HobyBuchanon.com: Mazzy Grace Likes It Rough (2020)

by - April 10, 2020

Starring: Mazzy Grace // Hoby Buchanon
Directed by: Hoby Buchanon
Runtime: 1 hr. 9 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Hoby Buchanon welcoming Mazzy Grace. Hoby says that for some time now, people have been requesting Mazzy, and now the time has come for the two to meet. He is excited, as he goes on to ask Mazzy, why she has come to HOBY BUCHANON.COM today. She says that it is because she loves rough sex. She stresses that she enjoys all kinds of sex, but when it comes to the rough variety she is all for it. It is essentially music to Hoby's ears, as he says that that is the way things are to go down.

The action first begins with some face fucking. This including deep throating by Mazzy, as Hoby then fucks her face hard. Following this, Hoby goes on to deeply finger Mazzy's throat, just prior to going down on her with his mouth and fingers. This leading to things going into missionary, as he go on to fuck the pussy from there. After Mazzy again deep throats, it is then to reverse cowgirl, where for a moment, she half-straddles the cock. It's for a time, to 69 next.  Doggy follows soon after this, as we see Hoby keep an increasing pace that just gets harder over time. This including Hoby planting a foot on Mazzy's head.  More cocksucking, soon sees Hoby climb up on the couch to fuck her face.  This would also include Mazzy eating Hoby's ass.  Reverse 69 goes to missionary, until reverse cowgirl, would soon see Mazzy plant her feet to slam down. It's also during this instance that Hoby would also fire back fucking hard, eventually taking the action into standing cowgirl as well. We then change locations, as the two of them take to a bedroom to continue. We reconvene has Mazzy again sucks cock. It is then to doggy soon after. It is during this, that we start in the normal sense, before going in and out of POV. Hoby once again goes on to fuck Mazzy's face as he puts some cuffs on her. This prior to going on to full-on face fuck her on the bed, as he straddle it. This leads the action to missionary, before a pause sees Hoby fuck her face in spoon, shortly before picking back up in the missionary position that was previous. It's from here, that we again have a POV view of things. It is following this that Hoby once again wants to fuck Mazzy's face, and it is on this particular occasion that he brings out a gag which is designed to keep Mazzy's mouth open during the process. With this done, Hoby then lies on his back, with it facing the camera, as he allows Mazzy to go to work on his dick for a time. This lasting, until the action goes to cowgirl. We begin with a view from behind.  But soon, we take the one from the front, as we are again in POV. It is here that we see Mazzy ride steady, before slowing her pace down, to ride slowly and calculated. This action making Hoby almost cum, he admits. However, he saves it for one more act. This, has he positions Mazzy on her back, draping her in an upside down position over the edge of the bed. It is here that Hoby proceeds to throat fuck her until he comes directly down her throat for the finish to the sexual encounter.

With the action then finalized, while it may appear to be over and done, Hoby has but one more surprise for both Mazzy, and for us.  Post scene Mazzy is washing up in the shower, as she is then approached by Hoby who steps into the shower with her.  Mazzy is instructed to get on her knees as she knows exactly what is coming, it is then a short time later, that Hoby then proceeds to piss directly into Mazzy's open mouth. It is an act that sees her swallow down a good portion of it before we are done.

The Review //
For today's review I find myself paying another visit to HOBY BUCHANON.COM, home to the self-proclaimed "Face Fucking King", Hoby Buchanon.  For this scene, the fans are in for a treat, as they get something that they have been asking for, for sometime, and that is for Buchanon to be paired with the statuesque, Mazzy Grace. It is a scene that itself, wastes no time in getting started.  This, as things begin with Hoby talking to Mazzy, who sits on the couch wearing white lacy lingerie(in which she looks amazing, I might add).  He quickly asks her, just what it is that brings her to hobybuchanon.com?  Her answer is simple. While she says that she enjoys all types of sex, she just so happens to LOVE rough sex.  She says with a giggle.  With that said, she has surely come to the right place for that.  Because. that is exactly what Hoby gives her, as this rough sex scene gets underway immediately after.

The sexual encounter of course begins with Hoby's specialty: face fucking. It begins innocently enough, as Hoby has Mazzy initially take control. He is impressed with her right off the bat, as she takes it upon herself to deep throat his every inch. However, with this said, things quickly escalate, as we soon see Hoby take over to fuck her face all sloppy-like.  He hammers her throat, not only in an upright standing position but also, as he straddle her face as he climb up on the couch. I personally loved the visual that we got during this, as the spit piled on, and drip down.  It was like a saliva waterfall for a minute, as the drool run down Mazzy's slender body.  It is after this, that Hoby goes on to also finger fuck Mazzy's throat prior to he likewise her pussy.  It also including a tongue lashing. All of it a precursor to Hoby taking Mazzy into missionary while she is on her back on the couch. During this position, Hoby maintains a pace that is increasing over time, as he ends up going faster and harder, as he drill Mazzy's pussy. It is the brand of fucking that Hoby would employ for most of the scene.  It's following Hoby giving Mazzy a little deep throat training, that things eventually go to reverse cowgirl, As she again pile on the spit while she suck deep.  This very well prepares the dick for the mentioned fucking with she on top.  It is a position with a frontal view, giving us a great peek at Mazzy's bush.  After a round of 69, things then pick up in the doggy position.  This being another instance of hard fucking.  I had a smile on my face, as I watched Hoby wear out the pussy.  But my smile was no bigger than when during the doggy, Hoby went on to step on Mazzy's head with his left foot, as he half straddle to dig in deep. What a great visual this was.  The stationary point of view, was just ideal in this particular instance. It's then after more face fucking, that Mazzy goes on to show us just how nasty a girl really she is.  This as Hoby goes on to again straddle over her, as he climb up on the couch. Only this time he doesn't cram his cock down her throat for long.  No, Hoby instead soon instructs her to eat his ass. And it is without hesitation that she do so. What a good girl she is!  This is followed up with a nice looking instance of reverse 69, and a more missionary.  It's following this however that we see Mazzy ride the dick in cowgirl.  Mazzy starts things off from here by bouncing straightaway, prior to making things really nice, as she plant her feet.  I quite enjoyed the way which she slammed herself down on the cock after this.  So hot!  Also hot, was fact that, in addition to following up and fucking Mazzy's pussy hard from here, Hoby also briefly lifts her up to nail her in standing cowgirl - a position that I always enjoy seeing.  With that said however, as much as I liked it here. It is one position in particular that I wish that the camera would have been positioned a little further back, so that we would get everything in one clear view. But, with this in mind, this is only a minor fault in my opinion. As this concludes, Hoby and Mazzy then take the action to a bedroom. It's in the bedroom that we find Mazzy on her stomach, as she again has Hoby's cock in her mouth.  Again, she sucks him off with skill, before Hoby take over.  During this, he has her reach back and grab her heels, as he drill her mouth hard.  We then see some doggy, with Mazzy positioned on all fours on the bed.  This being before  the cocksucking is then continued with Hoby on his feet.  It's an instance for which Hoby briefly employ the use of cuffs applied to Mazzy's wrists. It is brief because soon they are both up on the bed with Hoby straddling Mazzy's face to hammer it.  This then leads into some hard missionary, which is only interrupted momentarily, as Hoby go on to spoon fuck Mazzy's face for a time, before finally returning to the missionary fold.  I have to admit that I loved seeing the spooning of the face.  It's just something that we don't always see.  It was a great segue.  After, Hoby continues from missionary, and doing so, as he again fuck hard. The scene itself has another fun little moment here, as Hoby goes in to again fuck Mazzy's face. This time out however, he brings out a black, lip-shaped gag toy.  An apparatus that fits over Mazzy's own lips, as a means to keep her mouth open, as she is throated.  Following this, we see things take to the bed, as Hoby allows Mazzy to essentially do as she will with his cock as she suck on it, with no interference from him this time around.  It is then after, that she climbs on again for another round of cowgirl. It is a position it gives us two viewpoints.  We begin with a view from behind.  This, as we see Mazzy's ass bounce(Hoby even spreads the ass, momentarily giving us a nice view of her asshole),  Following the view from behind, we are then treated to a view in POV from the front.  I happened to really enjoy the view from this angle, because it gave us a perfect view of Mazzy's beautiful pussy, as well as her equally beautiful face, as she smile back at us while riding.  And speaking of which, it's extremely hot when, at one point, she starts to ride at a nice and slow pace. It is a particular position that has Hoby nearly, fully surrendering himself to Mazzy's pussy. He just cannot get enough. But, he is however able to somehow restrain himself, as he says it is time for Mazzy to be rewarded with his cum down her throat, just as she wants it. Mazzy is then positioned on her back in an upside down position, as she once more deep throat Hoby's cock, this time to his climax to in the scene Hoby lets loose a load into Mazzy's throat, and it is a load which she swallows down without a moment of hesitation on her part.

Overall, this was a really lively scene.  One featuring two performers who happened to be very enthusiastic about what was taking place between one another.  Mazzy was one who knew exactly what she was getting into beforehand, and she just indulged in it once things got started.  She seemingly had no restraints when it came to just how hard Hoby could fuck her. Prior to the scene, Mazzy did say that she happened to love rough sex, and she wasn't lying. It is clear to see here that she rather enjoys being fucked good and hard.  I just loved seeing her pretty pussy and her face fucked hard in this particular manner.  Both getting equal treatment from Hoby.  Honestly speaking, Mazzy Grace is without a doubt one of the most beautiful girls that I know. Several times throughout the scene Hoby makes mention of Mazzy being the "supermodel" type, and this is very true about her. She is elegant, with a frame that is both tall and slender. Her long legs are like a ladder, and her beautiful pussy being the prize that one discovers once ascending it(them). You get the idea.  She's just so gorgeous in my eyes. But with that, I have to say that this scene did not disappoint me in the least bit. Previous to this scene review, I had only reviewed one other from Buchanon. And though I did enjoy that scene for what it was, I will readily own up to enjoying this scene so much more. Not only is the action captured here, high-spirited, the way in which the multiple angles were captured, and then subsequently edited together worked very well. I liked the way that with each angle change, we basically saw an extended version of the previous angle seen. It gave the action nice fluidity. I enjoyed it this way. So it is with all of this in mind, that I do not hesitate for a second to recommend this scene to you. Before I leave though, I just want to point out that, throughout the course of the scene, Hoby completely mispronounces Mazzy's first name. It is actually quite funny.  Instead of saying M-Ozzy, he pronounces the name M-as-y. It's no big deal really, and evidently Mazzy had no problem with it. I'm just simply pointing it out. Mazzy is a performer that I just wish that I could see more of.  She's an absolute delight!

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