Maintaining The Man, The Myth, The Legend (2020)

by - June 11, 2020

Starring:  JMac // Kyler Quinn
Directed by: Johnny Robins
Runtime: 1 hr. 2 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a solo tease segment featuring male talent, JMac.  JMac is dressed to the nines in a nice blue suit. This, as the camera first pans up from the floor, to initially reveal his body, prior to reaching his face. We then see JMac go on to tease the camera, as he manipulate the bulge in his pants.  This, as he squeeze it giving us a hint of just how big his cock is. This is a solo tease that would continue to show JMac, as he first removes his jacket and then his sunglasses. His white shirt underneath would follow. However, not before he go on to sort of taunt the camera, as he go on to slowly unbutton said shirt - starting at the wrists, and then the collar, prior to he making his way down. Then with his shirt fully unbuttoned and removed, JMac then goes on to undo his belt, and unzip his pants, before he is out of them as well.  JMac is then only in a pair of white boxer briefs. It's from here that he again go on to tease with the bulge, once again squeezing it between his hands. Only this time, he goes one further to tease with his cock, as he makes it pop out from underneath the leg of his underwear. It then would continue, as he make further teasing gestures, as he tease pulling down his boxer briefs, only to pull them back up again, before revealing too much, it is with each tease that he show more and more, this until he finally unleashes his big throbbing cock for all to see. The camera puts an emphasis on just how big his dick is. This, as he shakes his boner for the camera. This then followed by he also stroking it, and furthermore pulling back on the tip of it, only to let it go, thus having it spring forward.  After this, the camera is focused on JMac, as he goes on to flex for the camera.  We also have a zoom in, as he also pull at his underarm hair. We then follow the camera down, as it travel, following his hands from his chest, down. It is then a short time later that we see JMac joined by Kyler Quinn, who quietly comes up behind him. She is not the focus, as only her hands are. This, as she proceeds to oil JMac's body down. It is after that the oil just streams down JMac's body, and so the camera follows it on its way down very nicely, as it eventually reaches his big shaft. It is from there, that we see Kyler, take matters into her own hands quite literally, as she go on to stroke JMac's uncircumcised cock. It's following this, that the royal treatment for JMac continues on, next as Kyler goes on to lick his feet, and suck his toes.  It is during this that we see Kyler go on to lick between JMac's toes as well. This being before he go on to scrub her face with his feet, prior to basically fucking her tongue, as he slip it between his 2 feet. After this, Kyler goes on to eat JMac's ass as he sit back and jerk his cock as it happens. It is also during this, that Kyler attempts to suck cock several times, but it is obvious that JMac very much enjoys the rimming.  This, as he urges her to continue doing so. Following this, JMac would reverse his positioning to being on all fours. It is from here that Kyler continues to tongue at his ass, while he continues to jerk his cock from this position. Kyler would also take over in doing this soon. She would also go on to be underneath him, as he also fuck her mouth, while he thrust downward into her throat. Following this, Kyler goes on to climb on top to ride the dick in cowgirl. It is from this position that we see JMac move in and out of Kyler's tight pussy at a steady pace. This being before the action would go to piledriver as Kyler is positioned on her back, and bent backwards. Here, JMac continues his work with a steady pace, as he plow the pussy from POV. He then reverses his stance, going to reverse piledriver before taking a side mounted approach, all while continuing to go deep, as he pump the pussy.  Doggy would be next, as it is a position that begins with JMac jerking his cock in between Kyler's ass, prior to he going on to fuck her pussy. It is here that he continues with a quick and hard pace from POV, before the camera takes a side view to show him taking a side mount from this position as well. This, while he plants a foot on Kyler's head during, in an effort to go deep. The doggy would end up going to the straightaway, before the action end up in missionary, where things would continue until JMac cum. The scene soon ending with JMac, eventually pulling out to drop a load onto Kyler stomach for the finish.

The Review //
With today's review it is the first time that I have the opportunity to take a look at the content from the unique website, SEE HIM FUCK. The content from SEE HIM FUCK is unique in that it approaches things in a very different way. That's because here, instead of focusing solely on the female talent, getting their just due, is the often vastly underrated male talent.  This, as the focus is put squarely upon him. When it comes to this scene in particular, the male talent in question, is none other than fan favorite JMac. Yes, it is here that JMac takes the spotlight, as he is so paired with Hussie Model, Kyler Quinn.

This is a scene that begins with a tease segment featuring a solo JMac, as he goes on to strip out of his nice clothing, thus teasing the camera in the process. This including toying with his hard cock.  First, as it bulges in his pants, and then from underneath his boxer briefs. I do have to say that here, the camera made the sequence rather enticing, as it is a segment that is nicely shot, capturing the looks and angles that are sure to make the viewer thirsty. The first shot of JMac's bare, hard member, comes when he pops it out from underneath his boxer briefs, he is indeed a tease in front of the camera. A full on shot of it comes shortly thereafter, after he tease the pulling down of his underwear a few times. It is then that the hard dick is unleashed like a spring, as it is catapulted towards the camera. I really liked the way which the camera made JMac's hard dick appear.  I mean, it looks huge. The view from the camera is like some sort of "boner cam" I guess you could say. It go on to continue with this, showing JMac pulling at his big dick.  This, as the head of his cock pops in and out from underneath his foreskin. After this, things would even have a more visual appeal, as our man is then joined by his scene partner, Kyler Quinn, who makes her presence known, as she goes on to oil up JMac. I must talk about how things looked from here, as they did look really great, as we see Kyler reach around from behind, in an effort to jerk and stroke his cock, both with a double and single handed approach. However, Kyler would not be finished in her worship of JMac's body, as next, the focus becomes his feet. It's from here that we see her worship his feet as she first lick his soles and toes, prior to also sucking on the latter. In addition to this, it is with his encouragement that she also proceed to tongue in between his toes as well. She would then, not only go on to suck his cock next, but her primary focus here happens to be the eating of his ass. This is something that JMac obviously has a liking for, as there were several times that Kyler made the effort to slurp on his dick, but JMac continued to push her head down towards his asshole. Now, I will go on record as saying that I have reviewed a lot of porn in my time. But it is in this case, that I have to say that I have never seen anyone eat a man's ass, quite like this. Quite frankly, if Kyler Quinn had balls, the way to describe it would be that Kyler was "balls deep" in that ass. Yes, here her tongue takes a absolute plunge, as it goes deep between JMacs ass crack. She vigorously laps at the asshole with speed and precision. JMac just loves it. One can definitely tell by the reaction on his face, as he pull at his cock simultaneously. This is followed by JMac again repositioning himself, as he is now on all fours. It's from here, that Kyler continues to lick ass, as JMac initially jerk his cock. However, this positioning would also go on to include he pounding Kyler's face as she is underneath him. But, it is after he is been fully serviced by Kyler that he then go on to treat her to some dick.  This, as she climbs on top for cowgirl. It's from here that the camera keeps the focus on JMac, the star.  However, we still get a nice view of some of the penetration, as well as a vantage point from the side, showing JMac consistently pump her pussy full of meat. The sex continues after, as we see Kyler bent back with her lower extremities in focus. She is in a piledriver position. This. as JMac goes on to first fully straddle her from the position. The unique camera setup, here focuses on JMac, as he continues to steadily move in and out of the pussy.  I do have to give it to Director Johnny Robins here, I really enjoyed this camera view.  Here, we are right up on the pussy - the point of entry, if you will.  Seeing JMac from this viewpoint, was a very nice look. Again, as we were able to gauge his reaction, as he keep up a steady pace. It's from the piledriver position, that we see him essentially jackhammer the pussy as he plow it. Things getting that much more interesting, as he then takes to reverse piledriver, as he reverses his stance, prior to then taking a sideways half straddle. It is from here, that we see him continue to pump Kyler's pussy full. Again, it just looks great on camera. I really liked seeing it, as it is a nice change of pace from the normal approach that the majority of porn productions take.  Next up, Kyler just cannot stay away from JMac's ass, as she once again goes to town on it with her tongue briefly. That's because soon, the action then goes to doggy, with he taking Kyler from behind. I liked the fact that things opened up in this position with a POV front view of JMac as he first, essentially jerk his cock in between Kyler's butt cheeks. It looks nice, seeing as again, the head of JMac's cock pops in and out of his foreskin with every stroke. However, it is soon enough followed up by JMac coming to penetrate Kyler, as he goes on to hit the pussy deep at a steady pace. This, beginning as we again have a view of solely JMac. However, the doggy position graduates to show he take a half mount, stepping on Kyler's head for leverage, as he dig his cock in deep. He then finally takes a straight on approach, as the position finishes up. The next position sees Kyler on her back after this. It is again that we have a POV view point as the camera is pointed at JMac, with his penetration in focus. It is here that we see JMac go to work with a steady in and out of the pussy. The position alternates to a side view, showing JMac at one point, going deep into Kyler, as she has her legs pinned back momentarily. However, with that said, things to come to an end finally, with JMac fucking the pussy until he builds himself up to climax. The camera stays with this POV viewpoint, as the action of the scene comes to a close. It does so with JMac pulling out to jerk his cock, soon enough to shoot a load onto Kyler's stomach. The scene comes to a complete finish however, as director, Johnny Robins catches up with the star of the scene, JMac as he shower. They then go on to talk about the details of the scene that has just occurred, and especially about the whole male rimming aspect of it. When Johnny brings up the fact that, not everyone likes the act of man-ass eating, it is JMac who answers, stating that he actually very much enjoys it. It is then asked when the very first time that he was ever rimmed was. He says that it was something that occurred first on a porn set. As it turns out, he enjoys it.  So much so, that he also went on to enjoy it at home with his significant other as well. By all indications JMac, seem to really enjoy himself.  This, as Johnny says that he hopes that one day, they will be able to bring him back. Johnny believes that this will be one scene that the fans will simply enjoy.

Overall, again this was my very first experience with a scene like this. And to be honest with you, going into it, I did not know exactly what I was in for. As a fan of straight porn, I was kind of afraid at first that the scene may deter too much into that other category. However, with that said I am happy to have discovered that this is the type of scene that everyone can enjoy just about.  Whether you are gay, straight, or bisexual, this type of scene offers a little bit for everyone. I actually enjoyed the aspect of focusing on the male talent, as the footage is nicely captured. Even as a fan of straight porn, I still appreciated the views of all that JMac is, as everything presented to us here, is done so in a very stylistic manner. I was really impressed with the camerawork, especially during the tease, and as well as during some of the nicely captured sexual positions. A word of warning however in that, when it comes to the aspect of the male rimming, there is actually a lot of it here. So, if you are not a big fan of the act, then this particular part of the scene may, and probably will not be for you. Personally I'm not a big fan of the act.  However, I did not see anything wrong with it, except that it does drag on a little bit too long.  So, maybe I would change that a bit. However, on this it is perfectly fine, as it is just a healthy display of a certain sexual kink. One that the male talent JMac genuinely does enjoy. I felt that the action truly got underway after this was completed for its first-round. I really liked the appeal of the viewpoints also, as we basically "see him fuck" just as the site says. Again, as I said, this scene offers a little bit of something for everyone, and it is because of this fact that I would readily recommend this scene to you.

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