Paige Owens: It Takes Two DP (Perv City) December #DPofTheMonth

by - January 13, 2021

I'm sure you've heard how crazy a year 2020 was ad nauseam and probably are still hearing about it. Well, we couldn't have closed out our precious polling process in a more exciting way this past December. Frankly, it was a welcome last burst of excitement in the form of our supportive maneuvers in this double penetration fan movement. And it was another close one! The three scenes nominated came from three studios that kept a steady flow of DP content throughout that crazy year. Almost constantly pumping out scenes no matter what 2020 brought us. Whether it was a lull in production (understandably so) or a complete spike of new scenes it seemed double penetration was one of the only normal things about 2020. Thanks to this poll we took a peek into what the #DPBattle was watching thus resulting in this review here on Black Halo Adult Reviews.


Rocco Siffredi’s prominence pays off if you’re a fan of Evil Angel in some form. His projects enrich the pornscape with such releases as Rocco’s Fitness Sluts: DP Edition. This is where Verona Sky’s scene comes from, a December 20th, 2020 update on the Evil Angel site for members. Her fitness-themed DP scene only took 23% of the vote but was in the race to the end. Plus, I bet Rocco's legions will enjoy it regardless of what some poll shows. The scene is a cool 38 minutes that I’m sure the #DPBattle enjoyed watching as well. DAP was in this poll in the form of Jolee Love’s “Enduring 8 different DAP positions SZ2545”  for an update on the Legal Porno network back on December 16th.  Her asshole took on 4 top Euro-male talent as they stuffed it thoroughly for that famous fast-paced legal porno style.  While the nominated scene was leading for most of the poll’s existence, by the time it ended Jolee Love’s DAP scene took 30% of the votes which just wasn't enough to be reviewed. This brings us to the scene with the most votes entitled "It Takes Two To DP” with Paige Owens brought to us by the sweet City of Perv. The update came on Perv City’s site towards the end of the year on December 24th, 2020. You can call it an early XXXmas gift from Maestro Claudio and crew. Time to check the scene out and review it for the new year!



Scene Breakdown:

Paige Owens sits on the white couch impeccably as she is primed for the scene. She immediately reveals that this is her first DP for the studio. Suzanne’s voice from behind the camera warns that she is giving away the “secret” too early but it is already time to celebrate. They go into detail during this brief pre-scene interview about the satisfaction of Paige being double penetrated, she is very excited for the day's scene. The "very special tag team" is then brought up as they step in right on cue. Mike Stefano and John Strong eagerly join Paige on the couch and get hands-on the minute they are next to her sending this scene to start. The jubilance leads to face mashing porno kisses from the aroused performers. Paige's foot ends up in Mike Stefano's mouth as John Strong is already leaning in to suck on her tits. Mike joins him feasting on the horny starlet that now has two legends per breast sucking on each one of them. Paige's legs are already up allowing her bottom panties to be pulled to the side. She plays with herself as she is fed John Strong's cock to start the BJ for the scene. Mike Stefano is getting a foot job as Paige is sucking John off.  During this footjob/blowjob spit roasting John Strong will sit on Paige’s face to get rimmed. Mike stimulates Paige’s pussy while John’s ass is being rimmed by her mouth.

 A proper double blowjob starts up as the camera goes up to Paige Owen’s face while it is stuffed with these two cocks.  She rotates from double-hand jacking one cock to slamming her mouth onto the other penis. Expect to see and hear the sloppiness of this blowjob as Paige drools on herself during the cock wrangling.  She is then urged to spin around and arch in front of John Strong as her panties are slid off. She still has Mike's wiener in her mouth as she is being set up for a doggy formation. John Strong then jumps into her pussy as Paige is still sucking off Stefano, starting a proper spit roast.  Anal insertion then happens shortly after as John jabs his dick right into Paige's asshole.  John during the throes of this fast doggy humping leaps back into Paige's pussy for an ass to pussy transferring.

 They reverse positions in spit roasting where Paige is now laying her arch back into Mike Stefano as she sips on John’s dong. The camera is focused on the anal penetration from a sort of POV angle from over Mike’s shoulder.  Paige is then urged to fall back on John Strong to form reverse cowgirl in anal. This leaves her open for the DP to start which has Mike stepping into vaginal causing John Strong to be the anal anchor. They fly right into the double penetrating with the screen being properly filled with the hole filling action thanks to Maestro’s angling.  Before Paige spins into regular cowgirl DP she will give a quick double blowjob for the camera that is close by. She then  mounts John as he anchors her pussy so Mike can take the asshole in the regular cowgirl DP. Here is where Paige will pull herself open as she is double penetrated showing a clear view of it t.

 The piston pumping morphs itself into double vaginal as Paige remounts John Strong in reverse cowgirl again. The double vag is a brief bash but they will go back to it soon. Paige is quick to get her mouth filled with cock right after the reverse cowgirl DV. She gets on top of the dick that she was just sucking, John Strong's, in regular cowgirl to setup another DP. Mike Stefano slides into Paige's ass to get this DP in pumping motion.  This is where they start the double vaginal again as you will hear Paige wailing in complete pleasure. Regular DP is reinstated with Mike Stefano transferring back to the asshole for it. 

 They go back and forth with more DV appearing as this scene is in full force now. Paige pulls out to suck some more dick this time stuffing both penises in her mouth hungrily. John Strong then starts slamming her in down doggy causing some great gape shots. Mike Stefano joins them in this orifice warping segment of the scene.  Paige is then laid back in mish so John strong can storm through her holes in a lightning-fast ass to pussy session.  After the male talents have their fun trading off between Paige's holes in the mish she is erected by John Strong for a standing DP. After that impressive display, both gentlemen jack their cocks to pop all over Paige Owens.

 If you're a DP maniac you're in the right place, to begin with. Here at Black Halo Adult reviews, we house the fan's voices giving them honest feedback after they nominate scenes for me to review. With this Paige Owens update at the Perv City municipality you can expect the thirst of the thirsty to be quenched. This scene is bountiful like a river of perverted pleasures containing a hot nymph-like Paige Owens. She also has two proven-powerhouse penises to play with and they put her holes to work. It is a great scene curated by a production house that knows its fanbase well. Watch this scene whether you're into DP or not. It is that hot. 

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