Nikole Nash Needs a Good Fuck From Her Friend's Dad (2020)

by - September 10, 2020

 Starring:  Nikole Nash // Ryan McLane 
Directed by: 
Runtime: 32 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Nikole Nash having taken an offer to become someone's roommate. The story begins with the roommate introducing Nikole to the place. He gives her a tour of each and every room of the house. There's the first living room, a storage place, a second living area, the guy's own bedroom. As well as Nikole's bedroom and bathroom, and also a common area which he says that she is free to use as she pleases. Nikole likes the place upon first glance. However, she is quick to find out that her new roommate is a little too possessive. It appears that he has claimed almost every area of the house. He has even put a time limit during which Nikole is allowed to use the kitchen. That being 5 to 10pm each day. The guy's possessive nature is quite startling to Nikole. However, nothing is more startling than when the roommate not only makes sexually suggestive comments about what she's wearing - he goes as far as to get a little touchy with her(he even smells her).  After this Nikole is of course, more than a little creeped out by the roommate, and so she has no other choice but to call on someone for help. That someone, being her best friend Spencer's dad, Ryan McLane. She gives Ryan a call, and he is there rather quickly to comfort her. It is then via their conversation that we come to find out that it was actually Ryan who arranged for Nikole to stay at the house, as he has paid her way. We also find out that it is with he that Nikole had a previous fling. This, being something that Nikole obviously wants to follow-up up on, when she begs her friend's dad to stay the night, or for them to go at it, at least one last time. Ryan is initially hesitant, saying that the fling that they had, was simply just that. That, they had just got caught up in a bit of role-playing and that it ended there. However, Nikole is just not ready to take no for an answer, as she pours on the charm. It is charm that Ryan cannot resist in the end, as he soon, although hesitantly gives into temptation. A sexual encounter between the two of them begins from there.

Playfully, passionate kissing, eventually leads to Ryan going down on Nikole to eat her pussy. It is from here, that both his mouth and tongue go to work as he bury his face in deep. Next likewise, Nikole would return the favor by sucking Ryan's cock. She take it deep into her throat, as well as use her tongue on it at the head. Things continue next with the action going to standard cowgirl as Nikole step over to mount Ryan. It's in this position, that we see a combination of Nikole bouncing, as well as Ryan taking over to fuck quickly. After this, the reverse variation of the position is seen. It's a position that sees Ryan go on to fuck the pussy good and hard, making Nikole cum on the dick. It's then that she immediately follows up with she sucking the cock clean, prior to reverse cowgirl once again resuming, with Ryan going even faster, and harder than before. However, it is a position that they soon must move on from. This, as we then go right to missionary, and then into doggy, before it is lastly spoon. It is during the spoon position, that we see Ryan keep it up, until he finally must cum. He then go on to jerk his cock over Nikole for the finish, as he deposit a load onto her face.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from the NAUGHTY AMERICA series, "My Daughter's Hot Friend", as it is Nikole Nash, paired together with Ryan McLane. As they are the dad and hot friend in question. As with all of the scenes in this series, it is one that presents a storyline. One with a bit of a comedic tone. Having recently been kicked out of her previous residence. In this story, Nikole Nash finds herself moving in with a complete stranger. However, it does not take her long to find herself a little bit uneasy with her new roommate. It's apparent that the new roommate is very controlling and also possessive, as he immediately makes specific rooms in the house off-limits. He has even set specific rules about the house. In other words, he's a douche bag. It would seem that Nikole is willing to blow all of this off, and just go it it. However, she somewhat draws the line when the new roommate begins to get a little touchy-feely, if you will. He makes sexually-charged comments about her clothes, and lastly, he gropes her, once the two of them reach her bedroom. It's enough creepiness to have Nikole call upon her friend's dad, her secret lover to make the save. However, the sexual encounter which is the subject of the scene comes about when just having Ryan's comfort, just isn't quite enough for Nikole. She needs his experienced, fatherly touch as well. This, despite Ryan doing everything he can to try to resist.

When it comes to the storyline here, being familiar with the series, I was pretty much well aware of what kind of storyline I would be getting. One with a little bit of comedy. A scene that is a little bit silly. Here, the storyline with Nikole Nash, and her brand-new roommate, one who eventually turns out to be a little bit too creepy for she to handle, is indeed really cheesy. It's somewhat funny. Especially, seeing as it features Nikole, whom herself is a lot of fun. However, honestly speaking, when it comes to story, there isn't much of one here, other than one which exists to get us from "Point A" to "Point B". But with that said, what it does give us are the essentials when it comes to the characters occupied by Nikole and Ryan. It is via their conversation, that we not only find that Ryan is Nikole's best friend Spencer's dad, he also is sort of Nikole's "sugar daddy", so to speak. Yes, he having paid for her new place to live, and previously having had she sexually. It's this, the latter that she wants once again. This, as the end result of the scene, being Nikole getting exactly what she wants. Yes, despite some initial reservations from the married man.

Once the storyline is out of the way, we of course go into the sex. I have to say that I generally, was a lot more pleased with the sex scene than I was with the storyline itself. It's an encounter that gets right underway, as Nikole playfully lures in Ryan with her trademark dirty baby talk. She kisses his neck, and it isn't long before Ryan would go on to remove her matching leopard print panties. This then lead to Ryan going in between Nikole's spread legs to eat her pussy. Here, Ryan's muff dive is an extended affair, and for good reason. Ryan does good work on Nikole's pussy, as she lets him know it as well. Personally, I really loved hearing Nikole's dirty talk during this. I felt that with she being verbal in this manner, we were able to know exactly what she was feeling at that given moment in time. As Ryan went to town on Nikole's clit, both with his tongue and mouth, Nikole's reaction was clear. This, with the camera going on to momentarily display her reaction giving us a close up of her face. I thought it was really hot the way that Nikole at one point told Ryan that he "eats pussy like a real man". After Ryan services Nikole here, it was of course, her time to return the favor, as she go on to suck his cock. And that she does. This, as the camera gives us a great looking view of Nikole. As she is on all fours sucking dick, her beautiful pussy being close to the camera, while her ass is in the air. During this time, Nikole sucks Ryan deeply, and also toys with the head of the cock, quickly twirling her tongue around it. This, all while having a smile upon her face. After both participants have treated each other right respectively, it was of course on to the first instance of fucking, as Nikole would then go on to mount Ryan for what would be standard cowgirl. The position looks good at the start, as Nikole has her ass pushed toward the camera, as she proceeds to bounce on the dick at a steady even pace, as she look back at things as they happen. However, as the position progresses, we witness Ryan take over to fuck the pussy at a quicker pace. I have to say that this is the moment of the position that I naturally liked the most. Just seeing Ryan do work, as he pound away at Nikole's tight young pussy. We even see Nikole go on to bounce in an upright position on the cock, before once again going back to her previous position, as she look back to watch the penetration. Next up, Ryan would have Nikole then spin around, reversing the position, as we then see reverse cowgirl. It's a position that sees Nikole spreading her legs midway, as Ryan continuously hits the pussy, at a steady pace. It's action that eventually leads to Nikole to find orgasm. This, as the camera is once again able to capture her reaction. The camera is at a close view, as we witness Nikole's eyes roll back, in pure pleasure. Following this, there is a brief pause in the action, as Nikole goes down to clean Ryan's cock of her cum. Brief, because soon Nikole once again returns to her positioning in reverse cowgirl. This time however, Ryan goes on to employ a much faster and harder brand of fucking. It is action that takes the both of them to their own limits. This is a moment where the viewer could just tell that Ryan was struggling to keep it all together here, judging by his moans. The grip of Nikole's tight pussy just being so good, that he almost doesn't endure. It's as a result, that the next position, is quickly taken. That position being missionary, as Nikole is then on her back. Here with her legs spread, Ryan wastes no time, as he puts it right back into her pussy to further carry out the pacing that he keep from the previous position. In my opinion, this was a great transition from one position to the next. The way that Ryan was pretty much able to rebound, after almost losing it, was great. Now, I'm not naïve. There may have been a cut here - But I don't think this was the case. The two went right into the next position, with Ryan maintaining his composure, fucking the pussy hard and fast. Here, his in and out, is quick, as Nikole encourages him, furthering things along with her dirty talk. The thing that was great about this position is that the camera was right there. Still on display is very nice camerawork, as it closes in on Nikole's pussy, as it catches dick. I just loved the view. Just a crisp, clean view of Ryan straight hammering. It's great stuff. Following this missionary, the scene is down to two final positions. That being doggy and spoon. The first position sees Ryan take Nikole from behind to initially fuck normally in the straightaway. This, before then switching his stance, as he proceed to half straddle Nikole's ass to go deep. This, as we see him get a grip on Nikole's bubble butt. Following this, the position is changed, as there is then a smooth transition to the aforementioned spoon. It is here that Ryan continues to maintain his steady pace as he had for most of the scene. This lasting until he finally builds himself up to climax. The scene closes out with Ryan kneeling over Nikole, whose again on her back, as he finishes up by dropping a load near her mouth.

In short, I would say that this is a scene that I was very pleased with. The opening storyline was one that I found being okay,  but not great. It was a little humorous, however basic in my opinion. For a scene such as this one, I have a feeling that most of the audience will not mind it, though. Luckily, when it comes to the sexual encounter between Nikole Nash and Ryan McLane, the end result is much more rewarding for sure. It's a sex scene that gets off to a slow start. However, it's one that is progressive. Meaning that the action within, just gets better and better, as it moves along. When it comes to Nikole Nash. Well what can I say? She's Nikole Nash. Though she is a fairly new, Nikole happens to be popping up just about everywhere right now. And it is with good reason. This girl has an undeniable presence. A likable presence that you just want to see more and more of. And don't worry, as it seems as though that is exactly what we will be getting. That is something that I personally don't mind, because Nikole has quickly become one of my favorite performers. She is simply one of my favorite people. As I said above, she is a lot of fun, and she also brings that to her scenes. She's a bubbly youngster, who brings enthusiastic energy to her sexual performances. Not to mention, that her playful kind of dirty talk makes her that much more likable. She does a sexy job of talking Ryan along here. And speaking of the male talent, Ryan McLane, I have to say, does a very good job of maintaining. As said, the scene is of a progressive nature. And with that, it seems as though Ryan, just needed a moment to warm up. However once he did, it was all good stuff from there. As I said, in the middle of the scene, Nikole's pussy seemed to be almost too much to bare(I mean, duh), but he stuck it out. Overall, Ryan gives the pussy a nice hammering, and it plays out well on screen. The scene does have more things to enjoy about it than not. Therefore, I do recommend it! The performers do well together here, and when it comes to Nikole Nash in particular, I cannot praise her enough. 

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