Lust Filled (2020)

by - September 13, 2020

 Starring: Liz Jordan // Owen Gray
Directed by: Owen Gray
Runtime: 33 mins.

Scene Breakdown //

Positions Seen //
- missionary (x4)
- doggy(x2)
- standard cowgirl(x3)
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from the website, DEEP LUSH. The site, which is presented by and features, male performer, Owen Gray. It's a scene, which finds Gray once again in a very lucky position, as he finds himself paired with a young and tight 19-year-old in Liz Jordan. It is the first time that they have ever had sex together, and their eagerness for it shows. This, as the two of them waste no time at all getting things started. Yes here, there is no storyline setup of any kind. Just flat out, to the point sexual intercourse.

Things get started with a round of passionate kissing, shared between the two. This, as Liz is seated on the couch and Owen stands in between her legs. This kissing soon sees Owen go on to thrust his hips in between her thighs, without removing his jeans. However, it's from there that Owen gets right down to business as he go down on Liz with his mouth and tongue, as he moves her white lace panties aside. This would also go on to include Owen, also deeply fingering Liz's pussy from there as well. It is soon back to the passionate kisses, as Owen would proceed to get his cock out and fuck, as his pants still remain on at this point. It's here that things are nicely done, as Owen is able to maintain a steady pace. What I found to be really sexy here, is the fact that the two performers never take the focus off of one another. It is here, and elsewhere during the scene, that you notice them, and the fact that they continuously stare into each other's eyes. These two truly have a connection, and it shows, as they never lose sight of one another. They even have great communication between them. The next position in the scene is in doggy, as Liz, is made to assume the position on all fours. It's from there that Owen takes Liz from behind, as he maintain a steady pace. I liked that here, Owen fucks at an increasing rate. One that gets faster and harder over time. You just have to like the way that Owen just jabs his cock into Liz's tight young pussy. The next position is standard cowgirl, as Owen takes a seat on the couch, in order for Liz to mount him. It's with this position that I have to say that we have some very nice camera angles. We begin the position with a view from the side. This would show us, Liz looking great, as she goes on to sit in an upright position as she bounce on the dick. Man, does Liz's booty look great here? It just looks fantastic. as it slams against Owen. However, if that was not not enough, the side camera angle view is then followed up by one from behind. It's a view that would of course give us a view of Liz's anally untested butthole. This is as Owen continues to steadily fuck. We would also see Liz grind on the cock a bit, prior to she leaning forward in the position to take it even more from Owen. Owen would then continue things after that taking the action into missionary, as Liz is on her back on the couch. Owen from here, fucks it deep, before he decides to bring in an Hitachi for some extra fun. It's the combination of the Hitachi vibrator, and Owen's cock. The two in tandem, soon causing Liz to come to hard orgasm. Next up, the action logically moves on to see him following up with missionary from here. What I enjoyed particularly about this position, is that again their eye contact never ceases. Not to mention that the two of them stare into each other's eyes as Owen, soon goes on to apply a choke hold who is as he drives himself even further into the pussy. After this, Liz goes on to work on Owen's cock and balls, as she has her eyes on us. The next position in the scene is reverse cowgirl, as the action brilliantly transitions to the next. It is here that Liz would be on her knees as she go on to bounce back on the dick, that takes the plunge. In my opinion, I really liked this transition. It is nicely captured via some nice camerawork. which puts the action right in our faces basically. This close up view is however, somewhat brief. But with that said, the action would continue with a side view, which happens to be just as good as the previous one. It's from said position, that we get a look at Liz's arching back, as well as her backside, as she continues to bounce at a steady pace as she, leans forward. Following this, is reverse cowgirl. However, it's back to missionary once again, only this time Owen is on the couch, and also, this time around, he is without his pants on,. It's here that, unlike the previous round of the position, Owen goes much harder, and he takes himself much deeper here, we even see him spank Liz's ass a little during the process. As the doggy position continues, we also would see Owen half straddle the ass, and dig in. In another repeat, the action next would once again visit missionary. This time, it is only from the opposite end of the couch. Owen fucks steady, until soon, he is once again in between Liz's legs to pump steadily, and in the meantime, we also see the two of them exchanging passionate kisses once more. The position would progress soon, finding he pinning Liz's legs back to go in. This position soon finding Owen going in for the plow, as Liz's legs are pinned back, with Owen driving it deep. I felt as though, this was a nice looking set up, as it was one that allowed the two performers to stare deeply into one another's eyes. After, Liz's legs remain pushed back by Owen, as he once more go on to eat pussy. However, a change is up next, change is good. This, as the two leave the couch, to take to the floor, as it is again that we see standard cowgirl. This time out, Liz bounces in an upright position, as she supports herself by leaning back into a chair. Again, nice camerawork here captures, each and every steady bounce along the way. After that short departure, it is back to the couch, as the action would continue in cowgirl, as Liz mounts Owen with her ass facing the camera. I really liked the side view from here. Things begin with Liz, who slowly bounces on the dick, sometime prior to Owen taking over, and taking charge, as he fuck at a quicker pace. The view from the camera here is another one that is very nice. It's a view that sees Liz's booty on very nice display. Owen serves up another delicious view, as he grips and spreads it is during this. One final position would be in the cards, as we finally reach the end, as Owen returns to fucking the pussy in missionary. It's from here that Owen works to keep up a steady pace of in and out. Here, he manages to keep it up as he plug the pussy. Owen would of course do so until he builds himself up to climax. It is at that moment that we learn that Liz wants he to cum inside of her. How the scene comes to an end is that per her request. This, as he Fills her young pussy with a hot load. The final thing that we view here, is a close up view of said creampie, as it oozes out of Liz's teenage love hole.

To sum up the scene, I will say that I did enjoy it overall. The passionate kisses between the two of them at the beginning of the scene somewhat begins things at a slower pace. Otherwise, I was happy to see that the action did pick up, once we got the opening foreplay out of the way and done with. From there, the rest of the action in the scene is fairly solid, in my opinion. As I pointed out, I really enjoyed the way that eye contact was maintained throughout the scene. This, as the two of them stare directly at each other, often times with Liz getting pounded hard. Even still, the eye contact remained. It was indeed hot. As mentioned above. I thought that the camerawork offered some great stuff. Here, I especially did enjoy the many views of young Liz's ass. This was my first time seeing her perform after discovering her on social media first. But I do have to say that I did enjoy what I saw from her here. Owen Gray on the other hand, gives some very solid work. as he shows just what it is that makes he a pro. I, of course enjoyed a lot, the moments which saw Owen fuck hard. With that said, this is a scene that I would recommend seeing if you so choose to. Collectively, Liz Jordan and Owen Gray work together well here, to create a lustful scene.

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