August #DPofTheMonth Review: Charlotte Sartre: DAP Gangbang Devil!

by - September 09, 2020


#DPofTheMonth August Recap:
 At the beginning of August, I thought to myself that there was a drought of DP updates at the time. Then I struck DP gold towards the end of the month causing the search to end after three noteworthy scenes landed on my lap. First, it was a delectable update with May Thai in yet another DAP-tastic scene for a network that can be considered the unofficial DAP HQ (and one that she has shot for before).  Legal Porno is THE place for double anal penetration and having May in another DAP scene in August was proof. Maxim Law was the other candidate and was a scene I’ve been looking at for quite some time. It was an easy nomination and came from the tremendous gang bang series by the name of Blacked Out courtesy of the Devil’s Film brand. This scene with Maxim came from the twelfth entry of the famed franchise.  But the next scene in true succubus fashion came from the flames of Evil Angel. Charlotte Sartre featured in a gang bang of devilish proportions in a filmed called Gangbang Devils. The final nomination and what the fans of the #DPBattle ultimately voted as August’s #DPofTheMonth. 

 The poll was a tight race for Charlotte and May's scenes, especially near the finish. Charlotte taking it home with 47.1% while the other hefty batch of votes went to May Thai with 38.2% which isn’t that far behind.  After the poll completion, we’re here with Charlotte Sartre’s cut from Gangbang Devils directed by Proxy Paige and under the brand of Evil as the scene to be reviewed.

Scene Breakdown:
A sweet tease is a start to this horned demon princess's gangbang scene. During her alluring sways, she'll slap herself reminding us how truly hardcore the succubus of smut is. Blood red tribal paint surrounds  Sartre’s eyes as she peers into the camera. Rocking guitar riffs are banging in the background as the soundtrack. The camera takes in every inch of this dark dance before the scene suddenly starts. Candles surround the succubus in this startup séance. With her hands around her neck, Charlotte continues to peer through the screen. The music now of a darker tone for the demonic tart's ritual that is about to erupt. Speaking of eruptions suddenly voices are heard as Charlotte speaks to someone behind the camera. Proxy Paige is the director reminding her that this is just a warm-up in a "ring of fire". Charlotte asks if she can play with her pussy during the brief discussion as she is already stimulating herself.
Charlotte is ready for the five studs to step in after Proxy assures her of what is to cum. Charlotte was born ready and shows this by using the sex toy to put in her butt. The uniquely shiny toy is purposed to warp her butthole open.  Charlotte flips over in arched doggy to show the anus that is ready to eat meat. You can call it anal flexing done by a primed asshole "made for cock".  The toy sticks out of her ass like a "little devil tail" the director behind the camera will describe. Charlotte pulls it out to have a taste of her ass in this anally focused toy tease. Now the masked men will step in. The troupe will then be sitting down on a couch in a lineup of penises out to be sucked by the hungry and horny demoness.
Charlotte’s head is used to service each of the dicks in front of her while her hands are grabbing the closest ones by to be jacked.  Some of the men start to get up from the couch to surround Charlotte with their flesh swords. The camera centers the action with Charlotte in the middle taking every piece of dick meat thrown at her.  The ritualistic scene started with her being surrounded by candles now to an encircling of erect members. At one point Charlotte will force two dicks into her mouth showing the true hunger of this demon princess.  A male talent sneaks up from behind to get her in doggy as she is still using her mouth to fellate the wieners that stand before her. 

Finally, a closeup shot of anal doggy occurs as the penetration takes the focus with a penetrating dick meeting Charlotte’s butthole. This happens as she is still juggling dicks between her mouth which the camera pans back to reveal. She’ll get gapes rammed out as he is spread out for a great shot of it. The rotation of cocks in her ass keeps the hole poking consistent for Proxy's camera.  As Charlotte is laid back in anal missionary she demands more dicks to play with and suck on. This happens as her asshole is traded off by the conveyor belt of penetrating male talent. The succubus becomes a siren as she sings loud wails of ecstasy during the ass reaming.  She is then lifted in cowgirl so that double anal can now startup for this pro. As her ass is double stuffed you can bet Charlotte is continuing the blowjobs with all of the  dicks at her disposal.  She is wrangled into reverse cowgirl as she demands the double anal to continue. The humping studs follow her orders and reinstate the double dicking into her butthole.
 This time she is lifted in a sort of standing reverse cowgirl as the ass puncturing routine continues.  A man on each side of her hoisting her up by her legs as her asshole is battered into.  She is lowered down to be engulfed in more penises as the oral feeding leads to multiple blowjobs again.  A return to doggy arch occurs as Charlotte has her face down and ass up.
The rotation of the pounding swords continues along with the constant mouth fillings of the blowjobs in this full steam gang bang.  Even when in standing doggy and being traded off the scene maintains its intensity. While still standing she's lifted into a reverse cowgirl then dropped back down for it to turn into the DP variation of it.  After some hole slamming in this position her gape is stretched open for all to see. They spit into the warped orifice before she is yet again rolled into another position, this time it is DP for regular cowgirl.  The gapes didn’t stop and are peered into during the roll of that DP in cowgirl.  The finale is a carousel of facials from the rows of jacking cocks that spill their seed on a glazed smile.  Charlotte and Proxy laugh in victorious glee for a cum covered demon princess in what she ironically calls "heaven". Proxy even leans in to kiss Charlotte's face that is still sticky with the slimy birth fluids.

If I said I wanted more double anal in this scene it would show how greedy I can be. But instead, I take this scene as a well-balanced gang bang diet that it is. I watch a lot of gang bangs because they usually entail the very reason I run these polls and reviews: double penetration. It is a common recipe for any great gang bang. This happens in pure rhythmic fashion here in this orchestrated DP opus from Proxy Paige and Charlotte Sartre. The male talents Steve Q, John Johnson, Angelo Godshack, Michael Fly, and Darrel Deeps deliver their duties in this 54-minute serenade of hard sleaze. It is a great GB scene that needs to be in rotation for all the #DPBattle and beyond.  A great choice by the voters in the #DPofTheMonth polling for August.  Highly recommended!

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