Cum Crazy Step Sister (2020)

by - April 19, 2020

Starring: Emma Starletto // Seth Gamble
Directed by:
Runtime: 22 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Emma is a stepsister, who is crazy about boys, and even more fascinated by sex. And as such, she is determined to get the attention of her stepbrother, Seth Gamble. Things begin with Emma approaching Seth, in his bedroom as he sleep. Seth is awakened to find Emma wearing nothing but a long T-shirt, complete with no panties underneath.  Emma goes on to tell Seth that she wants some advice from him.  Some advice about boys. More in particular, about their dicks.  Subject matter, that obviously weirds Seth out. However, that is not all. Because soon, as Emma comes around to his bedside, her long white T-shirt rides up her legs, as she supposedly accidentally flashes her pussy at him.  Seth states he is disgusted, but Emma believes otherwise.  She would be correct it seems, as when peeling back his covers, she discovers that he has a boner. Something that Seth is quick to blame on his stepsister.

Following this, we move up the timeline to a little bit later in the day. It is when Seth is up and is taking a shower. Seth once again finds himself interrupted by Emma, who soon joins him in the bathroom. Once again, a surprised Seth quickly asks her to get out.  However, Emma claims that she has to pee, as she sit on the toilet for a time. But it isn't long because, she goes on to unexpectedly join Seth in the shower. Seth, confused as to why Emma is doing so.  She goes on to tell Seth that she is joining him in the shower, thinking that he could use a massage. This, as she purposely wets down her solid white T-shirt.

We then move on to the next day, as things finally come to fruition for Emma, who has now obviously been trying to get into her stepbrother's pants. Seth has set up in the living room for a workout session. However, it is also at that time, that Emma herself intervenes as she setup to do yoga. She is dressed in her workout clothes, complete with a pair of tight black Yoga pants.  Seth is upset that Emma is cutting into his time, and it is during this, that the argument leads to Emma being backed up against Seth. However there is but one big development here. As the two of them make contact, Emma is quick to once again call out Seth for having a boner. Something that again upsets him. Only this time he doesn't hide it, and he is quick to whip it out. It is during this quick frame of time, that Emma seizes said opportunity, by quickly, and discreetly somehow ripping a hole into her yoga pants, which of course, leaves her pussy exposed for the taking. It is from there that, Emma goes on to pretend to be backing into her brother on purpose. However it is clear to Seth that his horny stepsister, knows exactly what she's doing. As a result, it is then that Seth decides to settle things, simply by giving her exactly what she has obviously been craving.

Things begin with Emma being pulled in for missionary by Seth. It's from here that Seth goes on to maintain a steady pace, as he plunges his cock into Emma's pussy. This lasting, until the action next goes to reverse cowgirl with Emma climbing ontop. From this position we see in the bounce steadily on the dick for a time. Following this, the position reverses to standard cowgirl. It's here, that we see a combination of both Emma slamming down, along with Seth going on to fuck at a quick pace. Lastly the action goes to doggy, as Seth now take from behind.  Here, Seth maintains a steady pace, as he plug away hard.  This continuing until he reaches climax, as Emma says that she wants him to cum inside of her.  This, as the scene ends in a creampie finish.

The Review //
For this review, I check out a scene from PRINCESS CUM.  A site that is part of the NUBILES PORN NETWORK. The scene, which is broken up into three parts, stars Emma Starletto and Seth Gamble, as a pair of stepsiblings.  It's one that more in particular, focuses upon Emma, and her character's horny nature.  Emma disparately wants to fuck stepbrother Seth, and the three short segments here, present to us her obvious quest to get that dick.  With the last of the three, seeing Emma finally succeed, after hinting around about it.

And speaking of the scripted set up here, though the scene has been split up into three different parts, with the final two of them occurring later during the same day as the first, and then the next day respectively, know that these stories are really short.  Seeing as the scene is just a little over 22 minutes as a whole itself, yes, these stories come and go in a breeze, leaving the scene to pretty much rely solely on the on the sexual encounter. It's because of this, that the scene really needed this sex to "cook", if you will. Honestly speaking, I wasn't too big on the storyline here, as not enough time was devoted to fully flesh out these characters, and their subsequent relationship with one another. So I was really hoping that the sex scene would make up the lackluster lead-in. And with it being in the hands of Emma Starletto and Seth Gamble, at the time, I still had hope for it. These two are both equally talented when they are on your screen. But it is unfortunate that I have to say that, when it comes to the sex as well, it pretty much stays at a somewhat uninteresting level(save for the creampie finish). With me saying this I have to explain myself. That's because I do not blame the talent at all. But again the overall set up.

The scene gets underway, as we find that both of the stepsiblings want to workout in the living room at the very same moment.  Emma's character knows very well that her stepbrother Seth is preparing to do his thing, when she decides to interrupt him, wanting to do her own. In the middle of this scuffle, Emma has somehow acquired a rip in her yoga pants, and like clockwork, she just so happens to then accidentally bump into Seth's boner. Yes, this particular moment in the scene makes absolutely zero sense. Because, at no point do we ever see Emma rip open her yoga pants.  No, the tear in them, just magically appears, when it is most convenient to the scene's progress. I mean come on now, sometimes I can overlook such silliness in a scene, but on this occasion, I just feel that it comes across as being odd rather than funny. When it comes to my other complaints that I have for the scene, it all comes back to the yoga pants as my biggest complaint relates to them. During the scene, as Emma gets cocked-slammed by Seth, it's these very yoga pants, which were meant to be sexy in the beginning, that become downright dreaded. Emma keeps them on the entire time, which is just not good news, as they become nothing more than an obstruction. It is during the scene that we see Emma fucked in an assortment of quickly paced positions.  There's missionary, both versions of cowgirl, and doggy. All of which have their views obstructed by the pants. None of them worst than during the round of standard cowgirl. It is during this, that our view of the penetration is hidden, as the pants cover the frontal view of Emma's pussy. Here, Seth does great work as he pounds away hard. However, it is all for naught, as we cannot see the interesting details. It is like seeing a heavily packed concert from cheap lawn seats. You are there, but it is just not as fun as it could be. So, with that said, I do not blame the talent here. They are doing great. But unfortunately, the scene just finds itself hindered by both; its short length, as well as a distraction caused by clothing.

To sum things up. In a nutshell, I really wanted to enjoy this scene, as I do like and support both of the scene's performers; Emma Starletto and Seth Gamble. The idea of them being paired together, will always be one of great potential. However, when it comes to this scene, that potential was just not met. I feel as though the talent were wasted here.  The storyline which they were given, just could have been better, for lack of a better explanation. It's with this that I say that, there is just not much to this one. Definitely not enough for me to recommend.

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