Birthday Girl (2020)

by - December 04, 2020

 Starring: Kay Carter // Codey Steele
Directed by: Robby D 
Runtime: 29 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, It's Kay Carter's Birthday, as birthday cake, paper plates and decorations line the table. This, as her stepdad Codey Steele, usher out the final guests, as the day has been spent celebrating the joyous occasion with family. As Codey joins Kay back in the kitchen, he is first to apologize for the fact that her real dad had to be a no-show on her Birthday. However, Kay says that she is used to such occurring. This, as she goes on to ask about the whereabouts of her mother, who Codey says has left to take her Aunt back home, after visiting. This, of course leaving the two of them home alone together. To keep the conversation going, Codey goes on to ask Kay, if she would like some more Birthday cake. However, Kay says that she is just entirely too stuffed. On the other hand, Codey too says the same, as Kay goes on to dip her finger in the icing, and then feed it to him, prior to she getting her own taste. However, it doesn't quite end there. No. This, as Kay, then dares to apply some of the icing onto her right breast, as she lifts up her shirt. Codey knows exactly what Kay wants he to do, as he proceeds to ask her if she needs help with that. This, of course is followed up by he going on to suck the icing from her erect nipple. It is after this that she wants even more than that. It's from here, that Kay stands up from her chair, and unbuttons her shorts. This, as she suggests another area for he to lick. Because, after all, it is her Birthday. Codey is of course, understandably hesitant to do so, but the temptation is obviously just too much fore he to bare. This, as we see him then go on to kiss Kay's body. Beginning at her bush, and then leading all the way up to her chest, once more sucking on her nipple, lastly. From here for a time, we would see Codey go on to play with Kay's clit, rubbing it, and then fingering it deeply. This, before Kay would then return the favor, by getting down to sucking his cock. Thus, leading the way for the remainder of the sexual encounter between them.

Positions Seen //
-  doggy
- cowgirl
- missionary

The Review //
From REALITY JUNKIES, and the DVD release, "He's My Stepdad #3", I review this vignette style scene, titled "Birthday Girl", which is directed by Robby D. In the scene, Kay Carter is today's birthday girl, and she has just wrapped up a  Birthday party, thrown in order to celebrate the occasion. However, we would find that it is after it's all over, and that everyone has went home, that Kay's stepdad, Codey Steele in the midsts of an impromptu sexual encounter, looks to make this one birthday that she will never forget. This, as a little innocent foreplay, leads to a whole lot more in the end. Yes, Kay might have had fun at her Birthday party, where the guests might have came bearing gifts, but it's during this "afterparty", if you will, that her "daddy" comes bearing dick. And as it turns out, it was her most desired gift of all. As often when it comes to a Robby D directed scene. It's here that we are presented with a storyline setup that is fun to take in. I have to say that I really did enjoy this one. On the surface, it is a really simple scenario but, the presentation is where it matters. I loved the sort of playful, sensual sort of way that things were presented to us here, when it came to the sexual encounter. Beginning with some daring foreplay, involving a stepdaughter, and her stepdad. Yes, here, things get underway with some simple icing on one's finger, for the other to suck upon. But of course, that going much further, as we would see Kay then proceed to put said white icing on her nipple. This, as Codey would of course soon oblige by sucking it off. When it comes to this I felt that it was really hot. I especially liked how Codey follow through, by then going on to start at Kay's nether region to kiss up her body, until he come full circle to once again suck on her breast. In my opinion, this was very sexy. Credit is also given to Codey, who, at this point, remains in character. as he once again hesitates to move forward. However. he does this soon going on to show he working Kay's clit and pussy with his fingers. It is here that the camera stays with it for a time, as Robby D, gives us some great close-up camera. It would be action that would eventually see Codey finger-fuck Kay's hole hard. I liked the way which he plug it with his middle finger, while the two other fingers on each side, would kind of "cup her pussy lips. This as the middle finger is jammed in. It's of course, something very simple, but at the same time, it is a very nice visual on-screen. It's after a lengthy stay at this, that Kay would next return the favor, as she go down on Codey to suck his cock. It's from here that we see Kay work the head with her mouth, as she keep nice eye contact with her scene partner. This is action that would also include she, not only deep throating, but she also sucking on Codey's balls, just as he asks. On his end, Codey would also be seen fucking Kay's face. And speaking of this, as he does so, I happened to enjoy the way in which he pulled on her ponytail to achieve a good grip. With that said, perhaps my favorite thing about the blowjob seen here, is that the Birthday cake would once again come into play. This, as Codey would go on to apply some of the cake icing on his dick, as he make a game out of it for the obeying Kay. Yes, this was yet another time in which things were very sexy. It's after this is done however, that the scene's titular "Birthday girl" would be penetrated for the very first time. It comes via the position of doggy, as Codey bend her over the kitchen table, and take her from behind. It's action that would get off to a rousing start. This being as Kay would prop her right leg up on the table, with leaving her wide open for Codey's taking. This was a very nice initial set up in this position. I just loved the fact that Kay is here seen wearing a pair of pink sneakers. If you know me, then you know that I am quite the sucker for a girl wearing a pair of sneakers during a sex scene. I don't know why, but I just find it really hot. That's what we have here, as Codey begin things, by giving Kay what he calls her, "Birthday spankings". Robby D, begins the position, by treating us to a close up view of the penetration ongoing, and it is from here that we see Codey proceed with an even and steady pace, as he move in and out of Kay's pussy. But, as we see things progress from here, Codey would soon pick up his pace by going harder. We would also toggle between reaction shots involving Kay, as well as penetration. In the meantime, Codey would work up his hardest pace, and I liked that he did so just as he mentioned that he was giving Kay "Birthday dick". Again, it's staying in character. And again, it's fucking hot. The doggy would lastly, continue on in the straightaway, with Kay's two feet on the floor. Codey from here, remaining consistent, as he continue to go hard into the pussy. It's after the doggy, that the action would change up, with Codey having a seat in a chair, as Kay follow-up to fully straddle him, to ride the dick for a time in cowgirl. This is action, that begins with Kay grinding on the hard dick in closeup view. Though, I feel that the closeup may have been a little too long on Robby D's part, the view from here is indeed great. A face full of Kay's Arkansas-bred ass, just grinding away. We also have her asshole wink at us, each time Codey's hands pull apart her fat cheeks. Yummy! The action would next see Kay's ass bounce from here, as she is quickly fucked, and otherwise slammed down from an upright position. This, as a nice quick pace is built between the two. But, it is after this, that we go into the scene's final position, as we see Codey lift and carry Kay briefly, as he then place she on the table. This, for the action then to pick up in missionary. It is from this position, that we go continuously from a full frame shot, to one of a close up view of the penetration at hand. From this position, we get a very nice view of Kay's titties as they bounce and jiggle with the movement, as Codey continue to plow her. We would eventually see Codey work up a quick, and steady pace from here. There is also a moment during which, he slows things down for some long strokes into the pussy, before once again returning to his harder fucking. It's with the latter, that he keeps with, until he builds himself up to climax. This, as Kay says that she wants her Daddy's cum. It isn't long after that, that Codey would give her just that. This, as he quickly pulls out, to sling a rope of jizz onto her furry bush for the finish. When it comes to this final position of the scene, I have to say that it was another good one. Well captured by Robby D, giving us an equal balance of both close up, and full scope. Codey gave it to her really good, and Kay on her side of things, received it with enthusiasm. You just have to love her little moans and squeals!

Overall, when it comes to this particular scene, I have to say that it was a very enjoyable offering from REALITY JUNKIES, and director Robby D. The director, first presents to us, a very fun scenario and followed through with a sex scene that remains that way. I had a good time viewing it. Especially as seeing, it was so well captured, and the two performers, Kay Carter, and Codey Steele, were so enthusiastic; individually and collectively. As I have said, I really liked that they had the mind to remain in character through out, while they also deliver a great scene, of fast-paced, high-spirited action. For the most part, it's enjoyable. However, that is not without complaints, although they are minor. When it comes to this, I just felt that some of the shot choices by Robby D, were slightly awkward. Mostly, during the time of the blowjob near the beginning of the scene. At one point the camera would switch to a view of Kay's tits, as she is busy at work sucking dick. Though she is  up there showing off her skills in fellatio, for some reason we are stuck staring at her tits as she do so. Why? It's a question that I do not have the answer to. However, with that said, this is my only real complaint when it comes to this breezy, and enjoyable sexual effort. It was really great to see Kay Carter again. And on another note this was one scene that allowed her to show her septum piercing, which is a big plus for me. She is a real cutie. So, be sure to check this one out if you have the chance. I recommend it! 

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