Fucked Out of Frame (2020)

by - September 25, 2020

 Starring:  Rocky Emerson // Small Hands
Directed by: 
Runtime: 33 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a nicely dressed gentleman(Small Hands) strolling through an art gallery. He casually touches a few of the pieces hanging on the walls. However, he finds himself instantly distracted when he comes across the gallery's most unique of all art pieces. As the man watches in wonder, the woman on the canvas(Rocky Emerson) comes alive before him, and proceeds to touch herself. This, including masturbation. The woman gives the gentleman a nice show, showing off her slender curves. Complete with her pussy and asshole. He is stunned by what he sees, as he goes on to hand the mysterious woman a bottle of oil. It is after the fact, that she goes on to lube herself up. This, as she continues to touch herself. However, in the process, the canvas becoming extremely slippery, causing the woman to slide right off of it, and onto the floor. This, as the two go on to engage in a rough round of intercourse.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- missionary (anal) (x2)
- back facing side fuck
- doggy
- doggy (anal)(x2)
- side fuck (anal) (x3)
- spoon (anal) (x3)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)
- standing side fuck (anal)

The Review //
For today's review, it's art imitating sex in this scene from BRAZZERS, which features Rocky Emerson and Small Hands. Imagine yourself slowly browsing through an art gallery when suddenly, something catches your eye. That something being a figure from a painting, a beautiful woman, coming to life before your eyes. Well, that is exactly what happens to Small Hands in this offering, as part of a creative opening segment. When it comes to the segment, it is somewhat brief, but I have to give it to them for the creativity brought forth. It is here, that we have Rocky Emerson - the tall beauty coming to life on a canvas, one shot in overhead to give the illusion that she is hanging up on the wall, and moving within a frame on said canvas. This, before she of course, miraculously comes to life, sliding off the canvas after the use of some oil. It's obvious in the of shooting the canvas, that we of course know that the prop has been shot from the ground up. However, you still have to give credit. It's a fun little vignette.

When it comes to any story here, it's all but brief, as we quickly then go into the sexual encounter between Rocky and Small Hands. It all begins with they further utilizing the oil, as Small Hands positions Rocky on a furniture piece. From here, they exchange kisses, Smalls rubbing on her pussy. However, Rocky goes to work on him. She first take both of Smalls' balls into her mouth, prior to licking along the shaft. She next of course, takes the cock into her mouth. This, also including Small Hands fucking her face. It's the start of fluid action between them. We then go to missionary, as Smalls enters Rocky's pussy for the first time. It's here that in between, we see him apply light chokeholds to Rocky, as he fuck deep and hard. It's during this hard fucking, that Smalls is successful in making her squirt. After which he goes down on her to taste. With her legs held high and pinned back, he then take the opportunity to put a finger into her inviting ass. It's a combination of he fingering her butt, along with rubbing her clit, that is enough to keep Rocky wet. However, next up Smalls goes on to replace his finger with something bigger. Of course, that being his cock, as we are then on course for anal sex. I really liked this transition between the finger play to anal, I have to admit. It just looked really poetic the way that Rocky goes on to stare deeply into Smalls' eyes, as he himself go deeply into her ass. This, as her legs are pinned back as far as she can manage. Small Hands, is relentless in his approach of fucking. One of the key moments of this position comes when he puts Rocky into a sort of front half Nelson hold, as he has his arm tightly wrapped around one of rocky's legs, and also her neck simultaneously. This, as he continue to deeply drive in his cock as the butt fucking continues. We then continue with the nice looking views, as Rocky is positioned for side fucking, with her back facing the camera. It's from this position that Smalls, again go on to penetrate Rocky's tight ass deeply. This was another great position to see, as Rocky once again keeping the eye contact with her scene partner. The chemistry between them is very apparent. This position would also be before the first instance of ass to mouth, as Rocky go on to taste herself off of Smalls' cock. Rocky truly is a nasty one, and Small Hands is sure to remind her of that, on numerous occasions throughout the encounter. After the tasting occurs, it's then on to doggy. This, as Small Hands goes on to fuck Rocky from behind. From this position, she's positioned with her face down and ass up for the taking of dick. It's here that we see Smalls alternate between holes, going from pussy to ass easily. However, he would soon settle for the ass, drilling it hard, eventually positioning Rocky's arms behind her back, to get some good leverage. This was indeed great stuff, watching smalls alternate between Rocky's two openings was really hot. Here, we see Rocky take a very hard pounding in her ass especially. The doggy would then continue with the two of them standing, prior to the action soon going to again, side fuck. Only, this time Rocky would face the camera. Her legs are held tightly from this position, as Smalls goes on to cram it in. This would soon move smoothly to spoon. Here, it is another very good look, as Rocky is wide open for the taking, with her legs spread wide. Smalls, continues to fuck the ass good. As I said, this was a very nice looking position to find these two performers in. The long legs of Rocky being open, with Smalls also simultaneously making sure to rub her pussy as well. This would again go back to side fuck. Both with Rocky's legs open, and then closed tightly. After this they would then change positions, with Small Hands, then positioning himself on his back. This, as Rocky proceed to then straddle him with her back to him, as the action then progress to reverse cowgirl. It's from here, that we see Smalls maintain a steady pace of in and out of the ass. Again, this is just great looking stuff From this point on, Rocky looks great, as her ass is impaled by the hard cock. She, with her legs spread wide, and her feet planted firmly to take it. We would then have a moment of stand up doggy, but what I liked about this would be the soon transition to standing side fuck. Boy, did this look great. Here, Small Hands, holds up one of Rocky's legs, as he continues to drill the ass hard. This, being as, he and she looks directly into each other's eyes, as this fucking continues on. Immediately following this, they make a return to missionary, after Smalls gets another taste of Rocky's pussy. It is more of the same that we had seen prior, with the end result, soon seeing Rocky once again come to squirting orgasm. It would then lead the way for a return to spoon. Small hands goes on to fuck the ass at a quick and steady pace. What I enjoyed about this instance of spoon, happens to be that Smalls, also during the process, plants a couple fingers deep into Rocky's pussy. As a response, Rocky says something about she loving the way that Smalls fills her up. How much more sexy can you get? After another brief instance of ass to mouth tasting, Smalls continues where he left off, as it is once again back to spoon thereafter. This time, we see Rocky have her legs tightly closed, and momentarily Smalls wrapping his arm around her neck, as he goes deep. The action would then lastly pick up in a round of missionary. This, is as Rocky urges Small Hands to fuck her ass until he come. He does just that, as soon after he stands over her face while jerking his cock aimed at her mouth as he soon shoot a load. This signaling the finish of this rather rough scene.

As I just said this scene, although with its humble beginnings of a painting figure springing to sexual life, is rather rough, featuring two very good performers, who have very good chemistry between one another. These two are friends, and that comes across during a sex scene such as this one. This is a sexual performance that gets straight to the point, wasting no time, following a short artistic opening segment. And speaking of artistic, that is a word that could be applied to just about every sexual position seen here. Almost all of them looking picturesque, and photo ready. I have to say that I found it to be really hot overall. I had a really good time watching Small Hands maintain a steady performance throughout, as he gets to bang each of this tall tattooed beauty's holes. And bang he does. Here, he fucks Rocky hard. So hard, in fact, that he drives her to multiple squirting orgasms over the course of this 33 minute scene. Yes, while it may be 33 minutes in length, each of those minutes are packed with raw, and uninhibited sex. As I said above, I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two of them. Especially, during the moments which Small Hands can be heard calling Rocky by her name. This, as he tell Rocky how sexy she is, and how nasty she is, and so on. These two talents were completely connected here, and it shows on screen, making this a scene that is very enjoyable when it comes to the sexual material. It's for this reason that I do not hesitate to recommend it to you for your own viewing pleasure. When it comes to overall storyline it is short on it, but it's fun while it lasts. However, what really counts is a sexual activity found within. These two gave it their all in front of the camera. It's great action to see, indeed. 

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