SpyFam.com: Stealing Stepsister Caught Red Handed (2020)

by - November 18, 2020

Starring: Dani Blu // Tyler Steel
Directed by: 
Runtime: 40 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Dani Blu arriving home to an empty house with her parents nowhere to be found. We watch as ever the opportunist, go on to rummage through a kitchen drawer. where she happens to find her stepdad, Tyler Steel's wallet. It is then, that she does not hesitate to snatch the money that is inside. It's then that the scene advances in time to  later that day, as we find Dani arriving home once again, only this time she has a big bag in tow. She goes straight to her bedroom, as she starts to unpack the items from the bag, it seems as though, she had went on a small shopping spree courtesy of dear old dad. She unpacks two pairs of white shoes, along with a new, pink and white striped bikini. However, that is not all, as she also comes to retrieve a small blue vibrator from said bag, as well. From there, a spy camera watches on, as she then go on to change into her bikini, and then shortly after get out the vibrator. It's at this point that we witness, Dani lying back on the bed, as she then go on to pull her bikini bottoms aside to play with herself, while using the vibrator on her clit. This occurring for some time, until Dani finds her sweet spot, as she pull apart her pink pussy lips. We also watch on, as Dani, eventually go on to work in the vibrator, as she tease at her hole. It is then a short time later that she finishes. However, beyond this, she would be in for quite a surprise, as returning home right after, is her stepfather Tyler, who soon rushes into her bedroom. This, as he essentially catches her red-handed. Tyler goes on to explain everything, saying that yes, he set up spy cameras, all over the house because he suspected that she was indeed stealing money. Of course, he is correct in that assumption. Dani of course, initially tries to deny any wrongdoing, however a camera doesn't lie, and so she has caught herself in quite the predicament. However it is a quick thinking Dani that is quick to turn the tables on her dad, by saying that he seems to have quite enjoyed watching his stepdaughter masturbate. It is with said information, that Dani threatens to blackmail him with it, when it comes to her mother. Tyler eventually comes up with a plan of giving Dani a monthly allowance, in order to keep her quiet. While on the other hand, Dani, to keep Tyler quiet, offers to suck his dick. Again, no hesitation is seen, as things soon go into a sexual encounter between the two, beginning with Dani sucking cock.

Positions seen //
- titty fucking
- doggy
- missionary
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //
For this review, I check out a scene from the website SPY FAM. In the scene Dani Blu has been caught stealing just like the classic Jane's Addiction song. Yes, Dani thinks that she is in the clear, whenever she is able to steal money from her stepfather, Tyler Steel's wallet, when neither of her parents are around. However, that is what she thinks. Because unbeknown to her, Tyler is actually one step ahead, as he has secretly placed spy cameras all along the house. He suspects that his stepdaughter is stealing. He's onto her. So here comes the story, as we see Dani arrive home with no one around. This, as curiosity soon gets the best of her, as she goes about snooping in a drawer located in the kitchen of the house. She is there successful in finding her father's wallet, as well as lifting money from it. It's then that she sneaks out, ever so quietly, only to return sometime later, after going shopping for herself, this while of course, using her stepfather's cash.

This story was actually pretty fun I thought. We see Dani steal the money, only to go shopping and return later with new shoes, a bikini as well as a small vibrator. The vibrator, which she soon uses on herself, as things officially begin with a solo masturbation session, as Dani pull her bikini bottoms aside, to go at her luscious young pussy. However, it is after this is said and done, that the story soon truly pick up with Tyler, coming home to catch her red-handed, among her newly acquired items. Tyler then breaks the news to she about all of the cameras, which he has set all though the house. Dani is really shocked that her dad, really felt the need to do so. But, he in turn, is also upset with Dani. They then come to make an agreement which would be the start of the sexual encounter between them. That being that Tyler would pay her off every month to not tell her mother about the racy he footage that he has captured of his young stepdaughter on cam. While Dani on the other hand compromises by offering to suck his dick. But of course that would lead to much, much more between them.

When it comes to the sexual material of the scene, it would turn out that the viewer would be in for something quite good. Really, really good in fact. The camera is set up with the idea of the spy cameras watching on, as the sex take place between Dani and Tyler. It's meant to be fashioned as if we were watching footage that we are not supposed to be(or something). We have a camera from a distance, a camera from behind, one from overhead, then a few choice looks from a closer view, differing from the spy camera set up. The sex of course, begins with Dani going on to administer a blowjob to Tyler. We start in the straightaway view from the camera from a distance as she go on to steadily work the cock with her mouth and with her hand. The view would then change to one from behind Dani, as she has her feet pinned back. I have to say that I personally, really enjoyed this view from behind. Why you ask? Well the answer is simple. Dani's ass. It just looks amazing from this viewpoint. All pushed out, and juicy. My God, what a view! But in saying that, the view would then remain sweet, as it switch to overhead, as then she continue to work the cock. This was yet another view that I took notice of, as I really liked seeing Dani look up at the camera with her nice beautiful eyes, essentially gazing up at us, while she do the deed. This, and for the fact that her ass also looks great from here, too. We are then taken in with a closer view of things, as the action then go to doggy next, as Dani assume the position, as Tyler goes onto penetrate she for the first time, he comes to find out just how tight Dani truly is. This, as he proceed with things slowly. From this viewpoint, we have a nice look at the way that the cock, just stretches out Dani's tight little hole. Tyler, definitely gained points for gripping her ass to hold it apart, while initially fucking her. It's here, that as things progress we see Tyler then go on to increase his pacing to a quicker pace, while going on to fuck nice and hard. Not only do we have Tyler fucking hard, we see he giving Dani the long strokes eventually, as he is in and out of her pussy. The doggy would then later progress to show an overhead view of things, once again. It's from this particular view, that Dani's ass is again fantastic, as it slam back against Tyler. The camera would then change once more to show a side view, it is from here that Tyler goes faster. What hot action this was in this particular moment of the scene. It's with this that we stay at this view from the side, which is at a distance. This, as Danny is next seen on her back, and fucked in missionary. Initially, it is a position that continues at a steady pace, only to get much harder as Tyler look directly into Dani's eyes, as he pound her. There's another camera change, as we go to that overhead view once again, as the missionary continues. It is once more a glorious view of things, as Dani is seen looking up at us, as Tyler continue his attack on her pussy. This is definitely a great view, as I have said. It's from here that we see she rubbing her clit, as well as Tyler, and then later, he spreading her fat lips with his fingers, as he continue to plug it deeply. The position would then finish out with another close up view, as Tyler continue with the pussy punching, prior to things then going to cowgirl with Dani on top. From here, we are briefly in a side view, as Dani gets busy, as she bounce up and down on the cock. However, things would get much harder with a view from behind. Things would progress to see Tyler slam Dani down hard on his cock, as she is in an upright position. We would then get a closer view of the penetration, as Tyler go on to tease Dani's hole, as he briefly pull in and out with short strokes. This, before he would revert to once again slamming her down hard. This position would then see Dani reverse herself, as we go into reverse cowgirl. It's here that we see Dani ride the cock herself, as well as Tyler fuck back at a quick pace. For some reason, when the camera cuts to a closer view, the performers are instead in cowgirl, with Tyler's back to the camera, as opposed to the reverse cowgirl position that we see them in before coming close. It really does not make any sense but, with that said, Tyler is able to continue at a much harder pace. We also see Dani propping herself up on Tyler's knees from here, as well as Tyler supporting her, by lifting her up as she use no hands to support herself. However, the position would continue with the performers once again and somehow, in reverse cowgirl with Dani, again facing the camera. It is from here, that Tyler eventually builds up a fast and hard pace of things, that would only lead him to eventual climax. After going hard for one final moment, Tyler is ready to blow. This, as he go on to jerk his cock at a quick pace, leaving him to finally blast Dani in the face with his load. The initial spurt of it, nearly hitting her in the eye, while the rest of it, ending up in her open mouth for she to swallow. It is with this pop shot, that are scene come to a satisfying end.

For me this was nearly a "complete" scene, from top to bottom. The set up of the scene involving Dani Blu secretly, or so she thought, stealing money from her stepdad's wallet, was fun. While, the sex scene which it led to was even better. It's definitely a scene where the hidden camera set up/idea of this format really worked in its favor. This, as the action captured with this approach, is really enjoyable and sexy. Virtually the whole scene, from beginning to end is stacked with delicious view, after delicious view. The young starlet Dani Blu is definitely a little hottie, and the cameras here for sure capture essentially every reason, as to why she is so attractive. Not only do we get prime views of Dani's ass, many of the views benefit us in the way of displaying her perfectly pink pussy. Each view being definitely good at that. Dani has a very nice pussy that is nice and pink. I basically enjoyed each, and every position shown to us during the course of this scene. And then beyond the action itself, is indeed, the connection between the performers. This should be one of the number one priorities for scenes, and fortunately this scene is no exception to that. Dani and Tyler, truly came together to create something very good here, having good conversation throughout the scene, as well as the awareness for the two of them remaining in character. Tyler saying things such as. "cum for daddy" and Dani saying that she is "daddy's little girl", can be heard, thus keeping things sharply interesting fantasy-wise. With that said, this is definitely a scene that I would recommend, no questions asked. A great story, a nice connection sexually, along with sex itself, that is definitely an eyeful basically, the entire time. When it comes to the featured female performer Dani Blu, I have to again say, that she is really attractive and I definitely urge you to look up her work if you get the chance! 

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