ExCoGi.com: Bailey Base (Sept. 17, 2020)

by - September 29, 2020

 Starring:  Bailey Base // Jake Adams
Directed by: ExCoGi Steve // Jake Adams
Runtime: 1 hr. 36 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Things begin with Jake Adams welcoming Bailey Base into the back of director Steve's Porsche when they pick her up. Almost immediately, Jake is amazed by how cute Bailey is. A fact that she says she is kind of aware of with a giggly response. Jake then goes on to then go into some questions that he has for her. Such as, what made her want to get into the adult entertainment business? She says that it has been something that she had been contemplating for some time now. However, seeing as she was in a relationship with a boyfriend that was insecure, Bailey was unable to act on her desire. Until that all changed. She says that after a year and 1/2 in said relationship, that they had recently broken up. Thus giving Bailey free range to do as she pleases. We then go on to get a little bit of sexual history from Bailey. She says that it all started when she lost her virginity at the age of 14, during her 8th grade, or freshman year of High School. She says from that point on, she was in a relationship for some two years. It was after that, that she went on to do a little bit of sexual exploration if you will. This, as Jake goes on to ask about how many guys she has been with. How big they were - the biggest that she's ever been with. You know, the essentials. After asking she if she has ever recorded herself having sex, Jake then looks to have some fun, as he slyly asks Bailey to strip down. Something that Bailey has no problem doing.

Positions Seen (Car) //
- cowgirl
- missionary
- reverse cowgirl

After this, we then pick things back up, when Bailey, and the guys reach their destination and take up in a hotel room, for things to officially get underway. 

Positions Seen (Hotel Room) //
- missionary(x2)
- side fuck
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy
- lazy dog

The Review //
Today I am back with another review for a scene from the website, EXPLOITED COLLEGE GIRLS(or ExCoGi for short). This time, the director Steve, and performer/director Jake Adams, introduce us to one Bailey Base, a lively petite brunette newbie, who here, participates in what is only her second on-screen sex scene.

Like the most recent scenes seen from ExCogi, we first see the guys pick up our featured starlet for the day in Steve's nice Porsche. It's a vehicle that one probably doesn't attribute to being a potential site of some wild in-car sex. But after all, this is ExCoGi, so that is exactly what we get to kick things off. But first, it's not before Jake gets to know Bailey a little better, to sort of calm any nerves that may be existing. Yes, after getting a short history of Bailey's sexual activity, it's on to test Bailey's wild nature. And it all begins with a little "show and touch", if you will. Bailey shows, and Jake touches. Jake proceeds with a little bit of friendly fingering. This, as Jake comes to know that Bailey enjoys having things deeply in her pussy. This initial stage of sex, being really hot. I just love the way that Bailey looked at Jake. Looked into his eyes, in an almost euphoric state. Her eyes would roll back, as Jake would plunge his fingers deeper. It's Following this, that Jake has Bailey lie back in the seat of the car. This, as she has her legs held high, and spread wide, as he has she play with herself for a brief while. It's brief, because Jake then takes it upon himself to go down on Bailey, with his mouth and tongue. This of course, sends her eyes rolling back into her head once again. Especially, after he goes on to finger her pussy deep with one hand, and rub her clit with the other. This ending was she sitting upright. She then goes on to follow this up by reciprocating, as she next go down on Jake, prior to saddling up to ride in cowgirl. I was really surprised by the excitement with which she directly went into things. She was indeed ready for this, not having any hesitation. You just have to love the fact that this girl had a smile on her face the whole entire time. It's from here, that we see Bailey both bounce and grind on the dick, as well as Jake fucking at a quick pace. I really enjoyed the moment here, when we see Jake push back on Bailey as she bounced, as to open things up for the camera. It's at this point, that we see her feet planted on the car seat in a stationary position, as Jake's cock go in and out, at a steady pace. After this, Bailey is again on her back across the two seats. Things see Jake briefly go down on her again, before putting it back in, as the action then take to missionary. It's from here that Jake continues hard pounding eventually, and Bailey's pussy takes it well. We then see them pick up the action in reverse cowgirl, as the two sit upright. It's from here, that Jake goes on to experience his most even in and out, as he goes essentially balls deep into Bailey's young pussy. After a brief time we see Bailey positioned, as she leans back to exchange kisses with Jake. Before this position is over, we have she with her legs spread wide. It really is a picture-perfect pose for the tight petite. It's after Bailey goes on to once again suck Jake's cock clean that the beginning car romp come to a close.

This opening round of car sex, I have to say, was as amazing for the viewer, as Bailey says it was for her after it was all over. It's in this segment that this new girl, comes at us like someone who has been prepared for this for quite some time. The fact that all of this was being recorded, didn't seem to faze her in the least bit. In fact, she didn't even seem intimidated by the much more camera experienced Jake, as she just dove right in, completely surrendering herself. And completely having fun with the spontaneous opportunity. As I said, I really like the fact that she did everything with a smile on her face. It was clear to me, as a viewer that she was totally enjoying herself. I mean, she rode Jake hard, and just went after it.

To open this examination, I just have to say right from the beginning, that it is a scene that sees the newcomer go on to really impress with flying colors.

After getting into the hotel room, Jake once again has Bailey introduce herself by saying her name. He also asks her if she enjoyed what went down in the car before their arrival to the room. This is followed by he having her stand to show off her small stature, as she turn around and lift up her skirt to show her panty-clad ass. It's a sight that Jake enjoys so much, that he goes ahead by having she strip down completely. Something that Bailey does right away. Things begin with a little bit of masturbatory foreplay. The very brief solo session soon grows by one, as Jake cannot contain himself as he involve both his eager fingers, as well as the use of a magic wand. It starts with Bailey using the Hitachi on herself, before Jake doubles it up, shoving his fingers deep simultaneously. This soon leads her to squirting orgasm. This is something that leaves Bailey happy, as Jake then continues. His fingers, once again eventually causing another instance of girl cum. Things are off to a great start from here, clearly. This eventually graduates, as Jake continues to finger deep, as Bailey sucks Jake's cock simultaneously. I have to say that the camera set up in this instance was phenomenal. One of the trademarks of ExCoGi, is of course the use of split screen styling. Well, it is used in this moment of the scene, and I have to say that it is put to great use. This. as one side of the screen shows Jake fingering the pussy, as the other of course, demonstrating Bailey sucking dick. We truly have the best of both worlds going on with this. The next order of business however, is Jake then going down on Bailey just prior to entering her, as he penetrate her in the missionary position. Jake is really attentive in this moment, as he communicates with Bailey, as he go on to slowly ease it in at her pace. This is a position that would gradually work up to a faster speed, as he goes deeper in. Again the camerawork here is great, as we have a fantastic overhead view. What I liked about this particular view is, that due to Bailey being so short, both of her feet in this position are scene on-screen as she spread across while taking the dick. It just looks amazing! "Fuck, she's hot!" is what I said to myself during this moment. She truly is! The camera once again great from here. It's right in on the action. This, including some close up work as well. The two performers break from missionary for a time, as they go over to side fuck, as Jake has Bailey close her legs tightly, and to spread her ass, as he go in at a steady pace. It is then a little bit longer in missionary, before there is a break in the action which shows Bailey spreading her pussy for the camera at the urging of Steve. Steve then goes on to capture this spread with a close up detailed view of Bailey's pink. After a water break, the footage cuts to then Bailey going on to climb on to ride. This is action that I must slow the review down a bit to properly acknowledge. That's because, as it turns out riding on the dick, is something that Bailey Base definitely excels in, as she shows tremendous confidence and skill in doing the act. Here, not only do we see she bounce, and Jake of course fuck her back, we see her grind hard, and it is indeed not only the highlight of the position, it's one of the several highlights of the entire scene itself. My God, can this girl ride a cock! She is so damn good at this, that we almost see Jake himself fucked into submission. Yes, during this position, Jake lets it be known frantically that he almost came early. Something that he says never happens to him. In a humorous reply to this, Bailey says that she does that to a lot of guys. This, as she further turns us all on that much more, with as I said previously, her undeniable confidence. With that said, Bailey's grinding isn't the only key moment of this very position, as we also see Jake to his own credit, pound the pussy hard. It's action that is again, nicely captured by the split screen approach. They would also go on to have more of this in the reverse variation of cowgirl after. However, following that position, would come Bailey's favorite position. That being doggy. It was also doggy that Bailey expressed some opening concerns saying that sometimes when being fucked by a big dick in said position that it would cause her some degree of pain. Jake then answered her concerns by saying that he would go gentle on her. And as we see this positioning take place, we see that Jake sticks to his word. However, once things were warmed up Jake would then go on to quicken the pace, fucking harder. Deeper. Despite her reservations at the beginning, it's here that she would go on to surprise us when she takes Jake's hard pounding with ease. And better yet, she does so with a smile on her face. Even at times giggling. This particular position would also go on to feature one of my favorite alterations of the position. The lazy dog/dead dog variation, which sees the female lie flat on her stomach, as the male fully straddle the legs to pound it in. I have to mention that this begins with a very nice close-up of the penetration straight on, as Jake first is briefly in half straddle. Following this position, would be reverse cowgirl once again, which would happen to be the scene's final set up. This time around, it is captured in the straightaway, at a distance. First with Bailey's legs spread wide and her feet planted firm. However soon enough, we see her leaned back with her legs up in the air. Again showing off her very cute stature. Bailey is all smiles, and looking all adorable-like. However, this is brief, as Jake once again takes over, slamming her down, as he is obviously determined to reach his climax. It's a short time later, that the two of them are off the bed, as Jake then stand over Bailey. This, as she immediately goes to suck his balls as he jerk his cock. From there, it's not long until the ExCoGi 10 second cumshot countdown is in effect. As the timer reaches one, we see Jake shoot a big load. which is aimed at Bailey's mouth. It's a low that shoots out with force, with most of it missing it's target. The shot hits Bailey partially in the eye, and so we soon follow her into the bathroom after, as she attempts to get it out. She does so, and it is soon on to the scene closing shower segment. This has Bailey comes to tell us what she enjoyed about the day before and after.

ExCoGi, is a website that does a great job of introducing us to emerging talents, who are looking to, or are just starting to break into the industry. I have greatly benefited as a reviewer by covering their scenes, as I have come to know some great performers at their earliest stage. In the case of this scene, I have to say that Steve and Jake have done it once again, as they bring us another hot talent in Bailey Base. Personally, I believe that this girl is on her way to much fandom and overall success within the industry. She has both the looks and the presence, and most of all the enjoyment of sex to take her far. While watching her here, you can just tell that this girl just loves sex. Further proving this, is that she is really skilled at fucking. Even at her young age of 19. Here, I think that she impressed both Steve and of course Jake, who at times could barely maintain his composure. She impressed those guys, and she definitely impressed myself as well. This was only her second on-screen sex scene, with the first one being the day before with the ExCoGi network site BACKROOM CASTING COUCH - and it was in anal scene no less! I believe that this girl is on to big things. What a little firecracker she is. She's an instant favorite for me, for sure, and I cannot wait to write about her again.  This is a scene that I highly recommend checking out for your own viewing pleasure. The scene consists of very nice looking camerawork. Both in set up, and in execution. This, along with raw, passionate and hard sex, make this one that you do not want to pass up! 

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