ExxxtraSmall.com: Hide And Seek (2020)

by - June 26, 2020

Starring: Natalia Queen // Michael Swayze
Directed by:
Runtime: 38 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Michael Swayze arriving at his girlfriend, Natalia Queen's house. However, when he knocks on the door, he finds himself suddenly greeted by a text on his phone. It is from Natalia, and it simply suggests that the two play a game of hide and seek. And it is with this game that the stipulation is that, if Michael happens to find the petite Natalia, then the reward would be that he would get to fuck her. It is a game that seems to be good enough for Michael, as he soon enter the house, where things would commence. Natalia's first hiding place is underneath the kitchen table, and behind a chair. It serves to be a good hiding place, as initially, Michael is "cold". The game would continue, as we see Natalia go on to hide and a couple of more locations including in the dryer, as well as behind a curtain. Two locations where Michael is unable to find her. However, next Michael has his hard cock in his hand as he casually searches.  It's as if said cock serves as some sort of compass, as he is soon successful and finding Natalia, as she attempts to hide under the bed. It's here that her positioning sees her skirt ride up, revealing a pair of sexy lace panties. Of course, with Michael successfully and finding she, all that is left is indeed his reward.

Michael first teases Natalia by taking his hard cock, and spanking her ass with it, before going on to slide her panties aside. After which, he would attempt to then penetrate her. Initially he has some trouble, due to to Natalia having such a small and tight pussy. However, finally he is able to do so, going deep within her.  It is from this position that the action gets underway in doggy as Michael proceeds to fuck at an increasing pace. Following this, Natalia is up on the bed, as she strip down to briefly play with her pussy. This, prior to Michael lifting her up, and turning her upside down for a moment of standing 69. Next up, Natalia continues to work on Michael's cock as he lie on his back. This is then followed by Michael returning the favor, going down on Natalia after, prior to the action making a return to doggy, only this time from the bed. It is here, that Michael works up a steady pace, going harder over time. The position soon sees Natalia with her legs spread, and sprawled on the bed. This, as Michael continues to go hard into her pussy. Michael only going faster and harder, as things progress. Following doggy, we see Natalia climb on for cowgirl. From this position, she initially has her legs spread wide, as she straddle to bounce. However, things truly pick up, once she plants her feet to bounce, slamming down hard on the dick. This would also include Michael taking over for a time. After this, Natalia goes back to sucking Michael's cock, making it nice and wet, as she proceed to throat every inch of him. This, being prior to a moment of reverse cowgirl following. Michael would once again lift up the petite Natalia, taking the action next to standing reverse cowgirl, before then reversing it to the standard variation of the standing position. It is after this, that the action then returned to the bed, with Natalia being on her back to receive missionary from Michael. It's from this position, that he once again continues at a steady pace, only getting harder and faster over time. This, as he maintains until he must pull out to cum. The scene then finally comes to an end with Michael going on to fastly stroke his cock, soon finding himself shooting a big load aimed at Natalia's face for the finish.

The Review //
For this review, I choose to revisit the TEAM SKEET website, "Exxxtra Small" where we are served up of course, another scene involving a beautiful petite performer. In this case, that being the blonde and beautiful Natalia Queen. This is a scene that begins with a storyline setup involving an innocent game of hide and seek, when Michael Swayze arrives at girlfriend Natalia's house with she nowhere to be found. Instead, as he reaches her door, he gets a text from she expressing her desire to want to play a game of hide and seek with him. However, this is not your kids variety of the old past time, no. That's because at stake is a precious reward. A reward involving sex, should Michael come out on top the winner. An enticing reward indeed! Of course, Michael is quick to take Natalia up on her offer, and soon, he gives chase. It is of course that he eventually comes out the winner in the end, setting up the stage for the sexual encounter that would be the scene's main attraction.

When it comes to this story, I have to admit that yes, it is indeed a bit cheesy. However, at the same time, it is sort of enduring and cute. Because, what can I say?  At the center of this curious game of hide and seek, is the ultra-sweet Natalia Queen, in all of her petite cuteness.  I just love her, and what I would find here in terms the sex, would be one sexual encounter that is quite effective. It would be much to my delight that I would find that, basically each and every position - every move here was on point. We first see the curious game of hide and seek come to a halt, as Michael is successful in finding his love, as she attempts to hide under the bed. The moment is staged perfectly, as we see Natalia's long blue skirt pulled high above her waist, as she search under bed. It also being quite revealing and taunting, as her cotton white panties are a full view, as Michael drop down to his knees to meet her in this position. It is with his cock also in hand, that he go on to tease Natalia by spanking her ass with it.  Even a moment as subtle as this one was hot.  Especially, as Michael make an attempt to penetrate her for the first time.  It's initially a bit of a challenge, as Natalia's orifice is just so tight.  Some very nice footage here, as the camera takes to tight closeup,  Michael however, is soon able to get it in, as we see him gradually build to a quick and steady pace. For the remainder, seen is some hard banging as Natalia can be heard urging Michael to "take it". Next, as Michael go on to strip out of his clothes, Natalia then take to the bed, teasing the camera as she would also undress from her, panties, skirt, and also her cute white top, which reads "Princess"(what else?!). After this, we see Natalia go on to touch and rub herself between her legs, as she give Michael, as well as us a show. This is followed up by the scene getting off to a rousing start, as Michael hoists her up, as the two share passionate kisses between one another. This as Natalia has her legs wrapped around Michael during this time. This positioning would soon go directly into standing 69, as Michael takes it upon himself to flip Natalia upside down for she to suck his cock, and he to eat her pussy. What a great transition this was. Not only is it hot as fuck, it also looks tremendous on camera, I will say. It occurs briefly, as Natalia is once again back on the bed after this. It's here that she goes on to service Michael, as he lie on his back. And what a blowjob it is. This as Natalia sucks and slurps the shaft taking it deep into her throat. It is of course after that, that Michael must return the favor, going at her pussy with his mouth and tongue, just as hard as she went on his dick prior. Following cunnilingus, we then go back to doggy, only this time, it is from the bed. However, although the location may have changed, this time around, it is Michael's efforts in fucking that remain unchanged. That's because here, we see him go hard once again, going deep, at a quick pace. This, as Natalia once again surrender her pussy to him, as the hard fucking soon renders her body sprawled. Here, Michael continues to drill the pussy, not letting up, while Natalia is seen clutching at the comforter on the bed for dear life. This, as she enjoys every second of the pounding that she is receiving.  The nicely flowing sex would continue next, in a position that is standard cowgirl. It is here that we see Natalia go from straddling the cock, to being up on her feet, with them planted firmly, as she slam down on the dick. It is a position that, in particular, sees Michael's cock plunge into Natalia's pink pussy, balls deep. It would also consist of Michael going on to fuck her back. This is yet another position that just looks great on camera. The way that Natalia's beautiful Coppertoned ass looks, as it bounces on the cock is just drool-worthy.  Especially in the moments which she has her feet planted firm.  So fucking hot! Natalia then follows it up with another great display of cock sucking.  During this run, she gets Michael's dick good and wet, as she spit and slobber on it, as she again slurp and suck. It's during, that we see Natalia go on to devour Michael's every inch, as she deepthroat him all the way to the base. It is a feat that Michael cannot believe, judging by his reaction. However, nonetheless he does seem to enjoy it.  Natalia's handiwork would then lead our action to reverse cowgirl soon after.  She first asks Michael which position he would like for her to be in next, and that is what he chooses. It is a position that Natalia once again looks great in. This, as she straddle the cock, with her legs open widely. This, as we see a combination of bouncing from she, as some reciprocative deep and hard fucking from Michael. This position does not let up on the rhythm of the action brought forth, and it continues on in the next position, which sees Michael once again, lift and carry Natalia, as the action then moves over to a nice looking round of standing reverse cowgirl. Here, Natalia's legs are spread wide for the camera, as she subsequently supports herself by wrapping her arms around the back of Michael's neck as he proceed to plunge his cock deep inside of her.  What a great looking position.  It looked fantastic as Michael was able to fully support Natalia in said position.  However, when the two began to get tired, the director made a wide choice in having the camera go into a tight closeup of the on-going penetration.  It is a great transition, and most of all, a plausible one(there was a cut, it seems). Immediately following this position, things continue to go smoothly, as the two performers directly reverse themselves, as things next go to standard standing cowgirl. The great views just kept coming with this position as well.  As here we would see Michael eventually go back to a hard, steady pace, as Natalia yells out, telling us that Michael's cock is indeed deep. The final position would then follow, as it would see Natalia on her back. It is from here, that she is once again penetrated by her scene partner for missionary. He proceeds with a steady pace.  One that is increasing as he eventually, and once again go harder, until he reaches his limit and must cum. He pulls out to jerk his cock, while standing at a distance from Natalia. It's here that he quickly stroke his cock, with the result being that he eventually shoot a big load, which is aimed at Natilia. The load is big and pretty impressive, I have to say. This as, even at a distance, the load shoots, and still reaches Natalia's face and chest from there. As is essentially with everything else involved here, the pop shot leaves us with a good impression as well.

Well, what is scene this was! I went into this one, really not knowing what to expect from it other than I assumed that it would be kinda cute and whatnot.  Especially, seeing as it stars Natalia Queen, a petite performer who I happen to like a lot.  Of course, I knew from the beginning that the storyline subject had to do with a game of hide and seek. However, I did not know what that entailed. With that said, what we have when it comes to the storyline is fun enough. As I said it is a little bit cheesy.  But overall, the cute factor won me over in the end. Especially seeing as, what it led to was such an amazing scene. The game of hide and seek, finds Michael finding the adorable Natalia, and quickly going on to claim his prize. I like the fact that things go directly into the sex in such a big way. The two don't even bother getting to the bed, as Michael took Natalia right where she was. She was already on all fours, as Michael start things by taking her from behind. The beginning close up view shows that he has a little bit of difficulty inserting himself, as she is just too small and tight. A nice detail added in. However, with that said, it is there that he proceeds with a pace that becomes good and hard.  It would clue us in from there, on the feel that the remainder of the scene would have. This, as almost every position showcased here, sees Michael going at the pussy nice and hard. In my opinion, I feel that almost everything shown here between these two is nearly picture-perfect. Not only do the positions look phenomenal on camera, and are well captured, the energy and the heat between these performers, is completely undeniable. I actually found myself pausing it midway through, if you know what I mean. The action featured here was and is, that damn good.   While the scene begins cute and harmless, the action that follows is hot and heavy.  This, displaying very nice chemistry between two passionate performers who here, give it their all for the camera's eye. It is with that, that I suppose that it goes without saying that I absolutely, 100% highly recommend this scene for your viewing pleasure. If you like scenes with sex that is nice and hard, complete with a rough edge, then this is one that you are sure to enjoy. It is simply, one of the best scenes that I have seen so far this year. What a job well done by Natalia Queen and Michael Swayze!

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