JaysPOV.net: Introducing Cute Little Redhead Nikole Nash (2020)

by - July 15, 2020

Starring:  Nikole Nash // JayRock
Directed by: JayRock
Runtime: 34 mins.
Check it out here: Jay's POV

Scene Breakdown //
Jay begins the scene by introducing us to a giggly, 20 year old, Nikole Nash. Jay acknowledges her hair color, asking she if it is natural. Nikole says that it is, calling it strawberry blonde. He go on to spout the age old question of if the "carpet matching the drapes".(Although he mistakenly mixes it up asking if the curtain matches the drapes). Nikole is eager, as she asks Jay if he would like to see. Jay stops her, just shy of doing so. It is during his next question, "why did she get into porn", that Jay just so happens to notice that Nikole cannot help but to rub between her legs. It is obvious to he, that she is super horny. Something that Nikole happens to confirm. The answer to that question is, that she just loves to fuck, and that she just wanted to. He then go on to ask Nikole about her shirt - a black tank top reading "Zero Fucks Club" in white.  Nikole says that it represents zero fucks given when it comes to what people think about her involvement in porn. She just does not care. This, as she goes on to unbutton, and pull down her shorts. To reveal her matching bush as proof for Jay. It is during this, that he also gets a first glance of her pussy. A pussy that he says is nice. It's from here, that Nikole takes it one step further, as she go on to proceed to masturbate for a time using her fingers. Jay obviously enjoys what he is seeing, as he soon asks Nikole if she is ready for some dick. Of course she is ready and willing! This, as things get underway between the two of them.

Things begin with Nikole crawling over to Jay. First, he stand on the bed to receive the blowjob. Nikole toys with the cock a little, sucking it deep, and looking up at the camera as it takes the view from overhead POV. Said blowjob would then continue, as Jay is on his back. From this positioning, Nikole also sucks on his balls, as she continues to work over the cock. Following this, it is then cowgirl. This, as we see Nikole straddle over the dick spreading her legs wide. Here we see a combination of Nikole bouncing, as well as Jay fucking back. The position then switches, as we go to the reverse variation of cowgirl. This, as Nikole's ass now becomes the primary focus. From this position, Jay goes on to maintain a pace that is increasing. He eventually, plugging Nikole's ass nice and good. The next position, is doggy with Jay taking Nikole from behind it is here that we see he work up a steady pace, and there are also occasions, during which Nikole would take over to bounce and twerk on the dick. All of this, followed up by the action then briefly going to a dead dog position as Nikole hold her legs tightly together, thus making her pussy an even tighter squeeze. Next up, however the position is missionary, as we once again have overhead POV, which nicely displays, not only the penetration, but also the look upon Nikole's face as she is fucked. This being the final position, as Jay keeps things going, up until the point that he can't anymore. This, as he pulls out, to jerk off to cum. The scene concluding with Jay dropping his load onto Nikole's stomach.

The Review //
Here, I take a look at a scene, brought to us by JayRock, for his site, JAY'S POV, a site which specializes in the art of POV porno. For this one, he welcomes, and introduces Nikole Nash, a lovable performer, who at this time, is still relatively new to the porn industry(however, not to me, as this is my fifth time featuring her, here on the pages of BHR). Although this is my first time reviewing Jay's work, I was actually, already well acquainted with it, as I used to watch the scenes via ADULT EMPIRE, long before I had ever covered a POV scene. I was, and am a fan of his brand. So, it's with that said, that I was eagerly anticipating this scene, featuring this lively young performer, who has already managed to become one of my favorite performers, and my favorite people, this early in her career.

The scene begins with a casual, and brief little interview, as we try come to know Nikole Nash as best we can. I say "as best we can", because during said introduction, Nikole just cannot keep her hands, well....off of herself. Yes, she's so horny, that she just can't wait. Because of this, after Nikole warms herself up, via masturbation, she and JayRock go right into the sex.  This sex, beginning with Nikole administering a blowjob from POV, as she faces the camera. She making eye contact with Jay, as she is essentially making eye contact with us, the viewer.  Boy, do I ever enjoy looking at Nikole's big, beautiful blue eyes. Yes, we get more than a passing glance from this cutie as she goes to work on Jay's cock. This is something that she truly enjoys doing. She loves sucking cock, one can just tell by the level of enthusiasm she gives into it. Here, not only do we see Nikole tongue and suck along the shaft, as well as throat it down, we also see she attend to his balls. All of this done with excitement, as she makes an obvious effort to make things sloppy as she go on to spit on the dick, as a means of lube. This would also include she going into a double-handed stroke approach. This, as she look right at Jay, and communicate with him, via dirty talk. Following this, is the first position of penetration, as things commence in the cowgirl position. This, as the camera remaining in the straightaway point of view. It's from here, that we get Nikole straddling the cock to ride it. It is indeed a wonderful sight to behold. This, as Nikole's beautiful bush, and beautiful, fat mound is right in our faces, as she bounce on the dick. Things from here begins with some steady bouncing. However, Jay's dick here, occasionally has difficulty staying in, as it pops out a few times. However, the good thing about the "re-penetration", is that with almost every return, Jay would go on to fuck Nikole harder. It's from here that we see both long strokes taken, as well as fast fucking from Jay. The position would then reverse, as we go to reverse cowgirl, with Nikole's back facing us, as she continues to bounce on the cock. From this follow-up position, we have more the same range of action. It is initially slow and steady, working itself up. But it is in the end, that Jay go on to fuck Nikole's pussy much harder than before. The view of Nikole's rather plump ass bouncing on the dick, is just another good look. And speaking of good looks, is the look that we have as the two of them move on to the next position, which happens to be doggy. This, seeing Jay take Nikole from behind. It is from this view that we watch Nikole's ass jiggle as it smack against Jay, as he pound her. We see him again take long strokes, before eventually there are several times during which we see Nikole take matters into her own hands, as she take up to twerk on the dick from here. It's something that obviously drives Jay nuts. So much so, that at one point yes to quickly pull out in an effort to avoid climax, yet he is unable to successfully do so, as we see him let go of a little bit onto Nikole's ass. However, the good thing is that, he does not give up from here, as he goes straight back to the fucking. Not only does he continue to perform at the same level that he was on prior, I would even say that he goes even harder, as if that was encouragement to he. With that said, he goes on to follow-up this position, as he still remains behind Nikole only this time, he has she hold her legs tightly together, as he himself go on to straddle her, in order to embed his dick deep within her. This, as the action then go to a sort of a dead dog variation of the doggy position. Man, this particular positioning just looks great on camera, and is very pleasing to the eye. It is here that we see Jay, not only bury himself deep. It's also during this, that we see Nikole, go on to spread apart her ass cheeks as he does so. This of course, giving us a divine view of Nikole's beautiful butthole, as well as her pussy spread. It's hot. This as the camera treats us with a straightaway POV view, as well as a nice one from the side as well, giving us a better look at Nikole's reaction to being deeply plowed. It is after that position that we have time for one more. It's a position during which the camera remains with its overhead side view. This, as Nikole is seen on her back next as the action go into missionary. From here Jay maintains an increasing pace of fucking, working up to go faster and harder as he near his climax. This as Nikole's pussy squeezes around his cock. He manages to keep it up for a time until he finally must let his load go. Thus doing so of pulling out to jerk his cock, to ultimately shoot his load onto Nikole's stomach

As I said prior to reviewing the scene, I had already been a fan of Jay's work for some time. I knew what I would get with this scene. However, when it came to my anticipation of checking out this scene, I just could not wait to see what he would do with Nikole Nash. Well, now coming away from said scene I will say that I was not disappointed. Not even in the least bit. This was a great scene from the giggly introduction featuring Nikole, to the sex that followed. Altogether, it was a very nice viewing experience. To touch on the sexual encounter. It is one that is well captured by Jay's camera. This all POV oriented scene, features camerawork that just maybe second to none. For me it is POV at its finest. Truth be told, POV can be boring if not done in a proper manner. There have been lots of times that I have found myself really bored with POV, no matter the nature of the sex, or the performers featured. If not handled in a proper way, it can be a mess, luckily for me JayRock happens to be a master of POV. He knows exactly what he is doing behind the camera. Not only is the camera still and focused for nearly the scene's entirety of 34 minutes, the views that it brings us, are truly juicy. The sex here between Jay and Nikole, is very nice, showing a nice level of chemistry between the two. From the beginning of the scene, it is clear that the two of them are into one another. So, when they go to act on it shortly thereafter, the end product is one of nice energy. Personally, I love everything about Nikole. From her beautiful face, and sexy body, Jay's camera brings her to us, and puts her right in our face quite literally. Needless to say it is a very good thing. For one, Nikole has a very beautiful pussy. Nice and fat with a pair of the most delicious labia. and it is right there in front of us, beginning with the cowgirl position, as we have a straightaway. I just love this view, including the several others that we would go on to see as the scene moves along. Jay is one that has obviously practiced his camera setups many times over, rather than approaching things simply on the fly, which I assume that many other POV pornographers do. This is because Jay's camera angles are surely immaculate, you couldn't ask for a better view in each of these given sexual positions. Even doggy has a nice take, as it is films at a sort of diagonal overhead size the. And in speaking doggy it is a position that finds itself followed up by Jay going on to straddle Nikole's legs as she hold them tightly together. This in particular was one of my absolute favorite moments of the entire scene. It's positioning that just looked perfect on camera. Both in an artistic, and sexy sense. I just love the way that Nikole went on to spread her butt apart. Oh my God! It's just great stuff, captured very ideally. It is after this that the fun and visual scene comes to an end, after one final round of sex. It taking place in the position of missionary. At this point, one of the previous positions, the standard doggy, had already brought Jay to somewhat of a small pre-cumshot. So Jay, from here, is trying to make it as he soon returned to a steady pace plugging up Nikole. He lasting until he finally needs to pull out and cum. It is then that Nikole eagerly awaits his load, soon receiving it on her stomach. Personally, I thought that this was a good finish. Another good looking moment, as the overhead camera catches Nikole's reaction for most of the position, especially during the time of ejaculation. This of course bringing an end to this very nice offering of POV sex.

So with that said, I will say that I enjoyed this scene. Nikole is indeed one of my favorite performers to watch and subsequently review. So, here seeing her so up close and personal, was a place that I wanted to be. This scene definitely took me there. Very nice energy, and very nice chemistry. In addition to some phenomenal POV camerawork. It all comes together to create one very good scene. One that is a lot of fun. It is definitely a scene that I would recommend. If you happen to already be a fan of Nikole Nash, then you will come away from it, loving her even more. But, should you not already be a fan prior to seeing, in the end, you are likely to become one, after.

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