Feet Cheat (2020)

by - July 17, 2020

Starring:  Alex Grey // Jake Adams
Directed by:
Runtime: 38 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
This story begins with Alex Grey, who is on her boyfriend Jake Adams' phone, something that is not uncommon in their relationship, as Alex occasionally uses the phone to check her social media. However, it is at this time that something rather uncommon does occur. This, as she happens to find herself scrolling through Jake's photos. That is when Alex comes across a photo that is rather troublesome to her. It is a photo seeing Jake pleasure the foot of another woman. Alex just cannot believe what she is seeing. In fact, she is so bothered by the image, that she take it upon herself to pack up Jake's things, leaving them at the foot of the stairs, as it would be something that he would see, as he first entered the front door. Jake does happen to come home sometime later, as Alex is seen filing down her toenails, which happen to be painted a hot shade of pink. It is then that Jake confront Alex, as he is utterly confused as to why his things are packed and ready to go. It is something that Alex doesn't have him wait for, as she comes out to confront him about what she has found on his phone. She says that, due to her phone dying, she was simply checking her social media on Alex's phone, when she came across the incriminating photo of he at the worship of another unidentified woman. Alex says that she had no idea that Jake was into the sort of thing. This, as she finds herself both hurt by the fact that he was with another woman. And secondly due to the fact that he had seemingly never wanted to try this with she. Alex does admit that it is the type of fetish that she does not quite understand. However, she seems willing to learn about it, if Jake would have just simply proposed it to her. It's at this point that Jake is really apologetic, saying that he did not fuck this woman, and that he simply had licked her feet. Alex is somewhat offended. as she questions if it is just she, and if her feet in particular do nothing for him. Jake assures her that this is not the case, as he eventually go on to show her what the fetish is all about. This, as he proceed to worship her feet, by sucking on her toes and licking the soles of her bare feet.

Jake begins with her right foot, sucking on her toes, before graduating to put all of them in his mouth to suck. It's after some time that he would also move on to the left foot, as well. The next stage of demonstration is as he guide Alex's feet down to his crotch. However, before anything further could be done, Jake lifts and carries Alex to another room. It's from here that he goes on to place her on the couch while continuing to take to her feet, sucking on her toes. It's after this, that Alex would be in charge, as she would go on to suck Jake's cock. Prior to we seeing she administer a foot job. She would briefly go back to sucking, until Jake would also go down on she with his mouth, as well as to finger bang her. The positions would then be missionary, which goes to spoon, before we see Alex return to once again suck, with moments of she reaching back to grab her feet in the process. This being after Jake briefly fuck her feet. Next up, we would see her climb on to ride in cowgirl. It is a time in which she has her legs and feet pinned behind her, with her feet in full view of the camera. It's after this that, Alex teasing Jake's cock with her feet would lead to doggy for a brief moment, after which she would again attack the cock with her mouth. After, it's back to spoon, where Jake would eventually work in a steady pace, also applying a choke to Alex. This lasting until he builds himself up to climax. He then, quickly pulls out to let his load go on to Alex's feet. It's after this, as there was not enough coverage of the feet, so we see Jake go a second time to bring everything to a finish.

The Review //
This scene from LOVE HER FEET, tells the tale of a boyfriend in Jake Adams, who must redeem himself after his girlfriend Alex Grey, finds some incriminating evidence on his phone while casually browsing. It is a story in which Alex finds out about one of Jake's secrets. Something that he had not talked to her previously about. As it turns out, Jake just so happens to have a bit of a foot fetish. This, as evident in a photo discovered by Alex on his phone, which pictures he indulging in the feet of another woman. Needless to say, Alex is more than a bit upset. She even goes as far as to pack up all his stuff, as she aims to kick him out rather quickly. It is also a story that, in the second half, shows Jake introducing Alex to the art of foot oriented sex. Personally, I have to say that I really enjoyed this storyline setup. A story filled with the views, and the pleasures of female feet. I happened to have enjoyed most, the fact that in the end, Jake happens to completely turn Alex on to his fetish. So much so, that she just cannot wait to partake in it more. The nature of said storyline is both fun and explorative. It is one in which anger and jealousy, soon turn to fascination and intrigue. This is all part of a raw and heavy, foot focused sexual encounter between the two.

When speaking of the sexual encounter, as this was actually my very first time ever seeing or reviewing anything from the LOVE HER FEET brand, I did not know exactly what I was getting myself into. However, I went in with an open mind, ready to receive anything that I got from the scene. After Alex confronts Jake about what she has found on his phone, the action quickly goes to Jake demonstrating exactly what he is into, as he goes on to suck upon Alex's toes. I happened to really like the fact that things here quickly graduated from Jake simply sucking on singular toes, to having each and every one of them in his mouth as he suck on them simultaneously. We also see him go on to lick upon Alex's bare soles, as he eventually go on to switch to the other foot doing the same as he did to the previous one. However, Jake is not quite finished as he then go on to lift Alex up, carrying her into another room where things would continue. Jake lies her on her back, on the couch as he would continue to go on to pleasure her toes and feet. However, a short time later, Alex herself would get involved as she go on to suck Jake's cock. It's from here that, there is also a time in between that she goes on to administer a footjob. I have to say that her bare feet looked great with Jake's big cock in between them. This, as she proceed to stroke it. Jake from here, confirms that it feels really good. However, this is soon switched back to she lying flat on her stomach as she suck cock. It's from this, as the camera goes on to come around the back to focus on Alex's feet as she does this. They are up in the air and hanging free. I really liked this view to be honest. Here we have the petite Alex Grey, sprawled out on the couch, as the view is from behind. Here, we not only see her feet, but also, the black thong which she is wearing, as it is barely doing its job of covering her pussy. And speaking of the black panties, they are an article of clothing that is soon removed by Jake, as he follow that up, by going in between her legs as he go down on her. It is here that we see not only he lick and suck on the clit, but also deeply finger the pussy, with an added quickness. This of course, cluing us in on just how wet Alex truly has become. It is after this that Jake, wastes no time in soon replacing his fingers with his cock. This as the position is effectively missionary. It is a round of missionary sex, which we would see have multiple stages. This, beginning with Alex's legs held up high, and tight, as Jake proceed to plug the pussy at a steady pace of in and out. It is during this, that we also see Jake continue to suck on Alex's toes. You have to like how Jake remains consistent in pleasuring the feet. The position would soon see Alex opening up her legs a little, as Alex on the other hand, would work up to a quicker pace, eventually applying a choke to Alex in the meantime. It is at that point that we take note that the action would be getting much more rough, and raw. During the course of this action, Alex would remain on her back in the same position. However, we would see Jake take up a position on his side as he continue to punch his cock in. It's positioning that would soon see the action fully turn to a spoon setup. It is a position which Jake would also again go on to apply a choke as he go deep into her pussy. This is followed up by Alex once again returning to the foot job. Only this time Jake would also proceed to essentially fuck Alex's feet. This was fairly hot, I must admit. Alex would once again suck cock however, as Jake has she lie flat on her stomach to do so. It's from the position as she also has her face fucked, as Jake instructs her occasionally to reach back and grab her feet, while he go deep into her throat. After this, comes my personal favorite moment of the scene, it is a moment of standard cowgirl. But not just any cowgirl. It's cowgirl with an emphasis on Alex's bare feet. Now if you happen to read my reviews on a regular basis, then you know I am a big fan of the cowgirl position when the girls feet are in view from behind them. Yes, soles and toes up. It just looks so hot. That is exactly how Alex here, has her feet positioned for the entire ride. They are pinned behind her as she both bounce, as well as she slammed down, as Jake's cock plunges in deep from said position. This is followed up by Alex briefly being on all fours, as Jake go on to bury his face in for a short time. This itself, is followed up by she toying with this cock with her feet and toes. This before the action goes directly into doggy soon after, during which Jake maintains a steady pace of fucking the pussy. Another blowjob would follow then, as Alex finds herself focused on sucking the cock, as she is again flat on her stomach, as the camera take a keen interest in again focusing on her feet. It is at this time, that they then go to straightaway spoon, where Jake steadily keeps a consistent pace, as the two could be heard communicating through out. It's from here, that Jake keeps it up, not only to make Alex cum, but also he himself. This would cause him to quickly pull out, with he knowing exactly where he wants to put his load, and that is of course on Alex's bare feet. Jake proceeds to then jerk his cock to deposit his load on on the left foot while attempting to spread the wealth to the other at Alex's request. However, we then would see the footage soon cut to another pop shot as Jake would go another time, as he gives the right foot equal treatment. It's from there that are storyline comes to an end with Jake of course, asking Alex if he still must move out. It is at this point Alex agrees to let him stay, but only if he promise that they would have this type of sex more often.

Overall, when it comes to this scene and its storyline in particular, it is one that is well-rounded as it has a beginning and middle, with also an ending, in which the subject comes full circle. I really liked the outcome of the storyline, as we see Jake successful in making a believer out of his girlfriend Alex, who in story, wasn't exactly a fan of foot fetish stuff, nor did she know too much about it. However, at the end of the sex seen here, she not only believes in it, she loves it. When speaking of the sexual content alone. I'll say that it is a very good scene involving these two. We go from first strictly the foot fetish material, until that graduates to full-blown sex, accented by the involvement of Alex's feet. Not only do we see her give Jake a footjob, we also see he fuck the feet as well. It's in in addition to this that we also go on to see a few sexual positions as well. This as I viewed the action as being raw and passionate in equal amounts. You have to really appreciate the communication between the two performers as seen and heard here. During the course of this 38 minute scene, especially in the latter part, we can openly here the two performers communicating with each other during the positions. Communication is good. It makes for good sex, and they show that here. I love the moments which Jake is seen choking Alex, as he whisper to her. Most of the time, this also consists he having his cock deep into her pussy.

Going into the scene, as I said I wasn't sure what to expect but I had my guesses. I thought for sure that the scene might be overrun with the foot material taking most of the spotlight away from the overall sex. However, I was pleased to find that here that there was basically an equal balance of each. As I said the foot fetish material, only accenting the sex around it. Collectively, it's good stuff, and I had some fun with it. Both Alex Grey and Jake Adams, here work together to create a very nice scene. It has been quite some time since I last reviewed Alex Grey, as she went on a lengthy hiatus. But with that said, I'm really glad to see that she is back at performing. She definitely still has her sex appeal. You just have to love her blue eyes, which we get many great shots of here, throughout. As for Jake Adams, what can I say? He continues to prove himself as a reliable talent. One who brings much energy and dedication to his performances. He is definitely one of my favorite male talents at the present time.

Although I'm fairly new to the kind of foot fetish game, I would say I have actually found myself intrigued by many of the shots in the scenes that I review. Yes, I am talking about the moments which feet are present in the frame(as I said, I like standard cowgirl, during which the feet are pinned back, and in full view) this is a scene that gave me that and more, and I have to say that I really enjoyed the explorative and raw nature of it. It's a scene that you do not necessarily have to be a foot fetish enthusiast to like, and so it is with that said, I do recommend.

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