DarkX.com: Twerk Off (2020)

by - June 30, 2020

Starring: Nikole Nash // Dillon Cox
Directed by: Mason
Runtime: 31 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Nikole Nash finding her boyfriend, Dillon Cox as he lounge under the sun with his shades on.  However, Nikole needs his help with something.  She says that her gym is having something called a "twerk off".  A competition, as you guessed it, which features competitors, shaking and jiggling their asses.  Nikole is looking for Dillon's advice. Some tips and tricks that just might help her win. Initially, Dillon is not too interested. However, once Nikole begins to show off her twerking skills, that is simply, all of the persuasion that he needs. Because, as it turns out, Nikole is quite good at the task. So much so, that Dillon soon enough finds himself turned on by the act, and it is from there that he just cannot help himself but to get a little hands-on. It is from here that he goes on to feel up, and kiss Nikole's booty, as her tight, cheetah print shorts ride up. However, Nikole is a tease as, before Dillon can do too much, she runs inside in a playful manner. It's then that Dillon is quick to follow behind her.

Once inside the two exchange kisses, as Dillon has Nikole twerk some more. This, as she goes on to peel down her shorts shortly thereafter. That followed up by she straddling him, teasing Dillon's cock, as she rub it in between her bare cheeks. This leads to Nikole initially going on to worship Dillon's hard cock as she suck it. Kissing, and sucking along the shaft, after this Nikole finds herself on her back, where Dillon goes in between her legs to eat at her pussy, including he sucking on her fat pussy lips. This, then going straight into missionary shortly after, where Dillon maintains a steady pace. This, before it is back to Nikole briefly returns to sucking cock, prior to things going to doggy next. It's during this, that Dillon improves his pace.  Before long, things naturally transition over to a side fuck position, as Dillon maintain consistent work. After, Nikole then crawls over to once again service his cock with her mouth. She maintains valuable eye contact with Dillon while doing so. It's here that we see she spit on the cock, and so on. This, before she would then go on to ride said cock.  First, in standard cowgirl, and then with the reverse variation. It's in the latter that we are given Nikole bouncing, as well as she being slammed down for a time. The action eventually is back to doggy, as things then proceed to finish out.  This, while Dillon fuck consistently stiff, soon building himself up to cum. Soon enough, it's Dillon who pulls out to jerk his cock over Nikole's ass to which he drop a load for the finish.

The Review //
For today's review I take a look at a scene from DARK X, and the director Mason. It's a scene that gets underway by presenting a loose storyline involving the redheaded cutie, Nikole Nash, and her desire to participate in a twerking competition that is being held at her local gym. In readying herself to do just that, she looks no further than to her boyfriend Dillon Cox, when seeking advice. It seems as though she does not have the confidence in herself, as she says that she may need a few pointers, if she has any potential in winning such a competition. However, much to Dillon's surprise, he is a bit caught off guard when Nikole actually gets down to displaying her twerking abilities. That's because Nikole is actually quite good at it. She does indeed have some movement in those hips after all.  Nikole is so good that Dillon soon finds himself turned on by her twerking. It is something that eventually leads the two to take things up inside, as things progress all the way into sexual activity.

When speaking of the storyline segment of the scene, in my opinion, I felt that it was just ok. It is indeed a little silly, however in real life, Nikole is a little silly herself, so with that said, I certainly felt as though the storyline was one fitting to her, as it is humorous. Nonetheless, it does carry over into the sex, as it gives it it's start.  Twerk teasing leads to cocksucking, and in turn, cocksucking to missionary. The opening position of missionary, which is preceded by Dillon going down on Nikole, is very much like the storyline, serviceable. It has its moments of benefit, as the sometimes closeup camera details the action in a good way. However, in the critical sense, I just find that there were moments where the view was sort of obstructed by Dillon's arm. It's funny and ironic enough, because there's a moment in the scene which sees Nikole sucking Dillon off, during which, he instructs Nikole to remove her own hand out of the way of the view, when he needed to do the same here. However, not to worry because the next position would see some improvement, seeing the action finally get it's footing, if you will. That, as the next position sees things progress to doggy, as Nikole turns herself around.  It's here that Dillon employees a pace of fucking that is faster and harder, so much so, that Nikole somehow finds herself turned over, partially on her back, and her side.  As we are then in some sort of side fuck positioning. It is a position that looks great on camera, but most importantly, it's a position that allows Dillon to put in some nice work. The camera is also right there to detail said work in very nice close up. Nikole would follow this up by going on to again suck on Dillon's cock. Of all the times that she does so during the course of this scene, it is this moment that would be the one that was key, in my opinion. This, due to the priceless eye contact made by the two of them as Nikole does so.  Here, Dillon coaches Nikole along. This, as she concentrates her beautiful eyes upon him, as she looks up at him. I just loved this picturesque moment. Things would then eventually go to cowgirl, as Dillon asks Nikole if she wants to ride his dick, and of course she is game to do so. The position once again begins with some close up camerawork detail of the penetration at first, and then pans back to show the full scope. From here, Nikole has her legs wide, as we see a combination of bouncing, and most of all, Dillon plugging back hard. The position then reverses to reverse cowgirl, as it is a combination of all things the same, with Nikole eventually doing her best to squat on the dick, as she is slammed down, and otherwise bounced on it. There is also some quick plugging, as well as some clit rubbing from Dillon for a moment, while Nikole remain stationary. It's following these variations of cowgirl, that the action finally make a return to doggy, and it is during this round, that Dillon goes on to give it to Nikole hard, as he is in and out with a quick pace. This, as it leads him to his eventual climax, as he then pull out quickly to deposit a load onto her generous booty.

When it comes to the sex featured here as I said, as the viewer I felt that it took a while to truly get off the ground.  But, the fortunate thing is that it does, and does so rather quickly. The natural way in which the action went from the first doggy position, to the side fuck, was of course beneficial to the scene.  It gave things a feeling of spontaneity, and let's face it, I just liked the way that it looked on camera. With Nikole being all bent up into the arm of the couch, and fucked.  Not to mention, she appearing to like it as well.  On top of this, it is during this position, as well as the other many occasions during the scene's entirety, that we are treated to some priceless close up camerawork. In fact, this brand of camerawork being one of the scene's key elements, which brings the scene's quality well above average.  Yes, here not only does the camera put, we the viewer on top of the action with this during the penetration, we also get front row treatment during the cocksucking, as well as some reaction shots, in addition. To sum things up in a few words, it all adds up to a very nice presentation overall. As for the scene as a whole, I did think that the latter portion of the scene was the best, This, as the scene does have the strong finish that one could only hope for.  Especially for a scene that gets off to a somewhat slow start. I felt that the two performers were indeed in the moment by then, as they were better connected, as the action go harder, all leading up to the finish.

So with that, I'd say that I recommend this scene.  Not necessarily for the setup story, but rather for the sexual encounter to which it leads. That in itself taking a small amount of time to get started. However, once it's over that initial hump shall we say, what is left is an encounter that is fairly decent. It's action that occasionally sees male talent, Dillon Cox go hard, all while that work is excellently captured by a skilled camera.  This, as he is in and out of Nikole Nash's beautiful pussy. And what can I say about Nikole, who is probably one of my favorite people in porn? She is always adorable, and this scene is absolutely no exception when it comes to that. She is cute during the setup in which she proposes the idea of the "twerk off", and is likewise, as she is fucked.  Again the moment which she trains her beautiful eyes upon her scene partner during the time of sucking, fully showcases just how beautiful she really is. To close, I would say that this scene is one that was successful in pretty much rebounding itself in the end. For the most part I felt satisfied with it to say the least.

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