Danny Mountain's Debut (2020)

by - June 25, 2020

Starring: Danny Mountain // Val Steele
Directed by: Johnny Robins
Runtime: 47 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a tease segment from Danny Mountain. We start with the camera panning upward from the floor until it reaches his face. It is then that we go on to see Danny unbutton his dress shirt, prior to removing it. He is then seen massaging his crotch from over his jeans, this as he go on to remove his belt as well. Danny next, teases with his body hair.  This, including the hair under his armpits, as he takes the time to flex for the camera. Danny is then out of his pants, as he continue to rub at his crotch, this creating a big bulge in his white with orange trimmed boxer briefs. From here, he tease at the bulge prior to popping it out through the legs of his underwear. However, it isn't long before he go on to pull down his underwear completely. It's from here that we see him go on to pull at his cock from here. This, as we see the head of this penis pop in and out of his foreskin. He continue with even strokes. Shortly after, he is then joined by his scene partner Val Steele. She who wastes no time in going at his armpits, as she lick them. This would then be followed up by she going on to oil his body up, as she positions herself behind him, and then proceed to massage his chest. This seeing her hands make their way down to his cock, as she effectively reach around Danny to jerk his cock for a time. It's after this, that we see Danny take a seat on the bed, as he instructs Val to lick and suck at his feet and toes.  This foot worshiping, which is mixed with some cocksucking, would then go to male rimming, as Val would next go on to eat Danny's ass as he lie on his back with his legs held up high, as he simultaneously jerk said his cock.  Val would continue her anus assault, as Danny reverses himself with his back facing she. From here, Val would do this for some time, as she bury her face deep into Danny's ass. This would then lead to some cocksucking after, where things get sloppy, with Val slobbering on the dick, as well as have her face fucked. The two then take to the bed showing Val going on to climb on for cowgirl. It's from here that she would bounce, grinding on the cock at an even pace. After this, we see another moment of rimming, as Val make a brief return to doing so, before the action would continue next in piledriver, then followed by the reverse variation. Next up, we see Danny take Val from behind for doggy. The camera begins with a straightaway view of Danny fucking hard, before we are also treated from views from behind him, in addition to a side angle. The end would be near as the next position is missionary. It is a position during which Danny maintains an even pace as he fuck hard, all before reaching his point of climax. The action of the scene comes to an end, as Danny pulls out just prior to going on to unload onto Val's stomach for the finish.

The Review //
Today, I am back again with another review for SEE HIM FUCK, the specialty website focusing on him, above all else. As normal, the scene here routinely begins with a tease segment featuring the showcased male talent for the scene, Mr. Danny Mountain from Langley England. It is during the tease segment that Danny tease for the camera, going on to strip down, first removing his shirt and then his pants, prior to going on to tease us with his cock soon after. This sees him rub and squeeze himself, from over his tight boxer briefs, prior to eventually getting his cock out to have more fun with it, all while the camera keeps a watchful eye on the proceedings. This consisting of Danny nudging, and jerking at his uncircumcised penis. However, soon enough it is twice the fun, once entering the frame is his female counterpart for the scene, Val Steele. I particularly enjoyed the visual of this particular moment in the scene, one that began with the SEE HIM FUCK contract star, Steele licking down the man's hairy armpits, prior to she oiling down his chest. This would go on to show her massage it in. With her hands making their way down to where they need to be, as she then jerk, and stroke his hard, stiff cock. Personally, I felt that this looked really great on camera.  Especially, Val's steadfastly jerking of Danny's member. It would be after this that Danny would go on to demonstrate his authority and control in this scene. This, as he instructs Val to do as he pleases, and what he wants is for she to go on to worship his feet. It's at this point that we see Val proceed to both lick and suck at his feet and toes. First, starting with the right one and then the left. Eventually Danny goes on to in addition, force his cock down her throat, utilizing his feet to cram it down, as he wraps his legs around  Val's neck tightly, and momentarily. Also during this time we see Val go on to trade off between feet, going back-and-forth between them as she run her talented tongue up and down them. Danny is still in command after this as Val next go on to service him by eating his ass. It's here that she proceed to lap  her tongue in and around his hairy butthole with both vigor and enthusiasm. Danny likes this.  However, apparently also does Val, as her enthusiasm shows. The eating of Danny's ass wouldn't cease, as next, Danny simply reposition himself on all fours as he bend over for Val to resume rimming. It's here from this position that we see Val just bury her face deeply between his cheeks, as she suck it all up.  This moment during the scene is highlighted by a brilliant underneath view from the camera. This, as we see Val go to work. Initially, Danny jerks his own cock simultaneously but, after some time we see Val take over that aspect as well. The rimming is then followed up by Val then sucking the cock, and it is quite the messy affair. This, as the spit just piles on the shaft, as she takes it deep within her throat. This also followed up by she going on to suck his balls hard at his request. It's also during this time of sucking that Danny also reciprocates for a time going on to also fuck Val's face, before all going on to continue as Danny lie on his back. It's following that we then finally get our first taste of fucking, and it would get off to a great start, as the action take up in cowgirl showing Val climbing on top to ride the dick. I have often said it by now, and I will say it again here, I just love watching Val Steele ride a dick. This is something with which she is extremely talented. When she  rides a dick, it is a spectator sport. You just want to sit back and enjoy it.  Watching as her hips grind against the cock with every bounce. In addition  to Val's quick grinding on the cock, we also have moments here in which Danny take over to drill the pussy at a quick and hard pace. This occurring a couple of times in between two moments of Val taking control. It would immediately be followed up with Val once again going on to eat at Danny's ass, as he lie flat on his stomach. It is during this, that Val go on to spread his ass wide as she lick around, and puncture his butthole with her  doubly pierced tongue.  However, next up, another Danny focused position takes place, as we see the two performers take to  piledriver. It is from the first-person point of view, that we see Danny go on to employ an evenly steady pace, as he thrusts deep down into Val's pussy, as we have a viewpoint that showcases the point of penetration.  This is something else that looks great on camera.  We watch Danny's cock take the deep plunge first-hand.  It is directly after this position that Danny then reverses himself, taking things into the reverse variation of piledriver next. It is from this viewpoint that Danny has his back facing the camera as he continue to thrust deeply into Val, from this position, essentially going balls deep at a fluctuating pace. Val is next face down, and ass up as the next position to see action is doggy. At first, this position goes on to take up view from Danny again from the first-person point of view. This, as we see Danny grab a hold of Val's ass as he fuck deep and hard. The camera would go on to take a very nice view from behind as it is in close on the penetration, showing Danny in the act of deeply plowing the pussy. It's also during this moment of fucking, that we also momentarily see a view from a side angle as well. Following this is the final position of the scene, seeing Val once again on her back.  This time, as Danny fuck her pussy from the missionary position. Like the previous positions, Danny doesn't let up, as he maintains his composure, keeping a steady pace, while he go deep. This is a pace he maintains, untill building himself up to climax. The scene comes to an end with he having to pull out quickly, just before he jerks his cock to explode, spewing a nice big load onto Val's stomach, as he is brought to hard orgasm.

As is the norm with these scenes, as things close out, we then go on to join Danny in the shower. It is here that we find him soaping and washing himself up as director Johnny Robins goes on to talk to him about the scene that just transpired. He asks Danny just how much he enjoyed the copious amounts of rimming featured within the scene. Danny says that it is something that he enjoys although he did not enjoy it the first time that it was ever done to him. It is something that both men agree on, saying that it is pretty much something that a guy has to grow to enjoy. But, when it comes to this scene in particular, Danny says that this is probably the best rim job that he has ever received.  This, giving Val Steele a good amount of praise for a job well done. Danny then goes on to say that he is 35 years of age, and that he has been in the porn business for a while now. He says that being in porn, he enjoys the amount of travel, the beautiful women, as well as the people that he gets the opportunity to meet. He also says that he has been single for about 3 to 4 months, and that he also enjoys interacting with his many fans. This including his audience on Onlyfans.  It's here that he then give a special shoutout to his gay following, saying that he loves them all.

When it comes to this scene, I felt that overall it was one that was fairly nice. Honestly, speaking, it is a bit of a slow burn in the beginning. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of rimming that is featured. But then again I have to take into consideration  the audience that it is hoping to reach. And at the same time, I can't be too critical because it is obvious that both Danny Mountain and the featured female talent, Val Steele enjoyed it immensely. Val often mentions her liking for eating ass, and here it shows tenfold.  This, as Val really gets her face and tongue in there.  Here, she not only slobbers and slurps on the butthole with much energy and authority, she also gives Danny's hard cock the same superb treatment, as she leaves much behind.  Leaving Danny's rod dripping with evidence. And although this was intense, the scene still went on to another level once we truly got to see Danny fuck. As I mentioned above, what would happen next in the scene was just great stuff. Val is still very much young in her adult entertainment career.  But with that said I have to say that also, she is definitely one of the best cock riders currently. The way that her juicy ass bounces, as her hips move and grind hard, is just second to none in my opinion. She also goes on to choking Danny as she rode hard.  I loved that! The other remaining positions of the scene go on to show what the website SEE HIM FUCK is all about and what they aim to do, and that is to put the male performer squarely in focus. The positions that would remain, do a good job of doing this, which showing Danny Mountain put in work. It is again that we saw the standard and reverse variants of the piledriver position. They are two positions, that greatly benefit from the first-person camera point of view. While the focus is on Danny, we still get enough of a view as not to completely omit Val from the equation completely, as there still is somewhat of an equal balance of she featured as well. The scene goes on to also feature some great views from behind Danny, as we see his cock slam the pussy.  However, in all its nicely with the missionary and then. I like the way that the camera stayed in on the penetration during this particular position all the way up until Danny must quickly pull out fast, as she is just about the blow. And speaking of that, "blow" he does, shooting a very nice, and bountiful load, as he lets it go across Val's stomach. I also want to mention that I did like the humble shoutout that Danny would go on to give his fans, especially his gay following at the end. What a genuine gesture from someone who obviously knows all too well that it's his fans who are responsible for his blessings.

So, to sum it up, I enjoyed the scene. To be completely honest with you I did kind of tire at the end of the ass eating/blowjob, only because the two elements just ran a little bit too long-winded. However, I will admit that as the remainder of the scene got underway, I found myself enjoying very much what I was getting.  it's with that said, that I would go on to recommend this scene for viewing. Not only do we have a female talent here that was fully committed in the worshiping, and servicing of the male talent, we also in turn, have a male talent who puts in very nice work in his own right.  This, as he fucks the pussy good. You just have to love the amount of energy shown here by the both of them.

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