Newbie Melody is Ready to Be Dominated (2020)

by - July 09, 2020

Starring:  Melody Foxx // Peter Green
Directed by: Jacob Jewell
Runtime: 35 mins.
Check it out here: Filthy Kings

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Melody Foxx being welcomed into the house. The man behind the camera introduces himself, before having she sit on the couch, so that they can get started on the pre-scene paperwork. When prompted, Melody tells a little about herself. She says that she is 18, and she herself being a fan of porn for a while now. It's when she is asked what kind of porn she watches when she is looking to get off, that she answers that she actually likes lesbian porn, along with BDSM. She likes the more rough stuff. Something that obviously surprises the director. She goes on to fill out, and sign the paperwork, prior to she being asked a number of other questions. She is asked how many guys she believes that she has been with. Melody answers saying that she believes it is around the 20 guy range. It's then asked if she believe to be experienced, or is it that she believes that she has a lot to learn? She says that there will probably always be things to learn. However, she believes that she is good as is. The guy behind the camera then asks her if she is aware of the porn that happens in Florida, and if she is aware of the guys that they use down here. She is not. However, she says that there is one guy that she is interested in, but she does not believe that he works out of Florida. That man being one Owen Gray. The director obviously ponders as he thinks about whether or not it is if he knows who Owen is. However, after some time he answer back, believing Owen to be Ryan Madison of PORNFIDELITY. He agrees that that guy from the fidelity site is rough(but he is indeed wrongly identifying Gray). He then go on to ask Melody if she knows what to expect, this as she does not seem to. They then have Melody to stand up, showing off her body. Because, as the director says her body is her resume, after all. She goes on to slip out of her denim shorts, to reveal that she is wearing a one-piece tank top underneath them. First, she shows off her nice ass, before it is on to her beautiful, natural tits. this would be followed by a solo masturbation session, as Melody go on to tease a camera, for the very first time. However, soon enough she would be joined by her scene partner, Peter Green, who eventually joins her on the couch, as he takes charge in deep fingering her himself. After, Melody would then go on to treat Peter right, to return the favor, by sucking him off. The action from here, quickly move to show she next climbing on to ride the cock in standard cowgirl. It begins with some steady bouncing. But, it isn't long before Peter take over, fucking the pussy, nice and hard from the edge of the couch seat. Following this Peter has she stand up, and then position herself in sidesaddle, where she would again bounce her ass on the cock, as well as get fucked. The action is then to doggy as, Peter go on to bend Melody over, taking her from behind, fully straddling her ass from here. It's during this, after some time, Peter manages to work up a fast and hard pace, once again nailing the pussy. It is then more straight doggy, as Peter stand at the edge of the couch. This, before Melody is back to sucking dick, and having her face fucked. The final position of the scene is spoon, as we see Melody on her side to endure some more heavy pounding from here. This, as he eventually pull her in to apply a choke, as he dig in deep. The end result being, that Peter would go on to jerk his cock, aimed at her mouth, where he would soon shoot his load. This serving as the end of the scene.

The Review //
For today's review I take a look at a scene from a company called FILTHY KINGS, out of Florida. FILTHY KINGS, just so happens to be a company that I have been interested in checking out for a little bit. And it is now that I am proud to say that I will be reviewing them on the regular, here at Black Halo Adult Reviews. Back to this scene in particular. It being one taken from the FILTHY KINGS series, "Filthy Newbies". With the name of said series giving a clue as to what it is all about. Yes, as you expect, this is a series dealing in new talent who are looking to break into the business. So, it is essentially a casting couch type of series.

Arriving on set is 18 year old Melody Foxx, and this biracial beauty is looking good(reminding me of '90s star. Raylene). As soon as she arrives, she is seemingly enthusiastic. This, as the director(whom I suspect is Jacob Jewel) goes on to have her first get the paperwork out of the way, before he proceed with a series of questions. They, designed to get to know Melody a little better, and get to know what she happens to enjoy sexually. As it turns out, joining the ranks of porn has been something that she has looked forward to for quite some time. This as she cite lesbian and BDSM, as being her favorite types to watch. She says that she actually likes things to be quite rough during sex. She also go on to explain her ideal fantasy scenario involving she being kidnapped by a man dressed in black, and taken advantage of. This, giving us a clue as to what she is looking for when it comes to she joining porn. They of course, then go over her no's, which only includes the act of anal sex. She says that she has tried it once before in her personal life. However, for the most part, it felt uncomfortable to her. This, as the director agrees to leave this out of the equation. However, Melody goes on to say that she is actually quite good when it comes to sucking dick. She likes to produce a lot of spit along the way. When it comes to how many guys she has been with, she says that it is around 20. The way that she mentions it has us to believe that she finds the total to be pretty modest. Also asked, is a random question pertaining to the subject of she possibly fucking her boyfriend's friends. She admits to doing so. However, it was after she had already broken up with said boyfriends. It's during the course of this little interview that, Melody's would be scene partner, Peter Green, stands in the background and anxiously awaits the moment which he is to join her. He takes a kiss from her but, he would have to wait a little while longer, as we happen to then bare witness to Melody masturbating for the camera. This being, as she says that she has never had anyone watch her do so. However, that does not stop her in the least bit. This, as she goes on to dive right into it. It is here that she rub her clit, prior to she insert a couple of fingers. It is at the start of this that the camera then go on to close up on said penetration. This, as she continues for a time more. It is also during this that the camera get a close view of her perky, all-natural breasts. This is of course, followed up by Peter, who finally joins the scene officially. He go on to join Melody on the couch, as he would reach between her legs, to plant his own fingers deep, as we watch, while  the two engage in passionate kisses between them. After Melody, finds herself deeply fingered by Peter, she would next drop to her knees as she go on to return the favor, after Peter gets his cock out. She starts to go to work however, almost immediately we see Melody place her hands behind her back, as if she was almost inviting Peter to fuck her face. Well, whether she was or not, that is exactly what he does next. He does so for a time, before allowing Melody to go back to sucking for a brief time more. However, next it is when the action officially commences, as Peter wants Melody to ride his dick, as he gets seated on the couch. It is from here, that things begin innocently enough, showing Melody bouncing on the cock.  It's followed by a round of sidesaddle with Melody's ass being spread. However, soon Peter goes on to do exactly what he said that he was going to do as Melody was sucking his dick. At the start of things for the scene, Melody had said that she enjoys when a guy just takes her pussy. Peter was listening when she said this, and so he goes on to say that he is going to do just that as well. It is at that point that Peter goes on to scoot himself to the edge of the couch, giving he extra room to pump the pussy at a fast pace. Yes, it is indeed a fast pace that is extremely hard. It's from here, that Peter hits the pussy nice and deep, as we watch her Puerto Rican ass, jiggle about with the quickness. After this, Peter then wastes no time at all, as he effectively keeps things moving smoothly, directly positioning Melody, thus transitioning things to doggy, as he fully straddle the ass from behind. It's here that with the first few tries, Peter attempts to work up a steady and hard pace. But, he finds it a hard time keeping it in. However, fortunately he soon is able to do this, as he proceed to pound Melody at a breakneck speed.  Melody is obviously in heaven here, as she cannot believe it. Peter here, absolutely rocks her pussy. The camera does a nice job in additionally capturing a reaction on Melody's face during this absolute plowing of her pussy. This being as Peter go on to stake his claim to it, while he applying a choke. I loved this particular moment, as it is a moment which sees Melody being completely used. Just as she said that she liked. Doggy would continue, as Peter go on to position melody a little bit differently. However, no matter this, he still manages to keep up the heavy pounding, as seen before. After this, Melody is again back to sucking cock. This, before Peter goes on to have her position herself on her side, as the sex then take up from spoon from there. Peter goes on to say that it is from this position that he wishes to fuck her until he cum. The action from here featuring an increasing pace that only gets harder over time. This, as Peter additionally, and again applies a chokehold. It is here, that the two performers communicate with each other, as Peter goes on to ask Melody, just where it is that she wants his load to go? It's then that she go on to surprise everyone, as she says that she wants Peter to cum inside of her. Peter has a look of shock on his face, as he continue to plug the pussy deep, and hard. And it is in a change of things, that he does not happen to do as she asked. But instead, pulling out to go on to jerk, and unload his cock into Melody's open mouth. This signifying the end of the fast-paced actioner.

I will be quite honest when I say, that going into this scene, I really did not know what to expect from it.  FILTHY KINGS was just simply a brand that I had started seeing fairly often on social media, and nonetheless it caught my interest. So yeah, I did not know what to expect. With that said, I can confirm that this is basically your everyday casting couch type of scene. The girl arrives. She is given a few questions on the spot. She answers of them. All of it leading to of course, a sexual encounter, most likely being the girl's very first one. With this scene involving Melody Foxx, we have each of the things that I mention here, and it is after she signs the legal paperwork, and answers the questions that she goes to show off her solo skills while masturbating. All while warming herself up for the stud that they have lined up fot her. In this case, that stud being Florida's Peter Green. The opening of the scene is pretty basic, yet still okay. The solo masturbation shows a little bit of nervousness on the part of Melody, who of course is not used to being on camera doing something so intimate in front of strangers. Peter Green happens to turn out to be the MVP of sorts, as he swoops right in and performs with his A-game giving she exactly what she wished for. That being a rough and hard fuck. The action that the remainder of the scene would consist of is actually pretty damn hot. The noble man Peter Green, was simply out to please.  He does indeed fuck her hard. This being as Melody's big, juicy ass, jiggles and shakes, as she is pounded, and her vocalizations go from moans to screams.

Although the scene itself, runs at about 35 minutes in length, a good chunk of the first half is taken up by Melody's introduction. This of course, leaving us with about 20 minutes to work with in terms of sex. So with that said, as you can imagine, this is a pretty fast paced scene. It is definitely one that leaves no room for breaks, at least when it comes to the way which the scene was ultimately edited together in the end. And it is in my opinion, a scene that flows relatively fluid. Yes, save for the few pop outs during the doggy position, it is essentially one great round of hard fucking after the other. Peter Green likes to refer to himself as a "sexual athlete", and I would say that he is exactly that, as he demonstrates nice initiative. He is the more experienced performer here, and he does his best to not only make himself look good, but also the newbie, Melody. This scene felt as though it came and went very quickly, or maybe it was just because I was enjoying it much. With this in mind, I do recommend this scene, should you have a chance to see it!

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