JapornXXX.com Alexis Crystal : Sex Cyborg-Interracial Creampie

by - November 04, 2020

 Starring:   Alexis Crystal // Nakamasa
Directed by: Kingdom
Runtime: 48 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, it is the year 2019, and in Japan, an organization has been born for the sole purpose of protecting the future of the country. To do this, this very organization has since used technology to convert women into cyborgs to perform various tasks. Most importantly, to fight. However, for the cyborgs, the only way for them to live is to engage in sexual intercourse. It is a fact that they will die without it.

As the scene begins, Alexis Crystal is a cyborg, with the model number 00969. We see her, as she awakens in a small cell, seeming to not know where she is, or better yet, how she arrived there. As Alexis attempts to shake off the confusion, she finds herself, soon approached by 2 men wearing masks. One also wearing a black hood(Nakamasa). The more heavier masked man(Syun Sakuragi) , obviously being the mastermind. He goes on to tell Alexis, why she is there. He has converted she into a cyborg, created for strength and fighting skill. However, he goes on to then explain that, with she in her now cyborg state, that she now cannot live without fucking. It's after he briefly check out her body that he says that he is ready to check out her strength, and also her fighting abilities. It's a short time later, that we see her pitted against the hooded masked man, as they both come to brandish katana swords, and engage in a battle. Alexis is initially hesitant as the fight begins, as the hooded gentleman first get the upper hand on her. The man in charge then urges she to get serious, and she next does so, showing quick reflexes and strength. Needless to say, the heavy is please by what he sees from she, as he go on to say that next, he wants to check out her eroticism. We then move on to a sexual encounter as Nakamasa, then say that he is going to check out every inch of Alexis Crystal's body. Touching of her body, goes into kissing passionately, and that, to much more.

Well, who says that foreplay is dead in the world of porn? This scene from the website JAPORNXXX.COM, and it's Director, Kingdom, certainly proves otherwise. The storyline-driven scene featuring Alexis Crystal, tells a story, in which Alexis wakes up to suddenly find out that she has been converted into a female cyborg, by some sort of organization, that promises to protect the future of the country of Japan. However, something tells me that this group is up to no good, and has its own benefit in mind. Their very own secret agenda. Well anyway, Alexis has been converted to fight. She has been given super strength. However unfortunately, she has also been burdened by a weakness. One seemingly convenient for the organization. That weakness being that she must have sexual intercourse to survive. She is guaranteed to die without it. So with that in mind this is a scene which sees her shady counterparts go on to, not only test her strength, but also her eroticism in the end. This, as the stage is set for the sexual encounter between Alexis Crystal, and male performer, Nakamasa.

Positions Seen //
standing missionary
reverse cowgirl

The Review //
I'll be honest with you, since this was my very first time reviewing for JAPORNXXX.COM, I really had no previous idea of what I was in for. So I sat with my eyes glued to my screen, as I pay close attention. When it comes to the storyline portion of the scene I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I like the overall concept of the women, supposedly being converted to cyborgs, in order to save the country. The costumes as well as the set up, gave the scene the feeling of a live action anime. The attire seemed to be steampunk inspired, and there were even some very nice visual effects for the budget shown in the set up portion. I really liked it, as it definitely looked great. It showed that great care was taken in the preparation of the presentation of the scene. The story eventually comes to Nakamasa, and his boss, basically wanting to check out Alexis' "eroticism". Because after all, it is one of the main purposes, for which she was converted. That leads into a sexual encounter. One that I did not know beforehand, would surprise me as much as it did.

Yes, this actually turned out to be a scene that was quite amazing to behold. It all beginning with some foreplay, in which Nakamasa, not only go on to rub and tease Alexis Crystal's nipples, but also her pussy as well. This, as he go on to rub both from over her tight cyborg cosplay suit. Kingdom's camerawork is simply phenomenal from the beginning. He stays tight in on the action giving us great views. I really liked the point in the beginning of the scene, which we see Alexis Crystal sitting flat, as Nakamasa positions her legs back, as they are well above her head. This of course leaving Alexis wide open for he to further rub and tease at her pussy, as it is well pressed against the material of her suit. It's after much play above her suit, that Nakamasa, come to rip it open at the crotch, as Alexis is then in a doggy position with her face down, and her ass up. It's here that we see Nakamasa, proceed to finger her, as the two go on to exchange passionate kisses. However, soon Alexis also finds the front of her suit ripped open to expose her perky breasts, as well as her hard nipples. After, he further go to play with her nipples. Nakamasa, then gets his hard cock out, as the two further tease. Eventually, Alexis is backed up to him, as Nakamasa, slip his cock in between her legs, as the front of the crotch area of Alexis' cyborg suit, has also been torn. I do have to say that the visual from this view, is fucking hot. This, as Nakamasa move his cock in and out, just below her pussy. This would then lead to Nakamasa ripping open the back of Alexis' suit, just prior to she going down on him to suck his cock. It is during this, that we see she begin slowly, before she eventually throat him all the way. But it is after this, that Nakamasa would penetrate Alexis for the first time, as the action take to doggy. It is from here, that Nakamasa would proceed with a steady pace. One that only gets harder over time. This, as he end up going at a quick pace shortly thereafter, as he go hard in deep. It was at this particular point in the scene, that I found myself instantly impressed by Nakamasa's performance. I did not expect him to quite bring the wood as he does here. He definitely indeed goes hard as he fuck the pussy. Wow. It is this hard action that would become the theme during the scene in particular moments. It is after being treated by great views from the side, as well as a close up view of the penetration from behind, that we see some more nipple play, before we move on to the position of standing missionary. This is a position that always looks good on screen, and this scene is absolutely no exception. This, as Kingdom would capture the action from here very gloriously. This is because, not only do we have a view from the front, he also chooses to give us a fucking wonderful view of the penetration from underneath the performers. What a captivating view this is for the viewer to take in. I loved it. Also liked a great deal by me, was the next set of several positions, and how they all sort of seemed to seamlessly transition, from one to the other. We first begin with the position of doggy. This, as Alexis is initially sprawled out on the mat for Nakamasa to take her from behind. He does just that. Like previously seen in standard doggy, he would eventually go on to employ that fast and hard pace of fucking the pussy. It's a nice and hard pounding, dealt out by the Japanese performer. Doggy would sort of continue next, as we see Alexis Crystal rock her naturally round ass, back on the dick. This before Nakamasa would be seen fully straddling her from behind to fuck her deeply. Again, this being a very nice looking transition. It's after this, that we would see a brief moment of the lazy dog variation of doggy. Before the action is quickly taken next into the spoon position. It's from this position that, Nakamasa go on to continue with his steady pace, plugging his cock in deep. The next position would be reverse cowgirl, as Alexis Crystal is seen facing the camera. We see she have her legs spread wide, with her feet planted firmly. This, being as she go on to slam herself down hard, as her pussy take all of the dick. Of course, we would also see Nakamasa reciprocate from here. The position would then reverse next, as we see a round of standard cowgirl. I did like the fact that Kingdom chose to not immediately go on to showcase the ongoing penetration, and the bouncing on the cock from behind. It is indeed a typical move by filmmakers. However instead, he chooses to showcase the action, first from a side view, as we get all of Alexis' reaction as it is ongoing. From there yes, eventually we would get a great look of the penetration from behind eventually. The view from the back would eventually be coupled with a view from the front, and I have to say that these views were very well captured. It's this action, that would seamlessly, next go to missionary, as Nakamasa would initially, just thrust forward from where he sit. This, before he soon go on to take the action into full-blown missionary. It's from this position, that we see him take up a steady pace, before he later choose to full-on straddle Alexis from the front. It's here, that we are treated with another delicious looking close up of the penetration, as it occurs. It's from this view, that we see Nakamasa go hard, before it is back to a more traditional viewpoint. It's from there, that Nakamasa goes on to keep up his pace. This, as Alexis Crystal, also goes on to add to the view, by taking her hands and spreading apart her pussy lips, as we see her pussy fucked - and fucked hard. It's action that would last for a time, until Nakamasa would finally go on to reach his climax. However, this scene does not end with Nakamasa pulling out. Instead, he goes on to let loose his load deep inside of Alexis, as the scene would come to a close. Ending with a deeply placed creampie. It's one that I am not sure that is genuine or not. However, I will say that it is one that looks good on camera.

As I said, going into this scene from JAPORNXXX.COM, I was not quite sure what I would be getting from it. However, I must admit that, I am really glad that I got in contact with Kingdom on the subject of reviewing his Japanese produced content on the site. I had a really good time watching the scene. From the storyline, to the sex - it's all great. As for the story, I love the way that it was very creative, and very well executed. As I said, it was kind of like seeing anime characters spring to life. Not only that, we also get to see them fuck soon after! In speaking of the sexual material, never did I ever expect it to be this good. But it is damn good. First of all, Alexis Crystal, the porn actress from the country of Prague, is a very hot performer, who looks equally so in the tight cyborg suit, that she wears here for the scene. She brought much energy to the scene. And speaking of much energy, that is also what her scene partner, Japanese male talent, Nakamasa also brings. Again, I was really impressed by his overall performance, as he went much harder than I could've ever imagined. Here, we see Alexis Crystal fucked good, and hard. And it is all to his credit. Altogether, this is a scene that is very complete and is sound. It is definitely not a scene that was thrown together on the fly very quickly. It seems to have been well planned before the shoot. Kingdom, the director behind the camera, is very good as the cameraman. I felt that from beginning to end, the action was captured very well, and began with some imagination. Here, we do not have just the regular positions shot in the same ways that everyone does in porn. It's clear that it is Kingdom's aim to bring us something exciting. I definitely enjoyed those views given to us from underneath, as well as those that showcased Alexis Crystal's tight curves. The only other person that I know, who shoots in this manner, would be Maestro Claudio, who is one of the best. And so, to compare, Kingdom to him, definitely says something about how good the camerawork is. It is of course with all of this said, that I would not not hesitate at all to recommend this scene to you for your viewing pleasure. It is a very fun, and amazing scene. Not only do we here, see a well put together story, but also two performers who commit their all to it, especially when it comes to the sexual content. Be sure to check this one out, as well as all of the other material that Kingdom, and his site, JAPORNXXX.COM, has to offer you! 

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