Bellesa House: He's On My No-List (2020)

by - May 21, 2020

Starring: Scarlit Scandal // Rod Jackson
Directed by: Jacky St. James // Jake Adams
Runtime: 51 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
We open the scene at the BELLESA house, this time, as the pairing is Scarlit Scandal and Rod Jackson. The background behind this pairing happens to be very interesting. That's because although Rod has wanted to work with Scarlit for some time now.  However, he is actually someone that she has put on her "no list" of those that she is not willing to work with.  The thing is that it is not because she does not like Rod. In fact she is actually good friends with him. In a surprising turn, it is actually, as she explains, due to Rod being funny. He makes Scarlit laugh, therefore she sees him as the brotherly type, rather than of the type that she would ever imagine fucking. She has never thought that the situation would work out. However, it is BELLESA HOUSE, which offers both, us and them, this she truly unique occasion to be caught on video.  It's a situation, which sees Rod finally get his chance with Scarlit.  This, as he hopes to prove that funny people too can fuck.  Scarlit initially seems to be happy to finally get the opportunity to grant her friend's wish.  After the two performers are interviewed at the start of things, Scarlit is then introduced into the room, where Rod is waiting for her, and it is after that Rod is a gentleman from the beginning, as he takes the initiative to go over do's and don'ts with Scarlit.  Scarlit's lists of don'ts proves to be short:  No butt stuff.  Otherwise, her dos see she wanting to be dominated by the funnyman.

Things begin with a round of passionate kisses, shared between the two, as Scarlit gets undressed.  The kissing leads to Rod sucking on Scarlit's tits, making his way down to her pussy. This continues with Scarlit bent back in a piledriver-like position, as Rod continues to eat the pussy. Missionary would soon follow, after Scarlit goes on to suck on Rod's dick. The missionary sees Rod apply a light choke to her, as he fucks deep. Again, bent backwards in a piledriver state, Rod eventually chooses to capitalize on the position, after he pulls Scarlit to the edge of the bed. It's from here, that he lifts her up in the standing cowgirl position. It's a position that sees him maintain an increasing pace, as he eventually goes on to fuck hard. Missionary, and side fuck, soon see Rod straddle Scarlit, as she lie flat on her stomach. This lasting for a time, as Rod fucks hard. We also next see reverse cowgirl.  Here, Scarlit, both bounces, and grinds from the said position. Spoon and then straddling once again occurs, as Rod briefly pumps it from behind. However, doggy in missionary soon follow. This in itself followed by Scarlit sucking dick from an upside down position. Following this, it is a return to missionary, as Rod eventually settles into a nice pace, with long strokes, as he goes deeply, in and out of the pussy. It is after this that Rod looks to ready himself for the cumshot. This, as he jerks his cock, as well as having Scarlit, who both licks and sucks on his balls. It is for an extended period, but finally it happens, as Rod continues to jerk off until producing a load. One that he shoots on to Scarlit's face.

The Review //
Today, I take a look at another scene from BELLESA, and BELLESA HOUSE, the unique series that presents performers in very real situations, as they call the shots, how they want, and with whom they choose. In this case, we have two performers in Scarlit Scandal and Rod Jackson, as they come to BELLESA HOUSE, in order to see through a situation, that has been brewing for some time now. As it turns out the two of them are friends, but it is Scarlit on one hand, who just never saw anything happening between the two of them. Rod was basically "Friend zoned" by Scarlit. She sees him as a brother.  He makes her laugh, so of course it couldn't be possible that Rod could manhandle her in the way that she enjoys, right? It is with that said however, that Scarlit, on this occasion is ready to put Rod to the test for this special scene.

When talking about the overall setup, I thought that it was absolutely brilliant. Here we have Scarlit, who views Rod as her friend, and almost like a "brother" even. This, making her resistant during the times that Rod would flirt with her. She was able to repel it. However, on the other end of things, we have Rod, who just can't wait to work with Scarlit  For it is he who believes that he has what it takes to get the job done effectively. Well, now that I have seen this scene I have to say that here, not only does Rod impress Scarlit, along with directors Jacky St. James and Jake Adams, he also impressed me. Truth be told, there have been a couple of times in the past, where I had meant to review scenes in which Rod had been involved. In fact, he even asked me on one occasion to review a particular scene for him. However unfortunately, I just never got around to doing so.(sorry, man) That is why I looked forward to going into the scene beforehand. I would finally see what Rod Jackson was all about as a performer. I know that I have already said that he impressed me, but I would also have to say that he surprised me as well. Though Rod is funny most of the time, and here, his sense of humor is all over the more calm moments of the scene,(at the beginning, when asked if he had any nerves before the scene, he answered that, other than he feeling as though he needed to both pee and fart, he was good.) it is during the act of sex that, that funny demeanor of his, goes out the window, and in its place, comes someone determined and fully focused. Before the scene got underway Scarlit, was sure to let it be known that she loves to be dominated by her sexual partner. It is something that she felt that Rod would not be capable of.  But the truth is, he went into the scene and completely surprised everyone, as he fully turns it on. I just really enjoyed how, at the start of the scene, passionate kissing leads Rob to work his way down to Scarlit's clit, as he work it over with his tongue in his mouth. As I said, here he is focused, and soon enough we see him, pin Scarlit's legs back deep, in a piledriver position as he vigorously goes after the pussy for an extended period. Following this, Scarlit would go on to return the favor, as she suck on Rod's cock. This is something that lasts for some time, as Rod goes on to fuck her throat as well. During this, as revealed later in the scene Scarlit just so happened to throw up in her mouth a bit as a result of Rod's throat fucking. However, the two of them kept going. The action from there, goes straight into missionary, as Rod is still in control. From this position, he maintains a steady pace, eventually picking it up some, as he has his hands wrapped around the back of her neck, as he pull up for extra leverage. There is some nice, and steady pounding here, from Rod to be seen. Scarlit once again, finds her legs pinned back in the piledriver position, as Rod proceed to slam his dick in deep and hard. After a time, things take a really interesting turn, as Rod gets the idea to lift and carry Scarlet. It is from here, that things continue, as Rod goes on to nail the pussy, fast and hard in standing cowgirl, as Scarlit is folded up. This position in particular, was really nice. What a great way to really fuck that pussy! Rod then positions Scarlit back on the bed, positioning her on her side. However, it is at that time that everyone takes a break, as Rod goes on to ask for lube from those on the other side of the camera. However, once things reconvene, the action continues to be really good, as things go back to missionary briefly, following the side fuck. However, things quickly go to Scarlit being flat on her stomach, as Rod goes on to mount her in the dead dog position. The position looked particularly nice on camera, especially Rod going on to hammer his cock in deep, while at one point, he also pulled back on Scarlit's neck to really go balls deep. As for the most part, Rod has control just as Scarlit likes. However after this, we finally see Scarlit have a little bit of control, as she go to ride the dick in reverse cowgirl. From here, not only does she bounce on it, she displays nice hip action, as we see her briefly stir on the cock. It is by the look on Rod's face as this is occurring, that we can pretty much believe that he enjoyed it. Following this reverse cowgirl, things pick up in spoon after. And it is again a position which sees Rod go on to seize the opportunity. From here, he once again completely drills Scarlit's pussy going balls deep one more time. Following this, we see things go to doggy, as Rod bends Scarlit over the edge of the bed. It is here, that for a time, Rod once again pounds his cock in deep, as he goes on to pull back on her hair. Briefly, it is to missionary, before we see Scarlit go on to suck cock from an upside down position, as she is hanging off the edge of the bed. It's back to missionary after a short break.  They then once again set up on the bed, with Scarlit on her back. Rod takes things into missionary briefly, before he settles into a pace.  This is followed up by the action to smoothly transition over to the dead dog position once more.  This particular position was a solid moment that I really liked seeing.  This being, as Rod settle into a nice pace, and it is during this this we see Rod essentially perform a healthy round of cock pushups.  This, is as he give the pussy the long strokes.  This moment was really hot, especially when he went on to slow down the pace. It's nice stuff indeed. It is after this, that the performers begin to inquire about the length of the scene and if they should work on wrapping it up soon. Sticking to the idea of the brand, St. James, is quick to tell them that they are allowed to do whatever they want. It is something that they take advantage of, as Rod looks to jack himself off, with the aid of Scarlit.  She first plays with his balls, before later going on to suck on them. Honestly speaking, this was my least favorite part of the scene. The reason being that it just takes far too long for Rod to reach his climax. It is definitely something that would have been cut out in any other situation other than the presented format of BELLESA HOUSE. But with that said, once again, it just takes far too long. I hate to see a scene have such momentum, only to go into this kind of dull standstill. But hey, it isn't Rod's fault.

Yes, I will say again, that Rod Jackson completely impressed, and surprised me. Going into the scene, I did not expect such a great performance by Jackson. But I have to say that he truly brought it. Scarlit wanted to be manhandled, and that is exactly what she got. Rod's joke book was out the window when it came to taking care of business, and in my opinion, that is all that matters. What an impression that he makes here with his performance.  It's great. On the opposite side, Scarlit Scandal is one that is very enthusiastic when it comes to hard sex.  She loves it.  She is so sexy in my opinion, and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite female performers to see. I just love that during the scene, we can hear her, on a number of occasions actually beg Rod, as she tells him to give it to her, as well as for he to "use her".  So damn hot.

So to sum things up, I will go ahead and say that I really enjoyed this one. Like the previous scene that I reviewed from BELLESA HOUSE, this scene is one that is raw, and deeply passionate, between two friends who have chosen each other for the occasion. The end result is hot and heavy sex, from beginning to nearly it's end. I loved seeing Scarlit basically ground and pounded by Rod. And not only that, as a fun fact, there was a weird dynamic going on during the scene. Why you ask? Because Jake Adams, the cameraman for BELLESA HOUSE, just so happens to be the real-life boyfriend of Scarlet herself. Thus creating a really strange situation. But with that said, the end result of things is one very great scene. I have belief that this scene just might be an early candidate for one of my top scenes of the year 2020.

So to close out this review, this is a scene that I highly recommend, without 1 ounce of hesitation. In fact, not only is this scene a must see, so is the BELLESA HOUSE series in general. It is with those words, that I say that I will continue to review more scenes from the brand coming up.

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