Tick Tock My Step Sister Sucked My Cock (2020)

by - July 15, 2020

Starring: Kenzie Reeves // Damon Dice
Directed by:
Runtime: 30 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens with Kenzie Reeves prepping a camera on a tripod, to shoot a video for her channel. She eventually calling for her stepbrother, Damon Dice to assist her with running the camera.  Despite being reluctant about this, Damon does give in. He is behind the camera, as Kenzie gets into shoot mode, as the recording begins. Kenzie from there, welcomes viewers to her channel, and to this video - a wardrobe haul. Yes, Kenzie has recently purchased a box of new outfits, and she will try them on for her viewers. It is then that Kenzie continues recording the video, as she goes on to try on a series of four different outfits. There is the all white top and short set, accented with pink, with the top reading "doll". There is also a another crop top and short set, with a black top, and pink shorts. That top reading "Bite Me". For the third outfit it is a sexy number. It featuring a tight red top, and black bottom, complete with a pair of high red socks. It's an outfit that definitely gets Damon's attention, as he sit behind the camera. However, after this, Kenzie goes on to try on the fourth, and final outfit. It is an outfit that consist of a very short, pink top(again reading the word, "doll), and a cute, sort of princess dress skirt. It is after she has tried on all of the outfits, that Kenzie gets the spontaneous idea of shooting a Tik Tok(here called a Dick Tock, for obvious legal reasons). It's from there, that Kenzie makes Damon follow her upstairs, where he again film a video featuring Kenzie for online purposes. It is then that Kenzie goes on to proceed in recording the video. However, it gets a lot more risque, than stepbrother Damon had expected. He did not expect that his stepsister would be bearing her breasts for the video, but here they are. This, as Kenzie films the video of she bouncing her boobs. After doing so, Kenzie is thankful, as she goes on to tell Damon that she really appreciates his help for the day. But it is then that there that Damon makes it clear to his sister that he didn't exactly have fun doing it. This prompting Kenzie to want to thank him in a much more proper way. She asks Damon if he wants to see her boobs. However, being her brother, he says "no". But, it is Kenzie who just will not take that for an answer. This, as she goes on to place Damon's hand on her tits. Damon is hesitant, but Kenzie eventually goes on to take charge, as she throw her brother down on the bed with authority.

Kenzie goes on to get Damon's cock out to suck briefly, before she go on to mount him, as the two go into cowgirl. It's from this position that she first bounces steadily on the cock. This, before going deep as she pin her feet back on his legs. Eventually however, she would go on to plant her feet, bouncing down, until Damon takes over to  fuck hard and fast. It's after this position, that a break is had, as Kenzie go on to suck Damon's cock, making it sloppy. After this, things are followed up in doggy. It's from here, that we see Damon go steady, as well as Kenzie, as she rock back on the dick. They eventually finding a good pace, as Damon goes deep. He even at one point, goes as deep into Kenzie as he can. After this, the action then goes to reverse cowgirl next as Kenzie rides much more. This position is also another one which sees Kenzie change her positioning several times throughout, with the same result of her pussy pounded deep and hard by  Damon. We next see Damon go on to tease Kenzie who is then on her back. It's here that he goes on to barely slip in the head of his cock into her pussy. This, in an effort to tease Kenzie, prior to going all in. It's from here, that missionary see Damon taking up a quick pace. A pause in the action, sees Kenzie fold her legs up as she is fucked, a position that we see full detail of, as the camera take an overhead POV view. When we eventually return to the side view, Damon keeps it up until he finally reaches his point of climax. It happens quickly, as Damon pulls out  to jerk his cock, subsequently shooting a nice load. One that hits Kenzie's body, and even her mouth. This marking the end for the scene.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from the website BRATTY SIS. This scene presents a scenario in a vignette style, in which Kenzie Reeves is a trendy Youtuber. The story comes about when Kenzie looks to shoot a new video for her channel, as she calls upon her stepbrother Damon Dice, to help with running the camera. It's on this day that the subject of her video is she trying on a few of the new outfits that she has recently acquired. It is then that the story progresses as we see Kenzie go on to try on a series of four different outfits. It is these wardrobe changes that are edited in a way that is not unlike the popular Tik Tok clips that you see online(for example she snaps, then all the sudden, Kenzie has a new outfit on). I will say that I did like the way that this was edited. It looks great, and is very trendy.

The sexual aspect of the scene plays out when, after Kenzie has completed said wardrobe video, she then wants to go up to her room, where she looks to film a video for "Dick Tock". It is again that she drag behind her the reluctant Damon to shoot the video. However, of course things get far more explicit than he expected. Kenzie suddenly has her boobs out, as she bounces on the bed while filming. Damon can't believe what he's seeing, it's rather awkward, but in the end, Kenzie looks to thank her brother in the right way. This beginning with she first forcing he to get a feel of her tits. However, that is not all, as we next see little Kenzie overpower the bigger Damon, as she throw him on the bed, after which, she suck and straddle the top of him. This was so sexy. Kenzie here, knew exactly what she wanted. Things pretty much start with she, going on to ride the dick in cowgirl. It's here that we see Kenzie change her stance several times, while she ride. I loved this. One moment shes bouncing normally, and then she brings her sock-clad feet out, to pin them back on Damon's legs. She even goes on to plant her feet and slam down. Well, that's until she tells Damon to "pump her pussy.  He then of course follows up by fucking hard. After this great run in standard cowgirl, it is then on to Kenzie attending to Damon's cock, and let me tell you, it is one good blowjob, to say the least. It's here that the camera treats us to both a side, and POV view, as Kenzie go on to worship the cock. Sucking and slurping, and also stroking, as a good amount of spit piles on the shaft. It's a real sloppy blowjob, and was and is, good to see. This is followed up by the action going to doggy as Damon take Kenzie from behind. The position beginning with the camera having focus on Kenzie's face, and her reaction to being pounded. However, eventually the camera switches to a side angle, detailing everything involving the penetration. It's from this position, that we have everything from Damon fucking at a steady pace, Kenzie rocking back on the dick, and also hard fucking. And as if the action from here did not already look great, there is also a moment in which Kenzie takes on a lower back arch as she bounce on the cock. It's surely a visual moment. This would continue over on to the next position. We then see Kenzie again ride the dick, only this time it is reverse cowgirl. It is here that Kenzie bounce on it steadily, before Damon eventually go on to take over, drilling her hard. Just as the standard cowgirl position seen earlier, it's also in this position that we see Kenzie take on multiple stances as she is fucked. In this lengthy round of reverse cowgirl, we see both her legs down, and up in the air, as her feet are visible in the frame. Here, no matter how Kenzie finds herself positioned, she is straight fucked by Damon, and by all appearances she seemed to enjoy it immensely. Next up, things get rather interesting, as the action then enter missionary. It's from here that Kenzie has her legs spread wide.  Damon chooses to then tease Kenzie. This, by he simply putting the head of his cock in. Kenzie can't stand it however, as she finds herself eventually begging him to go deeper. It's soon that he gives her what she wants. Damon does nice work, as he work up to a quick and hard pace. I have to give it to whoever directed this, or who it was that decided to give us an overhead POV view, mid-position, as it looked fantastic. Kenzie is here, of course on her back, as she has her legs folded up "like a pretzel", as she says, while she is fucked, The overhead view just gave everything much more appeal. It looked hot for sure. Following the overhead view of things, we then returned to the side view to see that Damon has already settled into a steady pace. This as he goes on to increase the speed of his in and out doings, all the way up until he must cum. Damon, being one of great cumshots then quickly pulls out to shoot a big load as he hover over Kenzie who is more than ready for it. It is a very nice finish to this high energy romp.

Overall, I must say that I really enjoyed this scene. The storyline vignette setup, was quick, but fun in my opinion. I really liked seeing Kenzie in all of those cute little outfits. I also enjoyed the way that the segment was edited like a Tik Tok video, during the wardrobe changes. It is very well done. Now, when it comes to the sexual encounter between Kenzie and Damon, I have to say that I did not expect the scene to have as much energy as it does. This occurring from the very beginning of the scene, all the way until the end. I just loved the way that Kenzie took charge, throwing Damon on the bed. This is as get things started in the cowgirl position, following a brief initial blowjob. she then taking the initiative to mount him. What a hot way to begin a sex scene. The rest of the action that would follow, is both fast paced and passionate, and often fueled by lots of dirty talk from Kenzie. I just love the way that she talks during her scenes. During the action, we hear Kenzie say a lot of things as she go on to encourage Damon. Saying such things as, "make me take it", "loosen up my pussy", and "stuff my pussy". This spoken word, is enough to have Damon stay consistent, as he go on to fuck her nice and hard. This making for a very enjoyable, and very energetic scene. It is a scene that I highly recommend.

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