Natalie Knight Eats Ass And Gets Her Pussy Fucked (2020)

by - April 21, 2020

Starring: Natalie Knight // Jay
Directed by: Jay
Runtime: 47 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Jay meeting up with Natalie Knight in the hotel lobby.  On account that it is a rainy day, they are forced to keep things indoors. Young Natalie is bright and bubbly, despite it looking rather gloomy on the outside. Natalie says that she has dressed for the occasion, as she stands up from the couch, to show off the dress that she picked out exclusively for the day. It is a tiny pink dress, decorated sporadically by bright red strawberries. A dress perfectly fitting to Natalie's obvious personality, as she is all smiles. Natalie is ready to go when Jay then asks if the two of them should head upstairs via the elevator. It is after they do just that, that Natalie is playful. This, as she goes on to show off her body.  From her perky tits. to her pussy and ass. She does so, quickly as not to get caught. But, it is obvious that the idea intrigues her. Even so, Natalie and Jay go on to further press their luck, as Jay gets his cock out then and there. It is from here that Natalie is able to suck his cock. Yet, at the same time, she urges Jay to go into the hotel room with her, as she says that she can get nastier there.  Jay agrees, as we soon find them in the room.

The action then picks up in the room, as Jay goes on to stand up on the bed.  Natalie goes on to continue working on his cock and balls with her mouth. It's From here that, Natalie sucks Jay deep, while also simultaneously working the cock with her hand. She also goes on to suck on his balls, and also have her face fucked by Jay. But it is after this, that Jay has Natalie strip out of her dress, and then her little red panties, and it is following this, that she go on to spread her legs to touch herself. During this, Jake going on to ask Natalie what the naughtiest thing she's ever done. Natalie answers that she once had sex in a mall bathroom.  After this, Jake goes on to briefly finger Natalie.  This, being prior to Jay going on to ask Natalie if she likes eating ass.  She does, and so Jay positions himself on his back, and at the edge of the bed, next. It is from here, that Natalie continues to suck the cock and balls, as well as eat Jay's ass.  This as she buries her face in. It's following this, that the action next goes to missionary. Here, we are treated to several different angles as things progress. Jay continues at an increasing pace, going harder over time. It also includes Jay applying a choke to Natalie during the proceedings. Up next, Natalie crawls up to the bed, and assumes the position on all fours for doggy. From here, Jay takes her from behind, continuing to pound deep.  Again, Jay ends up at a hard pace, as he slam his cock in, much to the delight of Natalie, who further encourages him to fuck hard. After this, Natalie briefly sucks cock once again, before going on to ride the dick in both standard and reverse cowgirl. Both positions, giving us views from behind. The latter leading up to Natalie again sucking Jay's cock, only this time, it leading Jay to climax. The scene comes to an end with Jay eventually shooting s nicely load onto Natalie's smiling face.

The Review //
This is a review for another episode of the BANG! Originals series "Real Teens".  The series which finds BANG! resident director Jay, as he spends the day with a young starlet, before the two of them going back to his hotel room for a little fun. All before his cameras of course. In this particular episode, the opening segment is a little hampered by the fact that it is a rainy day outside. However, nonetheless both Jay, and his feature performer, in this case the feisty Natalie Knight, make the best out of it, when they go ahead and head upstairs to get things started. However, with that said, it is obvious that they cannot wait until they are safely tucked away behind the door of the hotel room. This is apparent because, not only does Natalie go on to tease with her body out in the open, she also dares to go for it, as she sucks Jay's cock with the possibility of getting caught by anyone should they walk by.

With that said however, once they are in the hotel room, things do not miss a beat. This, as we see Natalie not only work over Jay's cock, but also his balls as well. She does a nice job with this, as she works her mouth and hand in tandem.  This she almost makes Jay cum, it would appear, with the way that he restrains. The progress of the scene moves along rather nicely, as the manner is progressive. This, as we move right from the blowjob, on to Natalie getting extra naughty as she goes on to eat Jay's ass, while Jay lies on his back, with his legs in the air. This as she is off the side of the bed. It's from here that she works the cock and the balls, as she also make her way down to Jay's asshole. It is following this that Jay talks about doing the same for Natalie. She says that she would be game for it, if he in fact, does a good job of it. Unfortunately however, it never progresses to the point of Jay reciprocating, as he go on to eat Natalie's ass.  No, instead he goes on to fuck her in missionary soon after. It is from the position that we have an extended stay, as we are given both a view from the side, as well as one from POV. From this position in particular, I felt that the cameras captured the action quite nicely. The best thing about the position however, was the work put down by Jay.  Because here, he fucks at an ever increasing pace, that seems to only get faster and harder over time. Here, Jay really nails the pussy, as Natalie's moans seem to only encourage Jay, also.  The "yes'" and "uh-huhs" seem to fuel the fire". However, little did I know that after witnessing the missionary, which began the action at hand, that it would actually be the position that would set the stage for the rest of the scene. This being that, following this, Jay would go on to further maintain this level of energy over the course of the remainder.  the next position being doggy after. It's from the position, that Natalie surrender her pussy from the back. And it is here that Jay takes it. Like before, his pacing is improving. However. in this instance, he goes that much harder, and when he is at his fastest we hear Natalie root him on by saying, "beat that pussy up". It is clear that Natalie is indeed enjoying what Jay is dishing out at this point. It is thorough, and it is action that is at a high level of energy. The good thing is that, things do not let up after, as the action continue to be top notch, this being as Natalie go on to climb on to ride. It's a position that for the most part, sees Natalie sitting upright. From here, she endures the cock, as she bounce. The best moments of this position, are definitely when we are treated to a low angle camera view. It's from this view that we get a up close and personal look at Natalie's plump round ass as it jiggle, and grind. Yes, during this we see Natalie go on to grind her hips while riding.  This, as well as the fact that, at one point, Natalie goes on to plant her feet, and slam her ass down, are indeed highlights of this viewpoint. We would also have very similar highlights, once the position is next reversed. Natalie then proceeds to spin on the cock, reversing herself. Here, things go to reverse cowgirl. Like the position previous, we at one point, again get a low, close up view of the ass.  Only this time, it is even more spectacular than before.  Here, Jay goes on to have Natalie reach back to spread her tight ass, as his cock plunges deep into her pussy. I must admit that it is a pretty glorious sight to take in.  It's very nice. It is a view good enough to end things on, and that we do.  As shortly after, Jay goes on to work himself up to climax, as Natalie once again suck him off, in an effort to suck the cum out of his cock. Soon, it can be declared a job well done, as Jay would go on to definitively unload onto Natalie's face.

So, now that I have seen a few different episodes of real teens, from both Jay and Bang!, I must admit that I do really enjoy this series. It seems as though, that with each episode that I see, that they are just better and better each time.  This scene featuring Natalie Knight, is absolutely no exception when it comes to this. This is one no-nonsense high energy hotel romp.  Natalie is a youngster, who is bubbly and obviously full of energy. And it is the latter, that she very well brings into the scene. This is the type of scene that I enjoy most. The kind that see the performers just going for it, with seemingly no sexual restraints to be seen or had.  Here, Natalie and Jay, simply just let loose, leaving it all in that hotel bed, if you will.  The scene is pretty much straightforward, and raw.  Again, one having much energy. Here, Jay proves himself to be a truly reliable male talent. While on opposite end, Natalie Knight is such a sexual firecracker.    Fucking her harder, just making way for that much more energy from her.  She's really sexy.  This scene is intense, and it is for this reason that I do not hesitate to fully recommend this scene.

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