The One You've Been Waiting For (2020)

by - October 27, 2020

Starring: Blake Blossom // Michael Stefano
Directed by: Maestro Claudio 
Runtime: 41 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Blake Blossom up on a table, as she slowly crawl toward the camera. She is quick to go into tease mode, as the camera, now at close range, pans up her body. This, as her breasts become it's primary focus. She begins to caress herself, but before she can get into any solo play, she finds herself joined by her scene partner, Michael Stefano. he obviously cannot wait to get his hands on the delicious Blake. He first  kisses on her upper, inner thigh, prior to he then moving on to, of course, her big natural tits. Mike is quick to tongue and suck at them. He cannot believe how perfect they are. Blake herself can't even resist the urge to lick her own nipple. As the worshiping of Blake's body continues, we see Mike squeeze Blake's tits, as well as he burying his face between them, as Blake bounces her boobs. After this, the next thing on Mike's mind is of course Blake's booty. This, as he gets she to turn around. She's then up on all fours, as Mike go on to slowly peel off her denim shorts. Thus, uncovering her peach colored lace one piece underneath. It's this article of clothing that Stefano soon move to the side, as he go on to scope out Blake's pussy and ass. It is with both, that, he from there, go on to bury his face into, as he tongue and suck at them. It's during this time, that he seems to take a liking to Blake's tight little asshole. This being prior to he going on to spread Blake's pink pussy in total admiration. The view is very nice, indeed. Following this, the two of them engaged in, and concentrated on kissing passionately. Personally, I liked the way that we see Mike, sort of cradle Blake's chin, as she at the same time, can be seen cradling his balls, as she lightly stroke his cock. This, while making it known that she wants Mike's hard cock in her mouth. It's of course from there, that Blake gets exactly what she wants, when she has her first opportunity to work over the cock. This, as I believe that things truly get underway between them.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- reverse side fuck
- missionary
- titty fucking 
- upright missionary

The Review //
Today's review brings me to take a look at one of the latest offerings from Maestro Claudio's PERV CITY. It also being a scene, that once again features a man who has been on quite a roll since returning to the business. Of course, that man being one, Michael Stefano. In the scene, we see Stefano paired up with a fast rising star in Blake Blossom. And it couldn't have been a more divine choice. It's right from the start, that it is quite obvious that the two performers just couldn't wait to get a piece of one another. This, as the scene bypasses any sort of introduction, or small talk, as we go right into the sex.

Of course, things got underway immediately, when it came to the sexual encounter. But as I noted above, I felt that things truly got started, once Blake got the opportunity to suck cock. And what a spectacle that was. It's here, that we see Blake quickly go work. It's when first, slurping and sucking, turns very sloppy. And soon, Mike's dick is covered in spit. When I say covered, a mean completely. This was beautiful to see, The copious amount, creating spit bubbles, as the cock go in and out of Blake's mouth. Blake even goes on to briefly play with the strings of spit it creates. Blake's overall technique was just on point here. It's here, that we see she continue to cup Mike's balls, as she suck him off properly. And you just have to like the way that she can be seen working her tongue simultaneously, as she twirl it up and down the bottom of Mike's dick. This looking super hot. It's following this, that we see Michael then proceed to spin Blake around to take her from behind. This, of course being as the action then go to doggy. It's from this position that we see Mike go on to maintain a steady, and even pace that is consistent throughout. In the position, we see Blake's legs and feet held closely together, as her pussy takes the dick. It's also during this, that we see Maestro Claudio's, always aware camera, take focus upon Blake's feet, as we come to observe that she is trembling, and shivering in pleasure. I really do appreciate that The Maestro was observant in this instance, to capture this little detail. I believe that most directors would have surely focused just on the penetration instead. With that said, this wouldn't be the only time that The Maestro would show precision. And speaking of said camera, it's as the action continue here, that it would come around to the front to show Blake's reaction, as well as her tits as they bounce. The latter being something that would also be nicely showcased, via a view from the side. As Mike steadily fucked, the big tits would also steadily bounce. After this, Mike once again, would bury his face into Blake's ass briefly, as it is apparent that he can't get enough. It's during, that he returns to licking pussy and ass. Mike would then follow this, by positioning Blake on the table with her ass facing the camera, to go into a side fuck position. This being another good looking position, as we see Mike keep a steady, and consistent way of fucking, as he would eventually improve his speed, fucking Blake hard from here. This is a position with which the camera does wonders. This piece of action brilliantly captured, showing Stefano effectively burying his hard bone deep into his female costar. After Blake would be seen briefly sucking cock, soon after. The action next, has both performers taking to the table. Mike is on his back, as Blake go on to straddle to ride him, during a round of standard cowgirl. It is in my opinion, that it was at this very moment that the scene took a definitive turn for the better. Things from here just got that much more passionate and raw. It, all beginning with the cowgirl position in question. It's a position which sees Blake's ass looking incredible, I have to say. It's here, that we see a combination of Blake's ass bouncing fast, as she take the initiative to do so, as well as Mike soon taking over to fuck the pussy with authority. This was the first instance of sex, with which we  see Blake's pussy fucked really hard. and the view, is another amazing look. The key view being the camera panning back, and it angled slightly diagonally. This giving the most absolute view of Blake's bouncing ass, properly showcasing it's roundness. One thing that I really enjoyed about this particular position was the fact that it was sort of the catalyst to a chain of events, as the action would then transition after. Yes, from here, we would see another two seamless transitions. We go from the cowgirl, to Mike eating Blake's pussy from piledriver, and then to a missionary position, which sees he sit across from Blake, as he give her pussy the dick, by thrusting forward. This looking really hot from here. For me the key element was of course, the eye contact made by the two performers, as this was going down. The next position would then be reverse cowgirl, as we see Blake positioned immediately on Mike's dick for a go of reverse cowgirl. It's another position which we would see Mike go on to take over, occupying a quick, and hard pace of fucking. The camera soon smartly panning out to show the performers in the full frame. This, as Mike absolutely drill Blake's pussy. She also looking good as additional close up footage giving feature to Blake's fat, pink pussy lips during. After this great moment in the scene, Blake would go on to display her readiness to do anything to please Mike. This as she go on to rim his ass. Going from ass to dick, one after the other. Mike would also then go on to once more, display his undeniable appreciation for Blake's natural tits, as he would next fuck them good. It's during this, that the two performers once again maintain valuable eye contact. At one point, Blake, can even be heard asking Mike if he likes it. It's an obvious yes, as all Mike can do is fuck them, harder and harder, as things progress. It's after more cocksucking by Blake, that things would once again get even more interesting. It's at this point that Mike takes Blake into an upright standing position. Although from here, Mike does not insert himself. Instead, he slips his cock in between Blake's tightly closed legs, and it's from here, that he go on to move his dick in and out quickly. All while also caressing Blake's nicely formed bubble butt. The camera is once again, right there with an opportune view. When it comes to what would occur next, I have to say that I absolutely loved it. This, as Mike would keep Blake in this upright position, going on to push her against a wall, and fuck her. This position looked really hot, I must admit. Oh, man. And the fact that The Maestro was successful in getting a delicious view of the penetration, makes this sequence all the more valuable. It is definitely a treat for the eyes of the viewer. After this is done, Blake is back on the dick, and that is exactly how Mike wants her to stay. This, as he instructs she to keep his dick in her mouth, as he walk her on her knees, back over to the table. Once there, we see Mike then places a foot on the table, as he straddle Blake's face. This would lead Blake to  have her face fucked, and also for she to once again eat ass for a time. This, until Mike, finally gives Blake his cum. It's here, that the scene would soon come to an end, as Blake quickly get on her knees to receive a nice load from Mike, following he steadfastly jerking his cock. It being a nice hot load, which hits Blake, squarely in the center of her face, covering her nose, mouth and eyes. It's a load that, judging by appearances, that Blake enjoys. This, as the scene soon leaves Blake, while she wear an undeniable grin.

The first word that I think of upon leaving the scene, is "solid". It is a scene that is very solid, from beginning to end. The usual routine for PERV CITY, is to bring us into scenes, as they introduce us to the talent who is about to be fucked. That's the usual, but every now and then, things are changed up, for whatever the circumstance may be. This scene featuring Blake Blossom and Mike Stefano, would be one of these very scenes. I just assumed that these two performers just could wait to get it on with one another. These two have an obvious attraction to each other, and it shows from the very beginning. Mike is first drawn to Blake's tits, and who could blame him? It would all lead to they taking up the first position, as Mike take Blake from behind for doggy. This first position would be only the start of great things to come throughout this 41 minute scene. The action just kept getting better and better, and the great camerawork and views that it produced, being ever constant. As I said, it is in my opinion, that the scene took the ultimate turn, once the two of them got up on the table for cowgirl. I just loved the hard fucking from this position, and the fact that after, it was essentially one thing after another. This was the start of the remainder of the scene. A remainder featuring multiple setups, and positions. All of them being very fucking hot. The raw passion and energy showcased here, feeling very natural, as we watch these two performers giving it their all, all in the name of sex. It's definitely one high energy sex scene that I would highly recommend. Blake Blossom is a young performer, who is quickly earning her rightful place in the industry among fans. This, while Michael Stefano is living proof that it's never too late to make a comeback. In fact, it's because of him, that I find myself probably being the most excited for new PERV CITY product than I have ever been. 

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