Inspecting My Stepsister's Pussy For Coronavirus (2020)

by - April 01, 2020

Starring: Spencer Bradley // Alex Jett
Directed by: Alex Jett
Runtime: 1 hr. 1 min.


Scene Breakdown //
Aye Corona
This story which is set in the present, sees the coronavirus pandemic thriving outside, as Spencer Bradley finds herself locked in her stepbrother Alex Jett's bedroom alongside him. Their parents all the wiser, locking the two of them in the room together, after Spencer just so happened to spend a little time with her boyfriend who had a cough. With the virus going around, they just cannot take the chance of it spreading throughout their household. So as a result, Spencer is quarantined with her brother and she is panicked. She feels that her parents are just taking it far too seriously. However, with that said, Spencer herself still wears a protective mask over her mouth, for fear of catching the virus. With some bickering back-and-forth with Alex, Spencer becomes even further hysterical, as she searches for her phone, which she happens to not have on her. With no way to contact the outside world, she doesn't know what she will do. That is when Alex goes on to tease her due to the fact that, he himself has his own phone. But instead of being a dick, Alex go goes on to make a deal with his stepsister. Alex says that since he will be unable to see his girlfriend tonight, as they were to have sex, he will allow Spencer to use his phone, if she would do one thing for him.  He wants her to give him a blowjob. Initially Spencer is appalled, and rightfully so.  After all, Alex is her brother. That is when Alex goes to explain that he is simply her stepbrother, and that it would be okay. It takes some time, but Spencer eventually agrees to take part. However, she is not going to remove her protective mask, she says. This, as she goes on to poke a hole in it, just enough to suck some dick. Things progress here, with Spencer steadily sucking the cock, before making her way down to his balls, and next his ass, as Alex lie on his back to endure. However, the action then continues with Alex getting to his feet, and Spencer onto her knees. It's from here, that Spencer continues her work on the cock, only this time she is much less careful, as she jerk and suck the cock hard. It is then as a result, that eventually Alex cannot hold it in any longer, as he soon erupt directly down her throat. Things come to an end with Spencer not missing a beat, as she go on to swallow the load cleanly.

Quarantine Creamin'
In this story it is some time after Spencer was cheated by her stepbrother after she sucked his dick.  First, Spencer is bored, as she makes mention that she now has a sore throat. Spencer hopes that she is not sick with the Coronavirus.  However, Alex is convinced that her throat is sore, simply because of his giant cock. Spencer eventually grows restless, as she attempts to again bang on the door of the room. Miraculously as a result, the door somehow comes unlocked, allowing the two of them to get out of the room after being couped up for so long. Spencer is hungry, as she heads for the kitchen to search for something to eat. Their parents are still not at home, so that leaves the two of them all alone. Spencer first searches the overhead cabinets, before going down to the lower ones. For this she gets down on her hands and knees. In the meantime, as she is searching through the cabinet, opportunist Alex, takes it upon himself to get a look at his sister's ass, as he raises up her dress. However, just as he is about to get a good feel, Spencer is able to retrieve some cereal from the cabinet. As Spencer begins to munch on the raw Cheerios, Alex asks her what she is going to do, now that she is no longer locked up in the bedroom with him. Spencer says that now that she has some food, she plans to go visit her boyfriend once again.  It's then in an attempt to not be left alone, Alex goes on to explain just why it is that, that would be a bad idea. He says that Spencer may inadvertently affect him with the Coronavirus, because after all she did mention something earlier about having a sore throat. Alex telling her this, of course has Spencer second-guessing her plans. It is then that Alex seizes the opportunity to get one over on his sister. Alex goes on to fabricate a story saying that he once took a special biology class. A class that taught him how to pinpoint whether or not someone has the dreaded Coronavirus. Alex says that if she would like, he could inspect Spencer to see if she has in fact, been infected. He says that he has to inspect certain body parts.  This as he goes on to have Spencer lift up her dress, and to pull her sheer panties aside. It is then that Alex goes on to get a feel of his sister's pussy from the front and the back, prior to he having her pop up on the counter, and spread her legs. It is from this position on the counter, that Alex goes on to rub her clit. He goes on to explain to the naive Spencer that, by him doing so, if it feels good to her, then there is a good chance that she has not been infected with the virus. Things continue as Alex has Spencer rub herself solo as he watches. With Spencer's pink hole staring back at him, clever Alex even further expand his fabricated story, by saying that for the next step he needs to get his cock out, as he needs to inspect her deeply - yes and that requires his dick. Spencer shyly agrees, this as things go to Alex fucking Spencer's pussy in an upright standing position. This occurs for some time, until Alex says that, now that he has a "sample" of Spencer's pussy on his cock, he would need her to suck it clean. Again, Spencer is obedient as she does just as her brother asks. Alex tells her if it does not taste any different, then she should be A-ok. With this done, as it turns out Alex's inspection is far from over. Alex says that with the last test he was unable to get as deep as required, and so it would take even further inspection next. But for this one, he needs Spencer to get all the way undressed, and for she to ride his cock. She wastes no time as she agrees to it. The next thing you know, the two of them are up on the kitchen island - Alex on his back, as Spencer goes on to straddle him in cowgirl as she faces him. It's from here that Spencer has her feet planted, as she lean back to steadily bounce on the dick, as it go deep inside of her. It continuing as she later lean forward in a more upright position. When this position is over, Alex keeps things going as he has Spencer reverse her positioning, as she is next on all fours. It is then that Alex goes on to penetrate her, as things next go to doggy. It is from this position, that Alex maintains his steady pacing as he plug away deep into Spencer's pussy. The action from here continuing for a while, until Alex introduces another development in his Coronavirus inspection scheme. He says that to further ensure that his sister is not infected with the virus, he will indeed need to inject some "medicine" deep inside of her. It is a fabrication which of course brings the final result in the form of a creampie finish of things, as Alex's continues to fuck nice and steady, until unloading deep inside of the pussy. Alex is deposit is a deep one, as after the fact, Spencer pushes the remains out, producing cum bubbles. The storyline comes to an end with Spencer saying now that she has the medicine, she can now go visit the boyfriend. That is when Alex puts another wrench her plans, by saying that the "medicine" needs time to work, and that she should not go out just yet. In fact, she should just go take a nap he says. This leads Spencer frustrated, but in the end she agrees. This as she says that she will go take a nap in their parents' room since they are not at home at the moment.

Lockdown Dickdown
The story continues later, as Alex goes on to wake up his stepsister Spencer from her nap in their parents' room. He is able to awaken her fairly quickly. He first asks her how she feels. Spencer answers by saying that following the previous "inspection", she now finds herself pretty horny. Alex of course rolls with it, saying that that if it is indeed the end of the world, that they should be able to have one last good fuck. He further convinces Spencer of this by saying that there is actually one more test that he could put her through, but this one requires "skin to skin contact". Just as the previous times before Spencer has no hesitation, as she fully trusts her stepbrother. Things begin with a blowjob, as she takes Alex's cock into her hand. She makes skin to skin contact with both her tongue and her mouth, as she proceeds to suck. Alex also next convinces Spencer to remove her shirt, for the good of skin to skin contact of course. She continues to work the cock, by not only sucking and toying with it, with her mouth, but also, as she rubs her body, more in specifically, her tits on it. Things then do progress with Spencer eventually also removing her sleep shorts. She then begins to touch herself from over her panties, and then pulling them in between her slit. Alex agrees that removing the undergarments would also be a good idea, too.This leads the two of them to sit spread-legged across from one another, as Spencer proceed to stroke Alex's cock for a time. During which, Spencer asks Alex if it feels good, as she comes to confess that she actually quite enjoys these "inspections" from her stepbrother. Just as Alex tell Spencer that she is learning, she herself goes on to say that she thinks that she needs another "deep inspection" from Alex.  This, while she takes it upon herself to climb on to ride his dick in cowgirl. It's from here that she bounces steadily, as the cock plunges deep inside of her. This is only briefly, as soon Spencer, quickly reverses herself as things pick up in reverse cowgirl next.  This as the two agree that an inspection is no longer needed, and that the two of them can just get right down to fucking. It is then almost immediately that Spencer improves her pace, as she bounces on the dick at a vigorous pace. After this, Alex has the two of them change positions, as they next go to doggy. It's from here, that Alex maintains a steady pace before, resorting to the slow in and out. Spencer looks back at him, as she says that she likes that. Following this position, Alex has Spencer flip over on her back, as things go to missionary from a POV standpoint. From the position, Alex maintains a steady pace of fucking the pussy, as he is again in and out.  This eventually, leading to Spencer's climax, and then shortly to his own. Things come to an end with Alex being over Spencer as he goes on to jerk his cock, with the end result being that he shower her with his jizz.

The Review //
As the Coronavirus is a hot topic in our real world, leave it to the world of entertainment to make use of the subject. Of course, it would be the porn industry that would be the first to capitalize. Case and point, being this episode from the website SIS LOVES ME, and director/performer Alex Jett. If you have seen, or at least read any of my reviews for previous episodes from SIS LOVES ME, then you already know the format here.  Three scenarios which involve two sexually curious stepsiblings. However, in this instance, we have a rather unique set of stories. As, is not only does it tackle a subject that is currently sensitive and ongoing, it is also a trio of stories that go hand-in-hand, as they are not only consecutive, but progressive in terms of storyline, as well. Yes, the storyline here, plays out over the course of all three scenarios seamlessly.

As for the stories, the scenarios are this. Alex Jett and his stepsister, Spencer Bradley have been left home alone during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Initially, they find themselves locked in a bedroom together, and then later they get out, and roam about the house, find themselves then in the kitchen and next in their parents bedroom. As things begin, Spencer has just come from visiting her boyfriend, and during that time he had a cough, which just so happens to be one of the many symptoms of the Coronavirus. This of course, raises concern in eyes and Spencer's parents, who come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to isolate her, and to do so, they have locked her into her stepbrother's bedroom, along with her brother Alex. Alex is sort of a wise ass, who finds the whole situation a bit humorous, while Spencer herself is panicked. Part of her panic, has to do with she not being able to contact the outside world. She looks to do so via her phone, but of course she does not have her phone. Ever the opportunist, Alex uses this to his advantage to get a blowjob out of it, If Spencer agrees, then he will agree to allow her to use his phone. Of course this goes down, as  obliges.

The result here, is a humorous take in storytelling. This scenario is not one to just display the sexual act, as it goes on to fully incorporate the storyline within. This as Spencer, who is wearing a mask over her mouth, goes as far as to poke a hole in it. Instead of removing the mask altogether. Because as she says, it would be safer that way. Yes, it's really silly, but in some way it works out in the midst of the comedy. I have to say that the blowjob is actually a good one, when considering the awkwardness. It must've been really difficult for Spencer, as she performed this, as the mask seemed to be getting in the way. It must've been miserable.  But Spencer did not let it hinder her, or, at least, one would not be able to tell if it were true. She even goes as far as to suck on Alex's balls, followed by tonguing at his ass.  Good girl! The story even has a further development adding more to the funny, when after the fact Alex goes on to explain that, although Spencer did the deed, it's unfortunate that his phone no longer works, as he had broken it earlier that day. What an asshole.

The second story of the three is one that is rather expansive. Though it makes no sense, this is porn so. Anything is possible. Somehow the two stepsiblings come to find a way out of the room, when they find the door, that had been locked the whole time prior miraculously unlocks itself. Now being unrestrained, the two of them race to the front of the house and into the kitchen. Spencer finds something to eat. However, when she looks to leave to go see the boyfriend once again, Alex comes up with another excuse for her to stay put, saying that her sore throat, which she had made mention of earlier just might mean that she is infected with the Coronavirus.  Humor continues when Alex comes up with a completely made up story of him previously having had a part in a special biology class  And wouldn't you know it, during said class, he learned just how to spot symptoms in people suffering from the Coronavirus! Alex of course keeps the bullshit spinning, as he puts his sis through a series of "tests".  Tests, which soon have him rubbing on his sister's ass, pussy, and her clit, and ultimately giving her a creampie on the kitchen island.

I really liked this story and the way that it continued things. It is also one that differs from previous episodes from SIS LOVES ME, in that it is a story that features a full-blown sexual encounter, rather than just another segment which leads to a complete sexual finale.  Yes, here we have a complete creampie scene. And it's great. Spencer cutely continues her naive portrayal, as she blindly agrees to everything Alex puts her through.  I loved the way how things truly began when Alex took Spencer into an upright standing position.  This position was so hot to me for some reason.  With that said things got even more interesting as, Alex's character goes on to convince Spencer's character to fully undress, and ride his dick in the middle of the kitchen. This point of the segment gets extra points for me in that it actually ends with a creampie finish. Something that I did not actually expect to see. Not only that, visually speaking, it is a nice looking creampie as well. One complete with cum bubbles emitting from Spencer's pretty pussy.

Lastly, we finish our time with the two Coronavirus braving stepsiblings with one last encounter. It is a segment that gets underway just as Spencer's character is awakened from a nap following the previous segment. As it relates to the previous segment, Spencer goes on to say that the previous administered "tests", have somehow made her extra horny. That is when the possible long-term effects of the Coronavirus comes into play, when Alex again seizes the opportunity, saying something along the lines of if the world is to end, the two better get one last fuck in for good measure. It's at that point, that Spencer is basically agreeing to everything her brother Alex puts out. Whether she is just naive, or if she is in fact on to him, we first don't know. However, as things progress, we come to realize that the latter, just might very well be true. This, as she comes to like what Alex is giving her. It all begins when Alex says that she has to undergo another test. One of a "skin to skin contact" type of treatment. It is a round of sex that begins with Spencer merely stroking Alex.  But then, it's a surprise when Spencer's character, takes it upon herself to tell Alex what she believes that SHE needs. It is from then, a full on sexual encounter. One including both variations of cowgirl, doggy, and then finally missionary. I have to say that I really liked how this one developed. I thought that it was fairly clever to have Spencer's character, who had previously only been naive, and a bit of an airhead, turn the tables, so to speak on Alex. The end result is an incredibly hot sexual romp. For me the true turning point, was when during reverse cowgirl, Spencer began to ride the cock savagely, as she bounce on it fast and hard. This was so hot, and I'm not even exaggerating.  The way she popped that ass on the dick, practically had me wide-eyed and practically drooling. It is after this, that the action continued on in doggy, then as I said above, ending in missionary. I wanted to talk about the missionary, because it just so happened to come to an end with a visually great looking cumshot from overhead POV. During this we have Spencer's beautiful face looking up at us, as Alex went on to jerk off and shoot a nice load all over her. I really liked the look of this.

This is yet another great collective from SIS LOVES ME, and in particular director Alex Jett, who continues to do great work for both the brand, and TEAM SKEET. Not only am I a big fan of Jett, I for one, adore his co-star for the scene, Spencer Bradley, with whom I have grown kind of smitten of in a short amount of time. This being already the third time that I have reviewed her in a scene, and I must admit that I grow to like her more and more each time that I see her perform. Spencer has a rather magnetic personality that really draws the viewer in, that demands their attention. You simply fall in love with her with ease. When it comes to this offering, Spencer does a great job in playing up her character. The longer we spend which said character, the more naive that we sense her to be. In fact, she is a little bit ditzy I guess you would say. This as she falls for basically everything that Alex's character makes up. As I said, during the first scenario, it must've been kind of difficult trying to suck dick, and make it look good, while wearing a blue protective mask on your face. But Spencer did that. And she did it well. My biggest take away from the particular segment in question was that with the majority of her face covered, it gave focus to her beautiful eyes, as she make eye contact with the camera. Not to be gushy or anything, but her eyes are pretty dreamy! My overall observation is that Spencer handled her character quite well when it came to the acting aspect of things. She played up the character, and made it as believable as possible. The character is sort of dense, which is of course the complete opposite of Spencer herself. I say that it is a job well done by her.  She plays off of Alex well, and together they create an en episode that is, as a whole, is fairly solid when it comes to entertainment value.  This including a sexual conclusion that plays out with nice effect. So with all of this said, this timely offering is one that I would definitely recommend checking out. It's a bit of lighthearted entertainment, that is a lot of fun to take in.

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