Tushy.com: Her Commission (2020)

by - October 21, 2020

 Starring: Spencer Bradley // Mick Blue 
Directed by: Laurent Sky
Runtime: 45 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
In this story, Spencer Bradley works at a real estate agency. It is there that she works alongside her boss, Mick Blue, and together they are just about to close the biggest deal of his career. We begin with Mick and Spencer awaiting that all-important phone call, and when they do receive it, the news is just as they had hoped. It is good news that is cause for long-overdue celebration. Upon getting the good news, Mick suggests that Spencer call up her boyfriend Kevin, to give him the good news. However, unbeknownst to Mick, Spencer is quick to let him know that the two of them recently broke up. When giving a reason for the breakup, Spencer states that she was simply bored in the relationship. Saying that, she just doesn't like living by routine. Especially, when it comes to the bedroom. It's that last little detail that Spencer accidentally lets slip. It is after which that Mick is hushed. Fearing the worst, the next day as Spencer comes in, she approaches things with caution. She hopes to not get fired by her boss for her comments, which could be seen as being out of line. However, just as Spencer enter's Mick's office, it seems as though the boss is more than a little casually trying to drop the hint. A hint of the sexual kind. This, as Spencer finds him watching anal porn on his big screen nonchalantly. It's from there that Mick goes on to ask Spencer if she has ever tried anal sex. She hasn't. This, while she stating that Kevin, her ex, was far too scared to try. However, Spencer says that she is curious about it. It is that, which prompts Mick to say that anal is something that he happens to be experienced at, and that he could help Spencer break out of her boring routine if she indeed let him. It is right then, that Spencer does not hesitate to make the next move, as she go on to straddle Mick's lap. This, as the two begin engaging and passionate kissing.

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl (x3)
- spoon (x2)
- full straddle doggy
- missionary

The Review //
In this story, titled "Her Commission", from TUSHY.COM, it's celebration that makes way for sex, as the characters of Spencer Bradley and Mick Blue, find themselves fulfilling a deep-seeded fantasy for both. Here, we find Spencer Bradley working for a would be very successful real estate agent, in Mick Blue. It is via the opening narration that Spencer says that although the commission that she earns from the job is great, it's all the better that she finds her boss to be very attractive. But of course, this is a detail that Spencer is able to keep hidden. That is until the day that she helps Mick close the biggest deal of his life. Yes, as they toast to each other, for a job well done Spencer, just happens to let the fact that she and her boyfriend have recently split. It is then that Spencer is soon put in a vulnerable position, when it comes to the storyline portion of the scene. On the surface, it is one that is very simple. However, I have to give it to the build up of the overall scenario. Before she leaves in a hurry, it is at that time that Spencer just so happens to mistakenly reveal that her previous boyfriend, Kevin just didn't make her happy in the bedroom. She was unsatisfied. Calling the relationship, "routine". The turning point of the scenario, although the storyline goes into it very quickly, is when the camera captures the reaction upon Mick's face as he learns of this detail regarding his coworker's non-adventurous sex life. Why is this moment so important, when it would otherwise seem insignificant? It's because at that very moment, that we get the sense that Mick himself, the boss, had also been harboring secret feelings for Spencer as well. This, of course being confirmed in the next part of the scene when he is seen watching the anal porn in his office. It was with which he was luring her in. And since it was what she wanted in the first place it was not that difficult for he to do so. Nonetheless, the two of them from there quickly get down to business.

It would be then that passionate kissing, would soon transition to Spencer sucking Mick's cock. It's always nice seeing Spencer doing the latter. However, things would not last long here, as the two of this eventually go on to switch locations, as Mick takes Spencer to a bedroom. Now this transition really doesn't make much sense if you think about it. At the start of the scene, before they close the deal, we are at the assumption that they are located in some sort of realtor's office. And then we get to the next portion of the scene. I just assumed that he was watching the porn on a big screen in his office, but then with he would go on to invite Spencer into his bedroom. Wait. Mick has a bedroom in his office? Or was all of the business conducted at his house from the beginning? Talk about convenient! Someone said it was his theater room? And why does the big screen show that it's muted, letting us know that the sound was added later? That's lame/cheap, and suspends belief. I'm all confused. Whatever the case may be, our two performers eventually end up in the bedroom, where the remainder of the sexual encounter would take place between them. That's what really counts.

The sexual encounter getting underway with Mick wasting no time, and with no hesitation, in going in between Spencer's legs to tongue and suck at her clit, as she urge him on. However with that said, Spencer is very adamant as to what she wants, as she demand that Mick get his cock into her. However, before he can do so, she takes it upon herself to take charge, as he quickly get on his back, and she would quickly take to straddling him, to ride the cock in cowgirl. She first begins things here by bouncing on the cock. It's hot, how she momentarily asks Mick if he likes the way that she throw that pussy back on him. It's action and dirty talk, that would soon prompt Mick himself to take over, with a quick speed of fucking. This would later reduce to a slower pace, as Spencer wants to feel every inch of him. Following the cowgirl, Spencer is once again seen sucking cock. An act that would see she lying flat on her stomach. It is during this is Spencer keep eye contact with her scene partner, as she slurp and suck, and gag on the cock, along with her tongue doing some work as well. However, it wouldn't be long before we see Mick stand at the edge of the bed, where he would proceed to fuck Spencer's face. Mick telling Spencer how beautiful her face is, prior to he fucking it at a steady pace. What I enjoyed in this moment was when Mick would go on to toy with Spencer's mouth and throat as he would pull his cock in and out. This, as Spencer's spit, just piled on his shaft. It looked good on camera. This, as Spencer's hazel eyes cut up at Mick. It would be next, as part of the storyline, that Spencer get what her ex-boyfriend had never given her, and that is the pleasures of anal sex. Mick goes on to instruct Spencer to get on his cock, as the action then go to reverse cowgirl. It's from this position, that we find Spencer leaning back with her legs spread, as she take it in the ass. It is in the beginning that Mick go on to proceed with a pace slow and steady, as to warm Spencer's tight asshole up to him. This, as Spencer spout off some encouraging words to him as she goes on to mention just how well he is "breaking in her ass". It's as the position progress that, Mick would go on to increase his pace, going harder, and deeper. Eventually, it is enough to make Spencer come to hard orgasm - and she definitely likes what she feels. This would go on to include Spencer applying some oil up to herself, just before Mick go on to hold Spencer's legs at a side fucking position. It's during this set up, that Spencer would once again come to hard orgasm. Following that, this reverse cowgirl position would revert back to the formation seen prior. It would be then be time for the first gape reveal soon after.  When it came to this position, I really liked the moment in which, they went to sort of the side fuck position. I love the way that Mick was consistent in his hard fucking. And likewise, how Spencer is seen gritting her teeth as she take the dick deep into her asshole. Next up, the performers are belly to back as the action goes to spoon. The position, which see Spencer on her side, shows Mick continuing as he fuck Spencer's ass, as we the viewer have a wide open view of the penetration. Initially, Mick would also rub Spencer's clit, while continuing to fuck the ass. It's something that Spencer happens to like very much. However, Mick would continue on by continuing to pump it in deep. It is during this, that Spencer comments on just how Mick is able to get his cock deeper into her ass, than he does with her pussy. It's after this run, though, that the two would then make a return to the reverse cowgirl position. It is here that Spencer would be positioned in such a way that Mick manages to go even deeper than before by all appearances. Now, with Spencer's ass stretched, she takes Mick's cock with much better ease as he go harder. This, as Spencer, simultaneously rubs her clit vigorously. It's then that it is ass to mouth, as Spencer goes on to what I call, "romance" Mick's cock. This, as she not only, toy with it and try to take it deep into the back of her throat. She also give sexy dirty talk, that not only excites the viewer, but also Mick as well. His reaction is clear. I just absolutely love the way that she talked about the blood rushing to the head of Mick's cock as she suck, and how she loved just how hard that he was getting for her. It's after this, that we would then go into one of the scenes best looking positions. It's a position that finds Spencer with her head down, and her ass in the air, as Mick go on to then straddle her ass, for some deep anal in doggy. The close up camerawork is absolutely fantastic here, as Mick slowly ease his cock in the ass. The camera is right in on the penetration, as we see Mick's foreskin recoil, as the cock goes deep. It's as things continue here, that Mick is able to eventually pick up the pace to a steady one. It remains steady for a time, until Spencer wants Mick to go deeper. It's at that time that they hurry back to spoon. Here, the two performers continue to communicate well with each other. This as, Mick's cock continue to steadily go in and out. Spencer continues to talk her dirty talk - most notably the mentioning of Mick "training her ass for big cock". It being enough to influence Mick's pacing as he goes faster, and harder than ever before, once again getting an orgasm out of Spencer. The action would then take to the scene's final position. That position being the missionary position, as Spencer is on her back at the edge of the bed. It's here that she spread her legs wide. In the beginning of this, Mick starts by toying with Spencer's ass, by giving it just the tip, and continuously pulling it out again and again. Spencer saying that she loves feeling the head going in and out. However, soon Mick would go on to apply lube, making it possible for he to go even deeper. It's during this, as the cameras give us a nice close up of the ongoing penetration in between. More oil would be applied, as Mick would again improve his pacing. Soon, it's enough to bring Spencer to another hard orgasm. It was really hot here, how Spencer demanded that he keep going until she came. She telling he that he better keep pumping until she cums. It would then be a short time after this that Mick would build himself up to his own climax. This, as Spencer would go on to quickly position herself underneath Mick on her knees, for he to jerk his cock. The end result being that he sling a nice, hot load onto her face for the finish.

When it comes to this scene. it is definitely an occasion that Spencer Bradley had prepared months for: her very first on-screen anal performance. With that said, it was an occasion that her fans(myself included) have been waiting for. A scene that Spencer could not have done in a better fashion, than for TUSHY. A brand known for showcasing the art of anal, with both elegance and style. When it came to the storyline portion of the scene, as I said although it was simple, I did enjoy the fact that, and the way that it conveyed that both of these characters had been into one another for some time. That of course led us into the sex scene. A scene that I viewed as being classy yet, at the same time somewhat raw. It was indeed passionate between Spencer and Mick. I felt that when it came to this scene the true highlight of it, was indeed Spencer's vocalization. Her dirty talk. The way that she started the scene off by essentially owning Mick, by taking what she wanted from him, was so hot. In the way, which she urged, coached and influenced him for the remainder, was also fuel to the fire, if you will. This is a scene that we see Spencer taken to multiple orgasms through out, as they were a product of hard anal fucking. These moments of hard anal fucking - the ones which see Spencer grimace in pleasure, are definitely the standout moments. The pros definitely outweigh the cons here. But, when it does come to the cons I would say that my biggest complaints would be that most of the action is from positions that repeat themselves, rather than each of them being unique. The thing is that I would like to have seen Spencer be "manhandled" more. Such as being lifted, and anally railed in standing cowgirl, maybe? I have no doubt that she would enjoy it. So, as far as approach goes, I just feel that there could have been more. More of a variety. However, with that said, to its credit, the scene comes to an end, via a very nice finish. One that includes a harder hitting return to spooning, and then lastly a turn with missionary, which sees Spencer once again demanding that she get what is hers. I also say that the resulting popshot from Mick was also a good one. A nice big load plopped right on Spencer's face! In closing, I will say that these are exciting times for Spencer Bradley fans, as this is seemingly only the first in many a anal scene to come. And knowing Spencer, she will likely try to challenge herself more and more, with each one. So, with that said, I do look forward to what is to come next. But for now, this is a good beginning, which plays to Spencer's strongest suits. Check it out! 

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