July #DPofTheMonth Review-Deep Double Anal Penetration

by - August 04, 2020

#DPofTheMonth July Recap:

This poll was completely taken over by the fans of Perv City.  Over two hundred votes registered with more than half of it being supportive citizens on behalf of the City. It helped bring in a #DPofTheMonth for July was not only deserving but rewarding as well. London River’s full deck of a DP scene contains both double anal and double vaginal. If that wasn’t enough you’ll have some prolapse coupled with squirt as side items on this full course DP scene. All of this advertised on the website by telling tags where the scene dropped in late July.  The sword thrusters are John Strong and Ramon Nomar filling London’s holes with rapid fervor. This is recorded at 38 minutes total of pure perviness brought to us by a proven lens with professional talent.  This is a familiar formula of the Maestro which has served this municipality of hardcore porn fans very well. Scenes like this are pure treats with many more in the oven as Perv City never sleeps.
There was another double anal infused scene that was nominated with a new face to my porn tastes.  Czech beauty Jennifer Mendez had her hat in the ring for this month’s polling but a new face was no match for the familiar logo of Perv City. The other selection was a Deeper.com cut with Natalia Starr in her own regular DP with no double anal or double vaginal. It was a finer filmed fuck scene that had its focus on the artistic side rather than the pure nastiness of the other two nominations.

When it came down to it July was solid mix studios that regularly champion their style of filming DPs.  Fans have the choice to watch whatever they want and these polls are just a monthly peek into what the #DPBattle likes. This month the wonderful City of Perv hosted this by unleashing London River’s hardcore crescendo of double penetrating and so much more.

Scene breakdown:

The assured logo snaps into view as this perverted brand starts its intro tease for this scene titled “Deep Double Anal Penetration”.  A musical montage of London modeling her amazing frame is what starts it off. You can call the intro a virtual striptease and my favorite types of openers for these vignettes. London is barely clad in a vibrantly pink bikini-lingerie setup augmented by black stockings. All of this is hypnotically peeled off her body for this introductory strip show. The camera zooms into all the beautiful bits like London’s tits and pussy. Entrancing music infuses this intro as London caresses her top tier stripper body.  She slowly turns around to show her bodacious booty while wiggling it with alluring sways. A slow tease walk ensues showing more beautifully subtle movements in all the right places. All this accentuated under the baking California sun near Maestro’s pool.

Next up is a brief verbal introduction done by Perv City showrunner Suzanne with a smiling London sitting on the white couch. Suzanne alerts her of a special gift as John Strong and Ramon Nomar step into view to feed London her meat in the form of two cocks to play with. A loud face poking double blowjob occurs with London River gagging and sucking at sleazy speeds.  John Strong sits on London's face next to get rimmed while Ramon handles a soaking vagina. Splashes of squirt are the result of Ramon’s heavy pussy stimulation. London is then flipped upside down to have her face fucked further. The camera will go in close for this hardcore oral moment.  London flips back up to go straight into doggy formation as Ramon oils her arched ass. Doggy anal is dashed into next which morphs into a spit roast as John Strong steps in to get his cock sucked while London gets fucked. The camera puts the penetration in close for this slamming segment.  This shows Ramon's piston pumps into London's ass at face value.

Ass to pussy in doggy is next during this fornication ride. London gyrating to these hard humps while vocalizing her intense orgasms.  John Strong steps in to smash his dick into London's asshole in doggy style.  This is as Ramon sits down to get his dick sucked to keep London's loud mouth busy.  London leaps to cowgirl as she is on top of Ramon bouncing up and down with a dick in her ass.  When the DP starts Ramon will be anchoring in the pussy while John Strong goes in London's butt hole.  London will again be matching the hardcore rhythm of this high-speed DP scene.  John steps out to let Ramon leap into some ass to pussy maneuvers.  John is then welcomed back into London's anus to get the DP going back up again.  After a little splash of lube, John Strong helps himself to join Ramon's javelin in London's pussy thus starting up the double vaginal segment.  A blowjob break is next as London breaks out of the double vaginal DP stance. She's locked onto Ramon's cock before the double anal is activated in reverse cowgirl. London River now has two dicks stuffed into her asshole railing her. A prolapse peeks out as Ramon’s cock is forced out of the double stuffed asshole.  The prolapsing will reoccur as Ramon rams into her asshole hard while she lays on top of him.

All of this while still in reverse cowgirl, now John Strong jabs London’s vagina with his hard cock. Ramon anchors London’s asshole firmly during the commotion but urges his fellow swordsman to go ass to pussy as he pulls out of the way. Double anal is suddenly slammed back into during the hectic humping.  Regular DP is returned to form with Ramon anchoring in pussy and John blasting London’s asshole. Expect more double anal as the scene is now skyrocketing in hardcore quality. London is peeled into and banged by two rampaging studs.  You can also expect to see double vaginal make its return with London arched on top of Ramon in cowgirl DV.  The switching of double hole penetration is synchronized and seamless.  When London is laid back to be banged anally in mish by John you will also see Ramon rip her stockings off and tie them around her mouth.  A bout of foot stuff occurs as Ramon fucks her feet and John stuffs his feet in her face. Ramon spins around to grab a few fucks in the ass as London lays back.  London requests that the loads be dropped into her eyeballs as she holds them open for the two men jacking off over her. Her wish is their command as they fire their semen in her eyeballs.  The scene concludes with this hardcore move.
Certain studios release DPs when it matters and this scene matters. Perv City doesn’t have to flood the market with their style of DP scenes. When they happen it is a momentous occasion and this
London River scene brings cause to the citizens that want to celebrate it. If you love that hardcore style it is sung to a high tune here with London prolapsing, squirting, and handing her holes over to be fucked asunder by Ramon and John.  I highly recommend this to porn fans that like their scenes hot and nasty.

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