more from housekeeping. This being the connection which would set the stage for the sexual encounter between he, and one sexy housekeeper, portrayed by the ever-so-busty Dee Williams. Who soon finds herself frustrated, as she ends up making several trips to Alex's room. Room 45, as he orders more and more pillows, to his room in quick concession. Dee happens to make her way into the room, where she goes on to discover Alex's activity. To sum things up, it is during this, that she happens to get a glimpse at Alex's cock, and that is all that she needs for she to offer up herself to the horny kid.

When it comes to the set up of the scene, this is one that is truly silly.  From the overprotective mother, and then Alex's act - humping and pouncing on several pillows, is truly bizarre. But with how silly it is, in the same breath, I found it to be fun. I have to say that the woman who played Alex's, overbearing, obsessive, maternal figure, Jamie Foster, was a real laugh. I'd say. Her performance is truly over the top, as it seems as though it was purposely played. It is clear that she was going for the comedy, and not at all seriousness.  And of course, when it comes to Alex's pillow-humping escapades, I cannot say that it is something that I expected. It really came out of nowhere. Alex goes into his room, and before you know it, is getting busy, just humping pillows, one after the other, each in a variety of ways. It only got that much more strange, once Alex begins ordering more and more pillows from the hotel's housekeeping. I guess you could say that Alex got his fair share of practice on the pillows, and when it comes to the character alone, there is no telling just how long he had partook in this rather "unique" behavior.

Once the stage is set via the set up of the story, we of course go into the sexual encounter between Alex Jett and Dee Williams. When it comes to the overall feel of the sex scene, it is Williams, who assumes the role of teacher of sorts. She personifies the more experienced of the two. So there is a feeling that she is the one that is in more control through out. I must admit that I really, really enjoyed the beginning of the encounter when we see Dee slowly strip out of her sexy housekeeping outfit. It's just really hot.  This made even more so, by Dee going on to say that she too, has brought her own pillows to show Alex. She of course, referring to her beautiful massive breasts. She strip out of her top, and then the rest of her clothes this then, followed by her bra. The sheer stunned look spotted upon Alex's face at that very moment, says it all. Dee's voluptuous body is simply mesmerizing. Though this scene is just a little over 24 minutes in length, the pacing is a smooth and fluid one, altogether. Dee at first, paces herself, as she climbs on top of Alex, then allowing him to suck on her tits. saying that he let her play with his, and now she is letting him, play with her's. Is just really sexy. This of course, soon leads into cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl after.  In cowgirl, I just loved the fact that Dee decided to take it slow, as she slowly bounce on the cock. It's here that things build up to a steady, and even pace, as Dee eventually sit upright to take the dick. It is then after that, that we reverse things, going to reverse cowgirl. The pace remained steady from here, only this time it is encouraged to a faster rate, as we hear Dee deliver the words "fuck me!" To Alex. Following this, we then move into spoon, and it is the position that Dee says that would be most beneficial of his pillow-humping activities. It's a position that sees Alex eventually go to a much quicker and harder pace than before, with Dee also chiming in to encourage him to go deeper. However, after this came one of the scene's most energy-filled moments. It's during missionary, as Alex maintains a steady pace. And it's a pace that eventually drives Dee to orgasm, as she pleads with him to fuck her with his "beautiful cock". So, hot this energy. We would then have one final position, being doggy, as she is on all fours with her ass pointed towards the camera. Alex fucks nice and steady from here, until he finally builds himself up to climax. Dee intends the target to be her big titties. But, as Alex goes on to jerk his dick, the end result is a load which he shoots, aimed at her face. This with the remains trickling down to her bosom.

Overall, technically speaking, this scene featuring the ultra-sexy Dee Williams, and the Wonder Kid, Alex Jett, is a good one. It is certainly one that is really fun.  This is a scene, during which, it's comedy aspect, truly drives it. Of course, Alex does a great job with his character here. However, in the same sentiment Dee also did well, as she kept with the storyline, bringing that element into the sexual performance. As as a whole, the two also made the sex quite effective.  I liked the way that the overall vibe was one of sensuality, as the more experienced character, proceeded to put Alex's pillow practice to the test. As said, if you are looking for a fun scene, then it would be worth giving this one a shot. Especially, if you happen to be a fan of either one of the performers, or both!

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