Oil (2020)

by - May 27, 2020

Starring: Lisey Sweet // Lucas Frost
Directed by:
Runtime: 46 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
At the start of the scene, Lily Sweet, is in a seemingly relaxed state, as she is approached by a young man in Lucas Frost. No words were spoken as Lucas goes on to show Lisey's body a little worship. He first begins by massaging her outer thigh, as he makes his way down to then remove her right shoe. This continuing on as Lucas goes on to slowly spread her legs apart, making his way up her inner thigh. He would go on to the other leg, as he again follow up by removing her other shoe. Lucas from here, continues to massage Lisey's curves, as he eventually makes his way inside of her button up blouse, where he would massage her breasts from over her shirt, which she is wearing underneath. This continues as Lucas also move his hands underneath said undershirt to get a proper feel of Lisey's titties. It is during this that he is seen simultaneously kissing along her neck. This being as the two exchange occasional eye contact with one another. Next, Lucas changes his focus, as his hand go on to travel down between Lisey's legs massage her pussy from inside of her lace panties. He go on to further work it with his hand, as he continue this by moving the panties aside.  It's here that he proceeds to massage the clit, before a few of his fingers go deep inside Lisey's hole.

Both Lisey and Lucas, then move to a different location as they take to a bedroom to continue the fun, as he present to Lisey, a sheer white leotard. Things begin in the bedroom as we see Lisey's body on nice display, as she slip into the leotard, after which she positions herself on the bed. It is there that Lucas once again join, snuggling up behind her, and again kissing her neck. Meanwhile, he also massage her tits. He makes his way between her legs once more, rubbing at her pussy from over the leotard.  He then toy with it, bringing the fabric in between Lisey's fat pussy lips. However, Lucas' surprises do not end with the leotard, as he then produces a bottle of  oil, with which he is quick to saturate the one-piece article of clothing with. This making it much more transparent.  Lucas caresses Lisey's body, before moving the top of the one piece down to massage her tits.  But after sometime, Lucas has Lisey position herself on all fours.  It's here that he then plant 2 fingers deep into her pussy, as he move them in and out.  Following this, Things continue on, as we see she lie flat on her stomach. It's following this, that Lucas has Lisey position herself on her back. It's here that he not only continue to rub and finger Lisey's pussy, but he also goes down on her as well. It's following this, that we see  Lisey return the favor, as she both suck and stroke Lucas' cock balls. After some time with this, the action then goes to missionary, as Lucas manages to keep a steady pace of fucking the pussy. This, being before we see Lisey climb on top, first riding and grinding on the dick in standard cowgirl, before she would reverse the position soon after. And it is after this, that the action then goes to doggy. It's here, that Lucas is consistent as fucks we see from behind. It is from this particular position that we see Lucas go on to maintain a steady pace of in and out. This lasting until Lucas pulls out to jerk his cock over Lisey's ass, on which he soon drop a load for the finish.

The Review //
Here from MYLF, the scene titled "Oil", from the series, "Got Mylf" is a simple one, just like its title.  It's a scene that spares us any type of setup or dialogue. It instead opting to go straight into things with our featured performers, Lisey Sweet and Lucas Frost.  This as Lucas goes right into worship mode, so to speak, as the scene begins with a lot of foreplay. About the first 25 minutes of the scene shall we say. The two beginning in a front living area, as Lucas kiss and caress Lisey, as he readies her for the next step in the scene. One that involves them taking things to a nearby bedroom, Lisey changing into a sexy sheer leotard, and oh yeah did we mentioned that oil comes into play?  Oh yes.  The title already revealed that little detail.

I will be honest with you, as I give you my very honest opinion as I always do. When it comes to the first half of this scene, I found it to be very, very slow. Yes, this type of foreplay is supposed to ready us for what is to come later in the scene. However, this type of stuff can sometimes be just too drawn out.  I feel that is what we have here. It features Lucas caressing Lisey's curvy body, kissing her neck, and also fingering, and rubbing at her pussy. I mean, it's not all bad, as I did enjoy the occasional eye contact made between the two during this. This being especially effective, as Lisey finds her pussy being played with.  Her look as she gaze up at Lucas, being so sharp it could cut like a knife. After the long drawn out process of Lucas treating Lisey, and after all of the initial oil is spilled and rubbed, the tables are basically turned, as Lisey has her chance to play with Lucas. I have to say that I really liked this point in the scene, which saw Lisey in charge for a second. It of course, beginning as Lisey goes on to suck Lucas' cock. I just loved the look of Lisey's long, red, well-manicured nails, as she fondle his balls, and stroke his cock.  On this, things would get even further interesting, as Lucas then lie on his back, while she continue her work. Watching her go to work was almost like a little girl playing with her Barbie doll. Except it was a hard cock. Again, the look of her nails as she stroke the cock, is just fascinating. It's after Lisey has worked him over here, that the action briefly go to missionary.  However, the scene takes its most exciting turn next, when we see Lisey finally go on to ride the cock. Yes, it's very visual.  Lisey's nice round ass, as it bounce and grind on Lucas' dick. It is also from here, that we see Lucas give it back, as he momentarily has control, while  his cock plunges into her steadily. Standard cowgirl would be then followed up by reverse. It's from this position that we get a wide open view of Lisey's most beautiful pussy, as she bounce. Though, I did enjoy both of these variations of the position.  Again, I have to admit there was something about the action that I just really didn't enjoy too much. This being the fact that, left on is the leotard the entire time. Which means that yes, as we see Lisey bounce on the cock from both of these positions, she simply has the leotard pushed aside from her pussy. I don't know maybe it is just personal preference, but I would've much rather seen Lisey's fully nude body in all of its natural glory. With that said I do understand that the scene itself was sticking to a gimmick, or niche. I guess we would call it. But in the same breath, I feel that it is somewhat limiting to the scene's overall potential. The leotard is again pushed aside, as the last position comes around, as Lucas take Lisey from behind and into doggy. It's from this position that Lucas, of course settles into a decent pace, plugging away until he must let loose. He does so in a nice way, as he lets it go on Lisey's plump backside to conclude things.

Again, honestly speaking I went into this scene with a level of excitement. Lisey Sweet happens to be one of my favorite performers to see and review, and it has been so long since I had done either. I was truly excited to see what this scene had to offer. But truthfully speaking, I was just let down by what I got. Simply put, this scene is mostly made up of tease, and otherwise foreplay elements. It just leaves you waiting and waiting for something super great to happen. So long, that you expect it. However, beyond its oily gimmick, the sex is fairly simple and underwhelming. When it comes to these things, I do not like to necessarily place the blame on the performers, as they often do not have a choice when it comes to how the scene takes place. I hope that my words will only be seen as coming from a constructive place, and one less personal. Because, the fact remains that I still like these two as performers. When it comes to the female talent of the scene, Lisey Sweet, as I said she is one of my favorites to see. I also believe her to be one of the sexiest, and often dirtiest performers of the industry(yes she can take it there) unfortunately this type of scene, as I said, really limited them both. It was almost as if they were being somewhat restrained. Personally, I found this scene to be more about "show" and less about "go", if you will.

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