ExxxtraSmall.com: The Drag-Race (2020)

by - October 06, 2020

Starring:  Harlow West // JMac 
Directed by: 
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins on a hot sunny day, as petite cutie Harlow West, cleans and oils up her racing scooter, before taking it for a spin. This, as she looks extra cute in her racing inspired outfit. This including a tight, sheer, long-sleeved crop top, which is accented by a checkered flag pattern. Likewise, are the pair of tight shiny shorts that she is wearing. All of which hug her tight, tiny curves. Taking notice of this, is one JMac, who stands in wonder, as he take notice of Harlow. He talks to among himself, as he discusses what he believes Harlow's height and weight to be. This, as he watches she ride her scooter around, as he becomes more and more interested in what he sees. It's during her ride, that we see Harlow eventually become hot due to the beaming sun overhead. It's from there that she goes on to lift up her top, thus exposing her perky breasts. JMac can't believe it, as he soon decides to go in for the chase. He gives chase for a brief time before of course finally getting his hands on she. This, as the two immediately go into sex.

Positions seen //
- front standing side fuck
- standing cowgirl
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- full nelson reverse
- standing modified doggy
- missionary
- superman doggy

The Review //
Today, I take a look at a scene from the TEAM SKEET series, "Exxxtra Small", featuring blonde petite starlet, Harlow West. The scene, which is titled, "The Drag-Race", is pretty much just an excuse for the powers that be, to dress Harlow up in a cute little racing outfit. In addition to, having she ride around on an equally as cute, big-wheeled, trike scooter. This, because otherwise, the title of the scene doesn't make too much sense. The official description of the scene on the TEAM SKEET website seems to suggest that the character portrayed by male talent JMac is actually a racer himself. But never does it indicate that he is such, during the buildup. We basically just begin things with Harlow washing up her scooter by applying armor-all to it. And of course she is looking hot while doing so. This literally, as she soon has her tits out. Much to JMac's delight, as well as ours as well. We eventually have Jay Mac chasing Harlow around as she ride around in circles, as he eventually catches his prey. The two of them end up in a sexual encounter, first beginning outdoors.

At the start of the encounter, innocent kissing soon leads to Harlow being on her knees as JMac, gets his big cock out, as he asks she if she wants to suck some cock. From there, she is quick to service him, taking it into her mouth as she grip with her left hand. This would also feature JMac taking over to briefly fuck her face at times. The view from the side given to us by the camera, soon enough switches over to an overhead POV camera view. It's great, as Harlow looks up at the camera and essentially makes eye contact with us as she continues her work. Of course, I like the fact that she went on to also include sucking JMac's balls during this, also. And speaking about transitions, we would have a nice one coming up next as well. This, being as front standing side fuck, as Harlow stand on one leg, would soon graduate to standing cowgirl, as JMac lift her up. The position would first see JMac, slowly penetrating Harlow, bringing her pussy down on his cock, so that it swallowed every inch, all the way down to the base. However, soon enough, this would go on to feature some fast and hard pounding from JMac, with he going on to under hook Harlow's legs to pound it in deeply. This would go back and forth, until JMac then carry Harlow inside for things to continue from there. They are then inside, as Harlow looks cute once again, as she ride her scooter. She has her helmet on,  complete with goggles, only this time, she is riding the scooter without her bottoms on. This was also a funny moment of note seeing as JMac had taken the checkered flag from outside and draped it on his back, and fashioned it as a cape. I know this is a little detail, but it was funny, in my opinion. At least it was successful in getting me to smile. It definitely goes hand-in-hand with the silly set up of the scene. It is a "cape" that JMac manages to keep on for a little bit of the initial part of the sex in doors. The sex in question, beginning with JMac having a seat on the couch, as Harlow go on to straddle him full out, as the action goes to first standard cowgirl. It's from here that the camera gives us some luscious close up work. As we get a good eyeful of Harlow's butthole, as she both bounce her ass, and as JMac spread apart her cheeks. We see a combination of she bouncing steadily, and also JMac fucking back hard. But the view from the back soon changes up, as Harlow lean forward to look back at it, as her pussy is fucked. The view would then eventually change once more though, as we have more of an overhead view from a distance. This giving us a really good look at Harlow's nicely tight round booty, as it jiggle, while JMac plow. The next position is the reverse variation of cowgirl as they reposition themselves a bit on the couch. The position begins with Harlow having her legs pinned back, as her pussy takes the big cock. However, soon enough this position would then transform into JMac's trademark position - that being the Full Nelson variation of reverse cowgirl. From here, Harlow is leaned back as JMac, hooks her legs tightly from underneath. This being as he go on to fuck her deep and hard. It is a pounding that from all appearances, that Harlow happens to love. It is during this, that we again have nice camerawork. We have views in full frame as well as those in close up, showing the ongoing penetration, as well as giving us a look at Harlow's pink, gaping love hole. Yes, though others have expressed their tiring of the whole Full Nelson maneuver, I have to say that I always enjoy seeing it go down in a scene. It is just visually appealing. It's after that, that we see reverse cowgirl in standard, just as things began. However, it is only brief, as next things are taken to the position of doggy, as we see JMac fuck from behind. It's here that he keeps a steady pace throughout, going deep into Harlow as she is on all fours. JMac, consistent in his fucking, before the camera from side, change to overhead. It's also from here, that we see Harlow throw the ass back on her own. After this is done, though, the view from the side again sees JMac again take over. After this would come a variant of doggy, that I'm not quite sure I had seen before. Whatever the case may be, it sure looked cool on screen! It's a variation of the position that saw Harlow bent all the way forward as JMac lift her up and brace the back of her neck with his hands. All of this, while he slam his cock into her(see pic below). It's somewhat brief though, as JMac soon loses his balance. It's then that he decides to fully straddle her, by getting up on the couch. JMac then switches things up, by placing Harlow on her back and taking things into missionary, shortly thereafter. It's a position which begins with a nice close up of the penetration, as JMac's cock is steadily in and out of Harlow's pussy. It's action that soon enough has Harlow coming to squirting orgasm. It's also action which has Jay soon contemplating his own climax. This, as things next, would go directly into yet another signature JMac maneuver. The position that I refer to as the "Superman". It begins in doggy formation, with he lifting Harlow up into the air, thus giving the appearance that she is flying like Superman. This, while JMac is busy drilling the pussy good and hard from behind. This is another one of those picture-perfect maneuvers that just looks great on screen. And by looks of it it is a position that Harlow might have seen before, as she knew exactly what to do. It's a hot look for sure. It's a position that soon brings JMac to cum. The scene coming to an end with a nice facial finish, as JMac then jerk his cock to cum aimed at her face. Things ending here with JMac blasting Harlow's cute face with a nice healthy load. It is after the hard round of fucking, that the "storyline" comes to an end when JMac tells Harlow to get on her tricycle and go, and that she does.

When it comes to this scene, in my opinion it is all in silly fun. Though the set up storyline is very thin and serves as just a way to move along an idea basically, it's a scene that would progress for the better, as the sexual encounter to which it would lead to, would be a very nice one. It is another scene in which we see JMac once again manhandle his smaller scene partner. This, complete with a round of positions that look very good on camera. I have to say that they were executed to very nice effect. There is also a little bit of sexual dialogue between the two performers heard at various times. Basically moments of validation. Harlow asking JMac if he likes her tight pussy, and of course he reciprocating by telling she just how tight it is. You know, that sort of thing? But truly, this is a scene about consistency and overall endurance. JMac is consistent in his work, while Harlow is able to endure the hard fucking. We even see she come to multiple orgasms during. This, including a moment of visible squirting from the missionary position. However, my favorite moments of the scene came when Jay Mac of course manhandled Harlow by using his signature maneuvers. The full nelson reverse cowgirl. The Superman doggy which ended the scene. As well as, a modified version of doggy that I hadn't even seen before. The latter being a crazy good visual. With this said, it is and was. lot of fun indeed. It is because of said fun that I readily recommend this scene for your own viewing pleasure. Check it out! 

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