PureTaboo.com: Mom's Not Coming Back, Sweetheart (2020)

by - July 03, 2020

Starring: Riley Star // Steve Holmes
Directed by:
Runtime: 45 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
At the beginning of the story titled, "Mom's Not Coming Back, Sweetheart", it is morning time, as we see young "Molly"(Riley Star) get herself together, as she get dressed and head downstairs to begin her morning routine. It is a routine that normally consists of her mother making breakfast for the family. However, when Riley makes her way to the kitchen, she is quick to realize that her mother is nowhere to be found. This, as she finds her stepfather, "Ken Garrett"(Steve Holmes) seeming puzzled, yet calm, as he is seated at the kitchen table. Her dad says that he must sit her down for a talk   It's here, that Ken is quick, and to the point, as he go on to explain to Riley that her mom has simply up and left them both. That she just took some of her things, and just left. He says that he does not know if she will be back. Although he does seem optimistic. Riley is understandably confused by her mom's sudden disappearance. However, she seems to be quite content with her stepfather's explanation, along with his optimism. This, has he vow to always be there for her, and to never leave her, as he is always thought of she as his own daughter.  He also goes over just what it is that she is to say to the cops, should they question her at a later time. It is then later that night that Riley finds herself awakened from her sleep when she hears some distinct noises coming from outside her window. It is to that window she goes, as she look to find the source of said noise.  She's shocked to find that it is her father digging, and patting down a patch of dirt with a big shovel.  It's a short time later, that Steve comes inside and ascends the stairs, as Riley hides from view. However, as Steve turns to enter his bedroom, Riley speaks up.  It catches her stepfather off guard, as he quickly come up with an excuse for what it is that he was doing outside with the shovel, and why he has dirt all over his clothes.  He quickly says that ever since her mom left, he has had some trouble sleeping, but has taken up late night gardening as a way to remain occupied. It's a situation that Riley is pretty much forced to believe the excuse given, as she does not want to think the worst of her dad.  Following this, the story then picks up some three weeks later.  Riley then comes downstairs, as she find Ken talking to a private investigator about the disappearance of his wife, and Molly's mother. It is during this that Steve is once again, calm and collected, as he is questioned.  He mentions that he hopes for her return. after the investigator happens to mention that he would not be able to collect the death benefits, with a death certificate.  However, it's in the same breath that Ken also go on to speculate that his wife, may very well be dead.  This, a shocking revelation to Riley who secretly listens on.  Riley again confronts him after the investigator leaves.  Ken changes his tone, to one more sympathetic.  As the dad goes into the living area, Riley approaches Ken, who is then wearing the guise of a heartbroken spouse. This, as she go on to ask him if there is anything that she may do to comfort him.  It's then that he is quick to play it off, saying that, what he needs is something that a daughter simply cannot do for their father. This as she says that technically, she is just his stepdaughter.  Ken agrees, this as the situation escalates to sex.

Passionate kissing, leads to Steve going on to briefly suck on Riley's tits. this, before he has she pull her pants down to show off her ass. Steve from there, sees that Riley has on no panties. This leading to he going on to spank her bare ass. Steve would then go down on Riley after a time of she teasing him with her legs spread. After this, Riley would go on to return the favor, as Steve pull his cock out for she to suck. This would eventually, also include Steve fucking her face. After this, he would then take the action into spoon from the couch, as he fuck her deep from there. This would continue, once he removes his pants, continuing at a much faster pace after. This is followed up by Riley once again being across Steve's knee as he proceed to finger bang the pussy hard. For a short time, Steve goes on to force his cock down Riley's throat. However, it is next that he instructs her to stay face down and ass up, as he bury his face into said ass. This before taking things into doggy soon after. It is here, that he maintains a steady pace. The action then goes to spoon, where Steve initially has a steady pace before increasing his pace to go harder and faster. Following this, Steve wants to make it extra nasty, as he then position himself on his back and hold his legs up high, while instructing Riley to go in and eat his ass. However, next up, Riley goes on to ride the cock standard cowgirl. It is a position that sees Riley bounce on the cock, at a quick pace, prior to Steve taking over to once again drill the pussy. The next position after that is missionary with Riley on her back. It is here, that he continues with a steady pace of in and out. However, a break in the scene sees Steve then returning the favor, as he go down on Riley to give her rim job as well. Steve however, would then pick things back up in missionary, as he go on to fuck Riley deep, even choking her for a time while doing so. The final position of the scene would come by way of reverse cowgirl. Steve initially has a steady pace, prior to he once again increasing the speed. It is action that lasts up until Steve must come. The finish of the scene, sees Steve jerking his cock, while getting his balls sucked. This being enough to send him shooting a big load of jizz on to Riley's face for the finish.

The Review //
In this story-driven scene from PURE TABOO, young Molly, portrayed by Riley Star, has a big surprise when she wakes up one morning to find her mom gone.  Vanished without a trace.  She is obviously confused by the sudden disappearance, However, she is met by her Stepfather Ken, whom is himself strangely calm about the situation.  Simply saying that he hopes that his wife will someday return home. However, the truth is that Ken is someone who knows much more about the disappearance than he is revealing. This is apparent when Riley just so happens to catch him in the act late at night, when she is awakened by the sounds of digging. Yes it is true, once Ken comes inside, and Molly confronts him about it, he simply says that he is out doing some late night gardening. But, in reality it is more than obvious that Ken, for some reason has done away with his wife, and has disposed of her.  This, by digging a makeshift grave in the backyard. 

When it comes to PURE TABOO, I have reviewed a few of the scenes in my time, with each of them presenting individual stories of taboo lust. However, when it comes to this scene in particular, I have to say that it is one that consists of some storytelling ripped straight from true crime headlines. Here, Steve Holmes' character "Ken Garrett", has without a doubt done the unthinkable. His wife has done something to push him over the edge, causing him to then essentially murder her in cold blood. It is here that Steve Holmes does a great job of presenting to us a multidimensional character. One that is a calm, collected and caring father to his stepdaughter Riley Star, while at the same time an individual with some psychotic tendencies. We get a sense that this character is normally nice. However, something has truly set him off. This character goes on about his day, although his wife has come up missing. Part of the reason that he is able to do just that, is that he manages to initially assure that she would sometime return home eventually. That, in the meantime, the two of them, he and his stepdaughter have each other to lean on. It is a story that at first, we are not quite sure what the motive of Ken's act could be.  But as it progresses, things slowly begin to fall into place, revealing just how sick and deranged Ken Garrett truly is. He uses his charm to get his stepdaughter Riley to agree to have sexual relations with him, by utilizing his fatherly charm. It is something that surprisingly comes easy for him in the end, as the put-on sympathy by Ken, is enough for the young and naive Riley to look to do anything to please dear old dad.

When it comes to the sexual material of the scene I have to say that I was really impressed by it, in almost each and every way possible. The slow beginning of the sex, as Steve remaining in character, getting his daughter to strip and show off for him. This first, as he lift up her top, and suck on her little perky tits. this followed by she then pulling down her pants to show off her ass. It is in this moment that Steve, in character once again realizes that his daughter is not wearing any panties. An offense that he aims to punish her for.  This, as he bend her over and spank her. While I don't know why, I thought this to be absolutely hot, as well as a great opener for the sex to come. This is followed up by Steve instructing Riley to sit back on the couch and spread her legs. This, as he go on to admire and worship her pink pussy. He even goes into get a smell of it. Steve is then quick to go down on her as he suck on her clit, prior to having Riley spread her lips. After this, Steve asks Riley if she wants to do the same for daddy, and with this she is ultra obedient. Steve go on to get his cock out from there. Riley follows this up by taking him deep into her throat. However, it is soon followed up by Steve taking control to fuck her face hard. Next up, we see Riley once again across Steve's knee.  This time, as he go on to finger Riley's pussy deep and hard. This, as Steve is seen applying a choke to Riley. It is then followed by Steve taking things into spoon as it is a scene with transition from here. It's during this that he fucks the pussy at a steady pace, as he simultaneously rub at Riley's clit. Personally I really liked how this looked on camera, via some inclusive camerawork. It's from this position that Steve doesn't even remove his jeans during this time, he just goes in there and does quick work from the position. However, when he finally does remove the article of clothing, his pounding becomes even harder. I like the fact that, during he manages to keep constant eye contact with Riley as he fuck her. It is after this, that she go on to taste herself on Steve's hard cock, as he nicely cram it down her throat from a seated position on the couch. Again, nice work from Steve here, as we see him force Riley's head down as he press down hard during this. Following this, we see Steve go on to bury his face in Riley's pussy and ass.  He vigorously eats upon the former, before he go on to penetrate her, as the action then goes to doggy. It's from this position that he work up a very nice pace, as we get a good camera view from behind, detailing everything when it comes to this action. Next up, comes one of my favorite moments during the scene. That's because it is a moment in which Steve would go on to present his character's sadistic side, which had not shown up until that point. It comes during a time which sees the action return to spoon once again. However, it is a time during which we see Steve fuck Riley's pussy at an increasing pace. His penetration starts off steadily, however soon essentially, and without warning, goes on to proceed at a much harder pace, as he absolutely drills Riley's pussy. Here the character of Ken Garrett, is basically a different person altogether, when he embraces this part of his personality. It is the type of personality that would be capable of killing his wife - Riley's mother. Here, he is suddenly fucking Riley hard, calling she a slut, while asking her if she is going to be his slut, and his little "fuck doll", just like mom was. This transformation mid-scene, by Steve Holmes is nicely played, and just brilliant in my opinion. It is a glimpse at the danger of the character via his actions. All of this continuing as the stepdad, continues to rough up the stepdaughter, as she herself continues to obey him. It's from there that things get that much more nasty, as the next thing we see is he forcing she to eat his ass. I just loved seeing this attitude from Steve. Steve follows up the rimming, by keeping up the pace as he again, eventually go on to drill Riley's pussy, as she ride the cock in cowgirl. It's during the position, that we see the combination of Steve fucking hard, and also Riley bouncing on the cock with the equivalent. As Steve drills her pussy, Riley is in character as she says, if her mom enjoyed this, then she enjoys it too. It is exactly what Ken wants to hear. This is followed up by Riley being on her back. Steve momentarily goes down on her, prior to he once again penetrating her, as the action then go to missionary for a time prior to a break, seeing he returning the favor to go down on Riley to eat her ass.  This was great stuff. He follows this up by resuming his work in missionary, prior to the action then going to reverse cowgirl soon after, and it is here that he manages to keep his hard pace of fucking. From the reverse cowgirl position, Steve keeps the plowing going, until he just about reaches the point of his climax. Steve knows exactly where he wants to put it from here, as he goes on to jerk his cock over Riley's face, while she tends to his balls with her mouth.  Steve keeps this up, with the end result being that he glazes Riley's face with a big load.

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that I really enjoyed it. That is when it comes to both story and sex. It is a storyline that is well presented in each aspect. First, the acting from Steve Holmes and Riley Star is on point.  This is especially true when talking about Holmes. As I said, here he presents a multidimensional character. One who is capable of turning the two sides of his personality on and off. I really enjoyed the way that Steve portrayed both sides of his character.  As mentioned, I actually felt that, the way that the high-strung part of the character was manifested, was quite brilliant. It was at that moment that we are clued in on what his intentions truly were with his stepdaughter. It is really twisted, I must admit. And with that said, also brilliant was the sort of footnote at the end. This, as the camera zoom in on a note left for Ken by his wife, indicating that she had plans to leave him, while at the same time taking her daughter with her. This as she say that she happens to have seen the way that he looks at her. It's a nice little addition, one that, of course, brings everything together in the conclusion.  I loved it. Technically speaking, I have to say that the scene is one that is well accomplished in those areas as well. The scene is presented to us via some absolutely fantastic camerawork, overseen by Matt Holder and Manny Bucks. The cinematography throughout the scene is beyond great. It is just another element in the presentation, which makes the scene one that is very enjoyable. So, it is with that said, that I tell you that this is a scene that I, without hesitation do recommend. Both Steve Holmes and Riley Star work well together here, as we are presented a tale of both murder and deception.

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