Kayley Gunner Plays Dr. Boob Job With Her Friend's Husband (2020)

by - November 03, 2020

 Starring:  Kayley Gunner // Sam Shock
Directed by: 
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Kayley Gunner, as she paces back-and-forth. She is in a doctor's recovery room, when she finally receives a call from Sam Shock, who's wife is undergoing breast enlargement surgery. It's during said call, that Kayley tell he where to locate her. When Sam arrives, he is concerned. Concerned about his wife,  Lily. When it comes to said surgery, it appears as though Sam was against it, saying that she looks just fine with her natural B cups. However, he also comes to blame himself, for her desire of wanting bigger tits in the first place. He says that ever since she caught him looking at Kayley's big tits, she has wanted her own, ever since. Kayley then goes on to immediately try to comfort Sam, by saying that Lily has the very same doctor who did her own implants, and that he does about 20 of them a day, even. Kayley then attempts to show off her breasts as proof, but Sam is quick to stop her. However, once again temptation settles in. Kayley knows very well this, and so she continues to press the issue. She successfully gets him to feel of her tits, and says that the two of them should play "doctor", saying that Lily will be in surgery for about another hour, giving them ample time to explore with one another. Although he is first hesitant to do so, we of course see Sam give in. This, as touching resorts to a whole lot more between them.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- doggy
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- side fuck
- spoon

The Review //
Today's review, finds me going to NAUGHTY AMERICA, to choose a scene for review. It's a storyline-driven scene, in which Sam Shock is a concerned husband, whose wife happens to be in surgery getting a breast enlargement. This, despite he not wanting her to. However, the storyline builds, when he reveals that it was he who was the catalyst of she wanting to have it done. You see, his wife Lily, has a hot friend in Kayley Gunner. She is a hot chick, who just so happens to have a pair of big tits of her own. And it was those boobs, that she caught Sam gawking at, while all three of them were out at the club. The story soon finds the two of them: Sam and Kayley waiting for Lily to come out of surgery. As explained there were some complications, causing the doctor, to have to go with bigger implants for Lily. It's with this development, that the two were left alone in the empty room, and of course, that is not good for longstanding, pent-up sexual tension. Sam expresses his concern for Lily's surgery, all the while, Kayley takes it upon herself to comfort him, in the only way that she knows how. With a little bit of hands-on show and tell, if you will. She says that the two ladies share the same doctor, as she go on to want to give him a visual representation of what Lily's new tits may look like. This, as she goes on to convince Sam, who is hesitant to have a little feel of hers. Upon he doing this, Kayley then gets the idea of they playing "doctor". What follows, is the most hands-on representation of playing doctor that one is likely to ever see, as soon it results in a sexual encounter between the two.

When it comes to this particular storyline, I myself found it a little dull, in my opinion. I have a feeling that it was meant to be a little more lighthearted and fun, with maybe a hint of comedy here and there. However, the storyline, as well as its subsequent buildup is just so slowly building. I just got the urge to see it all lead to something, and fast. The good thing that I can say about the beginning moments of the sex scene, is that I liked the camerawork, and the way which it captured the two performers at this point in the scene. I very much liked the moment which Kayley had her back turned to Sam, who was behind her, as he kiss her neck, and reach down, to slowly rub her pussy from over her black panties. To me it looked like the type of pose that one might see on a romance novel, or something. It's after this, that we see Kayley go on to suck Sam's cock for the first time. There were times here that she would have a single-handed approach, followed by a double handed one. I liked the fact that Kaylee was aware enough to maintain eye contact with Sam, as she suck him off. We would then have a moment of titty fucking. From here, Sam wisely brings up the storyline saying that, if his wife is to get bigger tits, that he might as well learn how to fuck them. This is then followed up by some missionary, as Kaylee is on her back. It's a position that Sam would soon go on to employ an increasing pace, going faster and harder, after a time of steady fucking. As previously, it is during this, that we see Kayley maintain eye contact with Sam as he fuck her pussy. This is followed up by the action then transitioning to the doggy position. It is with a low angled, straight ahead view, that we see the doggy position take place, and it is once again that Sam builds up speed in his fucking. He digging in deep, as he eventually go on to half straddle Kayley's ass to pound her deeply. The position in question, would finish out with Kaylee being face down and ass up for the remainder, as we keep with a low angled camera view from previous. After this, Kayley returns to sucking dick. I happened to enjoy here the fact that during this, while having his dick sucked, the camera switches to a reverse angle, to show that Sam was also in the process of fingering Kayley's pussy. It would lead to Kaylee eventually going on to ride the cock, first in standard cowgirl. During this position, it's a combination of Kayley bouncing at a slow and steady pace, and once again, we seeing Sam, eventually take charge to go deep and hard. Next, the position reverses to reverse cowgirl, after. And it is in my opinion, the best position for Kayley here. This, as she looks good bouncing on the cock from here. Of course, one of the camera's main focuses is on her big tits, in said position. it's a steady pace, as we see Kayley slamming herself down on the dick. It's for the remainder of this particular position, that we finish out, with Kayley sort of leaning off to the side, as she continue to take the hard dick. As I said, it is a position that looks good for Kayley. We would then have a brief stint in side fucking, which we then, quickly go into spoon, soon after. It's a position that once more, sees Sam return to the previous pace which only increases over time. This, as we have him plugging away at the pussy, at a very fast pace, while also applying a choke hold to Kayley. It's action that would lead to Sam's eventual climax, as Kaylee makes it known that she wants his cum on her titties(where else?).  The end begins with a little more tittyfucking, prior to Sam going on to vigorously jerk his cock to a finish, as he then pop on Kayley's tits. The ending spoon position, gives the scene a very nice finish, as it is the roughest spot of the entire 36 minute offering. I really liked how the sex came to a close from there.

Overall, when it comes to the scene, as much as I wanted to enjoy this scene in its entirety, I honestly just couldn't. When it comes to the storyline, I felt that it was slow, and just took entirely too long to progress. Besides, the story itself was a bit mediocre and uninteresting. Also, it is a bit crazy in that a husband would be fucking his wife's best friend, while the wife herself is in surgery, which has been met with complications. I mean yes, this is indeed the world of porno. But come on now. Sometimes, things are just a little too stupid. And then, with the story out of the way, of course came the sexual material of the whole thing. It's a sex scene, that I for one, found to be a little bit too one-sided, if you ask me. I felt that when it came to the sexual performance, it was Sam Shock who was tasked with doing all the work, as best he could. The sex was too much of the same rhythm going down the whole time. In virtually every position seen here, we would have Sam fuck Kayley in that all-too-familiar, increasing pace that got harder and faster, as things progressed. This would be seen in each, and every position served to us. Although Sam, during these moments is doing fantastic work, as the viewer, I just found it to be somewhat boring and repetitive. This again, due to Sam doing all the "heavy lifting", if you will. To his credit, Sam Shock, is a very good performer. While Kayley on the other hand is a very beautiful newcomer, that going in, I was really looking forward to seeing, and I still do look forward to seeing her in the future. However, this scene just didn't gel with me in the right way. As a reviewer, I do really hate giving reviews that are critical, but I have to be honest. It's with that said, that I can't say that I recommend this scene, as the sex is lacking, and both the lead-in story, as well as the camerawork are dry and dull additionally. There is just so much better out there for you to explore and find. I say pass on it.

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