HardX.com: Anal Martial Artist (2019)

by - July 07, 2020

Starring: Kate Carter // Ramon Nomar
Directed by: Mason
Runtime: 37 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Kay Carter a blonde beauty from central Arkansas, chatting it up with director Mason. Mason cannot believe that this will be only her second anal scene ever. This, which prompts her to ask Kay if she was a good girl in High School in her town of 20,000. She agrees that maybe she was, saying that growing up she was actively involved in sports. This including soccer, volleyball, and what really catches Mason's attention - martial arts. Mason just cannot believe that the 5 foot three, 120 pound Kay would be involved in such. But it is indeed true. This, as Mason gets Kay to reveal, just why it is that she took up Tae Kwon Do, and essentially became a 2nd° black belt at the sport in the first place. Although embarrassing to she, Kay says that she took interest martial arts, after idolizing a certain actor, to whom she was a fan. Mason, cannot cease to be amazed, as she go on to ask Kay to then demonstrate some of her Tae Kwon Do move. Kay admits that she is indeed rusty, but still, she obliges. This, as she goes on to demonstrate her martial arts skills with both, impressive kicks and punches. Showing off a level of flexibility. It is a short time later however, that we go into the scene soon after. A scene involving male talent Ramon Nomar.

Things begin with Ramon wanting Kay to show off her moves once again. However, this is brief enough, as the two embrace with some kissing from there.  Ramon gets a feels of Kay's ass, prior to turning her around to grind against her.  Kay then twerks on the couch, prior to Ramon burying his face into her ass.  She then rides the cock, bouncing on it from sidesaddle, as her pussy is penetrated.  She stops to clean the cock with her mouth, before anal begins next from reverse cowgirl.  This, before she leans back to take the cock deep. After a brief moment of ass to mouth, it is then on to cowgirl. This, as she squat down on the cock to ride. It is from here, that she has her ass pumped with cock deeply, before it's next to sidesaddle once more, as they make a return. Only this time, it is her ass that is penetrated instead. It's from here that Ramon maintains a steady pace, as eventually the camera then take a view from underneath, as things continue. It's then to spoon, while Ramon continues to go deep, with a brief change in between, as he hold Katie's legs together tightly, while continuing to fuck. However, it's brief, as Kate is once again seen with her legs open wide once again. It is soon followed by the two of them, taking up one final position, as it is to cowgirl once again. However, it is here that Ramon fucks, this time with a purpose. It lasting until he finally has to cum. The scene comes to an end with Ramon jerking his cock, resulting in he soon shooting a load across Kay's face for the finish.

The Review //
Well, what an amazing scene this was! I know that I usually do not normally begin my reviews with exclamations. However, in this case I feel that it is more than justified. For today's review I take a look at a scene from HARD X, which is of course, brought to us by director Mason. It's a scene from 2019, featuring a blonde stunner from Arkansas named Kay Carter, as she square off with the trusty rod of Ramon Nomar.

First, a little back story, of how this review came about.  Kay, is someone who I have begun to see online here and there. But I must admit that, it was not until she attended a party at director Miles Long's house this past weekend that I really took notice. Of course, while I wasn't there, it sure did look like a lot of fun. This with a bevy of girls in bikinis, just hanging out by the pool. Well, one of the girls who was in attendance at said party, during this Fourth of July weekend, was one Spencer Bradley. Long story short, I went and hung out during Spencer's weekly live OnlyFans stream. During which, the subject of the party came up. She of course, went on to talk about seeing Kay there, how cool she was, and so on. But when it comes to me, I do have to say that I thought Kay was looking great that day, and hearing just how cool she is, only spiked my interest further. Boy, am I ever glad that I took a chance in choosing this scene from last year!

The scene begins with a very fun introduction to the petite starlet, as Mason has a little chat with her. This, as we get the facts.  Where she's from, what it's like there. But, things get really interesting when the topic of discussion becomes the things which interested her when growing up.  Kay says that she participated and lots of sports.  However, Mason takes a particular interest in onr\e certain activity. That being martial arts. Mason is both understandably curious, and facinated by this fact.  Yes, Kay studied Tae Kwon Do, starting at the age of eight. Mason just can't believe that an eight-year-old, would be treated as an equal.  However, Kay assures she, that it was the case. The most fun moment during this opening segment is and was when Mason, still curious, manages to convince Kay to demonstrate some of her moves.  This was so hot. It would leave any guy, just wishing to have their ass kicked by her!

With this said, and with the opening segment out of the way, we then go into the scene, which of course involves Ramon Nomar. The scene marked the second occasion that Kay has had her ass fucked on camera. It's a scene that she eagerly jumps right into, as the two performers exchange passionate kisses. This, as Ramon goes on to grab a handful of Kay's ass, as he give it a squeeze. He then reverse her, as he continue to tease the ass, as he rubs it against the bulge in his pants from here. I have to say that I really liked the opening moments of the scene. The two performers enthusiastically dive into it. I liked the grabbing of Kay's ass by Ramon, and especially enjoyed it, as he rub against his crotch. And speaking of enjoying, we also additionally have kay twerk on the couch to follow.  This, also looking great. It is immediately following this that Ramon go in to tongur at her ass and pussy, priot to he taking a side angle underneath Kay's ass, as she sit on the cock, as it take the plunge into her pussy. It is from this opening stage, that we know just the tone that would be to come from the scene for the remainder. The opening position is a sidesaddle position, as we see Kate bounce up and down on the dick. Both with Kay on her own, as well as Ramon taking over to fuck hard. Right off the bat, it is hot, as we hear Kay, moan, and squeal loudly in pleasure from here. This is then followed by Kay tasting her pussy on the cock. Just before being back on the dick, as the anal begins in the position of reverse cowgirl. It is here, that the pace of the action increases to a much faster pace, with it consisting of bouncing, in addition to the hard fucking by Ramon.  The fast-paced action from here is just incredible. I could not believe that during this, we see a smile come across Kay's face, as she is absolutely plowed up the ass by here scene partner, Ramon. After some time, the action continues without missing a beat, as we see Kay lean back to take more. I liked this positioning for two reasons.  One, as it allowed the two to engage in deep eye contact. And two, it putting Kay's cute, sneaker-clad feet in full view.  I just loved Kay's entire outfit, especially her sneakers,  White, with pink laces. They totally catch one's eye. Following Kay's mouth being back on the dick to suck, we then see Ramon's trademark, as he has Kay stand up straight, followed by she bending down, as she go on to squat on the cock. This, as the action then goes to standard cowgirl. It's from here that we see firsthand Kay getting her ass filled. This, as she herself comments on just how big that he feels inside of her ass.  Ramon fucks hard and fast, and it looks good. Following the cowgirl, the anal then continues, as the two make a return to sidesaddle, with of course the change being that Kay is fucked in the ass this time around. Not only does Ramon keep with his pace, which is fast and hard, it's a position that hosts my favorite view of the entire scene. Here, as Kay has her butt fucked, she opens up her legs to give Mason's camera a divine view. This, as she look down at the camera. This view is just simply awesome. This, as we are able to see everything, as Ramon fucks deep.  Kay's face, her ass, and especially her beautiful, pink, gaping pussy. Mason's direction during moments such as this one, is impeccable, and spot on. The camera is right there to capture every shiny detail. There is more ass to mouth following this, before the action goes right into doggy soon after. It's from this position that Ramon remains steady, as he goes deep into Kay's ass. Another picture-perfect element is seen here, as Kate cuts her eyes back to look at Ramon as he pound her from behind. We then see spoon, with things going on from there. Again very vocal, Kay's moans and high-pitched screams react to the plowing of her ass. It go from there, showing Ramon holding Kay's legs tightly together as he continue. But, this only for a moment however, as we next see another great thing. This, as spoon continues, while having Ramon force Kay's head down during, in an effort to have she watch the ongoing penetration. Personally, I just loved this also. It is another great moment caught on camera by the well aware direction of Mason. It's before it's all said and done, that they come to make a return to standard cowgirl, as Kay climbs on to ride the dick. Much like before, it is a combination of both Kate bouncing, as well as Ramon taking over to fuck the ass deep and hard. It's during this instance of cowgirl, that we see Ramon go harder than before. It's action that is hot and heavy, and it's action which soon leads Ramon to his own climax. The end result being that Kay is soon blasted in the face with a hot load, courtesy of Ramon.

When it comes to the scene, I have to say that it was pretty intense. This, if you could not tell by my reaction via the first line of this review. I went into this scene. simply because I thought Kay Carter was cute. However, although I still do, the scene brought to me more than just an attractive girl. I really enjoyed the fun opener. However, nothing would prepare me for the sexual encounter that I was was in for. The sex scene is just phenomenal, and there is really no other word to describe it. These two performers connected via strong chemistry, As they went all out for sure. With this being only Kay's second anal scene, she displays much more experience on-screen. For essentially for the entire session, her ass took that cock with ease, as it was absolutely drilled hard.  I must give Ramon Nomar much respect, as he really brings it in this scene. Personally, I know that me and Ramon have had our differences on Twitter.  He blocked me even.  But the truth is, that I have nothing against him. I invite anyone to screenshot this and show him. He is without a doubt one of the best male performers going in porn today, and it is a performance such as the one, which strongly validates that claim. The overall vibe here is all out fun. As I said, there were times here during which Kay can be seen smiling as she's fucked. Not to mention that, this fucking, led to she having multiple hard orgasms throughout. It was so hot to watch Kay here get absolutely fucked, in a way which Ramon basically forces the climax out of her. I have to say that I came out of the scene having been extremely pleased and impressed by Kay Carter. Not only is this girl fucking hot, she also puts a lot of emotion into her performing. I am really impressed by this. At one point, she was getting fucked hard, and wanted it harder! I love this girl, and she has instantly become one of my new favorites within the industry. After this scene, I cannot wait to have the chance to see Kay many more times. But until then, I would say that I wholeheartedly recommend this scene for your viewing pleasure. It is too bad that this scene was released in 2019, and not this year, as this scene would definitely make its way onto my year end list of my best reviewed scenes.

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