Gaping Gabbie's Ass (2020)

by - January 07, 2021

Starring: Gabbie Carter // Mike Adriano
Directed by: Mike Adriano
Runtime: 1 hr. 16 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Mike Adriano, welcoming Gabbie Carter, who here makes her very first appearance for TRUE ANAL, and for that she is very excited. The 20-year-old Gabbie introduces herself, saying that she is from Austin Texas. She says that prior to porn, she worked at a pizza restaurant. She even tried college. However, she dropped out to become a pornstar, she says. Mike then has the 5'7" beauty stand up to show us some of the poses that she had done for the photos prior to the scene. We get to one pose, however, but Mike just cannot wait to see Gabbie's huge tits. This, as he has she face him, and then pop them out of her top. Mike, first has she drool on them, before he goes on to express his love of big areolas The type of areolas that Gabbie of course, has. Mike then has Gabbie proceed to bounce and shake her tits for the camera, as the camera then zooms in for an extreme close up. However next, he has she turn around and push her ass out toward the camera, as he next rips open her yellow fishnets, to show off her ass and pussy. And when it comes to her pussy, that is his next focus, as he zoom in to have Gabbie show it off. The fishnets of course, ripped open, as Mike soon cannot help himself, but to get a taste, as he go on to tongue and suck at her pussy. However, things would officially get underway, after Mike have Gabbie strike another pose, as she has one foot propped up on the couch. It's a pose, consisting of she spreading her ass for the camera. But, it is a view that Mike, just finds too enticing to pass up, as he would then go into taste her asshole. Things begin with Mike tonguing and sucking at her ass, before next, driving his tongue into it. It would be next that he would also go on to suck on Gabbie's tits. he would alternate between the two, and even have Gabbie feed them to him, before he is finished. We not only see she drool on her tits, but also spit into Mike's mouth. This would lead things into a round of titty fucking, and of course, the remainder of the scene.

Positions Seen //
- titty fucking(x3)
- missionary(anal)
- cowgirl(anal)
-reverse cowgirl (x2)(anal)

The Review //
Today's review sees me choosing another scene from TRUE ANAL, and director Mike Adriano. Honestly, when I saw the scene on the site, it was one that I just could not miss. That's because it is a scene that involves the incredible Gabbie Carter, a fellow Texas native. I just had to see this scene because, as I recall, never have I ever seen she participate in an anal sex scene. And what better place to see she do just that than with TRUE ANAL? If you know Mike Adriano then you know that some people would refer to him as the king of butt fucking. So, there you go.

The scene begins with Mike giving us a little introduction to Gabbie Carter. But chances are, if you a real fan of porno then you know exactly who Gabbie is before going in. But nonetheless it is a nice playful introduction to the busty young starlet, who hails from the lone star state. It is via the question-and-answer that we come to know that Gabbie ditched a pizza restaurant job, as well as college, in favor of the ranks of porn, and we the viewer, along with Mike Adriano could not be more thankful for that. In fact, Mike is eager to show his appreciation. He first going on to worship Gabbie's big 32 double D naturals, having a specific appreciation of her big areolas, Saying that he just loves them, before quickly going on to suck upon them. And with that said, Gabbie's tits, would not be the only thing that he would suck, as he would also give her pussy some brief attention, as well. All of this before the scene even began officially. I suppose it officially began with Gabbie having his cock in her mouth, prior to Mike, going on to slip his cock under the string of her bikini top, and in between Gabbie's tits, to fuck them. It would be just the first instance of titty fucking seen throughout the scene, as it is clear that Mike has a deep fascination with Gabbie's boobs. It's after this, that Gabbie would return to sucking dick, as she have the nice approach of, cupping Mike's balls with her hand, as he suck. It's after this, that Mike would return to the tits. both sucking upon them, and once again fucking them, before next going on to warm up Gabbie's butthole for the plow. Mike has Gabbie lie back on a chair, with her legs held high, leaving herself wide open. Mike begins things, by going on to suck and tongue at both, Gabbie's asshole an pussy, before testing the former with his ready and hard cock. Initially, he begins nice and slow, as he lubes his cock up well. The in and out, initially creating a nice looking beginning gape, as Mike soon pull out, having Gabbie showing off, as she make her butt wink. However, he would continue on once again, soon inserting his dick. This time, he moving in and out, at a somewhat quicker pace, with the camera switching to an overhead view, as the sensation that Mike is feeling, causes him to pose the question: if Gabbie always makes guys cum early? It is something really telling. Gabbie says that she indeed does, and that it is quite frustrating for she. This as Mike continue to fuck her ass. He briefly also simultaneously rub at her clit, prior to he once again pulling out to have Gabbie reveal her gape, as she put on a pair of gape gloves, to spread her young cheeks. It's a gape that is so inviting, that Mike just can't help but to put his tongue deep within it. His cock would go back in for another brief time, before his eager tongue would as well, all before a position change. Gabbie wants it back in her ass, and she gets her wish, as the action then take up in the position of cowgirl, as we have a close up POV view from behind, as Gabbie's hungry ass, is further impaled by the hard penis. It's from here, that Mike keeps up a steady pace, soon enough working up a very nice rhythm. It's a rhythm so nice. that it has Mike squirming, as he eventually rush to pull out, as he almost cums early. As a matter of fact, he is pretty sure that he came a little, as he would eventually go on to continue things. It is during this, that Mike would be seen also sucking on Gabbie's tits again, before the fucking would lead us to another nice looking gape reveal, making it a  number from this position. However, next before there is another position change, the love story between Mike Adriano and Gabbie's titties continues strong, as next, from the side, Gabbie would next slip the hard member again in between her tits, as she fuck them. I have to say that the view from here, is quite amazing, as Gabbie of course bounces her big mammaries for the camera, which is in extreme close up, and the look is quite delicious. This, as we cut between views of Gabbie's tits, as well as her very cute smile. However, we all know what Gabbie truly wants, and that is a dick in her ass. And so the action would then continue in the position of reverse cowgirl, next. It is here, that we are once again given an amazing view. This, as Gabbie spreads her legs wide, with the camera being right there in between them. It's from this position that we see not only Gabbie's pussy and ass, in a very clear, and close up view, but also her big bouncy tits as well. It's fucking great! It's from this position of reverse cowgirl for a time, that we see Gabbie's asshole once again fucked, as she is slammed down hard on the dick. When it comes to this position, there is a break in between, as we have some ass to mouth, as Gabbie is more than willing to put her mouth around Mike's cock to suck it. It's during this, that the camera also gives us an additional view of Gabbie's tits at close range, as they hang down. After this, the two continue on where they left off, with Mike slamming her down. However, things soon would have a change of pace, as Gabbie would be positioned as she pull her legs back, for her ass to be plowed. This, would be some of the best fucking seen in the scene, as Mike would next proceed with a much faster pace, as he pump Gabbie's asshole full of dick. After following another gape reveal, Gabbie would again taste her ass on the cock, and I believe that it is due to this cock work, that Mike once again cums a little more, prematurely. Mike would follow this up, by again trading off as he suck on Gabbie's tits. But, the action would next continue in the position of doggy. Mike taking Gabbie from behind, as she positions herself up on her knees in the chair. Mike once again, lubes up nicely, before going on to place his cock deep into her ass. From here, he would continue to go in and out steadily. It's this action that would produce a concession of four gape reveals. However, it's action so pleasurable that Mike knows that he must cum. And he must cum soon. But, not before once again getting a taste of Gabbie's ass, as he jam his tongue in deeply. He loves the taste, and just cannot get enough of it, but he would soon continue once again going on to penetrate her with his throbbing cock. This would be the final effort by Mike, as he continue steadily. He work himself up to climax, and it's a load that, he go on to shoot deeply into Gabbie's ass, as the penetrative action effectively end very nicely, with a creampie of the anal variety. It's after this that we would go on to witness Gabbie going on to push out the healthy load, as it ultimately come to drip out of her gaping butthole in the end. But, that would not exactly be the entire finish for the scene, as Mike promises to have a little more cum for Gabbie. This, as he has she suck on his balls, as he briefly jerk his cock to produce another yet, smaller amount of jizz. All in all, I felt that the ending of the scene was very good. Consisting of both the anal creampie, as well as the final load. Gabbie leaves Mike absolutely drained, while she on the other hand, leaving the scene very happy and hoping that she come back for more soon.

As I said in my opening statement for the review, this was a scene that I was looking forward to seeing, as I myself, happen to be a big fan of Gabbie Carter. The girl is just amazingly gorgeous, and happens to possess probably the best looking titties in all of porn. However, not only that, she is super cute, and it is via a scene such as this one, that we come to find out that she can also be extra nasty as well. And what is not to love about that? This scene, I felt perfectly displaying all there is to love about Gabbie Carter. For one, there is a lot of titty fucking here. And I mean, a LOT of it, as it seems as though, director/performer, Mike Adriano, is quite obsessed with Gabbie's boobs as well. When it comes to the act of titty fucking, to be honest I don't actually consider myself a big fan of it. Only on occasion, and I especially don't like seeing a ridiculous amount of it in the span of one scene. In this case, we saw 3 separate occasions. And you know what? It didn't actually bother me that much. Because, after all. These are Gabbie Carter's tits that we are speaking of. That, and the fact that the camera here well captures every instance of titty fucking just right. The POV close up footage of Gabbie's tits bouncing with a dick in between them, is just top-notch. Also, another great thing about the scene, was that Gabbie is just so hot, that not even someone as experienced as Mike Adriano could withstand her. This, as he had a somewhat difficult time of holding it all in, if you will. This, as over the course of the scene, Gabbie is successful in making Mike cum, not once but two times prematurely. And another two times after the fact. They being times that he was actually prepared for. The first of which, being a deeply seated anal creampie. A finish, that I have to say that I really enjoyed seeing, as the rest of the scene served as an ideal build up for it, in conclusion to the anal action. Overall, I felt that this was a great scene. It had a nice build throughout, and I felt that the energy brought to the scene by both performers, made it both fun and enjoyable to take in. At the start of the scene, Gabbie admits to liking anal, although only receiving it on occasion. It was this fact that left her eagerly awaiting what was to come(or cum). And so, she approached everything with nice, healthy enthusiasm. I loved to see it, and I believe that you will too. Which, is why I highly recommend this anally exclusive scene for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to head on over to TRUE ANAL to see it. If you happen to be a lover of anal sex, I have a feeling that you will not be disappointed!

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