My Cousin's Dream (2020)

by - September 29, 2020

 Starring:  Lily Glee // Michael Swayze
Directed by: 
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
This scene sees Lily Glee and Michael Swayze, revisiting their childhood roots, as they go back to their family vacation home for the first time as adults. They have come to the house on the beach to have a little fun, Especially, seeing as there are no other family members around, as it was on the previous trips when younger. At the start, we see Lily relishing this freedom as she jump on the bed. Just as she did when she was a kid. Soon however, Michael joins her in the room, as the two of them begin to brainstorm about things that they could do while there. The topics that come to mind for them are things such as having a few beers, as well as skinny-dipping on the beach. The latter the two of them agree being something that they have never done before. It is definitely something that they look for to trying. However, they say that, that would be saved for a little later. As for now, Lily says that she should take a nap, as she finds herself a little tired. Michael then goes on to say that he will join her in the napping, and so the step cousins cuddle up on the bed together. Michael is to Lily's back, as the two of them pretty much spoon with one another. We then advance in time, as the two of them seem to be well into their nap, it's a short time later that something peculiar happens, however. This, as it seems that Michael is in the midst of a sex dream of sorts, as he proceed to essentially dry hump cousin Lily. Of course, this is enough to wake up Lily, who finds herself understandably confused. This, as Michael thrust into she, and also grab her right titty. It is at that point that Lily attempts to wake up Michael from his dream. It takes some time, but eventually, she is successful in doing so. When she questions Michael about things, it turns out that he has no idea what just has went down. But, Lily is quick to fill him in on the details. Michael doesn't believe it, as he says that he was having a dream about having sex with Megan Fox. He can't believe that he pretty much acted it out upon his cousin. Of course, both of them find the incident to be kind of funny. As a matter of fact, it's Lily herself who comes to say that she actually wouldn't mind acting out the dream in real-life. She says that she is no Megan Fox, but honestly she has always found Michael hot. Michael then saying the same about she. This, as the two of them, slowly go into a sexual encounter, which erotically begins with the two of them going on to touch each other. Michael from over Lily's rainbow striped bikini bottoms, as Lily has her hands down Michael shorts, as she grab his hard cock. It's of course that things continue from there.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- spoon
- missionary

The Review //
In this scene from the TEAM SKEET brand, FAMILY STROKES, Lily Glee and Michael Swayze are a pair of cousins. Kissing cousins, to be exact. The storyline presented to us here, finds the two cousins visiting the family beach house after some time. In reality the cousins haven't been to the house since they were younger. They look to seize the opportunity, and make the best of it. This, as they return to the house now being adults. They look to have a summer that the two of them will never forget. They can rest assure that an unforgettable summer would be exactly what they would get. This, as after the two reminisce about the past, and also plan for what they would do on this current trip, the two of them unexpectedly end up having a sexual encounter. One that begins via rather humorous circumstances. See, after they plan out what they are to do later that night, they decide to take a nap together. And it is during said nap, that Michael has his so-called sex dream. One that sees him eventually act out physically, as Lily is awakened from her own slumber to find Michael both groping. And dry humping her. Lily is not at all appalled by what occurs, as it appears that she kind of liked it. This being confirmed, when waking Michael up and telling him about the incident, she offers herself up as a means for him to act out his fantasy.

When it comes to the opening storyline, overall it is quite simple. But in the end, it ends up being somewhat fun. During about the first couple minutes, as Lily opens up the scene on her own, it appears as though she was given a few plot points to hit, while at the same time, making up the rest of her dialogue. She starts talking about she and Michael's childhood, and what they would do at the vacation house, seemingly every weekend. Here, Lily seems to just go with it, making up details on the fly to suit the scenario as best she could. We would find that once Michael Swayze joined her, that the storyline, and the dialogue basically smoothed itself out, as the two performers had each other to work off of in terms of dialogue and acting from the two of them. For as simple as this storyline set up may be, I actually really like the job that Lily and Michael did when it came to acting with each other. They worked well together, acting-wise. This, as in their dialogue, they end up trading innocent sexual jabs. Lily going on to complement Michael on his muscles, and overall physique, and Michael on the other hand, making a comment of she having a nice body(especially her ass - or "buns", as it is here referred to as). It's at this point, that it is clear that these two cousins have no reservations when it comes to getting frisky with one another.

As I said after Michael has the episode of a sex dream, it's of course then onto the sexual encounter, as Lily agrees to be the stand-in for the girl that he was thinking of during said dream(attractive actress, Megan Fox). The sexual encounter gets underway, with Lily in character. being impressed by the size of Michael's cock. She then of course, go down on him as she administer a blowjob. This blowjob looking good. I really liked that she took her time with it. Slowly sucking and tonguing along the shaft. One of the key ingredients here, being that Lily is sure to give attention to Michael's balls, as she suck on them. She would give it the same treatment, once Michael go on to stand, while she herself on her knees. Like on the bed, it is a combination of both Lily sucking, as well as Michael fucking her throat back. The two of them go into some nice fucking, as Michael goes on to stop Lily at the edge of the bed and fuck her from behind. Something that initially surprises Lily, but she is down with it. The doggy position beginning with Lily propping her right leg up on the bed. This opening herself up for the camera very nicely. It's here, that Michael goes on to maintain a steady pace of in and out. The camerawork from here is very nice also, as we have sort of a side view, as Michael steadily hits the pussy. As Michael's pace eventually becomes quicker, while he fuck harder. The camera also nicely closes in on the penetration briefly, to show great detail. The doggy would still continue on, only straightaway, with both of Lily's feet planted on the floor. The camera view would change, also taking a viewpoint from the front, as we can see Lily's full reaction from there. It is from here that Michael goes on to bang her pussy hard, as she cries out in pleasure. The next position would be standard cowgirl, as Lily climb on to ride the dick. Initially, our viewpoint is from behind as we see a combination of both Lily bouncing, as well as Michael fucking fast. However, the camera would soon change its view to one from the side. It's from here that Michael then asks Lily if she wants he to fuck her. When her answer is of course "yes", Michael then move on to fuck her deep and hard for a time. It is after this, that the cowgirl continue with Lily spreading her legs wide and planting her feet, to slam down, as her pussy take Michael's cock balls deep. The camera from this position, is initially again behind Lily. This, as we see her ass slamming down, as her pussy swallows every inch of him, while skin smacks skin. Eventually, we have the view from the front again, where we have a great look at Lily's front, as the dick penetrate her pussy. We also from the view, see Lily nicely grind on the dick - I definitely found that to be hot. Along with the previously mentioned slamming down on the dick from a view from behind. Lily has her feet once again planted on the bed as she then reverses her stance, as we continue with the reverse variation of cowgirl soon after. It is once again a combination of bouncing and fucking, even with Lily once again doing some more of the nice grinding that I love so much. She would even carry over as she leans forward to slowly grind back on the cock, prior to going back to Michael taking over. Next, positioning would be that of spoon. With Lily's back to Michael, we begin things here as Michael has a Half Nelson, around Lily, as he hook her leg tightly, and pull up as he open her legs for the taking. It's from this position that he pounds steadily. This positioning would soon end up in side fuck, seeing Lily's legs closed, as Michael continues to ram it in. It's deep fucking, that soon makes Lily cum hard. It is after the fact, that she says that she wants to suck said cum from Michael's cock, as she does just that. This, as we see get another display of very nice cocksucking from the gleeful performer. Following this, it is off to one more position. That being the position of missionary, as Lily finds herself positioned that the edge of the bed. as Michael stand at said edge to fuck. It is at first, that Michael here toy with the pussy, in and out, as Lily hold her legs up high and wide, surrendering it to him. This would eventually graduate to an even pace from Michael. We even see Lily do her famous posing in which she puts her feet behind her head. It is in this pose, that things continue, as Michael puts is cock deep into Lily. She even making mention of just how far Michael is going. After this round of fucking in missionary, Michael is finally brought to the point of his climax. This, as he quickly pulls out of Lily, jerking his cock briefly, and as a result, shooting a very nice load. A load so strong, that the jizz is shot out from a distance, yet it still manages to hit its target. That target being of course Lily's face. In my opinion it was a nice finish to a very good, energy-charged sex scene from a couple of young talents.

Overall, I thought this was a really good scene. I can't say exactly that I initially expected this scene to be as good as it actually ended up being. Especially with the very beginning of the storyline coming across as very cheesy on first impression. However, as I said, once Michael and Lily got together, both in acting and in sex, collectively this is a scene that only got better as it progressed. The sex comes across during with much energy and vigor and enjoyment from both performers. Lily Glee is of course a very good performer when it comes to both acting out parts, and as well as putting on a performance for the audience during the sexual material of her scenes. It is during the scene that we see Lily really engage with Michael sexually, and with that, Michael himself reciprocates by giving it 100%, as he  fucks hard and fast. When it comes to the performance, in terms of sex for this male talent, I have to say that I found myself being really impressed with the work that he brought to the table. Some nice, hard fucking from Michael here. And most importantly, he was consistent in his work. This is a scene that I would readily recommend checking out. Not only did the story end up being fun, the sex itself was even better. There's nothing quite like sexual energy when it comes to porn, and this scene has it. 

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