Trick or Cum Treat (2020)

by - October 29, 2020

Starring: Kenzie Reeves // Jack Rippher 
Directed by: 
Runtime: 44 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Kenzie Reeves is all ready for the Halloween season, as she greets her man, Jack Rippher at the door, with a big bowl of candy. As she invites him in, she says that she got some fun outfits for him, one which she is wearing. it's a peach colored bathing suit, complete with cat ears and a tail. Kenzie looks really cute. She goes on to tease, telling Jack that she getting dressed up, makes her horny, giving her a "wettie". This, as she go on to reach into her bottoms and rub her clit. Said bottoms don't stay on long, however. She soon take them off, as she get on the couch, to continue to tease, and touch herself. She happens to pour some of the candy on her, as she then invite Jack over to assist. Jack from there proceeds to place green and red peppermints along her body. He places one on each of her nipples, before going down to place one on her pussy. Jack then go to rub her pussy, at an ever increasing pace. This, soon graduating to he shoving his fingers inside of her. It is with Kenzie's vocal encouragement, that Jack continue to do this faster and harder. It's during this, that we see Kenzie's legs both held tightly together and at the side, as well as spread wide at some point. Next we would see Jack carry on his finger assault, as Kenzie is next on her knees soon, with her face down, and her ass up in the air. Things look really good from here, as Jack would go on to spread apart Kenzie's pussy, revealing her luscious pink. The two would share passionate kisses, as we see Kenzie go on to once again play with the peppermint candy, as she place them on Jack's body, leading all the way down to his cock. However, it is after this that play time would be over, as Jack's big cock is revealed. Kenzie from here, is wide-eyed and amazed by the size of it. However, it does not stop her in the least bit. This, as she first go on to suck his hanging balls, before it is on to his cock, as things get started.

Positions Seen
- doggy (x3)
- reverse cowgirl
- missionary
- cowgirl

The Review //
It is the Halloween season, so all of the porn companies are steadily pushing out their Halloween content for this year. With that said, for this review I take a look at such a scene from the website BBC PIE. In this scene, Kenzie Reeves is all ready for the holiday. She has her candy, but of course, her scene partner, Jack Ripper has something that she happens to favor more than just your average sweet. That's right this petite blonde cutie wants his big black cock. Not only that, she specifically wants to milk it. Yes, the scene is from BBC PIE, so that should tell you right from the start that this is a scene that is eventually very creampie oriented. However, I must say, since I am transparent and honest with my readers, that the creampies that you see here are purely, and simply faked. Anyone with common sense would know this, as it is so obvious. I mean, real jizz doesn't have that consistency, nor thickness. It looks like Cetaphil. It looks like soap. So in that case, they are not fooling anyone. It's almost a shame that, that is what the scenes "hang their hats on", so to speak. I say that that it is a shame, because the action that we do get from the performers here is actually very good.

The scene of course begins with Kenzie inviting Jack into the house. She has dressed up for Halloween, and wants to show off her outfit to him. She is wearing a cute little bathing suit set, fashioned with the ears and tail of a cat. She also has a big purple bowl of candy. Candy which she would use next, as she tease Jack, while it turns into foreplay in the end. They briefly use the candy during this part of the scene. However, the best thing about this, is the hard finger-banging that Jack assaults her pussy with. It's just great stuff, as Kenzie herself urges Jack to get knuckle deep inside of her. After a lengthy segment involving this, it would be that Kenzie finally gets a taste of Jack's cock. I liked the way that things first began with Kenzie sucking on Jack's balls, It's during this, that she go on to simultaneously stroke the shaft above. Kenzie really does work over Jack's cock from here. She slurps and sucks, while piling on much spit. This, as the camera treats us from side, and overhead views. The overhead view this is especially nice. Kenzie really exaggerates, as she gets crazy on the dick, even twirling her tongue along the shaft. It's following this, that it continues on her back for a time with her legs spread wide as Jack go on to attack her pussy with his mouth and tongue. He does great work here, causing Kenzie to erupt in eventual climax. It was during this, that Kenzie was always talking. I happened to really like when she told Jack to "tongue fuck" her. After this, things go to doggy, where here we see Kenzie with her face down and ass, up as she look back at Jack, as he stay busy, plugging away at her pussy. Initially, Jack uses his hand to guide his cock in steadily. However, soon enough he develops his own pace, going harder, and harder over time. This leading he to "cum" inside of her. Next, they would still be in the doggy position however, we are treated to a treat of a camera view. This, as we are behind both Kenzie and Jack as they continue. Kenzie is bent over deep, as we are right in on the penetration. This, as we see Kenzie's fat pussy hug around the cock. Jack continues with a steady pace, once again shooting a load into Kenzie. Next up, we have a straight ahead view, as we are right in on the penetration, as the action then go to reverse cowgirl. Kenzie is spread legged, as her pussy take the dick. As this happens, Kenzie's hungry slit is front and center with us. This continue, as we see Kenzie go on to grind on the dick. We also see she jerk Jack's cock, as she shove it into her. The position then continues with a side view, showing Kenzie briefly crossing her legs as her pussy continue to swallow the dick. Jack even holds her legs up as he pound it in. The next position however, would be missionary, as Kenzie is once again on her back. It's a position that sees Jack eventually buildup another increasing rate of fucking, as he go hard. The position would finish out, with another beautiful view from the camera. This, as we are once again behind, and underneath both performers. Kenzie from here then has her legs pinned back and held down, as she is fucked hard, and we the viewer, are right in on the point of insertion. I have to really give it to Jack here, as he really goes for broke. It was if he was truly trying to ruin Kenzie's pussy, just as she asked him to. We would stay with this, being as the action then progress to the next position, that being once again cowgirl. We are right in on Kenzie's ass, as she sit on the dick. Her pussy taking every inch. Eventually, the view would be back to a normal one, as Kenzie is leaned forward, to both bounce on the dick, and to allow Jack to fuck her back. We would once again see doggy after this position. Kenzie is once again face down, as her ass is positioned up in the air. Jack continue things from here, by steadily pumping his dick in and out of the pussy. This would progress with he half straddling the ass for leverage, as he go even harder. It would be this action, that would soon build him up for his true, and final climax. This, as he jerk his cock to shoot a load onto Kenzie's awaiting face. It is in my opinion, a very nice finish to the proceedings.

Overall, if we forget about all of the faked creampies that this scene happens to be filled with, on its own, the scene happens to actually be a really decent one. The action from both Kenzie Reeves and Jack Rippher is both passionate and raw. Even the tease segment, with Jack rubbing and finger fucking Kenzie's hole, was hot. It would of course all lead to a sexual encounter that on its own, at times got really rough and hard. Credit must be given to Jack Rippher. I was really glad to see him finally, as I have been following him on social media since he got started. It's with this scene that I do have to say that he was pretty impressive overall. The hard fucking, which he delivered during the latter portion of the scene, really stood out, for sure. Both Kenzie and Jack come together to create something raw, and genuinely satisfying. You know, beyond those phony creampies. When it comes to this scene, ignore the creampies, and come for the action. It's worth it. I recommend

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