Blake Does Something BIG (2020)

by - July 31, 2020

Starring: Blake Blossom // BrickZilla
Directed by: Johnny Robins 
Runtime: 53 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Director Johnny Robins begins things by welcoming Blake Blossom, who here makes her first appearance for HUSSIE PASS. They say that she is here for something that she has been planning the last 2 and a half months for. It is something big. Something big indeed, as she is to be paired with BrickZilla, whom undoubtedly has the biggest penis that she has ever had. Johnny goes on to ask Blake if she has done anything to prepare. To which she says that she has done her "research", as she has watched the other performers who had taken on the male talent. She also says that for another project, she had taken on a monster dildo. With which she surprised herself. Johnny then goes on to ask Blake, "what's the first thing people comment on usually?"." Blake jokingly answers that, they usually don't, and that instead they ask her how much a night with her would be. It's after that, that she goes on to say that is usually her smile, or her boobs. Johnny then goes on to question her heritage. Blake says that on her dad side she is German and Swedish, while her mom brings Italian and Irish(Mom's a redhead). The topic of discussion is then boyfriends. It's a subject that Blake does not seem very enthused by. She seems to not like the idea of having a boyfriend, as she is just far too outgoing for that. Instead, she keeps a few guys on the side for just the right time. It's after this, that Johnny says although he likes her sports themed outfit, he really wants to get her out of it. It is then with the magic of postproduction, that Blake's clothing is removed with the snap of a finger. Blake is then wearing a matching bra and panties, with the panties having a mesh front. Of course the first thing that Johnny's camera zooms in on, are Blake's 32DD boobs. They then go on to talk about the evolution of them. Blake says that she began to grow them in her junior year of high school, and then by time she was a senior, that they were full. It isn't long after, that Johnny has Blake go on to remove her bra. This, as he first has she take it slow to tease. However next she would go on to make them bounce and jiggle. Johnny even goes on to throw in a slow motion segment in there for good measure. Following this, Johnny goes on to introduce Blake's scene partner for the day, BrickZilla into frame. He would go on to oil up, and caress Blake's tits, prior to then doing the same for her ass. With her booty then oiled, Johnny of course, has she twerk a bit on the couch.

Things begin with Blake crawling over to BrickZilla, as she pull down his underwear, to get his cock out to suck. Blake continues here, nice and steady as she slurp on the cock, soon making it sloppy. The action from here is captured from the side, overhead POV, and then a lower side angle after. After the blowjob continues on the couch, a brief footjob is seen, before Blake goes back to sucking. Tittyfucking then is followed by BrickZilla going down on Blake, prior to he putting his cock in for missionary. Both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl follow after. That then going on to piledriver, Seeing Blake bent over backward off of the couch, having her pussy fucked steadily, at an increasing pace by BrickZilla. The final position of the scene is doggy. It's here that BrickZilla keep with a pace that becomes increasingly faster and harder as the progress. This, resulting in he soon building up to his climax. The scene comes to an end with BrickZilla blasting Blake's face with a big hot load for the finish.

The Review //
For this review I review a scene that was a while in the making, according to the featured starlet, Blake Blossom. For this scene, not only does she make her first appearance for the guys at HUSSIE PASS, she also meets BrickZilla for the very first time, who just so happens to possess the biggest penis that she has ever had, according to she.

As always the scene begins with director Johnny Robins welcoming the talent, as we get to know them a little better. It's via this pre-scene talk, that we come to know just how fun Blake is. Not only is she dropdead gorgeous, she also has a great personality. She likes to have fun, and likes to cut up. As Blake shows off her curves in a tight fitting baseball inspired outfit, we come to know a little bit about Blake's heritage, those boobs, that ass. As well as her opinion on relationships. All before she meets her scene partner, BrickZilla, who first comes bearing oil, and next his dick, as Blake encounters it with much giggly enthusiasm.

Yes, when it comes to the pre-scene "interview", there isn't much of one, and that's ok, as we sense that Blake just could not wait to get started. And this, it does. The featured sexual encounter between she and Brick, first kicks off with she meeting his monster. She seems to be a bit timid at first, but then she sees "it". And it is at that moment, that she attacks it. Her mouth clinging to it like a magnet to steel if you will. It's from here that Blake administers a good sucking. This, as she wish that she could deepthroat it. Nonetheless, the spit piles on. I have to say that I really like the fact that Johnny was really attentive with the camera during this, as he take to an angle at the opportune time. For instance, there is overhead POV, which shows great detail in Blake's work. We of course also get she cutting her eyes up at the camera, which looked great(her eyes are pretty). It's then that the camera also take a lower, side view. This, really giving us a clue of just how girthy BrickZilla is. This being further aided by he fucking her face during. Another good look comes when the blowjob continues, as Brick sits back on the couch to further endure. Blake continues her work from here, as the spit continues to pile on. You just have to love the look of the spit, as is slowly runs down the big shaft. Following this, we then see Blake give a sock-clad footjob. However, it is brief. Brief, because Blake kept looking at the dick during this, and just wanted it to be back in her mouth. We then have another good look from there, as Blake sit up and suck cock, as it is between her legs. Following this is some tittyfucking, as Johnny has Blake lie on her back, as Brick go on to straddle, and slip his meat in between her titties to fuck them. Even then, Blake just cannot resist putting it in her mouth. Brick then goes on to return the favor, as he quickly removes Blake's black panties to go down on her. It's a combination from here, which sees him both suck on, and flick his tongue along Blake's clit. However, it isn't long from there, that Blake get her first feel of dick, as things go to missionary. It is what she waited for all that time, and she takes it well. This, as Brick maintains a steady pace, that increases in speed over time. The next position would see Blake ride the dick. It's an act that is again met with enthusiasm from Blake. From this position, her pussy swallows much more cock. It's a feeling that Blake seems to very much enjoy, as she eventually settles into a nice, up-and-down riding motion. Her ass does look great from here. Johnny then says that he wants to see Blake's tits bounce. This, as he has them reverse the position, for reverse cowgirl next. At first, Blake has a bit of difficulty, as she seems to be a little dick drunk, after the standard variation. However, soon she mounts him in reverse, placing her feet up on the couch, as her legs are spread wide. It's from this position, that we do see BrickZilla, give the pussy a pounding. From this, position I do have to say that I felt that the position didn't look as good as it could have. There could have been far more jiggle in those tits, had Blake been better positioned. But with that said, they have what they could get in the spur of the moment. It's after this that they pretty much go on to rebound when it comes to good looks, as next, Blake looks good as things go to piledriver. This position showing Blake bent backwards off of the edge of the couch. It's a really great view. Not only do we have Blake being penetrated deeply, as Brick work up a good pace, she also is able to look up at him, as he does it. The piledriver is followed by doggy soon thereafter, and I have to say that, in addition to it being the final position of the scene, it also has to be one of the scenes best moments. It's a position that once again sees BrickZilla taking up a progressive pace. This, as he jab Blake's pussy with his extra-large cock, good and hard. It's action that first leads Blake to cum, and then also he himself. Yes, the scene comes to an end with Blake rushing to get underneath, as Brick proceed to jerk his cock and shoot his load, which is aimed at Blake's face. The result, is a very nice load for the finish. This was a very strong finish, including a nice facial. Blake had Brick cumming so hard, that the man almost cried because it felt so good! I must admit that it was great stuff. Of course, the scene altogether came to a conclusion as both Blake and BrickZilla shower together. It putting the cap on Blake's long awaited sexual conquest.

Overall, I really did enjoy this scene. Though this was a sexual encounter that was eagerly anticipated by Blake, when it comes to me, although this is only my second time reviewing her, it goes without saying thzt every opportunity that I will have to review this young lady, will come highly anticipated by myself. This girl is just beautiful. She's gorgeous. She's in the same league as those type of models, where the possibility of seeing them in the nude are slim. However, extremely luckily for us, not only is she stunning, Blake has an apt willingness to get downright nasty! She loves it, and we love her for it. Not only does this girl have great tits and ass, as well a beautiful face, her personality makes Blake a very likable person. She came into the scene eagerly anticipating what was to come. Mixed in with her excitement, we could sense a little bit of nervousness. However, that all went away, once things got underway. I have to say that she handled herself well during the sex. Even from the beginning, I took note at just how well she was performing. How much she was aware, as she make sure to make eye contact with the camera, while she was sucking BrickZilla off, and then later as he fuck her tits. She even looked good from the cowgirl position, as she push and grind her hips(one of the scene's highlights for sure). The scene finishes up with the doggy position as stated above. It's a position where she is then full-on taking that big dick. It's also the position in which Brick has his shining moment as well. He finishes hard and strong here. Not to mention his big popshot, that would follow. Collectively these performers came together to create a very nice scene. As I said, in my opinion I felt as though the reverse cowgirl position could've looked better, although it isn't bad. Other than that, the scene is very good, which is why I do recommend it. It is with this scene, that Blake Blossom continues to prove her staying power in the industry of sex.

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