Tiny4K.com: Dear Diary (2020)

by - July 21, 2020

Starring: Jessae Rosae // JMac
Directed by:
Runtime: 40 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
At the start of the scene, Jessae Rosae who is wearing a cute little outfit decorated with rainbows, is seen scribbling away in her diary. This, as she goes on to tease by rolling around on the bed, as another cut in the footage, see she also briefly flashing her small tits. the tease segment, which is accompanied by music, is a brief one. That's because we then go into a lengthy round of masturbation, as Jessae uses a small vibrator on her clit. This occurs for some time, while the camera eventually getting close with this masturbation action. It is following this, that we then go into the sexual encounter involving she and JMac.

The action begins when Jessae pulls down JMac's shorts, as she then is immediately stunned by the size of his cock. However, nonetheless she goes right into the blowjob. It is here that we go on to see Jessae stroke and suck the big cock of JMac. First, she utilizes a single-handed approach before changing to one that uses both hands. It's after this, that we have Jessae bounce on the dick from reverse cowgirl. It's eventually followed up with she then riding in standard cowgirl, only as she faces the camera. It's from there that she has her legs spread wide as she take the cock. It's followed up by the same position only this time we get a view once again of Jessae's ass as it bounce on the dick. The camera remains in the same position, as we see Jessae then reverse herself for more reverse cowgirl. It's from this position that we soon have her leaning back, as JMac lifts her up a bit, while he plow into her. This would eventually go to a full nelson hold, as he would continue. fast and hard. That position would then graduate to having Jessae hold her legs to the side as she continues to be fucked hard. After this the action is then into doggy, first beginning with an overhead POV view of the action. as it occurs. The camera angle would then soon changed to show a side view of things along with a closeup of the ongoing penetration. It then goes to missionary, as Jessae is set up on her back, as she lie across the arm of the couch. it is here that we see JMac steadily move his cock in and out, as she watch from here. The final position of the scene comes by way of the piledriver position, as the petite Jessae is in an upside down position, bent over the back of the couch. It's from this position that JMac would continue things at a steady pace, as this dick on occasion would go deep. This lasting until he finally must cum. The scene comes to an end with JMac, then hovering over Jessae, who is eagerly awaiting. This, as he goes on to jerk his cock, with the end result being that he eventually splatter her face with a big load.

The Review //
Today's review is for a scene from the website TINY4K, and it features the petite starlet, Jessae Rosae. Who finds herself going up one on one with the reliable male performer known as JMac. It's a scene that first sees Jessae appearing all innocent, as she scribbles down something in her diary, as she lie on her bed. Could she be writing about boys? We don't know because, it isn't much of a prelude, because we soon go into a solo masturbation sequence soon after. This is where Jessae uses a blue vibrator on her clit, in an effort to get herself off. It is a segment that we end with a nice close up view.

The blowjob which begins the sexual encounter sees Jessae first maintain a solo grip on the cock, but it is soon something that see JMac have a hand on the back of her head, as he go on to force himself down her throat. It would also show Jessae at one point maintain a double gripped stroke. It is after that JMac return the favor, and it's automatic from him as his tongue does the work, flipping up and down as it lash across her clit. That's not all, because in addition to this, he also concentrate to suck on it as well. We then quickly cut to a shot of Jessae as she ride on the dick for the first time. It is also the first time that we get a glimpse of Jessae's surprisingly round ass, as it bounce up and down on the dick. A steady pace is kept during this time. However, next up is a very nice view from the camera, this as Jessae would turn around to ride the cock in the standard variation of cowgirl. Only for more POV, as she is facing us, rather than having her back turned towards the camera. I really liked the view here, as we see Jessae with her legs spread wide and her feet planted, as she both bounce and is slammed on the big dick of JMac. Something else that I liked, is that we see Jessae, as she is riding have a little swivel in those hips, as she go on to briefly and slowly grind on the dick. Although these moments were fleeting, they are pretty hot, to say the least. An interesting thing with the positioning, we would next see again standard cowgirl, but only this time with Jessae's back to us, which is opposite than before. It is also better than the last time, which Jessae rode in reverse cowgirl. Here, her bouncing is much steady this time around, and I personally enjoy the times that Jessae went all the way up to come down, essentially taking every inch of JMac. It's just a nice visual overall. The next position would be reverse cowgirl.  Jessae here, facing the camera, as she bounce once again. Only this time, seeing JMac change it up a bit. This, as he at times, he pull back on Jessae's legs, palm her ass, all as his dick takes the deep plunge. However, the true moment in the said position, is of course JMac's signature move, reverse cowgirl while utilizing a full nelson hold. It is after things enter this stage, that we see JMac pummel the pussy fast and hard, much to Jessae's delight. There is also an additional positioning during which Jessae, hold her legs aside, in order to be pounded deeply. There's nice camerawork that would come next, as we see our first instance of overhead POV, something that the people responsible for this network, are good at. The action from here, begins in doggy as we see JMac  continue to go deep from the given position. However, we return back to a regular side view camera, as we are then right on the penetration at hand, while it occurs. It's here that we see JMac fuck with a pace that is increasing in rate. Next up JMac and Jessae utilize the couch, as they next take to the arm of it, as small Jessae is on her back. It's a position that first sees the camera remain in the position which was prior, but also, it would go on to feature the overhead POV as well. This, as Jessae look up at the camera as she is fucked deep. The final position would see Jessae, bent over the back of the couch as the action go to piledriver, as JMac then mount her. The view from here is at first at a distance as everything is nicely in frame. Jessae with her sock-clad feet in the air. This is Jay Mac proceeds to drill the pussy at a nice and steady pace. The view would even change before long, to show the closer details of the action. It is this that would lead JMac to his eventual climax -and what Jessae would have waiting for her with a nice hot load courtesy of JMac two of course finish things out. I have to say that this was a very nice pop shot, as the load essentially stretches upon Jessae's face.

Going into the scene, I have to say that it was one that I was looking forward to. Partially due to it being rated so high on the Tiny 4K site. Otherwise, I talked previously with the featured starlets, Jessae Rosae, during her Chaturbate live show, and I just simply wanted to review more of her. She is indeed a sweetie. However, I have to be honest when saying, I am coming away from it a little perplexed. As part of me thinks that the scene had a first-half, which sort of dragged it down a little. This, while during the other half, I really enjoyed a couple of the positions, as well as the energy that they consisted of. So, I'm kind of stuck here when it comes to the scene in particular. Truth be told, about the first 15 minutes of this 40 minutes scene were a bit dull. Honestly speaking, I just waited for it to pick up. It does indeed do just that. However, I am wrestling with whether or not I believe that it was too little, too late, if you know what I mean. The action got to be its most interesting near the ending point. We have Jessae's ass, which looks good here at times. I said that it was surprising above because, Jessae is a tiny, thin girl. Yet, when she pops her ass, she indeed has something there. It looks really good during the second round of standard cowgirl, during which her back is facing the camera. It's also during this time, that we get a closer view of said booty. JMac also has a few moments of his own, as he has very nice control of the happenings, as he essentially guide them along the way. And then of course there is the full nelson reverse cowgirl pounding. I do always enjoy seeing that.

However, with that said, I still have to say whether I recommend this particular scene or not. Again, I did not care much for the opening things.  We barely got any tease segment involving the musical accompaniment, and so on. The scene is actually called "Dear Diary", yet, we only see Jessae writing in one for a second - one and a half second, tops. I've just seen other TINY 4K scenes handle things much better in this area. This scene seems to rush it. The following masturbation scene was alright I suppose. Yet, at the same time it is nothing special. All of it leads us to want to get to the sexual encounter, and luckily it does so rather quickly. However, we find that even the pairing of Jessae Rosea and JMac itself, need its own moment to get good. About midway, things do improve, and get better. This is a scene does eventually come to a close somewhat strongly. I will say that ending things with the piledriver position, was indeed a great way to do so. So, in thinking about it, while this isn't a scene that I am necessarily over the moon with, I find it to be somewhat satisfactory. I will just leave in saying that the scene presented here is not great, but it's good. I just found it to be a little repetitive, and and think that there could have been more done(standing cowgirl?).

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