TushyRaw: What I Need (2020)

by - August 01, 2020

Starring: Blair Williams // Oliver Flynn 
Directed by: KGB
Runtime: 43 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
It's late night in the big city, and the present is as good a time as any for Blair Williams to get a little frisky. Things begin with she playfully teasing us, as she wear a tight blue dress, one that rides up just enough to reveal her bush to us. Blair herself, would then go on to reveal another thing, as she lift up her dress. That being a gold, jeweled buttplug, which she has firmly placed into her ass. It's shortly thereafter, that she goes on to invite us to be a little playful with she. This, as she go on to spread her legs, in between the arms of a chair. It's from there that she go on to play with her pussy, and also move the plug, in and out of her ass, at a quick pace. Her pussy getting nice and wet. However, this manual stimulation is just not enough to satisfy Blair's insatiable craving for real cock. It is at that point this she go on to phone her man on standby, Oliver Flynn, as she plead for him to come to her aid. And that he does. The scene then cuts to sometime later, as Oliver approaches Blair, who happens to now be wearing a sexy suit of red lingerie. This as an encounter between the two get underway.

Things begin with a little butt play, as Oliver tongue and finger Blair's ass, prior to she returning the favor by sucking his cock, first from an upside down position, and then from her knees, and then back to the previous position. During this, we see she deepthroat every inch of it. After this, we have doggy, as Oliver enters Blair's ass for the first time, eventually fucking deep and hard. The next position that would follow would be standard cowgirl. We see Blair have control and bounce initially, before Oliver take over to again fuck deep. After this, the two of them would relocate to a bedroom where the action would again continue soon after. From here Blair is on her back to get tongued at again before it is to missionary, as her ass again take cock. This would soon go to side fuck, briefly before returning back to missionary. There is also a brief moment of ass to mouth, after as Blair go on to again suck cock, before again riding in reverse cowgirl, and then standard. Standard cowgirl sees Blair split across Oliver's dick. The action is hard from here, as Blair rock on the cock. It is enough to soon bring Oliver to near climax, as he rushes to get into position this leading to he giving Blair a nice facial for the finish. 

The Review //
What is a girl to do when it is late at night, and she suddenly gets a craving for cock in her ass? Well, if your Blair Williams, there is only one thing to do, and that is to call on your man, Oliver Flynn to take care of said need.

This scene from TUSHY RAW gets straight to the point, after a brief tease segment involving Blair. One that also includes a steamy round of masturbation, as she attempts to get herself off, by fucking her ass with a butt plug. It's after this that the scene goes on to progress to some time later, following Oliver's arrival. At that point, Blair had changed into a really sexy, red lingerie set, which perfectly pronounced her curves. This, especially true when it comes to her perfectly round backside. And in speaking of her ass, it also just so happens to be Oliver's first target. This, as he go on to not only finger it, but also tongue-punch it prior. At one point we even see Oliver having fingers in both holes, as Blair's pussy gets a little love, too. It's after this, however that Blair go on to treat Oliver with a nice blowjob. And I do mean nice. I say this, because here, Blair administers one of the best suck jobs that I have seen in quite some time. This in all seriousness. It is a blowjob that begins with Blair arching her back over the arm of the chair, as she take Oliver's cock into her mouth from an upside down position. This looks just absolutely amazing on camera. Picture-perfect, and what have you. If we thought that she sucked good dick from here, things were not quite over. Not by a longshot. When Blair returns to the position on her knees she goes even further in making things extra sloppy. We see she slobber and spit on the cock, as she play with the head, and shaft, as she tongue, and lick both of them. Not to mention, that she also goes on to take Oliver's long cock, all the way down to the base, as she throat it. Before it is all over, and prior to the action finally commencing in anal, Blair once again returns to the arching pose, as she wants Oliver's to fuck her face. He does for a time, she also in addition suck on his balls. Next however, comes the anal sex, beginning with doggy. Blair on her knees, as her ass is stuck out for the taking. Her ass, lubed up and ready. From here Oliver goes on to maintain an increasing pace. This, as he initially worked on the stretching of Blair's tight little hole. While things continue the Oliver finds himself encouraged by a healthy dose of dirty talk from Blair. It seems to only be fuel for the fire, as shortly, we have Oliver fucking the ass deep and hard at a quick pace, as he grip Blair's lingerie for leverage. All while Blair begs him to "take it". The action continues next, as we see Blair go on to squat on the cock for cowgirl. It's a position putting great emphasis on Blair's booty. In the initial stages we see Blair go on to plant her feet and bounce up and down, at a steady pace. This looks well enough on camera. However, things would look even better later, when Oliver go on to pound the asshole deep, once Blair bring her legs down in a more relaxed position. During this time, the camera would alternate between a side, and low angled position. It's a latter that was the one that looked the best, as the camera shoot up, just from underneath Oliver's balls. It's an extremely close up view yet it looks really solid, as from here we were able to see firsthand, Oliver's big dick going balls deep into Blair's stretching anus. It's just good looking stuff. It's after this cowgirl from the chair, that they then moved to a new location - a nearby bedroom. It's here that the two waste no time as we first see Blair flat on her stomach as, Oliver begins to undress her from her lingerie, as well as tongue at her ass. It would go on to continue more as Blair is then on her back with her legs spread wide. Oliver licking and fingering ass and pussy, prior to once again, replacing them with what Blair wants and needs. His hard cock. This occurs for a brief time, as Oliver is able to work up a steady pace of in and out. However, they do make the transition to side fuck next. Here, Blair's ass faces the camera, as we watch Oliver fuck the ass at a nice, quick pace. This is as Blair encourages it. She's essentially lost in it, as she says "fuck it" repeatedly. After this, they return to the previous position, with Blair again on her back, as Oliver go on to continue to fuck the ass steadily. However, this round of missionary is a brief one, as we next see Oliver position himself on his back, and Blair crawl in between his legs to again suck his dick, as it is of course, ass to mouth. It's here that she once again goes on to display immaculate cock sucking prowess, as she again deepthroat, and make great use of her tongue simultaneously. The next position that the anal would take up in, is reverse cowgirl. This position sees Blair straddle over the cock. It's here that we have a great, great view of Blair's beautiful pink pussy, and delicious bush. This coupled with a close up view of the penetration occasionally. It's during this reverse cowgirl that we see Oliver's cock plunge deep into the ass. It would continue on as it progress, to show Blair holding her legs up, and in a tighter position. It's from here, that Oliver would go on to increase his pace to drill the butthole nice and deep. The final position would be next, after this, and I must say that I believe that it is the scene's best looking feat. This, as the previous position of reverse cowgirl reverses to the standard variation. Only, this is not just any variation of cowgirl, it is one which we see Blair do the splits, as Oliver's cock fills up her ass. It's from here that it's a combination of both, Blair rocking back on the cock, and also of course, Oliver fucking deep. The action from this position looks absolutely fucking amazing. Blair has such an incredible ass. In this particular position, it is front and center where it should be, and it looks fucking great. So round. So jiggly. So oiled! This position would make anyone cum, and Oliver isn't excused from such, as he soon go on to blow his load onto Blair's face, thus leaving her satisfied.

Well, it has been a long time coming, but here it is: my very first review for the TUSHY RAW brand. I would be a liar if I said that this scene didn't take a while to settle in with me. First of all, to tell the truth, the kind of appearance of the scene, is unlike anything that I have reviewed thus far. This as the scene relied on very little light, only using dimly lit light. This, essentially putting sort of the spotlight on just the performers, and that alone. It's clear that the idea behind this, is to have we focus squarely on the performance at hand, rather than what is around them. This look took a while to get used to but luckily I was able to settle in as I said. I really began to like what I was seeing. Especially, because most of the things that I was seeing had a real artistic flair to it. The posing in the positioning, seemed to be purposely chosen for the sake of it looking good on camera, and indeed, it does. Thus making the action that much hotter. The arching of the back, the emphasis on the ass, the close up on the pussy and the ass. There are a multitude of tasty views within. This was a very good performance on account of both performers. The site is called TUSHY RAW, and this sexual performance, is indeed just that; hot, sweaty, and passionate. Prior to reviewing this scene, it had been a while since I had even seen Blair Williams, so I did not hesitate to jump at this opportunity to review her once again. And I believe I made a good choice. She is so damn sexy in this scene. Everything about her, really. But, especially that big round ass. My God. I hope to review her many, many more times to come after this. And then on the other side of the scene, is of course Oliver Flynn, the ever so reliable male talent, who just so happens to have just signed an exclusive contract as a performer for these very brands from VIXEN MEDIA. And to tell the truth, I cannot wait for more, following this scene. Because honestly, I have reviewed Oliver quite a few times now, and I have to say that this is without a doubt, the best performance that I have seen from him. Here, I felt that he put it all on the table, as he go hard, and do it well. I was genuinely impressed by his performance.

As a whole, this is a scene that is very solid having two performers who connect in a very intimate way. It's because of this that I do not hesitate to recommend. If passionate anal sex is what you wish to find, then give this one a look! 

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