ExxxtraSmall.com: Tiny Dancer (2020)

by - October 29, 2020

Starring:  Lilly Bell // Michael Swayze 
Directed by: 
Runtime: 30 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Lilly Bell, being petite and carefree, as she dance and twerk herself all through out the house, as she listen to music on her phone, through a pair of cute, cat ear headphones. This, as she also wear a skimpy red bathing suit, which barely covers her unmentionables. As I said, she has not a care in the world, as she go on to show off her great twerking skills, as she make her way from the living area to the kitchen. This, as she dance both clothed, an exposed, as at one point, Lilly's bottoms come down, as she pop her pussy, and tease for the camera. And speaking of teasing, Lilly would go on to put on a good show, atop the kitchen counter. However, it would be back in the living area, as she soon finds herself interrupted by one Michael Swayze. Lilly is not upset at all. In fact, she would almost immediately find herself in his arms as Michael go on to lift her up. She has her legs wrapped around him, as the two of them go into a round of passionate kissing, to start things off.

Positions Seen //
- Standing 69
- doggy (x3)
- cowgirl (x2)
- standing cowgirl
- missionary

The Review //
Today, I am back with another review from the TEAM SKEET network site, EXXXTRA SMALL. It's a scene that happens to feature a girl, who I have been looking forward to reviewing for some time now. That starlet being one, Lilly Bell. For this scene, she is paired alongside another young performer, Michael Swayze. The set up for the scene presented here, is a simple one. This, as we see Lilly enjoying herself, as she just simply dance around the house, as she listen to music through her headphones. Cute headphones that just happen to be adorned with a pair of cat ears. As I said, this sequence is simple enough, but boy does it have some sights to see. This, as we see Lilly show off skills, as she gets down to popping, and twerking her ass for the camera. She definitely knows how to work it, as she even get down low to bounce, before she show off her talent to flex her butt cheeks. And speaking of butt cheeks, it is her butt cheeks that Lilly spread in the kitchen eventually, as the end of the segment draws near. Additionally speaking, we also see Lilly tease from the kitchen counter from here, as well as treat us with a close up view of her luscious fluffy dark bush, as she touch herself. However, after all of this is said and done, the action would soon get underway as Michael Swayze come to join she in the living room. 

As mentioned above, things get underway, with Michael lifting up Lilly having no problem. She is then up in his arms as she wrap her legs around him tightly. This, as the two soon come to passionate kisses. After this, Michael places Lilly on her back, on the couch, as he go on to tongue at her pussy, as well as finger it. However, it's following this, that we next see Lilly on her knees, as she is prepared to suck cock. And that she does, as she take Michael's dick into her mouth. It's here that we see a combination of Lilly sucking him off, while occasionally employing at one handed stroke approach. However, this would also go on to include Michael fucking back, as he fuck her face. This begins with Michael asking Lilly if she wants him to eat her pussy. This, as we see Michael lift her up, turning she upside down, as things would then go to standing 69. First Lilly is seen sucking cock, while Michael is busy eating her pussy, as he bury his face in. Personally, I think that it is always nice to see a little bit of standing 69. It's a position that will always look good on camera I believe. The next order of business is doggy, as Lilly is next on her knees on all fours, as Michael go on to take her from behind. Initially, we see Lilly go on to proceed to throw her ass back for Michael. This, however before Michael would go on to fuck the pussy at a somewhat hard, and quick pace. The view from here, is at times great. I especially liked the brief moment in which Lilly was face down, and ass up, as she take the dick. The doggy would then continue as the two performers switch locations, as we see Lilly next on all fours, from the arm of the couch. Michael, then continues his steady work, before we see Lilly go on to clean his cock. It's during this, that the camera makes the brilliant choice of instead of focusing on Lilly sucking dick this time out, we get a prime view of her ass, as we are behind her. From here, Lilly has her legs held tightly together, as Michael then take up to fingering her pussy hole deeply. It is definitely a nice view. It's after the view from the backside, that we get a view from the side, as well as one from well overhead. I liked the view from the overhead, because it's from here, that Lilly is seen, for the most part lying flat on her stomach. It is from this view that her bubble butt just looks amazing. After this, we then cut to a shot with Michael once again lifting up Lilly, as they take the action into standing cowgirl. This first beginning, as Lilly have her legs supported as they are over Michael's shoulders. This, as he pound her pussy deep and hard. This particular moment, being brief, but I have to tell you that I love seeing a girl pounded so deep and hard, in this particular manner. Next up, it is once again cowgirl that is seen. Only this time, we see it taking place on the couch. Initially, from this position, we see Lilly sort of sprawled out, as she bounce on the cock steadily. This, prior to she being in an upright position, as Michael, once again, go on to fuck her hard. What I enjoyed, was the fact that Lilly can be seen spreading her ass. I loved that! The change of position next sees Michael' sitting back in a chair, as Lilly first slam herself back on his dick. But of course, he would soon again take charge to fuck steadily. We see the position very briefly change to reverse cowgirl from here, before the footage cuts to another instance of doggy. This time Lilly is up in the chair, and on her knees to take the dick. However, before the position would change out once again, Michael holds her closer to him, as he fuck Lilly in an upright position. Following this, Lilly is once again on the cock, as she suck it, as Michael lie back on the counter. It's from here, that we see she again, work over the cock well. This, including she sucking on both the shaft, and his balls. It's during this, that we also see Michael go on to plant fingers deep into Lilly's pussy, as the camera come around to the other side to detail it. Lilly would go on to next, straddle over the cock, as she plant her sneaker clad feet, as she slam down hard, as her pussy swallows the dick. However, just as before, Michael would then take over soon to drill the pussy. It would be next that we would have yet again a nice view of Lilly's plentiful bush. This, as Michael would continue to pound the pussy good, as the action next go to missionary. It's from this position, that Michael would occupy an increasing pace. There is a very hot close up seen during this, and in between, as we watch Michael's cock go in and out of Lilly's pussy at a steady, even pace momentarily. It's during which, that Lilly comes to mention that she is close to climax which, only causes Michael to go that much harder. This would eventually result in he once again drilling the pussy, nice and good. After this, we see Lilly bent over the counter as she stand on one leg, with the other being propped up on the counter itself. Thus, leaving herself open for Michael to play with her pussy. It's from here that Michael gets both his tongue, and his fingers to work, and it is a combination that soon leads Lilly to yet another climax. Next, Michael would reach his own climax as Lilly once again get to her knees as he go on to jerk his cock, before finally unloading. And unload he does, as here, he produces a nice, big load, with which he plaster Lilly's face for the finish.

When it comes to this scene, it was one that I was really looking forward to. Lilly Bell is a performer that I had admired from afar, having yet to see her perform. Performance wise when it comes to this scene, I could say that it was well worth the wait. Lilly is a magnetic performer, bringing much energy to the situation, as well as her eagerness for cock. She and Michael Swayze, here create a high energy sexual romp, that is definitely an enjoyable one to take in. On the other side of things, Michael gives us a fantastic performance, as his work here, is both consistent and hard. I loved the way here that often, he would just nail Lilly's pussy. This was definitely a great scene, despite a couple of errors. The biggest error here being that the initial part of the scene is about a half of a second out of sync, as the audio does not match up with the video. This is an issue that seems to even itself out after the last bout of doggy from the arm of the couch. Otherwise, there is also some hastily edited moments seen as well. However, with all that said, we still have a great looking scene, with much hard, and passionate action. I also enjoyed the fact that the scene happened to feature lots of close up finger-banging of the pussy as well. It was indeed sexy!

So to close, I will end this by saying that, despite its flaws, this is a scene that I still, very much recommend. The action is very sexy, as is Lilly Bell herself. I definitely cannot wait to review her many more times. She's definitely sexy, and is easily a new favorite of mine. She just may be one of the hottest girls in the industry. 

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