Nikole Nash - Lot Lizard (2020)

by - October 27, 2020

 Starring:  Nikole Nash // Charles Dera (as Karl ToughLove)
Directed by: Charles Dera
Runtime: 24 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Karl Toughlove finding from his window from a far, a species not all that uncommon around local truck stops - the energetic and equally determined, "Lot Lizard". In this case, that Lot Lizard, being one Nikole Nash. Karl watches on, as Nikole approaches eagerly a truck, as she attempts to rouse it's driver. Unfortunately, no matter how much skin that she decides to show, it would appear as though said driver is not having it. It's from there that, the rejected Nikole go on about her business. Nevertheless, the concentration from the veteran pussy-scout, Karl, does not waiver in the least. This, as he awaits to make his move. Eventually, he makes his way to the parking lot, as Nikole soon pass him, and it is at that moment, that he gets the young prostitute's attention, with a good old-fashioned whistle. Karl convinces she to go up to his room with him. However, it is not with a little bit of dealing of the financial kind before hand. Karl begins things by placing a generous small stack of money in front of her. However, it would appear as though, Nikole is no stranger to making the best of her opportunities. This, as she call for more. It is up to Karl to up the ante, so to speak. This, as he in addition to the money, offer up his silver Indian chief skull ring. It is a deal that is finally to Nikole's liking, as she tells Karl that he may do as he will with her. This being as they are next in the bedroom area. Karl begins things by asking Nikole how old she is. It is a question met with a smart answer from she. It is something that angers Karl very much, as he then apply a light choke hold to her. He stresses to Nikole that, if he asks a question, then she is to answer. He says that he has paid full rate for her, and he expects to get everything that he wants from her. Karl then has Nikole crawl up in the bed before also having her remove both her shoes and socks, before things getting started.

Positions Seen //
- missionary (x2)
- front facing spoon
- doggy
- spoon (x2)

The Review //
With this review, I check in on the adventures of one, Karl Toughlove, at TOUGHLOVE X, as I view and review a scene titled "Lot Lizard", starring Nikole Nash. As the story is told, Nikole occupies the role of a young, Lot Lizard on the prowl. In other words, she is a working prostitute, who often occupies well to do areas, such as truck stops, as she looks for her next financial opportunity. It is also today that Karl Toughlove just so happens to spy Nikole from accross the way. He definitely likes what he sees, and it is ironically, with the same brand of determination that Nikole embodies, that Karl plans to make her his. When it comes to the set up of the scene, initially, it just may very well appear to be just your average pussy hunting video featuring the Charles Dera created character, "Karl ToughLove". However much to my surprise, I would soon find that I was in for a scene much different from what I am used to getting from this brand. To further explain, the story content found here within, happens to be far more darker than anything that I have ever seen from Toughlove X. It is almost as if they had purposely planned to release the scene for the Halloween season. In the story, once Nikole finds her way to Karl's motel room, little did she know that she would soon find herself taking a wild ride. Literally.

The sexual encounter begins with Karl applying a choke hold to Nikole after she happens to smart off to him. This, then followed by he having her to remove her shoes, her socks, and lastly her shorts. It's after this, that Nikole happens to lie back on the bed, before moving her panties aside, to give Charles a glimpse of her pussy. It's exactly what Charles wants to see. It's soon enough that he pushes she back on the bed, as her legs are then held high, and back, as Charles go in. This moment in particular during the scene, though it was the beginning of the sexual activity, it was really sexy. Charles is obviously really turned on, after Nikole exposes herself to him, because he then goes at it, with no hesitation. It is really hot, as we watch on as he suck on Nikole's fruitful labia, prior to immediately going on to rub his hard dick in between them as he tease. This act, even producing a little precum for him. This would then make way for the missionary position, as Charles get started. It's from here, that he would go on to proceed with, and carry out an increasing pace that would only get harder as things progressed. Not only did I like this action, which saw Charles quickly pound away at Nikole's fat pussy, as he pin her legs down, I also really enjoyed the transition that would soon follow after. That's because at this point, we see the action go straight from missionary to a front facing spooning position, which would find Charles continuing on with his hard pounding. When it comes to this position in particular, a big attribute here, was the camerawork. Not only does it capture this front facing spoon variation in full frame. Somehow, the camera was able to get right into the thick of the action, having just enough space to fully detail the ongoing penetration in close up. The view from here, I must admit, was so beautiful. The cameraman here, without a doubt, had to have been one, Andy Zane, formerly of PORNFIDELITY, who is known to having been shooting for TOUGH LOVE X. The camerawork, is definitely more of someone of experience. Knowing just what to do to get an open shot for the camera. Well anyway, after this hard-hitting action from the spoon position, from the front, is when the story at hand, would take the strange turn that I had hinted at in the beginning of my review. This would be the time that Karl informs his young prostitute that he plans to tie her up. He even goes as far as to make Nikole say that she wants he to tie her up. Although, she is obviously fairly confused by the whole thing. Nonetheless, Charles tosses her a big wad of white rope. With which she is meant to bind herself. It's after this that Karl does the unthinkable, as he loads Nikole up in his van. She tied up and all. It is in the dead of night, as Karl then drive along, and eventually pulling off to the side of the road. It is there that he intends to get the rest of what he wants from Nikole. This, as things begin with Charles hastily fucking Nikole's throat, as she continues to be tied. However, the first stage of face fucking, just isn't good enough for he. That's because he wants Nikole's faced to be fucked, until she cannot breathe. This position saw her lie flat on her stomach. However, the next one would see her on her feet outside the edge of the van as the action, then go to doggy, with Charles taking Nikole from behind. Things continue with Charles, then maintaining a steady pace of in and out, as he fuck the pussy. Initially, after a time there, Charles would go on to reposition, and bend over Nikole, from the opposite side, as he continue to hit the pussy. But, it is not before long, that Charles once again goes hard. This, as we see him half straddle Nikole's ass, in order to drive his cock in deep, and hard, at a quick pace. The penetration from here, I have to say that it looks really good. This, of course, once again relying on the great camerawork, virtually seen throughout the scene itself. It's from this doggy position, that we see Nikole endure a heavy pounding. After this, they are then back in the van, as the action go to spoon. It is a position, that sees Charles go on to maintain his quick and steady pace, that we had seen previously. Following this, Charles has Nikole suck his cock. But he makes it clear that he wants no hands used in the process. And he couldn't dare have Lot Lizard saliva all over the back of his van. This, as he forces she to lap it all up. It's following this moment of cocksucking, that we get a brief round of missionary, before it is once again back to spooning. Only this time with, Nikole facing the opposite direction than previously. It's a position that we see Charles once again, and still have a quick and hard pacing. It's next up, that we have a very nice view of Nikole, as she faces the camera, while hanging upside down, to have her face fucked well by Charles. It would quickly, then be followed up by Charles, also subsequently goes on to once again choke Nikole. All while preparing himself to cum. The scene comes to an end, with Nikole hanging upside down. This, as Charles go on to drizzle a hot white load onto Nikole's face and chin, as he empty his balls. This signifying the end of the sex. However, when it would come to the storyline portion of the scene, we were not quite over and done with it yet. This, as storyline comes shock us one final time, when after using her for what he wants, he says that it was time for him to "dig a hole" implying that he wishes to bury her. Thus disposing of the "Lot Lizard" without leaving a trace behind.

As I said, at the very start of this review, when it comes to this scene in particular, this is a scene that is very different from anything else that I have seen from the TOUGHLOVE X brand, involving character Karl Toughlove. Usually, we see Karl engage in scenes that are fairly comedic, which of course, is a long ways away from what this is. When it comes to the overall feel of the scene it is definitely one that is ultra cinematic. It leads me to once again further believe that this scene featured Andy Zane behind the camera, as well as also in the mix creatively(I could be completely wrong). This seems to have been a product of an artist at work, who was delivering a vision. I mean, even the first half of the scene. The footage, which involves Karl going on to scout Nikole, is presented in a way involving no audible dialogue, other than the moments that Nikole says that she wants more in the form of payment, and subsequently, she saying that Karl can do as he will with her, once payment has been made in a satisfying amount. Yes, all of the other footage, is accompanied by a droning ambient soundtrack overlaying it. When it comes to the overall structure of the sex scene, it of course, is not your average variety. In fact, I sort of felt that it was a scene that is more about the story, rather than the sex. That's not to say that the sex that we do see here isn't good. It is. It just isn't the first priority, like it is with most scenes. So yes, if you go into this one expecting wall-to-wall sex, then you are likely to be disappointed, as this scene is one that is more story-driven. It's because of this, that I had to take this aspect into consideration, and when it was all said and done, I have to say that I really enjoyed the scene, for what it is. It's like a spooky little short-form movie. Now, when speaking of future scenes to come, I don't know whether or not they will also follow this more serious, darker tone. But this scene on its own, is definitely like seeing Karl in some kind of weird alternate reality of some kind. I really liked it. Just keep in mind beforehand as you go in, that this is a scene that is definitely very different. Both Nikole Nash and Charles Dera, do well here, as they play off one another. I recommend it. It's a nice change of pace. With that said, if you have yet to see Nikole Nash perform, you definitely owe it to yourself to do so. She is just incredible. For sure one of the most lovely girls in the industry. 

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