TeenCurves.com: Curves Galore (2020)

by - October 15, 2020

 Starring: Lexi Anne Garza // Jessy Jones
Directed by: 
Runtime: 30 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with a simple, musical accompanied montage of twerking, featuring cute, petite Latina Lexi Anne Garza, taking place at several locations outdoors. It's during said montage that Lexi Anne go on to show her skill at twerking her big booty. She pops and drops her ass, both fully clothed, with her shorts pulled midway past her ass, and also nude. This in addition to she briefly showing off her perky tits as well. This is of course, before we move on to a sex scene. One seeing Lexi Anne performing opposite Jessy Jones.

Positions Seen //
- 69
- reverse cowgirl
- missionary(x2)
- side fuck
- cowgirl
- doggy

The Review //
`For today's review I take a look at a scene from TEEN CURVES, from TEAM SKEET. A website which specializes in all things big and bouncy. With this scene TEEN CURVES, brings us a petite cutie in Lexi Anne Garza, as she is paired up with Jessy Jones. It's a scene of course, that was specifically designed to show off Lexi Anne's perfectly round booty. However, it is before that, that we would get things started with a montage showcasing the young starlet's twerking ability. It is both simple and to the point.

Following the opening segment, we then go into the scene involving Lexi Anne and Jessy Jones. At the start, we find Lexi Anne on all fours, as she bounce her nice ass. It's a sight that Jessy just cannot help but to admire, when he come upon his scene partner for the day. Jessy is quick to get a feel of the ass, and soon moves Lexi Anne's shorts between her cheeks. It's after this, that he continues to get a feel of the butt, as he also go on to spank it. Jessy eventually goes on to pull down the shorts. However, it looks so good that he does it a second time. Now with Lexi Anne's ass bare, as it face the camera, she continues to twerk her ass. It's during this time that we see Jessy go to retrieve a bottle of oil, with which he would then go on to lather up Lexi Anne's backside. It's from here, that he proceed to massage the oil in, in a circular motion as he grip the ass. It looks good from here, as the oil only emphasizes the size, and roundness of it. The oil shining nice. After Jessy feels on the ass and admires it for a time, he suddenly has an idea. He wants Lexi Anne to ride his face. At this point, Jessy goes on to assume the position on his back, as Lexi follow to straddle his face, with her ass continuing to face the camera. From this position Lexi is seen popping her ass on Jessy's face, as he tongue at her pussy. Meanwhile, on the opposite end, Lexi is seen tugging on Jessy's cock. This however, would soon see Lexi graduate to sucking cock. I have to admit that the view from behind, as we see Lexi pop her ass on Jessy's face is really nice. As Lexi moves her ass at a quick pace, it opens up her pussy, giving us a good look at her pink. Following this, we see Jessy get to his feet, as Lexi Anne is set to suck his cock. It's from here that we see she do so with enthusiasm, with a smile on her face. It's here that she slurps and sucks on the hard shaft, using much spit, as she makes it sloppy. During this, we would also see Jessy fuck her face. However, he seems to particularly have enjoyed Lexi working over the head of his dick. After this, Jessy lifts up Lexi Anne's pink tanktop to then oil up her tits, as he massage them. However, Lexi would soon be back on the cock as she suck it once again. It's following this that we would finally see Lexi Anne go on to back up on the cock. It's in my opinion that this opening portion of the sexual encounter between Lexi Anne and Jessy, just ran on a little too long. The twerking on Jessy's face, the cocksucking, the massaging of tits, and then cocksucking redux. It was all at a slow moving pace, that by the end of it, I just couldn't wait for the first act of penetration to occur. It did however occur at this point in the scene. This as, Jessy is positioned on his back, and Lexi Anne thus proceed to slam back on he, and does so steadily. This happening for some time, giving good showcase to her nice, bouncing booty. It was a nice look, seeing Lexi Anne's young pussy, hug around Jessy's hard cock. As the action from this position would progress, we see Lexi Anne eventually get up on her knees to take the cock deeper. This is followed up by Lexi Anne going on to briefly clean Jessy's cock, before the action then go to missionary, as Lexi Anne is on her back, positioned at the edge of the furniture piece. It's from this position that Jessy would be seen employing a nice and steady pace, as he move in and out of her pussy. The action from here then naturally progresses over to a side fucking position. Jessy wisely positions Lexi Anne with her legs closed tightly, and with her ass facing the camera. This being as he would go on to penetrate her, maintaining the steady pace, as he go deep. This view is definitely a nice one, and looks really good on camera. However, speaking of looking good on camera. Next would come my favorite view, as well as my favorite moment, all in one. It comes when Jessy takes this side fucking position, to one that is sort of a missionary one, as he fully straddle over Lexi Anne. It's from this position, that we are treated to a really delicious looking view of the ongoing penetration from behind. It's a low angle view, which puts us right in at the point of penetration. It's from here that we see Jessy move in and out of Lexi Anne's love hole, very effortlessly. What a beautiful view this was, indeed. I loved it. Following this, the great views would continue. This, as the action would then go back to cowgirl. Here, we see Lexi Anne begin in an upright position as she bounce on the cock. You have to give Lexi Anne credit as she began this position perfectly. This as we see her reach back with both hands, and spread apart her ass, as she take the dick. A definite pro move, if you ask me. What a nice view of her tight butthole from here! As cowgirl would continue, we would also see Lexi Anne go on to also grind and pop her ass on the dick, before things come full circle, as she is once again positioned upright for some hard slamming. Lexi Anne, would again have her ass oiled up by Jessy next. This setting things up for the scene's final position. That being doggy, as Jessy take Lexi Anne and from behind. Here, Jessy once again proceed with his steady pace of fucking. This as he readys Lexi Anne for his cum. It continuing until he builds himself up. The scene comes to an end with Jessy going on to jerk his cock, until he shoot a nice load, which he aim at her oiled ass for the finish. This was a nice conclusion to the scene. Jessy produces a big load. He shoots so hard, that the first of it projects forward. So much so, that it manages to somehow hit Lexi Anne in the face. This however, as the majority of it reaches its target.

One of the biggest joys that I have with my job as an adult entertainment critic, is that I I am constantly coming across sexy newcomers. Case in point, is the starlet which we see here, Lexi Anne Garza. Prior to reviewing this scene, I had never seen, nor, had I heard of this petite young beauty. However, now I am happy to say that I have done both of those things. I really like her, She is a cute little Latina with a nice big booty. And it is that big booty, that the scene hoped to capitalize on.

The scene itself got off to a very nice start with a treat for our eyes. That being the opening twerk montage featuring the starlet. The segment which is accompanied by some hip-hop bass music, is short, but fitting enough. It of course, leads to the sex scene that we all came for. This sexual encounter, which begins with Jessy Jones appropriately worshiping Lexi Anne's ass, is one that I must admit, is far too slow to reach its footing if you will. As I said above, I just felt that the face sitting, cocksucking and the massaging of Lexi Anne's breasts with oil, made for a tiring experience, some 10 minutes, or so, into the scene. I honestly just couldn't wait for it to be over, and for the scene to get started. Things finally did get started, as we see Lexi Anne rock back on the dick, as it penetrate her. However, in my opinion things didn't truly get interesting, until the action went from missionary to side fuck, and then into cowgirl, with Lexi Anne's back facing the camera. It's in my opinion that these three positions are the ones that started to bring a little heat to the proceedings, if you know what I mean. It would of course, be after these three positions, that the position of doggy would bring the scene to a nice looking conclusion. Had the scene stayed with its initial slow pace I would say that it would have been regrettable, my decision to review this scene. However, to its credit it in a way, it somewhat kind of redeemed itself, if only slightly in the end. It's because of this, that it did not end up being completely forgettable. I would say that it's a scene that is just ok. It does have its moments and isn't a complete loss. It's in closing, that I do want to say that I hope to have more opportunities to review Miss Lexi Anne Garza in the near future. She is a young talent with big potential. Unfortunately though, this scene was and is, just far too dry and basic. 

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