JaysPOV.net: Helping My Step Sister Lily Make Some Cash (2020)

by - September 03, 2020

 Starring:  Lily Larimar // JayRock 
Directed by: JayRock
Runtime: 38 mins.
Check it out here: Jay's POV

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Lily Larimar calling her brother JayRock into her room, as she says that she has something that she wants to ask him about. However, he almost immediately dismisses it, as he believes that it will be about money. Because, as he says with Lily, it is always about money. As a matter of fact it is about money, however Lily asks him to hear her out. Jay of course gives in, and listens to her pitch. This, as Lily goes on to explain how a lot of her friends are making money on the Internet, and how they are doing that, is by selling nude pictures of themselves. She stresses that some of them make thousands of dollars easily. Jay is obviously hesitant to even approach the idea of doing anything related to porn with his stepsister. But, as we find it doesn't take much to convince him. After all, they are in the middle of a pandemic, and it's been months since either of them have earned any sort of income. Jay decides to cooperate, if only it stays between them, and especially not getting out to their parents.

Things progress with Jay taking Lily's camera and proceeding to snap a series of risqué pictures, as Lily goes on to first, bare her pair of perky small tits, prior to she slipping out of her shorts. As Jay continues to take pictures, he cannot help but to be impressed by his sister's ripe body. This, as an awkward tension builds between them. Especially for Jay. However, Lily seems to be unfazed by it all, as she would happen to go on to pose an even more lucrative idea for earning some cash. Lily again refers to another friend, who has been known to make 10 times more money than the rest, due to the fact that she happens to take pictures and videos with her boyfriend. What Lily goes on to propose is that Jay be said "boyfriend". But don't worry, his face would not appear in any of the videos or pictures. The only thing that would be featured prominently, is of course his dick. Jay is obviously taken aback by Lily's proposal. He of course brings up the fact that she is his stepsister. A fact that Lily says never stopped them before. It is a short time of contemplation later that Jay, somewhat reluctantly agrees to Lily's desires. Because once again, Jay does need the money.

From there things begin with Jay still maintaining his aim with Lily's phone, this as she go on to suck his cock. Things would continue on from there, until they take to the bed, where Lily would continue working over the shaft. After this, we then see Lily go on to bounce on the cock, as Jay lie prone on his back. It's a position that sees both bouncing from Lily, as well as steady fucking by Jay. After this, things are then followed up by the action going to doggy. The camera held, as it gives us a high angle view as Jay takes it from behind, fucking the pussy at a much quicker, and harder pace than before. Jay would then offer us a close up, as we the see the penetration in doggy, momentarily from POV, prior to it returning to the previous view, and then back once more. This, before the action would then go to missionary with Lily on her back, with her legs spread wide. It's from here that Jay continues to steadily move in and out of Lily's tight young pussy. He would go on to change up his pace, going much slower, as Lily would go on to hold her legs together at her side. It continuing after, with not only Jay improving his pacing, but also soon dragging Lily to the edge of the bed, where he would finish the job, maintaining his pacing, until he must finally cum. It is then that he positions himself over Lily's face to jerk his cock. with the end result being Jay dropping a load onto Lily's face for the finish.

The Review //
Today, I check out another scene from Jay's POV. As many sites within the industry are doing at present, this scene from director JayRock, is another one that just so happens to embrace the current times of the world. This is as Lily Larimar and JayRock, in the scene, portray a pair of stepsiblings who find themselves financially strapped due to the ongoing pandemic. Lily Larimar, is a young teenage girl, who is always looking for ways to make some extra cash, especially during these uncertain times. Well, it's via her friends, Lily is sure that she has found the ideal way to make a quick buck. It is an idea that she of course runs by her brother JayRock, as he is also someone who has been without a form of income over the last couple of months. To sum it up, Lily wants to take nude pictures of herself, and she wants Jay to be the one to take them. Initially for Jay, it is an awkward situation - but in the end, money rules all, as they agree to terms to do it for just that. Jay of course tries to bargain, as he soon has Lily agree to give him 30% of all earnings. But this is a porn scenario, so you know it just does not consist of a simple nudes in front of phone camera's lens. This is because eventually, Lily somehow is successful in getting Jay to go all in, agreeing to actually perform in front of the camera, as it is all recorded. It all goes down with Lily finally agreeing to split the earnings between the two of them evenly.

Said blowjob is done for the sake of the video. However, it's after this, that the story goes on to progress, and I will say that it progresses quite nicely. This, as I felt that where the story would go from here, being quite fun. Here's what happens. Lily and Jay do the blowjob that both agreed upon. However, it's after, that Jay finds himself in a little bit of a predicament. The predicament being that after, his cock is still full-on hard. Jay says that in order for it to "go down", he needs to cum. It's then that Lily looks to sort of return the favor, when she lets it be known that she is down to get him off, should he also she snap some pics with cum on her face. The opening blowjob is then followed by it continuing on the bed. Lily finds herself between Jay's legs, as she lie flat on her stomach, to continue to administer fellatio. It's here that Lily continues to playfully work over the dick, as she mostly slurp and suck on the head, and lick along the shaft. It's also before it is all over and done, that she also gives attention to Jay's balls as well. What I liked about the blowjob portion of the scene is the undeniable eye contact which Lily manages to keep with the camera during this time. The next order of business would be reverse cowgirl which begins with Lily rocking back on the dick. It's action that would go on to include she bouncing at a much quicker pace, as well as Jay himself fucking back fast and hard. I must point out that some of the footage especially in the beginning of this position, was unfortunately somewhat out of focus for a moment. The good thing is though, that the focus straightens itself out near the end of said position, as we see Lily's ass bounce, as she ride the dick rather quickly. I will say the view of both of Lily's asshole and pussy from here is a good one. And speaking of a good look of Lily from behind, the position that would follow would also serve up another one. This, being as the action goes to doggy next. From this position, Jay takes Lily from behind as the camera is initially at an high angle from the side. It's during that we see Jay initially drill Lily's pussy fast and hard. It is here that we see Lily's butt bounce off of him, as he digs in deep. Not only this, he eventually takes the camera around to the back, for a full POV from behind. It is by the camera here, that we are fed tremendous detail of the ongoing penetration, as Jay go on to pull his hard cock in and out of Lily's slippery, wet hole. The camera would eventually, and briefly return to the side angle view, before once again returning to the view from the back. Only this time around, Lily is up on her knees, from here, as she pushes her ass out towards the camera to very nice effect. The scene would go on to feature next, the position of missionary. It's here that the two remain for an extended period before finally closing out the action. Here in the beginning, we see Lily look up at the camera, while she take dick from Jay as he keeps up a steady pace. In between, there is a time that Lily hold her legs together as they are high and tight in the air. as Jay continues his deep plow. It's at this point that he slow things down, occupying long strokes, as he takes things deeply. The nice long strokes look good from this viewpoint. However, the missionary would continue as a cut has things progress with Jay pulling Lily to the edge of the bed where he would go on to continue his consistent pacing. Here, the action continues with he going much harder, and faster than the first half of the scene as Jay go on to continue until he must cum. It is then, as per the story, that Jay go on to blast lily in the face with his load just as she wanted.

Well, when it comes to this scene, I will say that it is one that just happens to get off to a rather slow beginning. This including a good portion of the opening minutes being taken up by a blowjob segment, that I felt seemed to go on a little too long. This is not to say that this portion of the scene wasn't good per se. It's simply made the scene drag along somewhat. As said, it's after, that things go on to see Lily ride the cock in reverse cowgirl, as Jay lie back to allow it. In all honesty, this wasn't my favorite part of the scene, although the positioning does offer us a few good looks at Lily's backside. No, it wasn't until the next position came, that I finally felt that the scene begin to get some kind of footing. When the action takes up for doggy next, as Jay take Lily from behind, we see Jay go on to take charge much more, and that is what I like to see. It's from here that the action is much more quicker and harder, as Jay go on to slam the pussy. And then we also get the extreme close up view of the cock penetrating the pussy - and boy is that great. In my opinion, Jay happens to be one of the best when it comes to shooting and executing close-ups in this manner. It's just so hot. The scene from here continues, as things would go on to go out with a very nice showing, as the two performers are consistent in their action. This, as the two stages of missionary occur before it is all said and done.

Though this scene gets off to a rather slow start, I was happy to find that eventually it would pick up steam, taking us out on a pleasing note, as the performers are able to maintain a level of energy during the scene's final two positions consecutively. So, in other words, it gets off to a slow start only to end on the flipside. With that said, although I believe that the scene isn't great all around, so to speak, it does offer some great moments within. Because of this, I would go ahead and that is an ok watch, it based on its best qualities alone. In closing, I do like watching Lily Larimar perform, though. Not only is she young and hot, she brings with her a level of playful enthusiasm and vigor to her scenes. She is definitely one to watch, for sure! 

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