Rebel Rhyder: Rebel Red Rhyding Hood (2020)

by - November 02, 2020

Starring: Rebel Rhyder  // Richard Mann
Directed by: I SiN
Runtime: 37 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
In this scene it is late at night, and Rebel Rhyder is dressed in a red hood, fishnet stockings and black high heels, as she stroll along. All the way to Grandma's house. She eventually reaches Grandma's house amid a red fog. It is at that point that she suspects nothing out of the ordinary. However, she should have. That's because, instead of being greeted at the door by her loving grandmother, she is soon face to face with a mysterious man, whom is very quick to distract Rebel with something big that he has. The man fully nude, has a premeditated plan in place, as he go on to throw Rebel inside, where he would immediately get down to face fucking her on a couch.

Positions Seen //
reverse cowgirl(vaginal)
reverse cowgirl(anal)

The Review //
For today's review, I review the independently produced scene, featuring starlet, Rebel Rhyder titled "Rebel Red Riding Hood". This Halloween themed scene features Rhyder as the all too familiar Little Red Riding Hood. Although of course, with a nasty little twist. The scene in speaking  of familiarity. Finds Rebel, all dressed, up as it's to Grandma's house she goes. However, unfortunately(or fortunately) when she arrives at Grandma's house, she is greeted by something that she least expected. She isn't greeted by Grandma's warm presence. No. She's not even greeted by a Big Bad Wolf - or BBW. She is instead surprised, when she finds herself staring right at the BBC, of one, Richard Mann. He who has but one thing on his mind, when it comes to the red hood clad Rebel. It's from there, that Richard, quickly goes on to throw her inside. And it is with no hesitation, that he immediately precedes to fuck her face. It would be the start of a festive sexual encounter. One including both, vaginal and anal sex.

As said, the scene gets underway with Richard fucking Rebel's face. This, as he initially straddles it, as he stand on the couch. Richard would then go on to continue to do so, as he briefly stand. This, as he begins to cram as much of his dick down Rebel's throat that he can. He would also after some time, take a seat on the couch, as Rebel's mouth and throat remain stuffed full. It's during said action, that we watch as Rebel's spit just covers Richard's dark shaft. There was one point during this that I liked a particular visual that we see, and that comes when Richard goes on to spit, as he let it drip down on to Rebel's fat cheek, as it is being stuffed with cock. It's next up however, that Rebel would then eat Richard's ass, as he lie back on the couch. Richard truly enjoys, as Rebel jams her pink, wet tongue into his asshole. However, Richard is far from done. This, as he go on to stand, and have his back to she, as he has Rebel, then bury her face into his ass. It's from here that she does the same as she did previously. Richard also goes on to wash his ass using Rebel's face. However, what I liked, was seeing Rebel eventually include tugging at Richard's cock, as it hang in reverse, as she does two things at once. After Richard has his ass eaten real good by his scene partner, it's then that it's time for Rebel to ride the dick. This, as the action then goes to cowgirl. It's from here that Richard proceed to fuck Rebel vaginally, as our view is a good one, as we see Rebel's legs and feet pinned back behind her, as she ride on the cock. The visual of Rebel's black heels during this, is very nice. This position begins with Rebel bouncing steadily, and Richard, fucking just the same. She would also momentarily go on to lean forward to endure a steady pounding by Mann. However, the position would soon see her sitting upright. It's in this moment that Richard briefly applies a light choke to her. Prior to she once again leaning forward. It's this time, that Richard fucks her harder. After this, Rebel would continue to have her pussy fucked in the position of reverse cowgirl. She begins the position sprawled out, but really takes a good pounding once she goes on to plant her feet, as her legs are spread wide for the taking. My favorite moment during the scene, would have to be when Richard would  soon hold up Rebel's legs, as they are essentially split out wide. This position looking really good. This coupled with the fact that Rebel during, retains a smile upon her face while her pussy is stretched, as well as fucked deeply. You just have to love that about her. It's following this, that Rebel would then go on to suck the cock clean. However, this is only the start of something, as next, things would then graduate to the act of anal sex. It's from here, that we see Rebel take to her hands and knees on the couch. Making herself available for Richard to slowly insert his big cock into her ass. It is something that Rebel's butthole does with extreme ease. It's action that would soon escalate quickly, as we see Richard go on to step up on the couch, to fully straddle Rebel's plump ass, as his aim is to go deep. And that he does.  It's from here that we see him go on to build up a steady pace of ass fucking. Rebel loves it, as her ass would continue to take a steady pounding, as her asshole stretches around the dick. It's proof that we would soon get of this, as Richard pulls out, and has Rebel spread her ass to reveal her deep gape. It is with this that we do get a nice look at the damage done. Things would continue on to have another gape reveal soon after. Before it's once again that we continue. Richard would again, force his big dick down her throat, prior to we seeing he shove her down on the couch. Rebel, then on her back, as the action, immediately go to the missionary position. And, much to my liking, it is yet another position, showing Rebel having her legs spread wide. It's from this position that Rebel's ass take Richard's dick deep. Especially after he soon apply a heavy choke hold, with which, he follow up, by going faster, and harder. After that, it would continue with Richard, once again getting more leverage, as he pin one of Rebel's legs down. In my opinion this was a great sequence, in which the action would get a little rougher. We would be rewarded by a big gape reveal, as well as a little more missionary, prior to  it making a seamless transition to spooning. Rebel looks hot from here, as the action from this position first begins with she holding her legs tightly together. However, of course, soon her legs would be spread wide, and it is from there that we would have another good looking gape reveal. Rebel would once again go on to service the cock by cleaning it. As we see her from here, once again take dick down her throat, I personally enjoyed the fact that, during this, Richard can also be seen reaching around to shove fingers into both of Rebel's holes. At one point, he even having several fingers in her ass, as well as a thumb planted into her pussy simultaneously. It's great looking stuff, indeed! We see a return to both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl next, respectively. Only this time out, Rebel has her asshole plugged with cock instead,. It's at this point in the scene, that we find Rebel's ass well stretched, as she is able to take a nice hard pounding in both positions. This being especially true in the final, standard cowgirl positioning. I liked that during this position near the end of it, we essentially see Rebel pouncing on the dick, as she bounce on it good and hard. But, the final order of business for the scene however, would see Rebel lying flat on her stomach, as she once again go down, to not only lick at Richard's ass, but also his balls, as well. It's here that I thought that Rebel's ass also looked great, as she lie flat on the floor to do this. It would be with that, that would soon have Richard reaching climax, as we see the popshot, as he unload on Rebel's face for the finish.

This review came about, when I posted a open invitation on Twitter, asking for independent content to review, here at BLACK HALO ADULT REVIEWS. Miss Rebel Rhyder, of course, being the first to answer that call. She really wanted me to review this particular scene, which she produced for this year's Halloween season. Although the storyline portion of the scene is very very thin, I personally still give it a lot of credit, as it, for least the first minute or so, has a nice style going. The scene, which was shot by I SiN, was set up with red tinted lighting, as well as use of a smoke machine, as Rebel first approach the house. It was obviously done on a budget, but still, I felt that it looked decent. Beyond Rebel reaching the door, the remainder of the scene is pretty basic. I'd call the approach, "raw". Which, being the type of performer Rebel is, she is quite used to that. And in speaking of that, the overall nature of the scene in comparison to most of her work, is dare I say it, somewhat tame. But with that said, we still see Rebel's pussy and ass get a nice stretching, and in that order. My favorite part was, as we see Richard Mann put in some nice work, the camerawork giving us some very nice views. Most of them being from overhead. I especially liked the way that Rebel's ass looked before the camera. Whether it be bouncing on the dick, or spread apart wide, to show off it's gape, her ass indeed looked great. I had fun seeing this scene, and felt that it was a good effort for what it is. A fun holiday themed offering. It's as such that I would recommend. Though it may not be her most extreme(likely due to the rules set forth by OnlyFans against creators), it is one that can be very much enjoyed.

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