TushyRaw.com: I'm Yours (2020)

by - September 02, 2020

 Starring: Lily Glee // Mick Blue
Directed by: KGB
Runtime: 37 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with us joining Lily Glee in a hotel room at nightfall. This, as she teases us with her tight and slender body as she caresses herself, from over a little red dress. However, it isn't long from there, until Lily takes to all fours on the couch. This, as she goes on to tease us even further, by saying that she has a surprise for us. The surprise being a black, phallic shaped buttplug, that she soon remove from her ass to suck. It's after which that she then again places it back into her ass, shortly before she is joined by Mick Blue. Mick, who comes into frame, as a sexual encounter between them, begins with a opening blowjob.

It's from here that Lily goes on to suck Mick's cock. As she also stroke it single-handedly. This then takes things to doggy on the couch, with Mick taking Lily from behind. Standard doggy, then goes to full straddle, as he continues things, by fucking Lily's ass deep. This, prior to some ass to mouth. It is again brief, as the action would next go to reverse cowgirl. Mick from here, takes up a steady pace, as the camera eventually gives us a close up look at Lily's growing gape. It's after this, that Lily is next seated in a sidesaddle position, as Mick's fucking, steadfastly continues while he go on to a quicker pace. This, as Lily's ass is held wide open for the taking. After some more cock sucking, it's then to standard cowgirl. This, as we see Mick spread Lily's ass as he fuck it. However, things would continue as Lily go on to get up on her feet. Planting them as she slam down on the cock, as it impales her ass. After this, Lily's mouth is back on the cock for a short time, before the action then go to missionary, seeing she on her back. From this position, we see Mick dip in and out of Lily's hole, while in between, taking up a steady pace of fucking. All of this, soon leading to Mick building himself up to cum. The scene finally coming to a close with he jerking his cock over Lily's face to shoot his load.

The Review //
Today, I am back with a review for another scene from TUSHY RAW. An all-anal extravaganza featuring Lily Glee, titled "I'm Yours. Yes, as the title of the scene suggests, here we have Lily surrendering her all for the expert cocksman, Mick Blue. Of course specifically, her butthole. However, the sex does begin with Lily administering a blowjob. And although the act is brief, Miss Lily Glee goes on to show us, and remind us, that she happens to be one of the most scene-aware performers on the current slate of young talent in porn. This, as her eyes immediately take focus on the camera, as she essentially looks directly at us, while she does the deed. This awareness so hot. She definitely knows what she's doing! But as I said, this was brief, as next action go straight into doggy soon after. It's a position that begins standardized, prior to we seeing Mick go on to step over, as he fully straddle Lily from there. The transition from standard to straddle is a seamless one, and I do have to say that this moment is excellently captured by the camera. With this as Mick goes on to settle into a steady pace, going balls deep into Lily's ass. It's a short time of in and out from here, which has Lily encouraging Mick to keep fucking her until she cums. As said, I did really enjoy this moment in the scene, as it is nicely displayed. It's also really sexy how Lily was obviously really into what she was receiving, as she encouraged Mick to keep going. However, I do have a little minor complaint. That being that, shortly after Lily beg for it, that things from there, only lasting a few seconds more, as a cut would make way for a position change. Personally, I would've liked to have seen this particular moment extended, so that we could have seen Lily actually cum. After all, she was practically begging for it to happen. Why we didn't see it, kind of confuses me. However, the good thing is that there would be more opportunities for Lily to reach climax on-screen. The first instance would come during reverse cowgirl, soon after Lily goes on to taste her ass on Mick's cock. It is in the process, that she however wishes that she had the cock back in her ass. It's next, from Mick, that Lily's wish is his command. It's a position which sees Lily first sit on the cock, as she guide it into her ass, while gripping it with her hand. This, all while looking dead-on at the camera once again. Again, it's Lily teasing us. From there Lily has her legs spread wide and held high as Mick take her ass. It's a position that over the course, the lighting used, as well as the use of oil, makes for a fantastic view. This, as we see Mick's thick cock stretch her ass. The oil, putting much emphasis on such. Mick from here would go on to employ a much faster pace, as he move on to plow Lily's expanding asshole. This, after a few gape reveals. I really liked how the oil looked once again, as Mick palm and grip Lily's ass. Following this, we have Lily spin around for one of the most visually appealing positions of the given scene. That being the position of sidesaddle. Here, Lily is seated in a side position, as Mick go for broke. Fucking at a pace that is both fast, and hard. Before this is finished, we see Mick pick up on one of Lily's legs, as he continue to slam his cock in deep. Lily again sucks, as it is once again ass to mouth, before Lily lets us know that she isn't quite finished with the cock. Standard cowgirl quickly follows next. It's another position which sees Mick's cock deeply penetrate Lily's ass. And again, it is also a nice display of stretching. This being especially true when Mick instructs Lily to get up on her feet. From here, Lily's legs are spread wide, as she plant her feet to take the dick. And it's dick that Mick gives her, at an eventual, slow and steady pace. Boy, does this ever look good! Starting when Lily plants her feet. It is just really sexy. This, as we watch as her ass cheeks literally spread for the taking as well. Also, great camera work is had during this, too. This is then followed by Lily's third time of sucking the dick that came straight from her ass. But, it would soon lead to Lily being on her back, as the action then go to missionary. It's a position, which sees the camera focus on not only the penetration at hand, but also Lily's reaction, as she essentially speak to the camera. With this position, we see Mick, toy with Lily's ass, as he pull his hard cock in and out of it, only to dip right back in. This, following several brief gape reveals. In between this, Mick would take up a steady pace. During, I just loved the way that Lily maintained eye contact with him, letting Mick know just how much she was liking what he was doing at that moment. Being the final position of the scene, it would soon lead to Mick finally reaching an orgasm of his own. Lily wants all of his cum, and he gives it to her. This, as he jerks his cock to finally drop a load, glazing both Lily's open mouth, as well as her tongue for the finish.

This scene from TUSHY RAW, is one that I have to say, I enjoyed a lot. After a brief tease segment from Lily Glee we move on with the scene, as no time is wasted. We go right into the action, with Lily sucking her scene partner, Mick Blue's dick. As I said above, it's a simple act, but then again, we are then reminded of one of the many reasons as to why we love Lily. Her awareness of a scene is wiser beyond her years in porn. It's refreshing, as we know that Lily comes to entertain us. Speaking of this, both she and Mick work together here to put on a great show. As this is a scene that flows very, very well. The scene is nicely edited, and otherwise, it moves rather smoothly in between positions. It is essentially seamless, as we go from one position, to the next. Because of this, the enthusiasm from both performers, never seems to die down in the least bit. Here, we have a scene that is more or less, all action once once traction. It's a scene that is exclusively anal, however with that said the good looks are a-plenty here. The camera never seems to fail when it aims to put we the viewer right thick of the action, as it goes down before us. The very nice camerawork, is of course, as I said coupled with nice use of dim lighting, as well as a good amount of oil, which keeps Lily well-lubricated throughout. Lily's ass, for the most part, is the scene's main focus here, as it looks nice and juicy before our eyes. But that is not to say that the rest of Lily's tight body does not entice under such conditions, as it indeed does. 

Altogether, this was a great scene that, beyond appearance, can be attributed to two great performers. Lily being a performer who knows exactly what she wants and what she likes. While Mick Blue on the other hand, is a veteran of the business, knowing exactly how to deliver just that. Here, Lily and Mick, work together well to not only create a scene that is visually appealing, but also one very satisfying when it comes to overall sexual performance. It's a scene that I would for sure recommend seeing. There were times here which the action made me smile, and when a scene makes me smile, you know it's good. Check it out! 

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