Lost Her Memory (2020)

by - June 12, 2020

Starring:  Macy Meadows // Alex Jett
Directed by: Alex Jett
Runtime: 1 hr. 6 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Where Am I?
In this story, it is 24 hours following Macy Meadows being involved in a traumatic accident, during which she fell down the stairs and bumped her head. It is as a result that her stepbrother Alex Jett, rushed her to the hospital to be seen. We open up with Alex waking up Macy who has been asleep on the couch for an entire day. However upon awaking her, Alex is quick to take notice of something. As it turns out, it seems as though Macy has lost her memory, as she doesn't quite know who Alex is. It is because of this that ever the opportunist, Alex goes on to convince her that she is not Macy's brother, but instead her boyfriend. It is a line that she completely falls for, due to the amnesia. Now with Macy convinced that he is in fact her boyfriend, Alex takes advantage, first offering up a massage for his sister. It is where he go on to further convince Macy that the hospital gown which she is wearing is just getting too much in the way of the massage. This, as he asks her if it is okay to pull it down. The end result is that she exposes her perky breasts. Alex just cannot believe what he is seeing, and so he decides to further press his luck, as Macy is soon out of the gown, and completely nude on the couch. It is after this, that Alex goes on to enjoy a show from Macy, as she proceeds to touch herself. She begins things, as she is on all fours. This, as she rub her clit, and finger her pussy. Alex then gets the courage to ask his sister if he may touch her. This being as he go on to grab at her ass, and rub her clit. However, next Macy takes to her back as she spread her long legs from there to further touch, rub, and finger herself. It is after this, that Alex goes on to once again reveal something else that she "likes to do" with her boyfriend. That is, to suck his cock. It is from there that Alex has Macy crawl over to him, where she would then get his hard cock out to suck. It's from here that she goes on to work up a steady pace, as she take the dick into her mouth.  She, also from here work it a little with her hand. This of course lasting until Alex must cum. That he does without removing his dick from Macy's mouth, as she go on to swallow his load whole to finish up the segment.

Breakfast In Bed
In this story Alex finds himself surprised, when he finds his still injured sister, Macy Meadows up and about in the kitchen. When he asks her just what she is doing, she says that she thought that she would make some breakfast and then go for a hike after. She is dressed in a denim jacket, and some tight gray athletic pants. She is all ready to go. However, much to the contrary of this, Alex counters saying that he just does not believe that it is a good idea for his sister to do a thing such as hiking, this soon after her injury. After all, she still has a cute little baby blue unicorn bandaid on her forehead. When he questions Macy about her decisions, she says that she thought it would be a good idea to hike. However, upon further inspection, Alex goes on to find that, not only has she forgotten to wear a shirt underneath her jacket, Macy has also forgot to wear a pair of panties underneath her tight pants. They are two articles of clothing that seem to have slipped Macy's mind in the process. This, proving to Alex that she is still suffering from the amnesia.  Alex once again takes full advantage of this, saying that he feels that they should stay in together and "play around"as he says. It is due to Macy's condition that she is quick to agree, and also oblige to anything that Alex proposes. The first thing is that Alex says it's a good idea for his sister to once again blow him, just like before. It is then that, with no hesitation that Macy does so, as she drops to her knees, and once again get to sucking her brother's dick.  However, this time, it's brief, as Alex has something else that you would rather do, and that is to taste his sister's pussy. It's from here that Macy bend over in front of the stove, as Alex get underneath her.  Here, he proceed to lap his tongue on Macy's pussy, as she spread her ass for him.  Alex continues on by asking Macy if she likes her clit licked.  She does, so Alex proceeds to tongue at it, at a quick pace.  This which drives Macy crazy, as she moans in pleasure. It's a short time later however, that he follows up by taking things into doggy as he says that he wants to feel the inside of his sister's pussy. It is something that Macy is ready for. Alex has she bring over a chair, in which she positions herself on her knees, sticking her ass out. Alex from there, goes on to penetrate her.  Here, Alex would go on to work up a steady pace over time, and Macy must be enjoying herself, as she could be later heard telling Alex to fuck her harder. It's after this, that Alex would go on to have Macy reverse herself in the chair, as she is next on her back and spread. It's here that we see Macy once again play with herself to entertain Alex, this as she look up at the camera while running her fingers through her extended labia, as she also rub her clit. However, instead of continuing here, Alex gets the idea of having Macy get on her back upon a table, and it is there that he would once again go on to fuck her. Again, at a steady pace he fucks, as we have a view that is in high overhead POV. Things would continue here, as Macy once again tell Alex to go in and out of her harder, and faster. It is as a result of this, that Macy eventually comes to squirting orgasm. Alex after, would then follow up with his own, as he has Macy once again suck him to climax, as she swallow the load once more.

I Have Something to Tell You
This story begins rather ominously as Macy calls her brother Alex into her bedroom, saying that she has something that she wants to tell him. Macy then goes on to reveal that she has regained some of her memory. Alex is quick to make light of it, saying that it must be something as simple as she remembering her name. However Macy goes on to say that it is much more than that. She has actually regained the part of her memory that lets her know that Alex is indeed her brother. He is course caught off guard, as he goes on to possibly ice things over, by saying that the two of them are simply stepsiblings, and that they are not really brother and sister. It is again to Alex's surprise that Macy just doesn't seem to be bothered by the thing that she now remembers. In fact, she goes on to say that she actually kind of liked it. It is then with that, that Alex goes on to further persuade his sister into having sex with him. He brings up the fact that she squirted during the sex in the kitchen, and he would really like to see her do it again. Things begin with Macy unsnapping the top of her onesie, showing her tits, prior to going back up on the bed, where she would unsnap the outfit at the crotch. Now with her pussy exposed, Alex has Macy play with herself as he jerk his cock. It is a short time later, that he takes things into doggy, as he has she position herself on her knees, as he takes her from behind. It's here that he continue with a steady pace.  One, that becomes quicker over time. Once again, Macy begs him to go harder. It is then from doggy that we go into missionary. From this position, Alex is consistent, as he plug away at her pussy. It is as things progress, that the result is that Macy comes to squirt again, much to Alex's surprise. However, he would then continue making her squirt a second time. It's after this that following Macy once again playing with her pussy, that the action then pick up as they move over to an ottoman that is positioned at the side of the bed. First, things go to cowgirl, as we see Macy straddle Alex's cock. It is with her feet planted, that she from here, go on to bounce on the cock at a steady pace. Also from here, we see Alex fuck the pussy for a time, as he once again make her squirt soon enough. After the round of cowgirl, Alex then has the position reverse, as Macy turn herself around, in order to pop her ass on the dick at a pace that is rather quick. We then see the dick go slowly in and out of the pussy, as Macy would then go on to slowly grind on it. The action finally ends up in a dead dog position.  Here, Alex would go on to straddle Macy's legs which are here, held tightly together. It's here that he thrust forward, with Macy also seen spreading her ass with her hands, as he fuck her pussy. This, lasting for a time, until the stage is set for Alex to blow his load. For this, he chooses Macy's beautiful face, as he hover over, jerking his dick to climax. It is from here, we see Alex use a nice big load, some of it hitting Macy's face, while the remainder of it overshoot, Thus wrapping up the sex.

The Review //
It is with this review, that I take a look at another anthology scene from the website SIS LOVES ME. It's here that performer/Director Alex Jett, once again tells the story of two stepsiblings over the course of three short, connected tales of taboo lust.

In the case of this offering, we are told the tale of stepsiblings portrayed by Macy Meadows and Alex. The series begins with a tale involving Alex's stepsister Macy Meadows, who happens to have unfortunately suffered an injury that has caused her to lose her memory. Yes Macy here has been stricken with a case of amnesia, after falling and bumping her head, while taking a tumble down the stairs. Alex of course, has been the good brother. as he has looked over her ever since. The story opens up the next morning after the accident, and after Alex has already been attentive to her, as this is following a visit to the hospital. Macy is still wearing a hospital gown, when Alex goes on to awaken she from her slumber. Alex is checking on her because she, as we learn has been asleep for the entire day. When Macy wakes up from here, she has no memory of him, so of course we know where it is going to go next. This, as Alex chooses to take full advantage of the situation. He goes on to trick her into thinking that he is not her brother, but instead her boyfriend. It is with a bit of humor that Macy falls for the cheap set up, as she gives into his every desire. First, as he wants to get his sister a massage, causing she to expose herself to him. It is first her breasts, and then as she is fully nude. However, for Alex seeing Macy touch herself is just not enough for him, as she goes on to somehow convince her to give him a blowjob.

What is silly set up this was. It is truly a set up that would only work in a porn setting. It is a simple fantasy of a brother using his sister's amnesia to get what he wants from her sexually. Of course the excuse here is the amnesia of Macy's character, so with that, he gets what he wants rather easily, as she is quick to give in. Not only is this funny, it is also cute, because Macy herself is absolutely adorable. As if her eyes do not make her adorable already, topping things off here, is the fact that she is also wearing a cute little unicorn Band-Aid on her forehead. This of course, indicating where she bumped her head - the sight of her injuries. This opening segment is rather short and only consists of the blowjob. But I saw it as ok because, once again we have Macy making several glances up at the camera as she suck cock.  The eyes a question are just so enchanting.

The second story of the trilogy goes on to take things a little bit further than before. It is sometime later following the first one that Alex comes to find his amnesiac sister, Macy in the kitchen. She's looking for food, as she tells Alex that she aims to make breakfast prior to going on a hike. Alex knows for certain that Macy, who of course has suffered head trauma shouldn't be doing something as risky as hiking on her own. He does everything to convince her not to go, and it is after that he discovers that she is not wearing any clothes underneath her jacket, or her tight, stretchy pants.  He convinces her to stay in and have fun with her "boyfriend" instead. He says that that the two of them can have a lot more fun together, rather than she risking her safety once again. Stepbrother Alex, from here is then able to persuade Macy to allow him to eat her pussy shortly thereafter, followed up by she giving him head again. I have to say that this moment was pretty nice to see. This, as Alex gets underneath Macy, as her ass, faces the camera. I just love how Alex here, lapped his tongue on Macy's pussy, going in between her elongated labia. Not only that, during this, we also see Macy go on to spread apart her ass with her hands. And what can I say?   It is a pretty sweet view, if you ask me. Here, we have a straight on view of Macy's tight little butthole, as Alex go to work. This as he aim to please, asking Macy if she likes to have her clit licked and sucked. The end result is that he go on to do so faster, causing an abundance of moaning and squirming from Macy. After this, we see Macy get up in a chair, as Alex go on to take her from behind. It is here that we have a really nice view once again, as we see Alex in and out of the pussy with long strokes. Macy's ass just looks fantastic in this position.  This, as she go on to ask Alex to fuck her harder. This earning extra points for me, for sure. Following this, the segment closes out with Macy being fucked in missionary on a table. It is during this that, we the viewer are treated to some very nice overhead POV action. Though this is POV, I have to admit that it looks really great.  Alex has surely improved on the way that he shoots, as he seems to be getting better and better, as he progress in his filmography. The POV from here is from high overhead, putting Macy squarely in view, as Alex continue some consistent work on her pussy. It happens to also be the first moment that we see Macy come to squirting orgasm. Something that she is readily known for. Things do come to an end here with Alex once again letting loose directly into Macy's mouth, as she suck cock. On this, I found it to be a conclusion that is rather passable, seeing as it is almost identical to the ending of the previous segment. This being as Macy goes on to swallow the load as it is directly deposited into her mouth. What is kind of lame about it though, is that again, we have no sign of it. No sign that Alex had even popped. For all we know, it could have very well been faked this time, or the previous. I would have liked to have seen at least a little bit of evidence.

It is following this, that we are led into the third and final story involving our characters, and yes, as you probably imagined, it's one that sees the amnesia let up.  It all starts with Macy calling Alex into a bedroom for a talk.  It is here that Macy simply goes on to tell Alex that she has indeed regained her memory, and that she knows that he lied, and that he is actually her brother. This revelation was a pretty basic one. As basic as you can get. I have to tell you that I did believe that the end result was going to be that Macy herself was on to him the whole time.  Simply pretending to have amnesia, because she just liked the way that the dick felt. But no, what we have instead is the most common conclusion that one could find for a scenario such as this. There is no surprise behind it. So yes, this point of the story basically falls flat.  Luckily however, we still had the sex between Macy and Alex to follow after. And it is on this that I tell you that, at least it in itself is a reward. I found that this sexual encounter was more complete than the other two stories of course, as it serves as our finale. Not only do we have more masturbation from Macy to start, we would go on to have several positions. Two on the bed, and two on a nearby Ottoman, and it is during the course of this, that we see Macy go on to show off her signature squirting, as Alex is able to bring her to three separate orgasm. One each from doggy and missionary on the bed, and then later during a round of cowgirl, once we see the locations switch.

Honestly speaking, I felt that the first two stories of the three presented here, were both good collectively. However, when it comes to the third and final one, it's a round of sex that I would classify as solid, as it feels more complete than the previous. Here we see the two performers go through a series of sexual positions as they finish strong. The two of them connecting as Macy is brought to several squirting orgasms truly making for a, as I said, strong conclusion.

It's with that said that I would say that this scene is one to be recommended, as it is for the most part, enjoyable. It's not the best offering from SIS LOVES ME that I have seen, but it has its enjoyable moments. Again, I feel that the two performers connect the best during the third and final story. When it comes to performance, there  was miscommunication a couple of times, which saw Macy miss a few cues from Alex. I believe one moment was that on an occasion Alex had asked Macy to look up at the camera while she was performing the blowjob, however she failed to hear him. While another instance came when in character he had asked her if she liked her brother's big cock. Something that also fails to get a response from her. However, then again maybe this is just me nitpicking. But yes, this does count as part of the overall performance and presentation of the material. It's a technicality and truly no big deal, I am simply just letting it be known for the sake of information regarding the scene. With that said, Macy Meadows is indeed one of my favorites to see, and I could look at her all day long. She is indeed a gorgeous presence. While her character may have a loss of memory, Macy herself has a beauty that a viewer surely remembers.

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