Sharing A Room (2020)

by - June 30, 2020

Starring: MJ Fresh // Johnny The Kid
Directed by: Johnny The Kid
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Things begin with Johnny The Kid, barging into his sister MJ Fresh's room unannounced.  It catching her off guard, as she thought that she was all alone.  This, as she pose for selfies, wearing nothing but a black bra, as well as a pair of matching black cutoff shorts. She is actually quite upset. Johnny goes on to explain that, due to their mother putting their aunt up in his room, as she visit for the next week, the two of them are to bunk together. This is something that indeed seems awkward to she, as MJ begins to plead her case. However, it is apparent that it is an argument that she will not win, as things have already been decided by mom. Nonetheless, MJ continues to go on as she normally would, as if she had the room all to herself. This, including she stripping down to just her bra and panties, as she prepares take an after work nap. Johnny, who is already present, thinks that he might as well take a nap along with her.  This, as he climb into the bed alongside of her. He drop his pants before doing so, and  then, he proceed to do what he always does, also, which is surely a shock to his sister. That's because, as Johnny says that he must always bust a nut prior to going to sleep. From there, MJ calls him a "weirdo", and urges he to hurry up and take care of his business. However, little did MJ know that he would go on to not only move her panties aside, he would also go on to unsnap her bra as well, while her back faces him, as she lie on her side. Although MJ tries her best to ignore, Johnny's activities are just far too loud for them to go unnoticed. In fact, MJ goes on to admit to Johnny that it kind of turns her on, actually. This, as she say that if she must hear it, then the least that he could do, is is to let her suck it. It is a proposition that is met with absolutely no hesitation on the part Johnny. Things escalate rather quickly from here, as we then go into a blowjob soon after. It's a round of fellatio that, not only sees Johnny fuck her face, but also she deep throat him nice and good.  This, in addition to a brief moment of titty fucking, as Johnny slips his dick in between MJ's big tits momentarily. However, things eventually come to a finish, with Johnny fucking her face, only to soon cum directly down her hatch, as his dick never leaves her mouth.  This, as the remains are swallowed whole, much to stepbrother Johnny's surprise.

A second scenario would happen sometime later. It is one that sees Johnny The Kid, hurry home, and when he gets there. he is quick to confront his sister, who knows exactly why he is there. That's because as it turns out, in an attempt to send her boyfriend a flirty video, MJ just so happens to have accidentally sent it to her stepbrother Johnny by mistake. This turning Johnny on, to the point that he gets an unexpected boner in class, and had to hurry home, in order to spare himself from embarrassment in front of the entire class. MJ goes on to explain that she knows of her mistake, and that it was simply for her boyfriend. A boyfriend that is to be soon on his way, as the two of them plan to fuck. It is at that moment that Johnny goes on to counter with the fact that with her video, MJ has now inadvertently left him with the case of blue balls. He then goes on to reference the time prior that the two of them went half way, and ever since then, he has wanted to go all the way with his stepsister. It is with this, that Johnny has the mind to make a deal with his sister, one with which, each of them would get exactly what they want.  Johnny get his nut off, and MJ having the house all to herself. It is with this that Johnny is successful in persuading his sister to let him just put the tip in. Johnny then pulls her to the edge of the bed, as MJ go on to move her bottoms to the side, allowing him entry. Just as the two agreed upon. Johnny goes on to, steady and continuously slip the head of his cock in and out of MJ's slit. As the two of them continue, MJ agrees that it feels good, this as she eventually allows Johnny to take things even further, as he go deep inside of her. However, it is at that moment, that the two of them have their intercourse interrupted by a knock at the door. It must be MJ's boyfriend, as the two of them must come to an unfortunate and abrupt end.

In this third scenario, Johnny the Kid is lounging around the house, as he finds himself bored, having gotten caught up in all of his seasons on TV. He has nothing to do, and so he calls upon his sister MJ, to see if she may be at home. She indeed is, which is kind of a surprise to Johnny, as he figured that she would be out and about, as usual. However, MJ is quick to explain that recently she has been pretty much a homebody. She has wanted to stay home, as she has found herself quite exhausted on account of just how much dick she has been getting as of late. Johnny says that it is just the two of them, s he go on to propose that they hang out for the day.  Maybe they go to a movie and so on. But with that said, MJ reiterates that she would much rather stay home. The two of them then agree to just hang out at home.  Their aunt leaves tomorrow, meaning that their time together is nearing an end. A fact that MJ admits, makes her sad. This, as it would seem that although the two of them were initially, pretty much opposed to bunking together, that the two of them have since grown closer during this time.  MJ further explains that she has enjoyed fucking Johnny. This, as she goes on to hint at wanting to possibly do more, during one last time while they have the chance before things go back to normal, and that she go back to fucking only her boyfriend.

Things get underway, as Johnny has MJ to crawl over to him. This, as she soon go on to suck his cock, as he remains seated. It's with this blowjob, that MJ goes on to make things extra sloppy, as she spit on and stroke the cock. It is during this that we go on to get a good look at her well manicured, and sparkly nails. However, all of this is brief, as we then go to a round of titty fucking, it is during this that Johnny goes on to fuck them hard. It's something that turns on MJ in the meantime. After this, MJ follows up by going on to bounce on the dick, as she turn around and sit on the cock, as we go into reverse cowgirl. This continuing, as MJ eventually goes on to plant her feet to squat down for a time. But, it is then followed up by they taking to the couch doggy, it is during this, that we are treated to an overhead POV view. This, as we watch Johnny's pacing improve over time. It's during this that MJ herself goes on to encourage him to go harder. The next position would be standard cowgirl, after this. It's during said position, that we see MJ in an upright position, as she grind her pussy on the cock. This, prior to she leaning to the side, leaving herself open for Johnny to plug away at a quick and even pace.  Following this, MJ is next on her back, and pulled to the edge of the couch, as the action take up in missionary.  This position including views; ranging from full, to closeup, as the view details the ongoing penetration.  The action finally sees spoon, as Johnny resumes, keeping up his consistent work.  It's a position that again sees MJ ask for Johnny to go faster.  He does, lasting until reaching his moment of climax. It's then that things come to an end, with Johnny jerking his cock, with the end result being that he spray MJ's pretty face with a nice big load.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at this scene from the website SIS LOVES ME, of course, brought to us by TEAM SKEET. Here, we are presented with a total of 3 scenarios, which are linked by a common theme.  That theme, being two stepsiblings who are forced to coexist with one another, as they must share a room, while their aunt is in town for the week.  Yes, here those stepsiblings are portrayed by newcomer MJ Fresh, and the man behind the camera, Johnny The Kid.  Here, MJ has her world disrupted, when she suddenly finds herself having to share her personal space with her weird stepbrother. However, as much as they dreaded it at first, it is much to their surprise, that sooner or later they actually happen to be fond of one another. Especially, seeing as they begin to fool around sexually.  It's mischievousness that would take their relationship as stepsiblings to places that they would have never imagined.

The first segment occurs just after Johnny comes to MJ's room as the bearer of bad news, as he breaks it to her that, the two of them are to share a room together while their aunt is in town. Not only does Johnny find his sister half-dressed when he busts in unexpectedly, it is news that MJ doesn't like at all. With that said, Johnny joining she in the bed as she take a nap, is something else that she did not expect. Not in the least bit. However, that is exactly what goes down as we have an outcome for our first scenario. This, as Johnny takes himself into his own hand, as he attempts to jack off, as it is his routine to bust a nut before going to sleep. But of course, someone like MJ isn't just expected to lie quietly as someone attempts to get off, while they lie beside her. It is then that the whole thing progresses, soon having she stroke at suck the cock, before Johnny goes on to fuck her face, to very nice effect as he, quickly go on to bust said nut, right down her throat.

The setup scenario is one that moves along rather quickly. Johnny has in mind to get himself a quick nut, and that is exactly what goes down. In fact, there isn't even a popshot to be seen.  As it is unloaded directly into MJ's throat, this as she has her lips wrapped around Johnny's cock. It is the opening segment, and what we get here is decent enough. What I was more concerned with this early in the scene as a whole, was just how good MJ Fresh looked. They say that first impressions are everything, and MJ indeed made a good one with the opener.

As we pick things up, we go into a second segment, and it is one that is indeed a fun one, to say the least. Imagine a scenario in which your sister accidentally sends to you a naked and naughty video of herself, while attempting to send said video to her boyfriend. That is exactly what happens in the case of MJ Fresh, and Johnny The Kid. In fact, Johnny happened to be in class at the time of receiving the video. The big surprise has Johnny rushing home as the video gives him a boner. So now he has a hardon with nothing to do with it. That is when he comes to his sister, on whom he puts the blame. However, MJ says that she is waiting for her boyfriend to arrive at any minute. What is Johnny to do as he has a raging boner, with  unfortunately nowhere to put it? Always the opportunist, Johnny would go on to strike up a deal with his sister. She can have the house all to herself, while her boyfriend is over, if only she allows her brother to just put the tip in. Personally, I have to say that I really enjoyed how this particular scenario played out. Not only is the set up fun, and most of all, humorous. The outcome itself is extra hot, as Johnny goes on to penetrate MJ for the very first time here. Johnny proceeds to pop the head of his cock in and out consecutively. However, as things progress, it just feels too good For MJ to pass up, as she allows Johnny to momentarily penetrate her fully. And it is only momentarily, because soon enough, the two of them find themselves interrupted by a knock on the bedroom door by the boyfriend. When it comes to the sexual material featured in the segment. I have to say that I just simply enjoyed the spontaneous feeling of it all.

With two scenarios out of the way, the stage is then set for a third, and final outing featuring these two stepsiblings, who finally go all the way. In the segment, the two find themselves all alone, as the come to realize that it is the last day that they have together as roommates. This as the aunt is to go back home the next day. Both of them are bored, as the two of them eventually come together and decide to have a little bit of fun with each other, as they stay in at home on the last day. Quite frankly, they finally decide to go all the way. It is a sexual encounter that gets underway, as MJ begins by sucking Johnny off, this while making it sloppier than the previous blowjob before in the first segment. We also see MJ ride the cock for the first time as well. It's as she first does so in reverse cowgirl, as Johnny remains seated on the couch. However, in my opinion things really get interesting when next, the action move to doggy, as MJ's on all fours, and Johnny take her from behind. From here, I just loved the POV from an overhead view. The camerawork is steady, capturing all the beautiful details, as Johnny continuously fuck the pussy at a nice pace. The view would also momentarily go on to purposely detail the penetration at hand. As it pan back out, I did enjoy the moment during this, which we see Johnny take up long, slow strokes, before he essentially punch his cock in deep and hard with a number of sudden thrusts. It's just great stuff. And speaking of great, also looking great, would be MJ, as she ride the cock next in cowgirl. What a sight it is, to watch how MJ here grind her pretty pussy on the dick from here. Continuing to treat us to nice views, are the two, as the cowgirl continues, with MJ leaning to the side leaving herself wide open for the penetration of Johnny.  This, as he continue to plug the pussy with an even in and out. It is then followed by missionary, as well as spoon. The missionary coming at us from overhead POV, having another momentary first-hand view of the penetration, before going out again. And then lastly it is the spoon, shown via a stationary positioned cam. This action eventually lasting until we get a popshot from Johnny, and it's a good one. This, as the scene comes to a very nice conclusion. One consisting of a nice big, and beautiful facial finish.

When it comes to this presentation from SIS LOVES ME overall, it is one that happens to differ from all of the previous ones that I have reviewed up until this point. That is because although it does present a series of three different stories, it is one presentation that fails to begin each with a title card. To better explain, usually each of the three individual stories has it's own title. These on the other hand, do not.  They just rather come one after the other without the titles. Another way that it differs from the others, is that this one overall, is relatively short. This particular offering running at only 36 minutes in length, whereas the others have ran at just under an hour or more. So with that said, going into this one, this was indeed a moment of concern. I wondered if it were to have the three individual stories which are the norm, and if so, would it be able to pack in so much material, in so little time, and have it still be good? Well, now that I have seen it, I can say that this offering, somehow, and in some way, is actually successful in doing so. Honestly, I cannot believe it. But it is indeed true. Here, it manages to present three separate stories, which occur one after the other, with each of them being progressive, as they all lead up to one big and final bang between two sexually curious stepsiblings. The first two initial segments are fun, but I do have to say that it is the third, and final encounter that is truly the icing on the cake. It is when our characters finally go all the way with one another, and they do not disappoint. Not in the way that MJ sucks or rides the cock, or elsewhere, when Johnny The Kid, takes over and fucks. It's all quite effective. I really enjoyed watching this action unfold between the two of them. Here, they come together to create something that looks very, very nice on camera. I was truly impressed by the both of them equally. When it comes to MJ Fresh, this was my very first time seeing her, as she is relatively new from what I know. But it is with that said that I have to tell you that this girl looks damn good.  Boy, is she hot! She even wears a a gold necklace which bears her initials. It's a nice touch, and if you want my opinion, I believe that she should make it her signature piece.  Wear it in every scene.  It would remind me of performers of the past. Like those who always wear sneakers, or maybe high socks.  Something like that.  As for Johnny The Kid, I like this guy, and he still manages to impress me here.  While I'm not sure how much of the camera was he handling it, I believe that it was the majority.  With that said, I found it to be for the most part, excellent.

To close, though this scene differs in the ways that I state above, it is still very much a SIS LOVES ME scene, as it keeps with the vibe.  Collectively, this is a nice little tale of perversion, fueled by taboo, as two steps share a room together only to grow closer. sweet.  I do recommend!

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