Fo' Jizzle (2020)

by - July 08, 2020

Starring:  Allie Addison // Isiah Maxwell
Directed by:
Runtime: 37 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We begin the scene with a tease segment, featuring petite, curly haired starlet Allie Addison. She wears a white, furry, coat over a sheer pink bra, along with a denim skirt, as she tease us outdoors. She motions for we to follow her, as the camera trail behind. This, as the camera goes on to focus on Allie's ass and tits, as she pull her bra aside, to reveal the latter. Things continue until we finally follow her inside. More teasing shots are presented to us, as Allie go on to strip down prior to approaching her scene partner, Isiah Maxwell. They kiss each other passionately.  She suck on his finger seductively. Eventually Allie straddle him. She is in his lap, as the two of them continue to kiss passionately.  Allie then soon go on to get Isaiah's cock out, as she both stroke and suck it, for an extended period of time. She works over the cock good, making it sloppy. After this, Isiah would then go on to return the favor, eating Allie's pink pussy with skill. This would soon be followed up by things going to missionary. It's here, that we have a nice view as Isiah proceed to continue at a steady pace. One that goes slightly harder over time, it soon leading him to his climax, as he fill Allie's tight hole full of cum. It's following this Allie goes on to push it out, showing it to the camera. The action continue next in reverse cowgirl, as we have a close up view of the penetration from behind, as Allie rides. It is a position that would carry on, as the camera then switch to the front, showing Allie keeping up her steady pace of bouncing. After a time here, the action immediately switches to standard cowgirl, only while Allie is seen facing us in POV.  Here, she continues to steadily ride dick. Like the position before it, the standard cowgirl position would eventually switch view, secondly showing Allie from behind. It's a view showing Allie's ass pushed out, as she is slammed on the cock, as he plow her deep. The next position is doggy, and it would be the final position of the scene. It is one that begins with a high overhead view, thus showing us how well Allie's pussy take the dick. But soon, it would also change views to a closer one that is angle low. This is where the scene with finish out as from here we see Isiah continue nice and steadily, before he reaches his moment of climax leading to a third and final filling of Allie's pussy. It's after this, that Isiah isn't quite finished, this as he continues on to fuck her some more. It's during this that, Allie makes it known that she wants Isiah's cum on her face.  This being something that Isiah would cooperate with. This, as the scene comes to an end as Isiah goes on to shoot his jizz onto her face for the finish.

The Review //
For today's review, I have a first for me. My first review for BBC PIE, a specialty website brought to you by folks responsible for sites such as TINY 4K, and HOLED.  The site in question, pairs well hung black men with differing petite starlets that, not only enthusiastically take their every inch, but also crave their creampies in abundance as well.

For this scene, we have the adorably cute Allie Addison, who finds herself paired with the great Isiah Maxwell. However, not before the scene gets is start with a tease segment which is accompanied by music. It's as Allie go on to tease the camera with her tight petite body. Following this, the sexual encounter between the two performers gets underway rather quickly. This, as Allie says that she wants to feel Isiah's hot cum inside her pussy. Things begin with Allie unzipping Isaiah's pants to pull them down, only to find that his hard caulk is already sticking out of the leg of his boxer briefs. She from here, wastes no time in getting it out, and it is from there that she go on to administer first a hand job. It is here that is the start of an extended handjob/blowjob combo. In my honest opinion I thought that this part of the scene was actually well conceived and well captured by the camera. Truth be told, I'm usually not a big fan of the handjob/blowjob segments of most scenes. However, I must give it to them here, as everything seen during this point in time in the scene is just great. For the most part the focal point for the camera is Isiah's big, hard cock, as Allie has her small hands wrapped around the dick to stroke it. This, including a two-handed approach along, with a single-handed one. In addition to the close-up camera view, we also have one from the side, as well as POV, as we the viewer, get to look into Allie's pretty eyes, as she continues to work the cock with her hands, before turning to her mouth and tongue. It is from here, that we see her do nice work, while she lick along the shaft, as well as she mouth it deep as she takes it deep within her throat. Everything just looked fantastic here. I just cannot believe how beautiful Allie is. I did very much enjoy the fact that the POV camera had us staring right at her for a time. After Allie does very nice work on Isaiah's cock. He would then go on to return the favor as he go between her legs. This, as she lie on her back. Isiah goes right at it. He is vigorous, as he lap his tongue around, and suck on her clit. It is work by Isiah, that puts her on the edge of cumming. The cunnilingus would then be followed by a round of missionary starting with a overhead POV view. The view is high above Allie, as we watch her pussy, virtually swallow every inch of Isiah's long cock. In fact, he challenges her to see just how much she is able to take of it. Eventually, the camera would switch views as we have been a low angled view from the side. The view from here, is just brilliant, continuing that excellent camerawork. It's from here that we are right in on the penetration, as Isiah move in and out of Allie's tight little pussy. Isiah maintains a steady pace, as he keeping up all the way until he must cum. This, he does as he soon unload directly into Allie's love canal. The action doesn't end there though, as we had still, much to go. It's following this that the action would then feature Allie going on to ride the cock. It is then that we see her bounce on the dick from of POV point of view, as her back faces the camera. Here, the coverage by the camera, is just absolutely brilliant. It's because, from this viewpoint, Allie's tight butthole stares right at us, as her pussy eats the cock. All while Isiah, just cannot resist getting a little squeeze of her booty. It's from there, that the reverse cowgirl then continue, as the camera would switch views, now being in front as Allie faces us while continuing to take the big dick nice and deep. From this viewpoint, we also go on to witness a change of pace, as Isiah fucks at an increasing one, going faster and harder than ever before. It's the type of hard hitting action that soon sends Isiah to to his climax yet again. It is also another time, that we see Isiah let loose a load inside of Allie. After this, the action then quickly picks up. it's standard cowgirl, as Allie initially faces the camera. as she ride Isiah. It is yet another great view, as Allie go on to ride hard. However, before long the view then switches to show her backside. It's from here that, we see Allie's big booty bounce hard on the cock, as her tight puts he hugs around it, this as she go on to encourage Isiah to "pump her pussy", as she says. After riding the cock in both variations, we then see the position of doggy. Like missionary long before it, it is a position that begins in overhead POV from way up high. From this position, we see Isiah steadily work over the pussy, as his cock continue to plunge in deep. As things from here continue, we then go to another angle that is up close. It's a viewpoint which sees Isiah continue to steadily pump in and out of Allie's pussy as she beg him to fill her pussy up. It is dirty talk that only makes Isiah go harder, and as a result he once again unleashes a helping of jizz deep into her. Another creampie wouldn't be enough to tire the two, as Isiah go on to continue after this, the third creampie. It is from there, continuing as Allie says that she wants he to cum on her face. It is indeed, after some time that he does just that. Jerking off over Allie's face until he produces a good load, as he spray Allie's cute face. Thus, leaving her a very happy camper.

What goes good together. Big cocks, small girls, and a copious amount of creampies. That's what. Well, when it comes to this scene from BBC PIE, it delivers on all of these things. BBC PIE is a relatively new venture from the people at PORN PROS, and it is with my educated opinion, that I say that they are off to a pretty good start. This, as there were plenty of things seen here that I happened to really, really enjoy. Not only do we have a petite performer facing off against a big cock, I was also really impressed with the technical aspect of things. The direction, as well as the camerawork is undeniably top-notch. The featured camerawork is that of a close up view of what is going on. The camera was at these times, nicely placed. Close to the point of where the action was occurring. It often times, put us right into the thick of the action, as if we were there. I really loved the fact that the camerawork was really inclusive of the audience. As there was deep penetration going on, we were there with a wide-eyed view.  I loved it. And then there were the creampies, of course. Here, we see Isiah creampie little Allie Addison, a total of three times throughout the scene. With a fourth, and final pop shot going on her face. I really like the spectacle of creampie scenes. However, when it comes to a scene involving multiple creampies, color me a skeptic. That's because some studios fake creampies, when the going gets tough. This including PORN PRO's own site, CUM 4K. Honestly speaking, a site that I pretty much hate, because it just looks so obviously faked. Back to this scene however. When it comes to the creampies featured here, I have to say that I am not sure if any of them were faked. The first one looks real, while the second one iffy, leaving the third one to the undecided. But I am here to say whether any of the three were faked. I still happened to enjoy the scene, as it looks convincing enough to make the scene enjoyable. When it comes to the action, featured here, it was a scene filled with high energy and enthusiasm from both performers. This, as Allie encouraged Isiah with dirty talk. While he on the other end, responding by drilling her pussy hard at times. It is the type of thing that I really like in scenes. The hard passion-driven fucking. Here, Isiah Maxwell truly delivers, while doing work. He basically took Allie Addison to her limit, as he is heard at times, saying that he could feel the back of her pussy. The action from here, was just so hot. Not only by the connection between the performers, but also the excellent camerawork. The scene is just a fantastic overall presentation. It is one that I would not hesitate in the least bit to recommend to you. Be sure to check out BBC PIE, to see what it is all about!

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