Foster Tapes: Foster Daughter Learns Not To Keep Secrets (2020)

by - June 01, 2020

Starring:  Jessae Rosae // Havana Bleu // Criss Simon
Directed by:
Runtime: 28 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with foster parents Havana Bleu and Criss Simon, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new foster.  They just cannot wait to welcome teenaged Jessae Rosae into their family.  Havana is at home waiting, while Criss has gone to pick her up.  It is not long before their arrival.  Havana, as well as Criss are quick to welcome she into their home.  A home that Jessae admits, is a lot nicer than the other foster homes that she has been in prior.  To sweeten the welcoming, the couple have even gotten Jessae a gift.  A warm and fuzzy one in the form of a seemingly innocent, and cuddly teddy bear.  It's something that she immediately loves.  It's a gift that she says that she could hold onto forever.  This, as she hug it tight.  Unfortunately though, for young Jessae, not all is as innocent as it seems.  That's because, embedded into the seemingly innocent gift, Havana and Criss have secretly placed a hidden camera, designed to spy on Jessae's each and every move.  Yes, by using their laptop, the two are able to look in on the actions of their "daughter" in real time, as they occur in her bedroom.  All unbeknown to Jessae.  We see them looking through recorded footage jointly, as they see Jessae doing the innocent.  Such as texting and talking on her phone.  However, at the same time, they also managed to also capture some rather intimate moments. Such as Jesse coming out of the shower, and even masturbating. It is the latter that strangely arouses the two foster parents. It is a short time after however, that the two are caught off guard, not by what they see in the footage, but by what they see in the present, when they decide to see what Jessae is up to at that very moment. It's then that they are surprised to find that the camera is pointed directly at them, this time around, as it happens to be revealed that Jesse has been looking in on them from the staircase. Jesse obviously is as shocked as they are. This of course prompts the two foster parents to confront the situation by coming clean, so to speak.  They reveal to Jesse that, in their household, they have chosen to not keep anything from each other. This as they state that they share everything as well. Yes even if in a sexual nature. Jesse speaks up on the fact that they have caught her masturbating on camera. It is something that she is truly upset by. However, the two calm her down by telling her that all is okay, and that in this family, again they do share between one another. It is something that Havana goes on to further encourage, as she places Jessae's hand upon Criss' lap, and urges her to rub dad's hard cock from over his black jeans. This continues as Criss goes on to take it out, showing Jessae just how big it is.  Jessae agrees, it's big, as she is then pushed into stroking it.

Things begin with Jessae steadily stroking it, while Havana massages Criss' balls. As things would continue here, we would also see Jessae go on to employ a double handed approach to her stroking. Next up, Havana would take the initiative to be the first one to suck it. This, before Jessae follows up to do the same. This would then continue, as the action then move to 69, as Jessae climb on top. This, as she puts her pussy in Criss' face. From here as Jessae continues to suck the cock, it's Havana who handles the balls. After this, the action then goes to missionary, with Chriss penetrating Jessae for the first time. It is here that he maintains a steady in and out. However, after this, Havana says that she wants to watch Jessae ride the cock in cowgirl, and so it takes place. It is here that we see a combination of both bouncing, and quick, and hard fucking. This occurring for a time until the action then go to spoon. Like before, during this position, Criss maintains a steady pace that is increasingly quick and hard.  Havana here is in the front on Jessae, as she play with, and suck on her tits.  After this Havana says that she wants Criss to cum on both of their asses. This, as the action then set up for one final position. That being doggy, as Criss takes Jessae from behind. From this position, Criss continues to plug away deep and hard until he builds himself up to climax. The scene coming to a close, as he then pull out to soon shoot his load over both of the asses for the finish.

The Review //
At the start of this scene from FOSTER TAPES, Havana Bleu is seemingly the well meaning would be foster parent, as is her husband, Criss Simon.  The scene begins with Havana exchanging text messages with Criss, who is just about to arrive there with their newly fostered daughter, Jessae Rosae. Havana's text ending with the statement, that she can't wait to welcome her to the family tonight,  Something that seems wholesome enough in the beginning. Little did we know that their idea of "welcoming" someone into their family of two, would entail something far more perverted. It is a tale of taboo, that begins with, of all things, a cuddly teddy bear given to Jesse as a gift, as a means of welcoming she to her new foster home. Of course, not everything is so innocent. Yes, for the two secretly perverted foster parents have found a rather convenient way to spy on daughter. The use of a small camera placed inside the teddy itself. Footage from which their laptop can intercept. However, with that said, it is a secret that is not kept for long, as Jessae catches them red-handed, as their eyes are fixed on the feed. It's then that the roof is blown off of the secrets kept by the husband and wife. More in particularly, the fact that the two of them just so happen to share everything together. Especially, when it comes to the act of sex. It is an idea that they hope that the initially shy Jessae will share in. And that is where everything truly comes to fruition. This, as Jessae soon opens up to sex with her new foster mom and dad.

This of course leads us to the sexual encounter between the three. This, beginning with some simple stroking of Criss' hard cock. Yes, though it is rather simple as stated, I will say that this lead-in activity is actually rather hot.  Personally, I found it to be really sexy how things began here, with foster mom Havana coaching along a timid Jessae, as she stroke dad's cock. Things become even better though. This, as we see Jessae go into a two-handed stroke, and then later, it is Havana herself to join in.  Havana is first to suck Criss deeply to demonstrate to daughter. It is soon after that that we do see Jessae try on her own. Following this, the act of sucking cock would so continue. Only this time a little differently, as Criss takes Jessae into 69. It is from here that Jessae on top, sucks off Criss, as he eat her pussy. Havana also becomes involved as she simultaneously proceed to suck Criss' unattended balls. I must admit that here, it was a very good look on camera.  This being as Criss has his cock and balls jointly serviced by the two girls. Admittedly, it was such a turn on. Though things got off to a rather nice start already, they would continue to get even better, following the first order of penetration involving a round of missionary.  This, as Jessae would next go on to ride dad's dick as she mount him for cowgirl. During this, adding to our visual is Havana Bleu, and her going off to the side to masturbate, as she watch the action unfold before her. It is from this cowgirl position that we see a few things.  Namely, Criss going on to fuck the young pussy of Jessae fast and hard. This, along with she riding him up and down at a slow pace. This aided along by Havana, who encourages Jessae to come up off the dick, to take it all, as she come down on it. This particular stage of the position looked great on camera as well. But, it is with that said, that my favorite time during this, came when Criss happened to aggressively grip and claw at Jessae's ass as he fuck it hard. I just loved the way that he pulled apart Jessae's ass during this, giving us a little glimpse of her tight butthole, as he fucked her pussy with authority.  As I started explaining things here about they being visual, it is where we return to this notion next, as our last two remaining sexual positions, are also setups that come across on camera in a visual sense. Following cowgirl, the action then goes to spoon.  It is stomach-to-back, as Criss faces Jessae, as he penetrate her. It's a position that sees Criss move in and out of her pussy at a pace that is increasing, becoming quicker and harder over time. Simultaneously however, there is of course, Havana Bleu, who keeps Jessae occupied at her front.  This, as the three create a rather visual sandwich of the sexual variety.  What is there to say, it just looked great on camera, for as long as the scene kept with it. And then next we arrive at the final position.  The finale. It is a conclusion that sees the action lastly go to doggy.  Only this isn't a position that sees Havana left out.  No, in fact, it is she who has the nice idea of having Criss blow his load onto both of their asses. And how do they do this, you ask?  It's simple. By Havana straddling the back of Jessae, as the two of them are then stacked. One on top of the other. It is a position, which sees Criss finish hard, as he is then go to pull out and stroke himself to climax, subsequently popping on both of the ready asses, just as planned.

Going into the scene, I did not know exactly what to expect from a scene from FOSTER TAPES, seeing as I had yet never reviewed anything from. But with that said, I must admit that I was fairly excited to do so, as the concept just seemed interesting to me. The nature of the storylines which the site from the TEAM SKEET network tells, is one of a very exploitative nature.  The idea of "foster kids", their "foster parents", and their collective "foster families", hit with a heavy dose of perversion.  Yes, it's all in the same vein of the "step" porn, only slightly different.  Enough of a difference to keep things fun.  Personally, as someone who enjoys storyline driven porn, I see the approach as being intriguing. So when it comes to this scene, and in particular, it's plot, I have to say that I liked it. I like the idea of the foster parents hiding a secret camera inside of an otherwise harmless gift when they give their new foster daughter a teddy bear. Not only is the idea clever, also in my opinion, I feel that the overall idea was in itself, nicely executed. Havana Bleu, alongside Criss Simon as her husband, are great in their portrayal of potentially do-good foster parents, minus the fact that they have something which they hide. The two of them play both straight-laced, and perverted well.  The latter assisted by the fact that the two of them are attractive people. Then on the other side of the story, we have Jessae Rosae as the couple's new foster daughter. Here, it is her character that is presented as someone who has a level of awareness to her, yet just enough naïveté to make her impressionable when it comes to her new parents, when they want she to participate in the act of sex with them.  On this character, I will say that I would have liked to have seen a little more restraint from her, and felt an overall feeling of force.  Here, you never actually feel as though the parents are forcing Jessae into doing anything. In fact, she pretty much gives in quick and willingly. Personally, I would've liked to have had more of an ominous feeling of danger so to speak. This of course being attached to the taboo nature of it all. However, nonetheless Jessae Rosae is a young cutie that I have been familiar with on social media, so I was glad to have the opportunity to review her here. Sexually speaking the sex between she, Havana Bleu and Criss Simon is fairly good. As I mentioned above, I liked how it started out with Havana sort of teaching Jessae the ropes, while warming her up. I also liked the moment in which the two ladies teamed up to take care of Criss' cock and balls. And the fact that Havana goes on to make herself cum at the sight of Jessae and Criss fucking.  It is on this that Criss proceed to fuck Jessae hard. He puts in very nice work throughout the scene altogether. He is consistent, as he work with an increasing pace, eventually going fast and hard. It's a very nice showing from him. Seeing as it was my first time seeing him, I say that he made a good impression on me here.  As I saw both Jessae and Criss for the first time here, to be added to that list would also be the third participant Havana Bleu. I mention her because though she is present as she essentially coaches the threeway's youngest participant along, it is also here that we get very minimal sexual participation from her. Something that is not her fault, but rather attributed to the design of the scene. It just did not call for it.  Which is unfortunate. Havana Bleu is the "dream MILF" type. The dark complexion, along with the shapely body, in addition to a very sexy Cuban accent, she has a noticeable presence on-screen. I would have very much liked to have seen her thrown into the sexual mix a little bit more.  I mean, she is not penetrated by Criss even once during this 28 minute scene. As a viewer I see it as a missed opportunity. And as a reviewer, I believe that if they had gotten her more involved in the action, then the scene would've been even better than is. Perhaps, if they would have simply extended the scene a bit. 

One does come away from it feeling as though the encounter itself was a little brief, and that more sex could have possibly been included. So yes, there is that to ponder. However, it's an effort that I feel is not bad at all.  I did have some fun with the scene as is. And it's for this reason that I would recommend checking it out.

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