PureTaboo.com: Taking Care of Mom (2020)

by - May 19, 2020

Starring:  Syren De Mer // Ricky Spanish // Alex Jett
Directed by: Craven Morehead
Runtime: 36 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this episode from PURE TABOO, we meet a family of three, including brothers Paul(Ricky Spanish) and Justin(Alex Jett), along with their stepmother, Molly(Syren De Mer). They are a family who is dealing with a recent tragedy in their own respective ways, after their father, and husband has passed. However, no one is taking it harder than Molly. In fact, she has pretty much given up on life. She doesn't cook, and she doesn't clean. It is something that she leaves her stepsons to do.  This, as she exists in a state that is somewhat catatonic, as she often stares into space. It is such a way that Paul finds her in, as he come home.  The scene consisting of Molly standing at a kitchen sink, that is that the state of almost overflowing. Luckily, Paul is able to turn the water off before disaster strikes. Paul, the more responsible of the two brothers is furious. Furious at mom, and also his brother Justin, who was meant to stay on watch during his absence. However, there was a brief moment in which Justin stepped away to use the bathroom. When Justin returns to the kitchen to find Paul there, Paul is quick to vent his frustrations to his brother. He is at his wit's end, when it comes to their stepmother. He knows that she has taken the tragedy regarding the death of her husband, and his father, pretty hard. But at the same time, he is getting tired of his stepmother's ways, and her complete neglect of things to be done around the house. He starts to notice that having to take care of his stepmother is taking away from not only his life, but also his brother's. They are just not getting out and being able to experience what someone their age would be experiencing. Set up with it all Paul, and then shortly followed by Justin, goes into his mother's bedroom to confront her about the situation, and her complete lack of responsibility, since the death of his father happened. He first confronts her about her inability to get a  job, and then it's on to housework, which he says that she leaves for he and his brother to do. It is obvious, that the wheels begin to turn in Paul's head, because that is the time that he finally comes to a compromise. Molly, just cannot believe their accusations.  Because, she, in her head believes that she is doing everything possible to please her two stepsons. She is completely oblivious to her lack of responsibility around the house. Nonetheless, Paul eventually proposes the compromise to her. He says that both he and Justin will treat her like a real mother, and take care of things around the house. However, she must do something for them and return. This is when Paul gets the idea that she as their stepmother, should let both he and Justin fuck her. It is a bold proposal. One that catches Molly completely off guard. She has utter surprise written all over her face. However it is at that point, that both Paul and Justin threaten to leave her. Leave her all alone.  The thing that she fears the most. This giving her no other choice, but to give into her sons' taboo desires.

Things begin, with both Ricky and Alex going on to lick and suck on Syren's tit's. During this, Ricky rubs Syren's pussy, from over her panties. This, soon graduating to he moving them aside, and then to take them off completely, as he continue the cunnilingus. Following this, Ricky goes on to take things into missionary, as he insert himself into Syren's pussy, fucking at a steady pace. This as Alex has his cock in her mouth. After some time here, the two of them switch places.  This action then goes to doggy, with Ricky fucking Syren for a time. It is then soon however, that Ricky moves on to another hole.  That being Syren's asshole. Ricky maintains the same pace as before, and likewise, he and Alex soon switch places, as Alex is next to take Syren's ass. Following this, Ricky then has Syren climb on top to ride him. Here briefly, Syren is slammed down on the cock, until Alex goes on to plug up her ass simultaneously, as Ricky is in the pussy. Syren is then double penetrated, as the guys move in and out of both of her holes. Like before, the two of them eventually switch places, lasting until the must cum. The scene comes to an end with a double facial as they soon cover Syren's face with their jizz.

The Review //
As we all know, a death in the family can change the course of lives forever. This story from PURE TABOO, presents to us such a situation, in which things take a turn for the most unthinkable of situations involving a grieving family. In this situation, a husband and father has passed away, leaving behind a wife and two kids. The two teenage sons, Paul and Justin are stepsons to Molly, the grieving widow. It's a situation that has Paul and Justin assuming the position of "men of the house", as Molly on the other hand, has slipped into a sort of catatonic state. For the lack of a better word things have gone to shit, leaving the sons to pick up the slack around the house, as Molly has really let herself go. She no longer cooks, or cleans, and she no longer holds down a job. Meaning that no money comes in to pay the bills. The story begins here with just another day occurring.  This, as Paul comes home to find his mom completely out of it, standing at the sink, almost causing a flood in the kitchen. The event is enough for, not only Paul, but Justin as well, to reach their breaking points. They are no longer going to take it from mom, and it seems that Justin, the more energetically opposing one, has finally got into the head of the more responsible Paul. The two sons then threaten to leave.  Something that Molly does not want to happen. They know this, so they use it to their advantage, in order to get mom to "take care" of their needs as well. So yes, in other words a sexual encounter between all three of them soon commences, as Molly's good stepsons agree to stay and take care of her, if she be at their service, as they do anything they please.

When it comes to the storyline, I have to say that when viewing the trailer of the scene before I went in to review, I was somewhat captivated by what this scene was due to tell. A mom, who's completely out of it, and subsequently, sons who have the burden of taking care of her, just get fed up with the everyday struggle, as they want what they feel they deserve. They want out of the life made by the death of their father. That is unless their mom is willing to give them one thing. And you know what that one thing is. Yes the two "men of the house" blackmail their own stepmother into having sex with them.  Sex that just so happens to include double penetration.  Wow, what a story.  At least on paper. And I say "at least on paper", because I feel that the overall execution of the storyline portion, could have been better. That is just my opinion. The reason that I say this is because, in the story we have Syren De Mer, who plays the mom in Molly, as being someone who has cracked after the death of her husband. She has essentially given up on life, and does not care anymore, and so she often stares off into space, as if to say that she is under the influence of something.  However, that's the thing, there is no further evidence given to show why she is in such a catatonic state.  Why she just stands there, as her mind is in a completely different world so to speak. As a viewer who takes this story in, I would've liked this to have been supported by a little bit more physical evidence, other than overall assumption. Honestly, when I was watching the story unfold, I almost 100% expected to see Syren pop some pills, or drink at some point. Because as I said, it really seemed as though Molly was inebriated by something.  Her condition wasn't just she being straight traumatized. Or so I thought.

However, no matter what kind of shortcomings that I felt that the story had itself, we still had the sexual encounter between the three participants to come. And fortunately, I thought that this sexual content was the best part of the scene. The good thing is that, as is, the story still managed to make the whole idea of the mom fucking her sons super erotic.  Syren's disheveled appearance, with her dredd falling off of her tits, just begged for things to start, and soon they did, in a very nice way. This as both Ricky and Alex, go on to lick and suck on Syren's nipples. Ricky also takes initiative to go down on her, and lick on her clit. This would then go on to see the boys trade off on fucking her pussy in missionary. The thing about this is that, Syren seeming to never go a moment without both ends filled.  Whether it be that she have a cock in her pussy, or ass, she never does not have a cock cram down her throat as well. It was really sexy seeing this mature woman taking the two cocks of these two young studs.  And as I mentioned yes, we soon see some anal action as well. Not only that, we also have some double penetration which follows. First, we have both of the guys having their way with Syren's asshole, prior to Ricky getting a bright idea, as he has Syren on top of him, as she ride his cock in cowgirl. It is during this that he takes note that mom has another hole that has yet to be filled from said position. It is from there, that Alex goes on to slip his cock into Syren's ass to fuck it, as Ricky is simultaneously in her pussy. It is from here a steady in and out that happens from both of them, as they soon have the much older Syren moaning in pleasure. It is after Ricky is on bottom for a time, the two boys then switch places, where the action then continues until both of them reaches the point of climax. This, as the scene goes on to conclude both jerking their cocks to blast Syen in the face with their respective loads. The conclusion of the scene is a very nice double facial. I have to admit that it looks really great on camera in the end. I like the finish chosen, however if I am honest with you, I have to wonder what a double creampie would have done for the scene. Just something about that would've been so much more depraved. But as is, it is still a great finish, to a sexual encounter, that grew better and better as the scene progressed. I have to give it to the two young men here who worked Syren De Mer over in a good way.

When it comes to this scene titled "Taking Care of Mom" from PURE TABOO, it is in my opinion, a scene in which the sex was better executed than the story it follows. For the most casual porn fan, this will be all that matters. However, I am one who appreciates both story and sexual content, so I'm just being honest, when I say that I felt that the overall execution of the story was just okay, and that the sex was much better. There is just something about an older woman being manhandled by two young bucks, who are capable in doing so. Technically speaking, I have to give it to the crew here. The direction of the sex by Craven Morehead, along with the camera work by Matt Holder and Curious Judas, is a great collective. I really enjoyed how the camera work really got into the thick of the action. I also like the way that the camera at one point pulls back, and eases it's way around the door frame of the bedroom, as if we are then, at that point being some sort of voyeur looking in on the taboo act, as if we aren't supposed to be there. Whether or not this was the true intention of the approach of the camera at that point in time, I'm not sure of. But this is how I choose to translate it. When viewed in this way, I think that it is a nice touch. Very artistic to say the least.

So with this said, I have said what I said about the story, and its overall execution.  It's a good idea, but I just felt that more could have been added to it, in an effort to further the story's impact. I feel that we should have felt more for the stepmother then we do. But at the same time, I would still recommend this scene for the sex alone. It is a sex scene that really grew into something great as it went along, as it consists of an especially great double penetration latter half.

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