Holed.com: Deep Stretch (2020)

by - July 14, 2020

Starring: Mazzy Grace // Alex Jones
Directed by:
Runtime: 43 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
To start the scene, Mazzy Grace is topless, wearing nothing but a pair of red and black accented panties along with some matching black fishnets. It's the panties that she quickly shed, as she go on to tease in front of a big mirror. She soon ends up on her back, as she lies on the bed and spread her ass, as her long legs are held high in the air. It is then after, that she is back up on her feet and teasing in front of the mirror. This, prior to we going into a round of finger and dildo play. Things from here, begin with Mazzy planting fingers into her wet, and horny pussy. We also see her go on to fuck her pussy with a dildo she had been sucking, prior to she going to showing a tiny gape, as she spread her ass. This is something that she follows up by using the dildo to then fuck her ass. This last for a time until we finally go into the scene involving her scene partner, Alex Jones.

Things begin here with Mazzy going on to suck on Alex's cock and balls. After some time there, Alex would go on to return the favor, going in at her pussy and ass, from behind as she open up for the camera with her leg propped over. He would next go on to continue to tongue and suck at her pussy, as she is then on her back for a time. This, however would pick things up in doggy next, with Mazzy being in front of the mirror, as Alex first move in and out of her pussy, prior to eventually moving on to her asshole as well. A brief moment of Mazzy rocking back on the dick, would also be followed up by Alex going on to alternate between both holes, ultimately ending up back in Mazzy's ass at her begging request. Reverse cowgirl follows briefly, as her legs are spread wide. This, as we see Alex go on to pump Mazzy's ass full of cock, nice and steady. The position would then switch to standard cowgirl. Here, Alex continues to maintain at his previous pace. This as he stretches Mazzy's ass. The anal sex continues in missionary, as her view is from overhead POV. This would eventually end up in side fuck. Alex from here, fucks the pussy, before he once again alternating between both holes. This, as he work himself up to climax ending the action as he shoot a load directly into Mazzy's gaping asshole for the finish.

The Review //
Today's review is for a scene from the website HOLED. A site that deal with anal sex and all of it's glory.  For this scene, the subject is Mazzy Grace, a statuesque beauty with long legs and high fashion model looks. Fortunately for us however, she is a very nasty girl and just loves to exhibit it for us to see. She loves to be fucked in all of her holes, and that is exactly what occurs when she finds herself here paired with Alex Jones. A guy who brings with him more than adequate equipment to do the job, and do it right.

The scene begins with a very brief tease segment in which we see Mazzy tease in front of a large wall mirror. That is then followed up by a short masturbation segment, as she go solo with a dildo, fucking both her pussy and ass, after we are witness to she deep throating it. And speaking of deep throating, this solo session, would then be followed by she going on to do it with the real thing. This, as the sexual encounter between she and her scene partner, Alex Jones, begins in a very nice way. This, as she gets to servicing his cock and balls in a very nice manner. I have to tell you that this was one great looking blowjob administered by Mazzy Grace, who shows masterful skill in this department. First, starting with Alex's balls, and then working the shaft, sucking and slurping, all while making everything extra sloppy. There was even a time where she went on to tongue the head of his cock while looking straight at him. Alex even answers back at this time, taking note of just how dirty she is. As this would progress, we would then go on to witness Mazzy proceed to sucking him deep, while maintaining a rhythm with a double handed stroke simultaneously, in a twisting motion. This was indeed so hot, especially seeing as Mazzy once again maintains eye contact with Alex has she is doing this deed. However, that would not be the end of the initial great looks here. This, as we have more picture-perfect framing by the camera, as Alex would next look to return the favor, by going down on Mazzy after. It's here that we have Mazzy in reverse as she props over her right leg, leaving her pussy and ass open, not only for the camera but Alex as well, who quickly swoops in from here to attack both of her holes from behind. While I must admit that in most scenes - in most cases, the guy eating pussy is most of the time an afterthought for me, unless the male talent is especially good at it. And I have to say that Alex does a good job here at eating the pussy. I said the word "attack", because that is essentially what he does, as he doesn't just simply lick around the clit or what have you, he sucks on it with a positive level of vigor. And not only this, when he reaches her ass, he could literally be seen very very effectively tongue fucking Mazzy's asshole, as he effectively stabs at it consistently. It was hot to see, and the fact that Mazzy could even see as Alex ate her pussy from this particular position, made it even better. This would continue with Mazzy then on her back, but sooner or later, we would have the action commence at first, beginning with doggy, as Alex take Mazzy from behind. It's from this position that we see he first penetrate her pussy. Alex first begins with a steady slow pace However, it soon picking up.  While he taking a break, with see Mazzy go on to throw it back on the hard cock on her own. The view from this particular position, was great also, as they are in front of the giant wall mirror. As the viewer, not only do we see Mazzy fucked from behind by Alex, also happens to simultaneously see her reaction from a view from the front, via the mirror in front of them.. The position would then feature moments of Alex going on to toy with both Mazzy's asshole and pussy, as he alternate between the two. He eventually ends up in Mazzy's pussy where he seems to have intended to stay for a while. However Mazzy, once again begging he to put it in her ass, sees him switching it up once again, as her ass gobbles up almost every inch. The next position is reverse cowgirl as the two of them take to the floor, and boy is it a position that gives us yet another wonderful view. Mazzy's long legs are indeed sexy, yet I have to say that they are even more sexy when they are spread - that is exactly how we have them in this position. This, as she straddles over Alex for her ass to be himself up by his long, thick cock. It's from here that we have her muff in full view and close up, as as Alex's cock plunges deep into her ass. Eventually, during this position, the camera goes over to the side a little to change the angle dropping it lower. This giving us a better view of their image, as we essentially have double vision, as things play out. It was really nice how Alex's cock hammered and smacked into Mazzy's virtually indestructible ass. And speaking of being indestructible, we would then go on to have a first person view of the ass, being stretched even further, as the anal would then carry over into standard cowgirl, as Mazzy's back face the camera.  Yes, Mazzy's ever-growing butthole is here, the focus. It is from this particular viewpoint, that we can actually see just how much the cock is indeed stretching the ass. This with Alex maintaining a steady pace, as he keep it up. We then have overhead POV as the action then go to missionary with Alex again maintaining his steady pace as he fuck the ass. This is a view that I actually really enjoyed, as not only did it put everything into frame, I just liked the vision that was Mazzy, as she look up at the camera with her big beautiful eyes. All while she beg for more from Alex. The action continues from here, with she also rubbing her clit on the process. We would soon however have the position of side fuck. With Mazzy partially positioned on her side from here, her legs once again spread wide for the camera. It is a view that once again looks great. The action from here beginning with Alex plowing the ass. However, after some time he would then go to switch to her pussy to hammer it deep for a time. He would then go on to return to the ass, before, returning to he ultimately alternating between both orifices. It is during this time, that Mazzy happens to make it known that that she wants he to cum in her ass. It's from there, that Alex is determined, as he switch between holes, fucking them well, all in an effort to work himself up to climax. He soon does, this as he then go on to deposit a load deep into Mazzy's ass, just as she requested. With the load then dropped, the scene then comes to an end, with Mazzy proceeding to spread apart her gaping asshole in great detail as she dig in deep to fish out the rest of the cum. This, as her ass can be seen partially rosebudding.

When it comes to this scene, it isn't one that I would necessarily venture to call one of "high energy". It is instead one that I found to be solid and consistent. It's well shot, capturing many great angles and views throughout. All while both performers connect well to put in nice work collectively. I liked the opening tease segment involving Mazzy Grace. She's just gorgeous. Who wouldn't like a segment showing she standing over you, as you look from the ground up? It might have been like half a second, but I don't care! In addition to this, she would go on to, as I said put on a display as she suck cock, making that all-important, and undeniable eye contact with Alex. I really liked seeing that. And lastly, she just looks beautiful being fucked, no matter which hole it may be in!  Dealing the dick here, is one Alex Jones. A man that I don't get to see often. However, with that said, I wish that I did. Here, he puts in very nice effort, as I hinted at above. His work is very consistent. This, as he plugs Mazzy's asshole especially deep. As a whole, this scene has its moments and has its better angles. However, one thing that definitely gained extra points with me, was the fact that the scene came to an end with an anal creampie. A conclusion that I felt to be ideal. The perfect ending for the type of material that we received here. So, with all of that said what we do have here is a rather solid, anally focused outing.

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